This is a continuation of the story of Nick and Eric. This chapter is from Nick's point of view.

I glanced over at Eric's beautiful face, "On second thought I think we both are risky and brave, when you consider what we've both done in the last couple of days"

As we walked along the Strip I couldn't help but be amazed that in just a few days I had gone from a sales person at a Men's clothing store to being a model. But more importantly that I had found a gorgeous man that loved me that I loved back.

When we got to the hotel we took the elevator to the penthouse condo that Eric kept in Vegas for whenever he or his friends came to Vegas for business or pleasure. The 180 degree views were incredible. All the lights made me think of Christmas and that I had just gotten the best present in the world. What 21 year old had a life like this? I couldn't even imagine that I had been offered $100,000 for wearing fabulous clothes. It made me wonder how much money Eric earned.

Eric came over to me by the window and said "I can't believe I'm going to say this but that double penetration has taken it out of me and if I'm going to look fresh for tomorrow's shoot I need to get some sleep. You're so fucking young and beautiful that you could stay awake all night and still look incredible in the morning, so why don't you go downstairs and do some gambling and have a good time."

"Thanks Babe, I think I will, I never had the kind of money that would bring me to a casino and this is supposed to be the best casino on the Strip. Come help me pick out something to wear, I'm glad they let me take some of the clothes from the shoot."

As we entered the bedroom I looked at Eric and said "I'll let you pick, how would you want to see me, besides bare assed naked?"

"Hmmmm...let me think." He started going through the rack of clothes that the designer had sent over. He not only did swimwear he also had a line of both formal and casual clothes. "I think we should go more in the formal direction but with a casual twist. He pulled out a size 40 tuxedo jacket and threw it on the bed. He then pulled out a pair of 30" designer jeans. "Try the jeans on."

I did, they fit very well in both the crotch and the butt. Eric couldn't help himself, he cupped an ass cheek and told me I had the best ass he had ever seen. Eric then pulled out a couple of shirts. One was a white silk t-shirt that had horizontal cuts all down the front leaving nothing to the imagination. He also grabbed a black t-shirt with a big scoop neck that looked like it would it would be very tight. The last choice wasn't a shirt but this beautiful scarf of black, white and blue. "I think this is perfect, it will give the impression that you have a shirt on but you won't really. When you walk, your chest and abs will show off. You can even loosen it if you want. I want all the guys you walk by get hot seeing you then I'll know that I have hottest boyfriend in Vegas. If you see someone you want to have some fun with, go for it, you can tell me all about it tomorrow. The only rule that I have is there can be no kissing. Kissing is just between you and me. We also can never bring anyone back to wherever we are staying unless we both bring him back. Deal?"


I put the tuxedo jacket on and then Eric pulled the scarf around my neck and looped it just right. He went over to the dresser and grabbed a black card and gave it to me. "That should get you as many chips, drinks or food as you want." I put my arms around his neck and we shared a passionate kiss. One of his hands was on my ass and the other was under the tuxedo jacket playing with my pecs. He pushed me away, "get the hell out of here before I throw you down on the bed and end up not getting any sleep."

I walked toward the door. "See you soon Babe." I was out the door and headed to the elevator. When I got to the elevator, there was a guy there who must be coming from the other penthouse. Being polite I said "hey."

"Hey." He was looking me over. "You must be here for the same reason I am."

"I'm sorry, I don't know what you mean."

"You must be the escort that Eric had tonight, I've been with him a couple of times. Can't you tell by looking at me that he definitely has a type?" I checked the guy out and he was right, approximately my height and weight and with similar coloring. "He's one of my favorite clients, he tips really well. Looks like he got you some clothes just like he did for me a couple of times. When you're a big time model like him you've got access to a lot of really nice duds."

"I'm not an escort, I'm Eric's boyfriend and a model.'

Laughing, "yeah, right, just like my boyfriend is the guy in this penthouse," pointing toward the other door. "Did Eric give you the bullshit line about becoming a model for $100,000?"

"No, I signed a contract with his agency."

"Yeah, the agency does that for him and just writes it off as a business expense. Are you that naïve?"

"So how come you didn't do it?"

"I did for a little while but then he always wants to go for a newer model that is about your age. Are you 20?"


"Well you'll be good for a while but when you hit about 23 you'll be back to turning tricks like me. But if he gives you a good recommendation to his friends and colleagues you'll be set for a while. Just be sure to sock some of the money away because we all have an expiration date."

The elevator arrived, I didn't know whether to go back into Eric's penthouse or go down to the casino. I decided to go to the casino so that I could think. Everything that Eric had done was to show me how much he loved me. Even the hickey he had given me was to let everyone know I was his. What about the tattoo on his ass? He wouldn't have done that if our love wasn't real. I was so confused. I rode the elevator with the male escort and wondered if that's what I was now.

The elevator door opened and I was assaulted by the lights, noise and laughter of winners. I needed a drink so I went to the first bar I saw and ordered a Cosmo, something I had never drank before but I had heard about it and it sounded classy. I handed the bartender, a very nice looking guy, the black card that Eric had given me. "You must be Eric's new boy toy. Welcome to the hotel. You're a great looking guy, I hope you're around for a while so that the three of us can have some fun."

I was confused, I was hurt, I was mad, I had all these emotions coursing through my mind. I knew if I went back upstairs and confronted Eric I wouldn't be able to control myself and I may say something that I shouldn't.

I knocked the Cosmo back. "Kid, you don't drink Cosmos like that, you'll get shit faced pretty fast. Let me get you a beer or a wine."

"No, give me another Cosmo and make it a double."

"Ok, it's your life." He brought me another that was filled right to the rim. I had to lean down and sip some of the Cosmo so that I could hold the glass. "I get off at 11 if you want to get together and have some fun."

"No, thanks."

I left the bar and took a lap around the around the casino. I got another Cosmo along the way and was really getting buzzed. Shit, if Eric only thought of me as his boy toy until I got too old maybe I should find out how much I could get on my own. In my mind I was doing the math. If I could get $500 a night, 5 days a week, 50 weeks a year I could take home $125,000 or maybe more if I had some good weeks. I didn't need Eric. Of course, I wasn't thinking straight at this point, too much vodka.

I started studying the crowd. There were the men that were with women - NO. There were men that were checking out the waitresses in the short skirts or other women - NO. There were men who were checking out other men when they walked by - MAYBE, they may just be looking for someone to hook up with. There were men in groups that were either friends or bachelor parties - MAYBE. There were business men that weren't checking out anyone and just seemed lonely - YES.

I set my eyes on this guy that was sitting alone at a bar playing video poker. I undid the scarf around my neck, put it under the lapel of the tux jacket and just let it hang free so I was showing of my waist, abs and pecs. I sat down next to him, ordered another Cosmo and asked the man how to play video poker. He was nice enough to explain it to me. When my Cosmo arrived he tipped the server and checked out his ass. SCORE. "Thanks for paying the tip, Sir." I used that suffix since he looked to be about 40 or 45 but in nice shape. He didn't correct me or provide a first name. "What brings you to Las Vegas?"

"I'm here for a sales meeting. Boring as shit and not a soul I'd want to spend the evening with."

"Sorry to hear that. How long are you here for?"

"The next three days. I'll probably drink too much and lose a lot of money. My wife will kill me when I get home."

"Man that really sucks, Sir." I took my hand and placed it on his thigh, he didn't push it away or move his leg. I moved my hand higher up his leg. "Too bad there isn't something fun for you to do while you're in town." He took my hand and brought it up to the bulge in his slacks. The bartender picked up on what I was doing. He leaned in and whispered to me "You know that soliciting in a casino is against the law. I won't say anything if you make sure to give me a tip later." I nodded ok.

Still moving my hand over his bulge he asked "what do you have in mind?"

"Well, Sir, I think we could have another cocktail here and then maybe go up to your room for a more intimate cocktail."

He ordered another round of drinks. "That sounds like a good plan."

"Before we go up we need to work out some of the details Sir."

"What kind of details."

"It's going to be $200 for us to have a little party in your room Sir."

He gave me a long look. Kept my hand on his growing bulge. "OK, drink up."

We both finished our drinks and went up to his room. He tried to kiss me in the elevator but I turned my head. "Sir, I have one rule, no kissing, but everything else is negotiable."

We made it to his room. No sooner had he closed and locked the door he pushed me to my knees. "Suck my cock."

"Yes, Sir." I tried to help him with his slacks but he pushed my hands away. He hauled out a good sized cut cock with a big head. He started to move it toward my mouth. "Sir, I need what we agreed to before we do anything." I could tell that he was getting pretty unsteady from his cocktails. My metabolism must have been stronger because I was getting more clear-headed.

He grabbed his wallet and threw $200 at me. "There you go, now suck my cock!" I leaned in and took the head of his cock in my mouth while I stroked his legs. I pulled back, "Oh, Sir, you're cock is so big." I took it back in his mouth. That made him smile. I acted like I was gagging which made him even happier. He was getting more and more unsteady. He mumbled something like "my wife hasn't sucked my cock since before we were married." Using my mouth and my hands I moved him so he could sit down on the edge of the bed. Instead of getting harder his cock started to deflate and he flopped backwards passed out. That was an easy $200. I left his room and went back down to the casino.

This time I went into the Sports Book. I glanced around and saw some groups of men wearing various shirts of their teams - NO. There were groups of guys around my age that were wasted on booze or something else - NO. There were some old men sitting at the bar each nursing a cocktail - NO. There were several groups of men in booths who seemed to be having fun with stupid shirts and hats about this is the last day of the rest of your life, obviously bachelor parties - WHY THE HELL NOT.

I walked over to one of the booths, "Hey guys, it looks like you're having a good time, mind if I join you." First there was some strange looks but then it looked like I may have caught their interest.

"Sure. Would you like another drink?"

"That would be great, I'll take a Cosmo." This caused another round of looks among the guys.

I turned to the guy that was wearing the t-shirt that said 'Last Day of the Rest of My Life', "So getting married, huh?" The Cosmo arrived and I drank it down in 2 swigs.

"Yeah, this coming weekend."

"Man, you must be looking forward to that."

"Yes and no. I love the girl I'm marrying but these guys all tell me once we're married that the sex almost completely dries up." A chorus of "damn right" from his friends. "Someone get another Cosmo for this guy." Another Cosmo appeared in front of me.

One of the guys leans in to me "are you a fag?"

"What gives you that idea?"

"The way you're dressed and the sissy drink." His friends laughed.

"Guilty. Since you got me drinks, is there something I can do for you guys?"

"Yeah, I want you to get down under the table and give my friend, the groom to be, a blow job right here."

"Hmmmm..... I could do that but it'll cost you $100."

The guys look at each other. "Sure. Get under the table."

"Give me the money first." One of the guys handed me a $100 bill.

I slide down under the table. These tables didn't have table clothes, so anyone who had the right view could see what I was doing which made it all the more exciting. It was like when Eric was using his foot on my cock earlier. The groom pulled out his cock and I proceeded to take it in my mouth. His fiancé must be a happy women with this thing. I don't believe the sex is going to dry up if this is what she has to work with. I wrapped my hand around the base of his cock and moved my hand in unison with my mouth. Based on the sounds he was making it sounded like he was enjoying himself. His friends were egging him on and it sounded like they were all having a good time. Once I got the grooms load of sweet cum another cock was dragged out of a pair of pants and another $100 appeared under the table. This happened again and again until I had gotten all five of them off. When I was done I slipped back up to sit in the booth. I licked my lips just to drive home the point that I liked what they all had given me. "Get our friend another Cosmo."

I got up when they did. As we walked out of the Sports Book a man in suit came up to me and grabbed my arm. "Gentlemen, it appeared as if you all had a good time tonight, thank you for staying with us. I need to speak with your friend here." The guys said good night and staggered toward the elevator.

"Listen to me faggot, I find you doing something like that again and I'll beat your ass until you can't sit for a week. You must be new around here and don't know how it works. You solicit at a bar, you give the bartender a nice tip. You do what you do where people can see you then you tip the floor walkers like me, got it."

"Yes, Sir."

"Follow me." He took me to one of the back hallways that a guest never sees. He took me to a room that was filled with video screens. "See that?" He pointed to one of the screens and as clear as day you could see me blowing all five guys. "You got me all hot and bothered watching that so I don't want a tip tonight, I want a piece of your cock sucking ass."

He pulled his pants down and sat down in a chair stroking his large and thick cock. "Take those jeans off." I did. "Give me that scarf." I did and he tied my hands behind my back. "Now ride my cock only using your legs." It took all my quad strength to lower myself on his hard cock but I did it. I started doing squats and kept it up until his shot his load deep in my ass. "Now get the fuck out of here. Next time you want to do something like what you did to those guys come find me and we'll work out the details."

I went to the elevator. I realized I had made $700, more than I expected. I didn't need Eric's stupid contract. I could take care of myself. I was so angry at him but at the same time I still loved him. We were going to have to work this out some way. Riding up the elevator I was so mad at Eric for making this evening happen.

When I entered the penthouse I went right to the bedroom. Eric was asleep on the bed. He was lying on his stomach without any sheets covering him. His ass looked so good. I stripped off my clothes and quietly got into bed. I climbed over his ass and rammed my cock in has ass and slammed away, I was still so mad.

"What the fuck???????"


Naughty Eric will write the next chapter from Eric's point of view.


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