This is a continuation of the story of Nick and Eric. This chapter is from Nick's point of view.

After spending an erotic afternoon and night of watching some videos and using multiple flavors and scents of lube, I was exhausted and sore. I had fucked Eric at least once, I couldn't remember, and I think he had fucked me two times. In between the fucking there was a lot of sucking and some very sensual massages that resulted in orgasm even without touching each other's or our own cocks.

I couldn't remember for sure because Eric had ordered some Cristal and he also had some edibles he picked up on his last shoot in Colorado. I had never had either before so for a while I was in a sex filled la la land.

After yesterday's meeting with Eric's, and now my, manager I feel much better about our relationship. I guess since Eric is such a hot man there is always going to someone who is jealous that he picked me over them. While the ring that Eric gave is beautiful, I was a little hurt that he had Pete hand it to me instead of himself, but I kept that to myself. Again, I will need to work on my issues, I know Eric is a busy man and just wanted me to have something special.

I was starving and I assumed Eric must be as well. I silently got out of bed and went to the condo's kitchen to fix us each a light breakfast. We had a shoot later that day and we both needed to make sure we were in our best shape. I made some coffee, cut up some fruit and made a large egg while omelet that we could split. I put it on a tray and took it back to the bedroom. Eric was still sound asleep and I didn't want to wake him but the smell of the food must have got his attention and he rolled over on his back. There was a huge tent where his cock was.....morning wood. "I made us some breakfast but I see something else I want to eat." I laid the tray of food off to the side and slid under the blanket and sheet and put my mouth over the head of his cock and savored it. I worked my tongue around and under the head but I didn't take any more in. I was making him crazy with my ministrations of his cock. He started to buck his hips up trying to get more of his cock in my mouth but I wouldn't relent. Due to his size he was able to flip us over and ended up with him straddling my chest and feeding me his cock. Now that I couldn't control what was happening I let Eric do as he wished. He kept sliding more and more of his cock in while telling me how much he loved my mouth. All of a sudden he pulled out.

"There is something I want to eat now." I thought he was going to take my cock into his mouth but instead he pushed my legs up and ran his tongue along my ass crack until he found my hole. He started lapping my hole like he hadn't eaten in days. He circled it with his tongue then began to push his tongue in while holding my hands at my sides. He wouldn't let me touch my cock which was making me crazy. Once he got my hole nice and slick he raised his head and moved his body so that his cock was aimed at my waiting hole. "I know you want this. Tell me how much you want me to fuck you."

"Please Eric, I need to feel you inside me. I need it now. Come on baby, please give me your cock."

"You can do better than that." He scraped his cock against my hole.

"Fuck Eric, fuck my ass...make me know that I'm yours."

I guess that's what he needed to hear because in one thrust his huge cock filled me up. My head rolled back and I moaned.

"That's right baby, you've got my cock just where you want it."

Together we got our motions in rhythm. We lasted about 5 minutes before Eric filled my ass with his cum. Forgetting the breakfast I'd made we jumped into Eric's extra-large shower with the multiple water jets and rainforest heads. Knowing that I hadn't cum yet Eric got down on his knees and took my cock into his mouth. As the water sprayed over us he brought me to a wonderful orgasm.

After our shower, I was ready to get back into bed and spend another 24 hours getting high and exploring each other's bodies but Eric had a different idea.

"We both have jobs we need to get to. I know that you're young but when you've got a $100,000 contract you better show up when and where Pete has booked you. Let's get ready."

I had never really had a job. I was only 21 and had just finished college and was in the midst of my job search. Eric and I met at a mall where I was working part time at a men's upscale clothing store but I never had a full-time job, especially a job like a model where many people are expecting a lot from you. I decided I was going to follow Eric's example on how to work within the modeling industry.

Pete, our manager, had booked us on some of the same shots during the first couple of weeks. Eric usually was the main model. Sometimes he was alone, sometimes he was with a woman, and sometimes he was with a group of men. It all depended on the product. I was usually in the shots where it was a group of men. I just stood and watched as the other shots were taken. We ended up working long hours but then would have a few days when we could just spend our days playing in the bedroom.

The clothes we got to wear were incredible. I think I wore a suit once that cost more than my tuition for a year. Both of us had teams of people who would work with us, hair stylists, makeup artists, tailors and dressers. Whenever possible we would try to do those things at the same time so that we could spend more time with each other. There were even a couple of times that when the tailors or the dressers were with us that he would have them give us both blow jobs. I guess when you are a model of Eric's stature you can ask anyone to do anything. Eric was one of those models that was recognizable by his first name like Naomi, Tyler, etc.

The day finally came when we were to do separate shoots. Eric had been booked for a major campaign for a men's cologne that was by a designer in Italy. Pete had booked me for an editorial spread for underwear. Pete thought I could be the next Calvin Klein model if I played my cards right.

Pete booked a limo to take Eric to the airport. I decided to ride with Eric to the airport and then go meet Pete to find out more about my booking. As we rode to McCarran Airport in Vegas I had the driver raise the window between the front and the back. As soon as the window was up I got down on my knees in the back seat and unzipped Eric's traveling pants and pulled out his cock. I had to give him a quick blow job because the distance from our condo to the airport was just minutes but I savored his cock until we pulled up to departures. He had a 14 hour plus flight ahead of him so I wanted to give him a good send off. Just before Eric left the limo we shared a passionate kiss. As he stepped from the car, Eric said, "It's ok to have some fun while I'm gone. Just be sure to be here when I come back." Then he was gone.

The driver knew to take me to Pete's office. He dropped me off at the building where Eric had given me the beautiful ring and straightened out the lies that others had told me. As I rode up the elevator I was already missing Eric. It was going to be two weeks before I saw him again.

Pete told me that the job he had booked for me, a series of editorial underwear ads, was shooting in LA and that the shoot had been moved up and I had to be there today for a meeting so I needed to leave right away. Pete had booked a flight, in first class of course, and had told the limo to stay so he could take me back to McCarran. When I complained that I needed to go to the condo and get my belongings he told me not to worry that the client would pay for anything I would need. To make sure I had something good for the first meeting with the client he told me he would have some outfits in my hotel suite that were in my size. As he walked me down to the limo he reminded me that I needed to play my cards right if I wanted to move up to super model status like Eric, then he winked at me and shook my hand.

I made the plane just in time and was amazed what first class was like, they had a drink in my hand before I even had gotten to my seat. No sooner than one drink was done the male flight attendant had another one in my hand. First class was almost completely empty, so I asked the flight attendant why. He told me that this was just a relocation flight. The plane had come in from New York but was relocating to LA so it could do a transpacific flight. Not many people from Las Vegas flew mid-day nor in first class for such a quick flight to LA..

Each time the flight attendant came back to my seat he would stare at my face and say "I know that I know you from somewhere." Finally it hit him, "you're the model who was in that watch ad, weren't you? You're Nick Spencer, right?"

"Guilty on both counts."

"Man, this is so cool. I've dreamed of being a model but could never get a break. At least flying allows me to see the world. How'd you make it in the modeling world, you look so young."

Embarrassed "right place at the right time I guess."

"Wow. I took care of the only person in first class, that old biddy over there who's on this flight a lot. She knocks back a couple of glasses of Champagne and passes out. We usually have to get someone to take her off the plane when we land. Do you mind if I sit here and chat with you?"

"Sure, it's not like I can go anywhere." I smiled.

The flight attendant could have been a model. He was about 6' and had the body size of a model. His tailored uniform looked perfect on his body. He sat and we spoke about the modeling business and he told me about LA, his home base for the airline.

He go serious, "do you mind if I ask you something?"

"Not at all."

"Are you gay?"

"Yes, I am. We usually don't talk about our sexuality in the modeling business because our clients want to maintain a certain image with their products."

The flight attendant's hand was on my knee and he started to move it up my leg. Pretty soon his hand was on my cock and he started to knead it.

"I know that it's going to sound like I'm some star struck queen but would you let me give you a blow job before we land, which is going to happen in just a short while. You won't have to worry, the old lady is out cold and the flight attendants from the back cabin don't come forward until we are in final approach."

My response was to open my zipper and pull out my already hardening cock.

"Wow," he wrapped his hands around my dick and started to slowly beat it. "Christ, it's so big. I wish we had some more time so you could fuck me with this." He lowered his mouth on to my cock and had just started to work the head when the Captain came on the speaker system.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we made better time than expected and we are starting our descent into Los Angeles. Please return to your seats. The flight attendants will be making one final pass through the cabins to make sure that your seat belts are fastened and your tray tables are in their upright and locked position. Thank you for flying........"

I could tell that the flight attendant swore against my cock as he pulled off my cock. "Please wait for me up at the gate."

The plane landed and I walked up the jet way deciding what to do. Do I wait? Do I go find the limo driver? My mind was telling me one thing and my cock was telling me another. My cock won. I waited until the crew deplaned. The cute flight attendant nodded his head in my direction indicating I should wait right there. He must have told the rest of the crew that he had forgotten something on the plane because he came walking back. "They won't start turning the plane for a while since it doesn't leave until the morning." I followed him back down the jet way. He took me back toward the economy section and when we reached the service area he dropped to his knees and took my cock out and continued the blow job he had started earlier. He was a good cocksucker because my cock got hard very fast. His fingers tickled my balls as his mouth worked my shaft. It seemed like he was in a hurry because he worked so hard to get me to cum, which I did. After I filled his mouth he stood up, licking his lips, and tried to kiss me. I backed up.

"Sorry dude, no kissing, my boyfriend and I agreed." He seemed dejected but understood. He gathered up his stuff and we both went up the jet way.

I found my limo driver and he asked if I had any luggage, I told him I didn't. I couldn't wait to get to the hotel and wait for Eric's call which he would make, I'm sure, when his flight landed in Rome. We were going to have some good phone sex while I told him about the flight attendant.

The next chapter will be written my Naughty Eric from Eric's point of view.



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