DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. A number of situations in this novella have been adapted from a short story entitled, "My Christmas Wish List." Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.


NAUGHTY OR NICE, Part 2 (A My Bully, My Buddy and Me Novella)

by Nerdy Jock

~*~*[[ Part Two ]]*~*~

William squeezed Douglas close and tried to focus his eyesight on the cobweb that effortlessly hung in the corner. But it was almost impossible. His brain and body felt like mush, which was really saying something considering how energized he'd been while waiting for him to arrive. William had been worried he might not show and if that happened, there would be no way he could track him down until the office was open again. He had no idea how to reach him outside of work.

Then he'd rang the bell and William had run to the door, feeling like a kid on his first date.

And when Douglas had tackled him, he felt like a king.

He'd always known Douglas would be like that, warm and open and sexy as hell. No shyness about him when it came to getting down and dirty. Just like when he argued a case, he gave one hundred percent to everything he did. Lucky for William, he got to be on the receiving end of that attention to detail.

And he wanted it to stay that way.

Douglas wiggled just a tiny bit and it was enough to remind them both that his cock was still buried inside him. His balls gave a last weary twitch and his eyes slid closed in contentment. It'd been a long time since he'd come that hard and even longer since he'd cared this deeply about the man or woman he did it with.


"Hmm?" He nuzzled against Douglas's neck.

"You didn't have anything on the stove, did you?"

Groaning, he said, "Nah, but the oven's on for the breadsticks."

Douglas sighed. "We should probably go check on that."

It was the "we" that got to him. He'd wanted to be a "we" with Douglas Connor for the last several months. Looking back now, he thought he knew when it'd hit him.

He'd been standing in the break room talking to Carl from Maintenance and while laughing at something said to him, he'd met William's gaze and winked.

In that little blink of an eye, he'd fallen hard.

That tiny wink had said so much. It was playful and affectionate, and it had warmed him on the inside enough to know that out of all the men and women in his world, he was the one he wanted to spend his down time with.

Sliding off him carefully, Douglas rose to his feet and wobbled a bit. When William stood, the same thing happened. His legs felt like jelly.

"Jeez, Douglas," he said, laughing and clutching him close. "You wrung me out."

Douglas's blush was lovely and he hated to let him go, but he had dinner to cook. He needed to charm him with more than his bedroom skills. So after a quick kiss on the nose, he moved toward the kitchen. Catching up his duffle on the way, he set it on a dining chair.

After washing his hands, William dried them then turned to light the burner beneath the waiting pot of water. "Want some wine? A beer?"

"A beer would be nice, thanks." Douglas took a seat on a barstool at the breakfast bar.

"So . . . any secretly-stashed boyfriends running around?" William tried to joke.

He watched Douglas struggling on whether saying something on the matter or not. Finally, he muttered, "Had one."

William noticed Douglas's miserable expression and couldn't help but ask, "That bad, huh?"

Douglas sighed. "It wasn't bad. It just wasn't good."

William grabbed a couple longnecks out of the fridge, twisted off the tops and set one in front of Douglas. "How long ago did you break up?"

"A couple years. Should have been sooner, but we were both too stubborn to admit it wasn't working."

Catching up Douglas's hand, he gave it a squeeze. "You hate to give up. It's what makes you such a damn good lawyer."

"Thanks." Douglas's dark eyes sparkled with warmth at his compliment. "Michael and I never should have gotten together. We were friends in law school, nothing more. He was such a player, I never took him seriously. Then somehow we ended up together and I still can't figure out how or why."


"I thought so, but really I think we did it just because it was 'time', you know? Michael felt like he was at the age where he should get married - or for our case, get committed. All of our colleagues were married and I think he started to feel a little out of place."

"I can see that," he admitted, resting his elbows on the granite countertop.

Douglas wrinkled his nose and it hit William suddenly that he'd just been inside him, holding him, touching him however he wanted. It was the first time he could remember where he didn't forget the sex as soon as it was done. Fucking Douglas was an addition to an already established relationship and not the entire reason for it.

Now if he could only change their professional relationship into a personal one. He had to admit, he was usually actively working to do just the opposite so he was out of his depth.

"Do you have a marriage clock?"

William laughed. "Like a biological clock?"


"I guess there is some peer pressure after awhile. If you're thirty-something and single, men and women start to think there must be something wrong with you or else some guy or chick would've already snapped you up." Turning away, he opened the fridge and pulled out the produce he'd chosen to make a salad with. He was a simple guy. Spaghetti, salad and breadsticks were about as much as he could do with confidence in a tasty outcome. "I personally don't care what people think."

"I would say that's pretty obvious."

The humor in Douglas's tone had him looking over his shoulder at him.

Douglas was grinning. "This whole wish list thing is really a bad idea, but I have to admit, it's worth it to see you dressed like that."

"You're not laughing at me, are you?" He'd been a little nervous. Like anyone, he didn't want to look stupid in front of someone he wanted to sleep with. Bent over like he was, he knew Doug was getting an eyeful of every damn thing he had to offer.

"No." Douglas's gaze was mischievous and warm. "I'm actually really impressed with you. You have enough confidence to wear that. I know I wouldn't be able to do it."

"Personally . . ." William turned with an armful of vegetables, which he dumped on the counter. "I'd like you in just the hat. That's my Christmas wish."

"You know -" Douglas's fingers toyed with his beer.

"I know what?"

He sighed. "I really thought getting the sex out of the way would make me more comfortable."

"The sex isn't 'out of the way'," he retorted, pulling a knife out of the wooden block next to him. "Just say what you're thinking. I'm the one wearing nothing but a Santa hat, apron and a smile, so you've got no business being shy about anything."

"Thank you," Douglas blurted, his gaze focused on the beer label he was removing from the bottle. "I don't care why you did it. I don't care if you just want to get laid. I'm flattered you went to all this trouble."

William paused with his knife halfway through a cucumber and stared at him. "It wasn't any trouble, Doug. I like giving you what you want, I like seeing you smile."

William blew out Douglas's breath and fiddled with his collar. "Do you need my help with anything?"

It wasn't like him to be so nervous or to switch subjects because he was uncomfortable, which told William he wasn't dealing too well with tonight's events. He knew it was a lot to throw at him - the photo, the wish list, the sex. Before the Secret Santa exchange they'd been nothing but distant co-workers. Now they were lovers.

William had a couple months to adapt to his changing feelings for him. Douglas has had a couple hours. Douglas was asking for a little space and William had no problem giving it to him.

"No, I've got it covered. Go watch TV or something. It won't be too much longer."

"Okay. I'm going to wash up then."

He gestured toward the hallway with a toss of his chin. "First door on the right."

Douglas locked gazes with William for a long moment and knew he was in trouble. William didn't have that air about him that said, "Thanks for the fuck, you can go now." No, his vibe was very homey and relaxed. And he was falling for it like a ton of bricks.

Somehow Douglas made it down the short hallway to the bathroom, where he leaned against the vanity and stared in the mirror. The glazed look in his eyes and the flush on his cheeks made him wince.

Damn it, he didn't need this right now! A relationship was completely out of the question on a good day, but to fall for a guy who had "temporary" written all over him was just plain stupid. Hadn't he learned anything at all from his years with Tom?

Apparently not.

When dinner was done, he was going home. They'd both gotten what they wanted.

It was time to minimize the damage.


"That was wonderful."

Douglas smiled at William as he set his fork down, not the least bit concerned that he'd cleaned his plate. They'd eaten together many times over the last year and after the first time William had praised his hearty appetite, he'd ceased being concerned about appearances.

"You're either too generous or you were really hungry." He stood and picked up Douglas's plate from the small oak dining table. Featuring a pine centerpiece lit by three red tapers, it was both inviting and unexpected. There was so much about William he didn't know. But he wanted to learn. William wasn't good relationship material, but he was a fascinating guy, a great lawyer and a good friend from what he'd heard.

Douglas watched him walk into the kitchen, his fine ass flexing as he took each step.

Occasional glimpses of his cock and balls kept him hot, and he grabbed his napkin to dab at the fine sheen of sweat that misted his forehead. He was also a fantastic and generous lover, but then Douglas had always suspected that and heard innuendo to the same.

The urge to bolt he'd felt in the bathroom earlier was now suddenly overwhelming.

It was time to go.

Standing, he reached for his duffle. It was rude to leave without offering to clean, but maybe a little animosity between them would be a good thing.

"What are you doing?" William asked behind him, the volume of his voice telling him that he was still some distance away.

"I'm going to head out," he said with forced casualness, even as his heart raced. "Thanks for a great evening."

Suddenly, he was crowded into the table from behind by a very hard body. "Talk to me, Doug." William's palms flattened on the surface, caging him in place.

"We've been talking all through dinner."

"About everything except us."

"There is no 'us'."

One of William's hands reached into the pocket of his pants.

"How many condoms did you bring? Feels like you've got half a dozen in here." He tossed one onto the tabletop. "You were planning for a busy night. Now, all of a sudden, you're done?"

"Yeah, well." He took a deep breath. "I didn't expect you to be so good. You took care of things the first go-round."

"Bullshit. You're as hot for it now as you were when you jumped me." Wrapping a hand around Douglas's throat, William tilted his head back. He nipped Douglas's ear with his teeth and he shivered. "What's got you running scared?"

Douglas stiffened. "I'm not scared. I just think we both got what we wanted and it's best to end the night before it gets complicated."

"Guess what?" William bent his knees and rubbed the hard length of his cock between the cheeks of his ass. Somewhere between the kitchen and the dining room he'd lost the apron. With only the thin layer of his trousers between them, he felt every millimeter of William's arousal. "I'm not finished getting what I wanted and it's already complicated."

"William . . ." His eyes closed on a whimper as William kneaded a nipple.

Heat flared across his skin. He was suddenly more than hot, he was burning up, melting. William smelled like heaven and felt even better. Douglas had had a ton of daydreams about him, but they'd always been raw. Carnal. Fucking on his desk or William's. Buttons flying everywhere. Rough hands and bruising lips. Never had there been this gentleness, this concern for his feelings and pleasure.

"You had a wish list, Doug. Fantasies about me. Tell me why you don't want to live them out anymore." The pads of William's fingers brushed across his nipple and it peaked into a hard, aching tip.

"Fantasies aren't meant to come true."

"Mine did. Yours, too."

"That's the problem," he muttered.

William's hand left his nipple and lowered Douglas's pants. He should stop him, wiggle away. He wouldn't keep him against his will, despite the forearm that crossed across his chest and the grip that held his neck. But the energy he needed to escape just wasn't there. It had been so long since he'd been held with such tender lust; he didn't have the heart to reject it.

"Did I become too real?" William breathed in his ear. "Do you like me, Doug? Just a little?"

A little too much.

Cool air hit Douglas's buttocks the moment before William stepped closer. His cock was so hard, so hot against Douglas's skin.

William's open mouth nuzzled against his throat. "Stay with me." Reaching behind his balls, William parted him and prodded a thick, steady finger against his asshole. A soft fluttering touch, circling then pressing.

Rubbing. "Be with me."

"William." Douglas's eyes drifted closed on a soft moan. He was whimpering, weak-kneed, and he ached for him. He was starving for the affection William gave so freely. It scared him how needy he was. Until tonight, Douglas hadn't realized how lonely his life had become.

"Open the packet," William urged, his voice like rough silk.

Douglas reached blindly for the condom, steeling the reserve he'd had when he arrived. 'Enjoy him,' his heart said, and he would. One last time.

"We're so good together, Doug." Nudging his legs apart, William slipped two slippery fingers inside him, moving in and out in a deep glide. "In every way that matters." The hand at his throat lowered to knead his chest again.

Expert fingers stroked over his nipple, pinched it, fondled it through his thin shirt. That teasing touch radiated outward and left him gasping.

"Here." Douglas thrust his arm back with the open packet in his hand.

William reached for the condom with shaking fingers. Douglas had been ready to leave.

More than ready. Douglas had been nearly out the door. And William knew in his gut if he couldn't get through to him before he left, he never would.

"Bend over," he said gruffly.

When his fingers left his spit-soaked man-pussy, he made a soft sound of protest.

"Hush," William soothed, pushing gently until Douglas bent across the table. "Let me give you my cock instead."

He stared at the erotic view as he sheathed himself in latex. All the times he'd watched Douglas at work and thought lewdly, he'd never quite pictured the view correctly.

Douglas's lips were flushed, swollen, glistening. William wanted to lick him again and did, a quick swipe of his tongue that had him writhing. Taking himself in hand, he used the tip of his cock to stroke his hole, to tease him, to see him squirm for his cock.

And then he caught Douglas's hips and slid deep into him.

"Oh, my God!" Douglas breathed, his fingers scratching at William's table.

His asshole was burning hot and tight as a fist. "Fuck, yeah," William groaned, his balls drawn up tight and aching. He withdrew and watched his thick shaft slide out of him, slick with his arousal, and then groaned as he pressed back in. Holding his hips, he stared at the place where they joined, arrested by the sight of him fucking Douglas as he'd wanted to for so long.


The sound of his name spoken so morosely tugged at his heart. Hunching forward, he laced his fingers with Douglas's and began thrusting in short shallow digs, his stomach rippling against Douglas's lower back. His pleading gasps goaded him, incited him to bend his knees so he could stroke his asshole high and hard with the broad head of his cock.

With his cheek at Douglas's shoulder, William asked, "How can you give this up, Doug?"

He answered with a whimper and then hitched his hips up higher so William could pump deeper. Widening his legs, he gave Douglas the long deep plunges that made him moan helplessly and drove him crazy. William released Douglas's hands, moving one of his to twist his nipples and the other to pin his hips in place so he could swivel his pelvis and screw his cock through his grasping ripples.

"Give me a chance," William gasped, shuddering with the need to come, with the need to keep Douglas close until he could change his mind.

"You don't . . . know . . ."

Reaching beneath him, William stroked Douglas's cock and thrust balls deep. With a cry Douglas came, clutching William's cock in his depths, milking him in a sensual massage. "Give me a chance, damn you."

Douglas's "yes" was a whisper, but William heard it. His release was silent, his teeth gritted, his cock jerking as it pumped his cum into him.

He should have felt relief. He should have felt some sense of security.

But he didn't.


It was the sounds of shuffling paper that woke him. Stretching on the black leather sofa, Douglas opened his eyes and turned his head to find William wrapping gifts. Or trying to.

"You're mangling that wrap job," he murmured, vaguely remembering being lifted in the dining room and carried to the couch. The fire still crackled merrily, music still played softly. Despite the fact he was in a strange place, it felt like home.

Dressed in worn gray sweatpants, William sat within touching distance. He twisted at the waist and tossed his arm over Douglas's legs. "I'm trying not to, but the more effort I put into it, the worse I seem to do."

"Need some help?"

William nodded and gave him a boyish smile. With evening stubble along his jaw and finger-mussed hair, he was almost too gorgeous. Angled toward him like he was, the beautifully defined muscles of his chest and arms stood out in stark relief. Douglas hesitated and then gave in to the urge to touch his hair. It was thick and silky, making him shiver with renewed desire. Then William turned his head to kiss his wrist and his stomach did a little flip.

It was going to take Douglas a long time to get over him.

Blowing out a resigned breath, he sat up and maneuvered himself into position straddling William's back. William leaned into him and yawned. Shooting a glance at the clock on the mantle, Douglas saw it was two in the morning.

"Being tired might be the reason you're not wrapping well," Douglas said dryly. "Why don't you go to sleep and we'll go over how to wrap in the morning?"

He linked his arms around Douglas's calves and looked at him upside down. "If I go to sleep, will you still be here in the morning?"

"Oh, Will." Douglas leaned his cheek against the top of William's head. "Don't be silly."

"You're talking to a guy who cooked dinner naked."

Nuzzling his mouth into William's hair, he changed the subject. "Do you have double-sided tape?"

"Huh? That sounds kinky."

Douglas laughed and fell a little in love. "For your presents, you perv."

"Oh . . . Bummer. No. Just the regular clear stuff."

"Okay, sex maniac." he looked over William's shoulder. "Let's see what you've got."

William turned his head and kissed his cheek.

His heart clenched, and he had to clear his throat before he spoke. "You have too much paper on the ends. That's why it's hard for you to fold them without bunching it up."

William took up the scissors and cut. "Like that? Is that enough?"

"Yeah." Douglas slipped his arms beneath William's and demonstrated how to tuck the corners. "Now put some tape right there."

"Here?" William's voice had deepened. With his chest pressed to his back and his nose by William's throat, their position was unbearably intimate.

"That's perfect," he breathed, releasing the gift and drawing back. William caught his hands before they left his lap.

Cupping Douglas's hands over his pecs, William whispered, "Touch me."

He swallowed hard as William's skin heated under his hands. The tips of his fingers found the flat points of his nipples and rubbed gently. Groaning, William's arms fell to his sides.

He leaned his head back into Douglas's lap and the sight of his face lost in pleasure was too much for him. Douglas looked away, taking in the glass-topped coffee table, the flat-screen TV and the bare Christmas tree by the sliding glass door.

"Don't you have any ornaments?" he asked.

"No." William's voice was a low whisper of sound. "I bought the tree for you and forgot the damn ornaments."

His hands stilled. "For me?" Oh my God, I'm going to cry.

"Yeah, I knew from that notepad of yours and the little tree on your desk that you must really like Christmas. I do too, but since I'm going to my sister's for holiday dinner, I hadn't bought one for myself. For you, though, I figured it wouldn't be much of a Christmas wish if it didn't feel like Christmas around here."

Wiggling around, he switched from straddling his back to straddling his hips. Face to face, they stared at each other.

"I'm sorry I forgot the ornaments," he said.

And then he cupped the back of Douglas's neck and kissed him.

Unlike the deep possessive kiss William had given him in his office, this kiss was coaxing, his lips brushing, his tongue flicking softly. Douglas wrapped his arms around him and kissed him back with everything he had. In gratitude. In lust. In love.

Douglas pulled away and gasped, "What do you want for Christmas?"

"This. You. Making love with you." He rocked his hips and Douglas felt how aroused he was.

A gift that required no wrapping. No words. He lifted himself, he tugged down William's sweats. He sheathed him. First in latex, then with his body. William groaned, Douglas cried out. They moved together, without the haste that had marked their previous encounters. His hands on William's bare shoulders, he took him deep, rising and falling in tempo with the sounds he made. Clenching his muscles to stroke William's thick length.

Pulling off his shirt to press his bare skin to his.

"I've wanted you," William said hoarsely, guiding Douglas's hips with shaking hands. "So badly . . . God, you feel amazing."

Douglas made it last, in no hurry for their time together to end. But it did, of course.

Dawn came too swiftly. As the pink light of the early rising sun came into the room through the sliding glass door, he tucked a blanket around William and picked up his duffle.

"Merry Christmas," he whispered, pausing on the threshold a moment before shutting out the view of William asleep on the couch.

The clicking of the latch said the goodbye he couldn't.


"Well, this is a surprise," Crista said as she pulled the door wide. "It's been over a year since you last darkened my doorstep, William McClane. And you looked a hell of a lot better then than you do now."

He gave a curt nod before dropping a kiss on her forehead. "I need a favor, Crista, and I hope to God it doesn't make me an asshole for asking. Do you know where Douglas lives?"

The petite blonde blinked up at him. "Wow. Okay, hang on a sec. That hurt a little."

She blew out her breath and stepped out of the way. "Come in."

William stepped inside but hovered by the doorway. Three damn days had passed since he last touched Doug and if he didn't get to him soon, he was pretty sure he'd go insane.

Crista stared at him a moment and then walked to the kitchen counter where her purse waited. "I'm over you, I swear I am." She pulled out her BlackBerry and a pen.

While writing she said, "I still have to ask why Douglas's the one that got to you."

"Hell. What kind of question is that?" He ran his hand through his hair.

"I don't know. I guess I'm just wondering if what they say about "The Rules" is true. Is playing hard-to-get the way to land the great guys?" She came toward him and held out a business card with an address on the back.

Relief flooded him. He tucked the precious card in his pocket. "Maybe in the beginning the chase is fun. Now it just sucks. Thanks for this, Crista. Really."

"Hey, William."

He paused on the threshold, his impatience nearly overwhelming. "What?"

"You're not heading over there now, are you? Douglas and Richard were -"

"Who the fuck is Richard?" Every muscle tensed at the sound of Douglas's name linked with another guy's.

Crista's eyes widened. "Oh, shit . . . You don't know."

"Obviously not." He strode back into the living room. "But you're going to tell me."

She sighed. "You better take a seat."


William watched out the window of his car as Douglas exited his SUV and started up the icy walkway from his driveway toward his front door. The house where he lived was quaint and cozy, with soft touches that were clearly Douglas's that made the residence a home. He looked sad and William knew why. He'd watched him leave with Richard Connor just an hour ago. Now he was alone.

Douglas had a family.

He was the outsider.

Steeling himself inwardly, he stepped out into the chilly afternoon air and shut his door with enough force to catch Douglas's attention. He looked over his shoulder and came to an abrupt halt. William walked toward him with a purposeful stride, part angry and part really fucking hurt.

"What are you doing here?" Douglas asked, his voice low and slightly panicked.

He didn't answer. Instead, William pulled his hands out his coat pockets and pulled him close, his mouth finding Douglas's. The moment Douglas's lips met his, he groaned. When his momentary hesitation melted into desperate ardor, he knew he had a chance.

Douglas still wanted him.

Backing him towards the door, William ordered, "Open it."

"Will -"

"I suggest you hurry up if you don't want to shock your neighbors."

Fumbling nervously, Douglas shoved the key in the lock and when the knob turned, he crowded in behind him, kicking the door shut with his booted foot. Douglas turned and he pushed him against the foyer wall.

"I've missed you," William said hoarsely, his hands wandering restlessly in an attempt to feel him through the bulky jacket he wore. "Every god damned minute since you left me, I've missed you."

"Don't do this, William." He leaned his head back and then gasped when William's teeth scraped his neck. "We had a deal. The wish list and then we'd be done."

"But we're not done," he argued. "We're nowhere near done. And if I have anything to say about it, we'll never be done."


Douglas stared up into William's gorgeous but pissed-off features and felt like he was going to pass out. William's jaw was shadowed with stubble, his blue eyes rimmed with red. His hair was spiked from agitated fingers and his beautiful mouth was harshly drawn. He simply looked like hell, but his heart swelled with happiness at the sight of him.

"I love you, Doug." He caught his hand and pressed it over his heart. "Feel that? That's panic. I'm terrified you're going to say that's not enough, when that's all I've got to give you."

Tears welled and dripped from Douglas's lashes. "Richard . . ."

"You should have told me about your son, Doug. I've been going nuts trying to figure out why I can't have you." Catching Douglas's zipper, William tugged it down and shoved his jacket to the floor.

"Now you know why this isn't going to work," he said, his voice shaky.

"I don't know shit, Doug. Because you didn't tell me." Shoving his hands beneath his top, he squeezed his nipples and he melted in his hands. "Think quick. The bed or right here on the floor."

"Oh my God."

Douglas stumbled away, backing down the hallway as William stalked him. With wide eyes and a racing heart, he watched as William shed his jacket and then his shirt. When he reached for the button fly of his jeans, he swallowed hard. The tender lover he'd known three nights ago was gone and the thrill that coursed through him made him dizzy.

"William . . ."

"I'd lose the sweater if I were you. You'll be sweaty enough without it." He shoved his waistband just low enough to free his fully engorged cock and heavy balls. Then he reached into his back pocket for a condom and sheathed himself even as he stalked him.

Yanking his sweater over his head, Douglas faced forward and nearly ran the remaining distance to his room. William was right on his heels. He was barely to the foot of his bed before he could yank his pants off and then William was on top of him, his long lanky body sinking into Douglas's. The crisp curls of his chest scraped his nipples and he gasped, opening his mouth to William's questing tongue. A low groan rumbled deep in William's chest and he tugged at Douglas's jogging pants.


Douglas squirmed desperately, kicking. "I'm trying."

"Try harder."

Laughing, Douglas wiggled free and then William's hand was between his legs, simultaneously stroking his cock and rubbing his asshole. Douglas wasn't laughing anymore - he was whimpering and arching up into William's hard body.

"Did you miss me?" he growled, biting Douglas's earlobe.

"Yes . . . Mmmm . . . too much."

Two slick fingers slipped inside him and stroked his insides, preparing him, making him scream.

"Spread your legs."

William came over him, nudging Douglas's thighs wider with his lean hips, placing both ankles on his shoulders, before he took him in a deep, breathtaking thrust. Then he wrapped his fist in Douglas's dark hair and began to fuck him within an inch of his life.

"William!" Douglas writhed beneath him, trying to move but held still by the prison of his bound hair and William's pumping cock.

William leaned his weight on one elbow and used his free hand to pull one of Douglas's legs over his hip so he could plunge to the hilt. Douglas watched him, every nerve ending in his body hot and tingling, his breath panting. The waistband of William's jeans rubbed against his inner thighs, a constant reminder that he couldn't bear another moment without being inside him.

"This isn't about getting laid," William insisted hoarsely.

"I know." Douglas's hands clung to his straining, sweating back.

"This isn't temporary."

"I-I . . ." Douglas's asshole fluttered along William's cock. "I know."

Burying his face in Douglas's neck, he said, "I love you" against his ear and he melted.

Into the bed, into him, into an orgasm that made him cry out his name. And William filled him with love.

With hope.


William tucked Douglas's cheek against his damp shoulder and said, "Talk to me, Doug. Tell me what you're thinking so we both get on the same page."

He gave a lame shrug. "I don't know where to begin."

"Start with the ex," he suggested. "Tell me about him."

"Michael's a great guy. He's handsome and charming, a caring dad. But he couldn't commit to me. I think he really wanted to, but he couldn't."

"Sweetheart, I'm not like Michael. Just because I waited for you to come along doesn't mean I've got commitment issues."

"He's got a new boyfriend every month," Douglas rushed on. "Richard has a little notepad he takes to his dad's to write down their names so he doesn't mess up and use the wrong one. He did that once and it was a mess." Douglas reached down and stroked William's bare hip. "I can't do that to him, William."

William nuzzled against him. "I'm not asking you to do that. I'm asking you to let me in. Make room for me in your life, someplace permanent. Let me love you, be with you. You won't regret it."

As his blue eyes began to glisten, something inside Douglas softened. "I'm scared. For my son. For me."

"I know. I'm scared too." He pressed his lips to Douglas's. "I'm scared you're going to send me away because you can't trust me."

The last three nights without him had been hell. Douglas had missed the feel of William holding him, making love to him, making him feel special and cared for. He missed the way William made him laugh and how good he felt when William was with him. "I want to trust you," he whispered.

"Then do it! Listen to me, Doug." He rose up on his elbow to look down at him. "Being a single father doesn't mean your life is over."

"It means my needs come second. I can't -" Douglas closed his eyes. "You don't understand. It was hard for Richie. I was a wreck when Michael and I broke up. And I didn't even love him anymore."

"But you love me." William cupped his face in his hands. "A little. Enough to be scary. And I'm glad you love me because I'm head over heels for you."

The look in William's eyes told him he was laying it all out there, making himself vulnerable.

"I-I don't know what to say."

"Say you'll give us a chance. You're used to running the show, and you can keep on running it. I just want to be the guy you lean on when you need to recharge. I want to be the guy who holds you when you're tired and makes love to you when you're not. I want to be the guy you come home to every day."

"There won't be any sleepovers for a while," Douglas warned, needing him to cast aside any romantic illusions.

"We'll take long lunches."

"A lot of nights you won't see me. I can't do the dinner and date thing often. Richard only goes to his parents' every other weekend and part of every holiday."

"Parents? But I thought you are -"

"Richard isn't really my son." Douglas explained. Noticing William's curious expression, he added, "I'll explain it to you . . . soon."

"That's okay." William sighed. "I know I'll take the backseat to your son. I just want you to know that I'm okay with that. In fact, I love you for that."

The tears wouldn't quit and the knot in Douglas's throat made it hard to speak. "Richard might not warm up to you right away."

William pulled him closer. "I know that, too."

Douglas frowned. "Have you dated a single parent before?"

"No. But my friend Tadd just married into a similar situation. We met for lunch today and talked about it. I talked to his wife, Meredith, too so I could try to see things the way you do."

"You did?" The image in Douglas's mind of William approaching his friends to discuss his feelings and fears made him cry harder. Douglas hugged him tight, silently conveying his endless gratitude.

"I wanted to know what to expect. I wouldn't have come here like this without doing my homework. That wouldn't be fair to any of us."

"So you know it won't be easy."

"I'm not asking for easy, sweetheart. I'm asking for a chance to make you happy."

Douglas didn't know whether to laugh or keep crying. So he did both. "You're "The One"." Kissing his face, Douglas pressed him back and climbed over him. "This whole year you've been right here and I couldn't see it."

"I love you, Doug." William's lopsided smile made his heart race. With a lock of dark hair falling over his brow, he looked younger and vulnerable. Lying on his Christmas quilt, he was the most perfect present Douglas could ever imagine.

He pressed his lips to William's. "You made all my wishes come true."

"Actually . . ." William grinned. "We missed one."

"Did we?" Thinking back, Douglas's eyes widened as his mouth curved. "Yes, we did."

Licking his lips, Douglas slid down his body.

William closed his eyes with a contented sigh. "Merry Christmas to me."


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