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Nick tells Chapter 4

My eyes slowly opened. Eric has his arm tight across my chest. I can also feel his majestic cock against my ass. His body feels warm against my skin. I can feel his heart beat against my back, I can also feel the rise and fall of his chest as he breathed regularly in sleep. I could tell that he was getting the usual morning wood so I made small moves with my ass to help it grow which it started to slowly do. I quietly moved some more to get his cock so it rubbed against my ass crack. I felt Eric start to move as well. His hips moved and I felt his big cock start to slide against my skin. I had a fine sheen of sweat had that formed on my skin because our bodies had been touching all night so his cock moved smoothly against my skin. The pace at which Eric was moving increased both in speed but also with pressure. He pulled me closer to his chest and his fingers started to tweak my nipples. I raised one of my legs giving Eric just enough room for his cock to find my waiting hole. I felt the heat of the head of his cock slightly press against my asshole. He gently pokes it against my hole with a little bit more pressure with each poke. His hand started to knead my pecs. I can feel his lips on my neck followed by gentle nips with his teeth. His right hand moves from my pecs to my hip. With his next poke he pulls me back with enough force to get the head of his cock beyond my sphincter. I purr like a kitten. He moves his hand from my hip to my now hard dick. With lose fingers he starts to stoke my cock. The sweat on my body gives him just enough lubrication for both the gentle fuck and the ever increasing beating of my dick. He picks up the pace of the fuck with firmer kisses and nips on my neck. Pretty soon his gentle fuck turns into a forceful fuck. "You know your mine now, don't you?" he whispers in my ear.

"Yes, oh yes, I'm yours lover."

"Good, that's what I need to hear, that you'll be mine now and forever."

"I am," I spoke louder knowing I was close to spraying my seed on his sheets. I could also tell that Eric was close because his movements became more urgent. I began to squeeze my ass with each of his thrusts. This time he purred. We came together. When we did Eric sucked even harder on my neck which was followed by soft kisses on my ears.

"I love you Nick."

"I love you too." Eric raised his head and turn mine toward his and gave me a kiss filled with longing and desire. "And that mark on your neck will tell everyone that you belong to me."

"While I would like to stay like this all day and all night, I've got a shoot in a little while and I need to get ready." Eric slowly got out of bed. That provided me another opportunity to look at his beautifully perfect body. He got down on the floor and started doing pushups with great urgency.

"What are you doing?"

"The shoot this morning is for bathing suits so I need to pump up my chest." After his pushups he did some crunches and squats. "I'm going to jump in the shower, I'd ask you to join me but if I did I'd want to focus on you, your ass and your mouth, as much as I would like that I really don't have the time." With another kiss he was off to the bathroom.

I decided to be a good boyfriend and get some breakfast for him. I thought I should just focus on protein, fruit and coffee. I scrambled up some eggs with turkey sausage, cut up some oranges and brewed some coffee.

Eric came into the kitchen looking incredible. His hair was still wet and he smelled of some woodsy cologne. He was wearing a pair of jeans that fit him really, really well. You could tell he was definitely a man. He was also wearing a pale blue Polo shirt that showed off his pecs and biceps to perfection.

"Jeez Nick, thanks for pulling this all together but I really don't have the time, I need to get in the limo the studio sent over." He pulled me in for a kiss. "Why don't you come to the studio after you've had a chance to get ready? When the shoot is over we'll go grab some dinner at the Prime Cut. I'll text you the address." He was out the door.

I thought about the Prime Cut, I knew it was one of the finest, if not the finest, restaurants in the city. There was no way I could have every gone there on my salary. I didn't even think I had the right clothes to go to such a fancy place. I'd have to talk to my boss to see if I could get some clothes at the store and pay for them later.

After putting on my clothes I went back to my studio apartment and showered and put on some fresh clothes, my typical jeans and a sweatshirt that I wore on my day off, which today was one. Then I jumped on the subway to get to the studio where Eric was. At the building entrance I was asked why I was there, I said I was going up to the studio were the model shoot was happening.

"Kid, there are a lot of studios in this place, which shoot?"

Eric hadn't told me the magazine or the swimwear company. "I'm not sure, it's a shoot for swim suits."

"That's Studio B on the 18th floor. You a model?"

"No Sir."

"You could be." His eyes wandered over my body and I blushed.

"Thanks." I headed to the elevator. I was surrounded by beautiful people. Incredibly beautiful women and hot, hunky men. I stood toward the back corner of the elevator trying to make myself small. I got off on the 18th floor and went to Studio B. There were even more stunning people here. I recognized some of the women from TV and magazine ads. While I had never seen any of the guys, with the exception of Eric, they all had incredible bodies with faces to die for. I must have looked like a real tourist just gapping with my mouth open.

One male model, in a very small and tight Speedo, stopped as he was walking by. "Hey Kid, you should keep your mouth shut if you don't want one or more of us to fill it." He walked by put slapped my ass on the way.

The photographer had Eric leaning up against a surf board in a small, square cut, suit. There was no doubt that his dick was impressive in anything he wore. The photographer walked up to Eric and spoke up, "Eric, you know I like your dick whenever I can get it but its showing way too much in these pictures. What's the deal?"

"I'm sorry, but someone just came in the studio that effected me." Eric smiled my way.

"Well, either get him out of here or figure out a way to get your cock under control. Everyone let's take 5."

Eric walked over to me. I tried to kiss him but he pulled away. "Not here, the photographer knows I'm gay as do some of the other guys but none of the female models do. Sometimes they have a hard time working with gay guys because they don't think they are getting the attention they should. Would you believe that I sometimes have to fuck them just to make them feel secure? They can be such prima donnas." I wondered if Eric had to fuck one of them this morning before I got here. "Come with me."

"Where are we going?"

"Just follow me."

We went behind a few screens where some of the male models were changing and they started saying stuff like, "Who's the new boy toy, Eric? Is he your flavor of the week." "Is he going to get that dong of yours under control, we can't stay here all day waiting for you to soften up?" "After he takes care of you can he take care of me, I'm having the same problem, he's so damn cute." And on and on followed by laughter.

We went behind one last curtain and Eric pushed my shoulder down, "Please get on your knees and take care of this, I don't want to have to beat off." With a smile, "you caused this you know." He leaned down and gave me a kiss before lowering his swim suit. There it was, the best cock I had ever seen or tasted. I quickly wrapped my lips around it and savored the texture and flavor, my god it was good. "We've got to hurry, please." I must not have been working fast enough because Eric grabbed my head and started fucking my face until he came. I know that it was a time thing but it was more forceful than I felt comfortable with, especially since we were so close to all the other models and crew.

"Sounds like he did a good job." "Sure I can't have some of his mouth now?" Some of the other models were whispering so only we could hear. "He must be good if you brought him here." Once again I was embarrassed. Eric pulled up his suit and shoved his now deflated cock back in the suit. I had to admit it did lay much better now. He gave me a quick kiss and went back out to where the cameras were.

I tried to find a place to just blend in and be inconspicuous but I must not have done a good job. One of the crew approached me. "Hey Kid, we're short a few extras would you consider being in a couple of the shots?" I looked down at my clothes and he said "Don't worry we've got wardrobe for you. Follow me."

Again we went behind some of the screens and there was a rack of swimming suits including Speedos, board shorts, square cuts and even some, what looked like, G-strings. "We don't want you to look better than the models so let's put you in some board shorts." Without even asking he pulled my sweatshirt over my head then dropped to his knees and started to undo my jeans. "Hey Paul, pull one of the board shorts for this kid." He slid my jeans down and then caught the suit that Paul threw to him.

He grabbed my crotch, still covered by my boxer briefs and said, "Yeah, this suit should have enough room for your dick." Paul got closer and agreed. Again without any warning the guy pulled my briefs down my legs leaving my cock just hanging out. "Step out of your underwear Kid." I did.

Again, without any warning, the guy's lips were around my cock. "What the...".

Paul said, "shhhh kid you don't want to disturb the photographer, he's hell on wheels when he's interrupted. The guy was using such suction that I couldn't pull free especially now that Paul was behind me pushing me forward. Paul said, "Man that looks like a nice piece of meat."

Even though I didn't want to, my cock started to harden this guy was that good. He started playing with my balls and had me all the way to the back of his throat. Paul started feeling up my ass which didn't help the situation. Finally I blew my load in the guy's mouth and he pulled off. The guy stood up and they both started to walk away. "Don't you want me to put on the suit?"

"No Kid, do you really think we would put someone who just walked I off the street in a major advertising piece. You do look good though, I do know a couple of managers that would take you on as long as your let them have some of what's hanging between your legs."

I was mortified, I pulled on my clothes and walked out from behind the screens. I felt like everyone was watching me, either because I had given Eric a blow job or that I had just got one. Shit, what was Eric going to think about what I just did. Without a word to Eric I left trying to figure out what I would tell him later that night at dinner.

As I walked back to the subway I started being filled with doubts. Could I live in the world of modeling? Could I get used to having Eric pay for everything?

I dropped my token into the turnstile and boarded the train. I wondered where I was heading.


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