DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. A number of situations in this novella have been adapted from a short story entitled, "My Christmas Wish List." Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.


NAUGHTY OR NICE (A My Bully, My Buddy and Me Novella)

by Nerdy Jock

~*~*[[ Part One ]]*~*~

December 17th 2007 New York, NY

William McClane, the most gorgeous specimen on the planet, was butt naked with nothing but a bow covering his cock.

Douglas gaped. And not just any kind of gape, but a bug-eyed-mouth-hanging-open-to-catch-flies-and-other-types-of-creepy-crawlies kind of gape. Even before he could mull it all out in his brain, he flipped up the tiny, red bow and then basically drooled at what was hidden under it. Oh. My. Fucking. God.

"Damn it, Doug," muttered his office mate Eric, bringing him sharply back to the jovial conference room and the sounds of the greatest holiday songs coming from the loud speakers. "Your Secret Santa gift can't be that bad. Let me see it." Eric held out his hand and motioned with his fingers.

Keeping the silver box to his chest, Douglas thrust over the restaurant gift certificate that had covered the shocking photo beneath - the photo with the clever little bow strategically glued with just enough pivot to afford him an eyeful.

"Ooooh, this is nice. I love Gustav's." Eric's mouth curved up to a smile. "You should take me. All of my previous dates were too cheap to take me there."

"Uh-huh." Turning his head, Douglas scanned the crowded conference room for the naked man of his naughty orgasmic dreams. Of course, William wasn't naked right now. Unfortunately. Not at the Wilson, Jones and Davis annual Christmas party. No, right now he was wearing beautifully tailored slacks in dark blue, a crisp white shirt with a blue tie and a beige silk vest. Douglas loved that he wore three-piece suits. Somehow, the sophistication of his clothing only brought out the raw masculine power of his body. He was single and gorgeous, and like most single and gorgeous men, he led an active lifestyle which kept him in perfect shape.

Just the kind of man most women - and all gay men - were wildly attracted to. Douglas, however, avoided him like the plague. He'd learned his lesson the first time around.

His breath caught.

There he was. By the door. Looking yummier than usual. 'How is that even possible?' Douglas thought, annoyed. He was like a sex god sent down to Earth with the sole purpose to arouse every living thing that may cross its path.

You could hardly miss him. Not when he was so tall and broad-shouldered. His blonde hair gleamed under the glow of blinking strings of Christmas lights as he leaned his lanky frame casually against the doorway. William was staring at him with a wicked half smile.

Then he winked.

"Fuck!" Douglas cursed as realization hit him hard and made him all but gasp. Somehow, William McClane found his wish list. The naughty one. His silly stupid naughty wish list.

Oh. My. Fucking. God!


William knew the exact moment Douglas caught on. The flush spread up from what skin showed on his neck and then went and colored his cheeks. Cute.

Finally! After almost a year of flirting that got him nothing more than the occasional inconvenient hard-on, he was getting what he really wanted for Christmas - the opportunity to prove he was the man for Douglas. He wished he could say that it was his charm that won Douglas over, but that was far from the case. Nope, he'd had to wait for fate and fucking destiny to step in and slip Douglas's name into his hand for their law firm's annual Secret Santa draw. He'd opened up the folded piece of paper, saw Douglas Connor written, and grinned like crazy.

For about a second.

Then he'd realized that he'd have to come up with not only a great present, but a great present he'd have to share with him. He'd walked through endless malls, surfed hundred online shopping sites, grilled every one of his ex-girl- and boyfriends and relatives - all to no avail. They couldn't understand why he didn't just ask Douglas out, instead of trying to plan something elaborate to make his point.

'Why can't they understand?'

The answer was really very simple. William had a reputation as a player. Douglas had heard about it and didn't want anything to do with him because of it. So, vertically asking him out to a date wouldn't work. He had to show Douglas he was serious first.

Douglas's discretion wasn't a new experience for William. Most of the men and women who were strictly friends were the ones who had made it quite clear and obvious that they were looking for "Mr. Right."

Not "Mr. Right Now."

Starting in high school, William had learned how to give the "I'm never settling down" vibe pretty well. Well . . . not that he didn't have committed relationships. He did. He does. They just weren't the "forever" kind of commitment and understanding.

So he'd tried to respect Douglas's obvious disinterest, but the bedeviling craving in his gut wouldn't leave him be. He wanted him - wanted that tousled dark hair flowing through his fingers, wanted those deep mossy-gray eyes burning with lust, wanted that sexily ripped body out of his business suits and arching naked above, beneath and maybe even behind him. And even though William knew it was never going to happen, he couldn't stop dreaming about it. Fantasizing.

Douglas was gorgeous, beautifully built, confident and intelligent. He knew his assets and showed them off. He also knew his worth and wanted a man who knew of this too.

But William wasn't a take-off-right-after-an-orgasm kind of boyfriend. He took damn good care of the people he dated. He paid attention to the things that they liked and didn't like. Honestly, it wasn't so hard. It just took a tiny effort, and William enjoyed making that effort - enjoyed watching their surprise when he remembered their favorite song, their favorite author, their favorite places to be touched and caressed. Because of this tiny effort, most of his exes were still his friends.

"You're ogling," teased a soft voice beside him.

He broke his gaze away from Douglas's wide eyes to look at the woman standing next to him.

"Looks like he liked your gift," Crista said with a fond smile. "Why didn't I ever get naked pics of you when we were dating?"

"You never asked."

Douglas hadn't either, at least not in the verbal sense. William had been staying late one night working. He had two goals - to mitigate his tasks right before the holiday time off work starts and also to forget that he still couldn't find a damn thing to give to Douglas that would get his foot in his door. His strategy wasn't working, so he'd stood and began pacing the hall that formed a ring around the center receptionist's desk and elevators.

In that instant, something caught his eye. The small, crumpled ball of paper accidentally missed or dropped by the nighttime cleaning crew. It was squeezed next to the polished wooden leg of their waiting room sofa. He'd picked it up with the sole intention of throwing it when a flash of red and green seized his attention. Douglas had been using a cute little Christmas tree-shaped notepad ever since the first of the month. Christmas was obviously one of his favorite holidays, if the tiny decorated tree on his desk was any hint. He knew instantly that the tiny bit of trash belonged to Douglas.

Feeling a bit guilty but unable to help himself, William opened the bit of trash . . .

And he'd been thanking his lucky stars ever since.

At the top of the barred paper were words "Wish List" printed in a type of font that suggestively resembles a child's scribble. Below that were the handsomely formed letters he recognized as Douglas's handwriting.

>Dad = vintage wine. should do.

>Mom = new coffee maker. she'd love that

>Henry = anything with chocolate

And then he'd run a slash through the list and begun a new one.

"My Wish List" [Naughty]

>William McClane naked and wrapped in a bow.

>William kissing me senseless.

>William cooking me dinner naked. (So I can stare at his beautiful ass.) Going down on William. (Yum!)

>William going down on me. (Double Yum!)

>Being fucked by William until the both of us can't stand.

The shock of that list had hit him so hard that he stumbled towards the nearest couch. He'd realized then that Douglas had been fooling him the whole fucking time, just like what he would do to a jury. Acting guilelessly when, actually, he was as hot for William as he was for him. No man had such detailed sexual thoughts about a guy he wasn't totally into. Douglas had obviously been thinking about him for a while now.

Images brought on by Douglas's words subjugated his mind. His cock swelled and he wondered how he'd make it back to his office and down to the parking lot twenty-five floors below.

But he need not have worried. Douglas's shakily written line took all the heat out of him and left him cold and bothered.

"My Wish List" [Nice]

>Forget about William McClane . . . or transfer.

In a split second he discovered two things. One, no matter how much Douglas wanted his body, he still didn't want anything to do with him to the point where he would consider transferring to their firm's other office across town. Two, the idea of not seeing Douglas almost every day hit him like a blow to the gut - too hurting for his concern to be only casual. He'd then realized what the tight knot in his gut was trying to say. Somewhere along the way, the purely sexual desire he had for him had become something more. Well . . . maybe it happened when they worked that last case together and Douglas kept on blowing his mind off with his intelligence. Or maybe when Douglas almost cried over a verdict and had not even tried to hide it from him. Whatever the reason may be, he'd be damned if his past would get in the way of what they both wanted. What they both desired.

This Christmas, William was making sure that all of Douglas Connor's wishes would come true.


Douglas left the party the instant William's attention was taken away. He had two weeks off. If he could just slip out of this office, he could get out of this humiliating turn of events. He'd had a feeling when he threw out that stupid piece of paper that he should have ripped it up first. Or even burn it. But who was he kidding? He was just being paranoid, he told himself.

'It was trash. No one was going to see it, right? Definitely not William. That hunk doesn't dig in trashcans.' Or so he'd thought.

As his temper rose, his steps quickened and he reached his office in record time.

'This was preposterous. Those were private doodlings made during an exceptionally boring meeting.' He hadn't been entirely attentive with William sitting just across from him looking as impossibly delectable as ever. Instead, he'd been totally absorbed on staring at the small part of his wrist that was visible at the edge of his cuff - hair-dusted tanned skin next to the gold of his watchband and the white of his shirt. That little flash of nothing had made him squirt a considerable amount of pre-come along his thigh.

William McClane. There was just something about him. Maybe it was the treacherous beauty of his face. Or that tall, thick, well-honed body. Perchance it was his astonishing intelligence and aggressive bearings in the courtroom. Or it could be his pro bono work for the Abused Children Program. Fuck, he didn't know why. He just knew his track record with women - and men - had enough bad news to last a lifetime.

Douglas growled. That fucking list had been a form of an eradication therapy. Not a thing on that list was ever meant literally. But still, as he shoved files and documents into his briefcase, he grabbed the silver box with William's X-rated photo and shoved it in, too.

"Merry Christmas to me," he muttered.

"I'm just getting started," purred a deep voice in his ear. The delicious sound knocked the top of his spine and then crawled all the way down south.

Mouth open to assert, he spun around to face his tormentor. And found himself hauled up against a rock-hard body and kissed senseless.

Douglas was taken completely off guard and by the time his befuddled brain figured out who was hounding him and what he was doing, he didn't want him to stop. As his senses filled with the overwhelming scent of another male's, the hands pushing against William's shoulders slipped around them instead.

Fuck, he was good. Even parts demanding and tender. William's lips were warm, the insides of his mouth was soft. William's hands slipped inside Douglas's suit, spreading on either side of his spine and pulling him closer. When William's touch slipped lower to cup his ass, unbelievable heat flared outward and covered his skin.

"Don't," he whispered against William's mouth.

Growling softly in reply, William tilted his head and deepened his already drowning kiss. He tugged, taking Douglas's balance so that he tumbled into him. Taking the advantage, he pushed him towards the desk, jamming his lean hips intimately between his thighs. Their erections stretching the thin pieces of clothing that kept them from their wants - their desires. Instantly, the throbbing that had begun the minute William touched him spun into an all-consuming ache.

"William . . ."

William's damp forehead rested against Douglas's, his panting breaths hot against Douglas's swollen lips. "Let me give you what you want for Christmas, Douglas."

"I don't want you."

"Liar." William's hand came up and covered his chest. Expert fingertips found the hardened nub that betrayed him. Licking his way to Douglas's ear, he whispered, "I wager you're throbbing for me."

"Jesus, William!" He shuddered but couldn't make himself deny it.

"I bolted the door-"

"Are you insane?" he shot back, pushing William's wandering hand away.

William caught his hips, pulled him off the edge of the desk, turned him around, and fit the hard length of his cock against his ass.

"Yes." William moved his hips, nudging his buttocks through the soft fabric of their dress pants. Douglas whimpered. "Can't you feel how crazy I am about you?"

The sweet temptation of his dry-fucking made Douglas's asshole clench with yearning. His heart was racing and his breathing was labored, he pushed at him weakly. "Don't do that . . . You're messing my head . . ."

"You think too much." William held him in place as he rubbed his cock against him. Douglas hadn't bothered with the light when he'd entered, since the moonlight was enough to light the whole room up through the floor-to-ceiling window. But as Douglas looked at William's reflection across the glass, even in the semi-darkness, his eyes were burning with hunger. It made his throat tight. Holding him still, William stroked the impressive length of his cock up and down his ass. William was so gorgeous, so resolute, determined, just watching him pleasuring them both was nearly orgasmic in itself. "I want you, Douglas. I've wanted you for a very long time." He rasped. "And you want me, too."

Without pause, William was immediately working Douglas's zipper down, digging his hands into his boxers, and pulling out his warm, wet, throbbing erection. Douglas gasped with the sudden warmth that stroked his enflamed cock.

With his cock stimulated so sweetly, his grip on sanity hurriedly slipping, and ultimately on the verge of coming, Douglas clasped his hands on the desk tightly and rotated his hips into that large straining bulge, stroking him with his asshole. William's raw, wounded moan was the motivation that pushed Douglas over. Crying out, he rode the peaks of pleasure that worked through his veins and made him dizzy, making him blow countless times into the night.

"That's it," William praised hoarsely, stroking him, rocking into him, making it last. "Ah, baby. You're so fucking hot."

William spun him around and Douglas immediately fell against his chest as the tension fled. With his hot face pressed against William's shoulder, the scent of his skin was almost overwhelming. "Oh God," he groaned, wishing the earth would open up and swallow him whole. The last thing William's ego needed was his speedy orgasm.

"Been a while for you, hasn't it?" William's large hands stroked his back, calming him, fluttering kisses on top of his head.

"You're not taking credit for that?" Douglas couldn't hide his surprise.

"Me?" William pulled back a bit, looking straight into his eyes. "I wish, baby. That was all you. But the next one's on me."

Against his will, a snicker escaped out of his mouth and he buried his face back in William's shoulder to hide his smile. He was charming, Douglas never denied that. "There's not going to be a next time."

William's embrace was nearly crushing. "Whatever . . . you had me really fooled, you know? Until I saw that list, I thought you didn't like me."

Douglas sighed. "It's not about whether I like you or not, William. Truthfully, I think you're a great guy, but-"

"You're searching for someone to get serious."

"Actually, I'm not looking for anyone."

"I could get serious." Cradling Douglas's face in his hands, he stroked his cheeks. "There's no reason I can't. But we will never know if you don't give me a chance."

"Why?" He pushed William away. "Simply because we have the 'hots' for each other? Being aroused and horny isn't the basis for having a relationship and I don't want to be your experiment in monogamy."

"There he is," William said softly, moving back so Douglas could step away from the desk. "The exterior man who doesn't want me, while the real Douglas inside does."

He couldn't help his wince. The "real" Douglas had to give up some of the things he wanted. It was a sacrifice he'd accepted gladly when he made it. "Are we finished here?"

"Nuh-uh. Not even nearly." William ran his hand through his thick, glossy hair.

Douglas regretted that he hadn't touched it when he had the chance. "You didn't get off but I don't feel guilty for that. You can have any other girl or guy in the conference room."

"Fuck you, Douglas," William said gruffly. "This is not about getting laid and you fucking know it."

Douglas snorted. "This is all about getting laid."

Instantly, William straightened, his eyes lit with a dangerous glint. "Give me a couple days to go through your wish list. Then, once you've lived out your fantasies - all of which happen to be mine as well - we can part ways as friends and get back to business as usual. Minus all this sexual tension."

"That'll never work." But his stomach did flip-flops at the thought.

"Then you switch offices anyway, like what you have planned. But at least in this way, we get to have wild, hot, sweaty, dirty sex before you go. If this is all about getting laid, then let's do it."

Oooh, he was good at arguing a case. Damn! He knew he'd had him from the word "wild" too.

Douglas could see it lurking in his eyes, too. "A hotel?" he suggested, resigned. What else could he do?

At least that's what his inner devil said.

"Let's use my place," William said smoothly, having the grace to not gloat. "I have everything I need to cook dinner-" He flashed an alluring grin. "Naked."

"Oh, God," Douglas was blushing and he could feel it. That William knew his secret yearnings was tremendously humiliating. And a fucking major turn-on! Which was dangerous. He reminded himself that he had to keep the two separate - the lawyer that he admired and the playboy that he so wanted to fuck.

"Let's just keep this plain and minimal." Douglas stated.

William reached into his pocket and pulled out a folded piece of paper. Placing it in his hands, he brushed his lips across Douglas's. "No. you've been a good boy this year, you deserve to have your wishes come true." William kissed him once again and it didn't evade him that he was the star of his sex dreams. "Come now, Douglas, play along. It'll be fun."

Great. Fun. Guys like William always had fun.

"That's directions to my condo. I'll be waiting."

'Dear Lord,' Douglas thought disconcertedly. 'What have I gotten myself into?'


By the time Douglas got to William's place, he was balls to the wall committed to having a good time. If he was going to overindulge, he was bolting. Period. So when he rang the doorbell and William answered wearing nothing but a Santa hat and an apron that said "Lick the Cook," he didn't allow himself to dillydally. He dropped his duffle at his feet and jumped him.

"Shit." William stumbled backward in surprise but managed to shove the door closed with a kick before spinning his way to the nearest couch. They fell into the black leather in a puddle of semi-naked gorgeous males.

Straddling him, Douglas leaned forward and licked and nipped and sucked and kissed him hard and deep. William's scent filled his senses and his cock hardened achingly within his pants.

William groaned.

Douglas was sitting atop the hard ridge of his erection, an obvious sign that William was as ready as him. Digging into his back pocket, Douglas pulled out a condom and tossed it onto William's chest. "Make haste, lover, and put that on."

"What?" Blinking up at him, William sputtered, "Just like that? Wham, bam, let's fuck, get it done?"

"You're complaining?" he moaned throatily.

"Fuck, no." As Douglas stood on his feet to get out of his jeans, William fumbled with the foil package with humorous haste. Then he glanced up and stilled, his gaze riveted between Douglas's legs and he automatically licked his lips. "Oh man, that's a delicious piece of meat. Do you always go commando?"

"Ooops. Must have forgotten wearing one."

Dropping the condom, William licked his lips. "Whose wish list are we working on here?"

The hunger heaped in William's heavy-lidded eyes made him shiver. William's Santa hat was lopsided, his blonde hair pushed over his forehead. Adding in the apron, he should have looked ridiculous. Instead, he looked appetizing. His arms were sexy as hell, the skin still manifesting the remnants of a dark summer tan, the muscles beneath beautifully defined.

"Come here." The demand was delivered in a seductively husky voice that made goose bumps all over Douglas's skin despite the flames crackling in William's fireplace.

"Come where?" Douglas teased softly.

"Come in my mouth, baby. I want to suck you."

Oh. My. God!

Forcing himself to crawl over him slowly so he didn't look desperate, Douglas kneeled astride William's head. With one knee on the sofa armrest and the other on the very edge of the couch, he was spread wide, giving William all the meat that he could want. His breath gushed all over Douglas's cock. William squeezed his ass. He whimpered his excitement . . .

And then William licked the underside of his cock in a long deliberate lap.

Kneading the backs of his thighs, William took as much of him into his hungry mouth and started his feast, stroking his tongue through Douglas's cock slit, eliciting moans and groans of pleasure from him.

"Fuck, baby!"

William took his time licking and sucking on Douglas's balls before finding all the places that made Douglas cry out and concentrating there before drifting away to find somewhere else. And then returning to stroke back and forth across his cock slit.

"Don't come too soon," William released his cock and muttered as Douglas's legs began to shake.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" Douglas gasped, his hips rocking into his busy mouth. "Don't be so good at this, then!"

William's chuckle was filled with pure masculine satisfaction. "I want to be fucking that sexy ass of yours when you come."

Douglas shuddered violently. "You better hurry up with that condom then."

"I'm ready whenever you are."


William's grin was pure wickedness. "I guess you were a little distracted."

Skimming down the couch, Douglas's eyes widened. William flipped up the apron and sheathed the object of his day and night dreams. Long, thick and arching up to his rippling stomach, William's cock made his mouth water. No wonder the man had that air about him that screamed 'I know how to fuck your brains out.' The picture he gave hadn't done him justice.

Douglas swallowed hard and moved to straddle his hips. William angled his cock upward considerately. Douglas's chest was tight and his heart was racing. He paused just above him, hoping that he could manage something as big as him. It was the point of no return. Nothing would then be the same once they had sex.

Could he handle that? Could he keep the distance he needed?


His gaze shot up to meet William's.

"Remember your list?" William's handsome face was flushed and his lips were slick with his pre-come, but despite the transparently sexual look about him, his blue eyes shimmered with just as much compassion as lust. "Nothing's wrong with taking what you want," William said softly. "Especially when it's willingly given to you."

Douglas took a deep breath. Suddenly, he registered the holiday music playing softly and the smell of pine from the small undecorated tree in the corner. If he went home, he'd be alone right now. Or he could spend the night with William McClane.

He'd wanted this, wanted him. It's Christmas, damn it!

Trembling with desire and his asshole slightly relaxed and slick with his own spit, he sank onto him slowly, taking the only thing that he'd asked for this year. The only thing he'd asked for in many years. To be touched and held. To be wanted.

"Oh, fuck," William groaned, his hands stroking along Douglas's thighs, his back arching. "God, you feel good."

Douglas bit his lower lip as the languid glide continued. William's cock filled him too full. The heat and the hardness of it stole his breath. The wonderful length and width . . . fuck! As his buttocks hit William's muscular thighs and the head of his cock struck deep, the sound that was torn from him was raw and needy.

"I've got you," William soothed gruffly as Douglas leaned over him, shaking. He stroked the length of Douglas's spine, murmuring, "Lift up a little . . . Shush, I'll give it to you . . . Right there. Now don't move."

William's hips lifted, stroking his insides with a breathless thrust.

"William. Oh my God!" He buried his face in his neck, his asshole clenching around him.

He lowered and lifted again, fucking upward into Douglas's greedy depths. "How's that feel?" William panted.

"Like I'm losing my mind." Douglas lifted his head and looked at him. William's chest rose and fell harshly against his own, making him wish he'd taken the time to get naked so he could feel him skin to skin.

"Good. I wouldn't like to be the only one." Holding Douglas's hips steady, he quickened his pace, surging upward in a ruthless rhythm, withdrawing until only the thick head of his cock breeched him and then plunging balls deep with primal grunts.

Moaning softly, he clutched William's shoulders and braced himself for the slap of William's hips against his. William felt so good . . . He smelled delicious . . .

William spoke through gritted teeth, "Don't wait for me, baby." He punctuated his order with a brutally hard thrust that caught his prostate in just the right spot.

His orgasm was mind-blowing, even stronger than what he just had a mere two hours ago. He was paralyzed, incapable to move, with every cell in his body focused on the rippling of his asshole along William's endless length of hard cock. William jerked beneath him then crushed him to his chest, growling in his ear as he came.

Holding him, Douglas listened to the violent beating of William's heart and the soft sounds of music . . . and he felt cared for.

For the first time in a very, very long time it finally felt like Christmas.

*End of Part 1*


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