A year later.....


"Oh fuck yes yes Conrad yes. Harder!" Sam lays beneath Conrad as he thrust deep and hard into Sam. Sam's legs resting on Conrad wide broad muscular shoulder's. As Conrad thrust deep into him you can hear the fast clapping sound of there bodies slamming together. "Yeah fucking take this big dick baby!" The bed that they were on banged against the wall harder and harder Sam was afraid that the bed would actually break through the wall. Conrad grabbed Sam's chin forcing him to look at him as he fucked him. He crushed his lips against Sam hard pushing his tongue deep into Sam mouth. Sam's moans were muffled by the kiss as there tongues wrestled with each other. "Fuck baby you are so hot. So tight."

"Oh god Conrad don't stop please don't fucking me!" Sam whimpered.

"Not in a million years!" He pushed deep into him. Sam's hand's clutching the sheets while his feet digged deep  into the mattress. Sam's body begin to tighten knowing he was coming close to cumming hard. "Oh Conrad I am so close...go faster oh god right there!!!!" Sam yelled. Conrad kissed Sam hard as Sam writhed under him as he felt his mate cum long and hard between there bodies. Soon Conrad turned willed he straightens his back going fast as he can with a loud roar he cums five long thick ropes into Sam's body! With the last bit of his strength Conrad thrust one final time in Sam before falling on top of his lover from exhaustion.

Sam lays there chuckling "Damn Conrad...you sure know how to make a happy ending" Sam compliments.

"Well, you have a nice tight big ass and I love it. Damn" He leans over and kisses Sam on the lips sweet and passionately. Sam looks down and see's he still has his ass still full of cock. Sam moans and his head falls back as he feels Conrad's cock begin to stiffen again. Conrad turns Sam onto his hands and knees and grips his waist tightly and begins thrusting hard and long into Sam. Sam ass tighten's around Conrad cock. He smiles. Love seeing how his mates body reacts as he take his fat cock. Loves seeing how he can take a dick. Loves how he is the only one who will ever cum deep into him! All these thought's fuels Conrad's stamina and he relentlessly begins fucking him. Sam Whimpers and moans loudly as he is being taken. "Fuck I love when you moan and whimper. I love you submitting to me!" He jackhammer's into his tight ass. Oh god. He quickly pulled out of Sam picking Sam up and wrapping his legs around his waist and made Sam bounce on his cock. Sam throws his head back in ecstasy.

With one final thrust he pushes balls deep into Sam. "CONRAD!" And he cums hard and long into His mates body once again!



"Sam hurry up we are going to be for lunch with shell and Stan" Parker says knocking on the door. I chuckle I look over at my hot muscled wolf. I touch his face. "Duty calls" Conrad grabs his hand pressing it to his face and kisses it. He then begins to kiss up his arms until he kisses his neck. "Conrad...hey calm down haha" 

"Mmmm..." He says kissing him positioning himself between his legs. 

"Sam!" Parker knocks again. 

"Oh come on Parker!" Conrad groans and laughs. 

"You guys can do each other later!" Parker yells back. We listen to his retreating foot steps. "I better get changed before Mrs. Parker breaks down the door and drags me out." He smiles

"Then I will have to drag you back" He replies.

"Then you will have the Alpha on your ass then I will have to save you from him. Remember Have Fae powers to hehe" He laughs. "I have to remember never ever to get on your bad side."

"that is true sir" I says smiling.

"I love you, soon to be Mr. Carson " He says kissing his hand with his engagement ring. Sam blushes seeing the gesture.

"I love you too. Always and forever" He kisses Conrad before getting up and changing.



As he watches his mate leave with Parker and the other's he got up and showered. For the last year. Colton, Jed, trey and him have been tracking and watching the Tennessee Alpha his movements. Like Him Colton feared the possibility that his mate's old Alpha will find him and track him here. He even offered to leave with Sam someplace safe better place then here not wanting his new pack to be harmed but as usual Colton is brave and loyal and told him that they are going no where and that he will protect them no matter what. After his shower He drys himself and puts his clothes on before heading over to the gas station for his shift. He put aside the thoughts of what could happen and thought about seeing his mate for lunch. 

Getting close to lunch Conrad is under a car fixing a gas line that broke on one of the locals in town. Before he smelled the scent of His lover he felts his hands rub up and down his legs feeling Sam's face bury in his thick crotch.He laughs.  He pulls himself from under the car and see's his blond beauty. "Hey baby" Sam says. 

"You know you shouldn't be doing that. I might just have to take you into those woods and fuck your little big ass!" He says tugging his now semi hard cock. "Haha well, we can do that later but for now. Lunch" He says setting the bag on the table. Conrad stands up and heads over. "thank you baby." He leans down and try to plant a kiss. but instead he is kissing a small little wall of blue energy Sam conjured up. "Eww, wash you face and hands first then you can kiss me" Sam says smiling. "You are one horrible tease you know that!" He says.

"I know. It's a talent. Now go wash up sir" He pats Conrad's ass. God he loved this boy! Conrad Comes back and hear's nothing but silence. "Hey is anyone....oh." He looks over and seeing his mate nude legs open wide. "Where is everyone?" He asks. looking at his boy's ass rubbing his cock. "They all left for a bit. Now fuck me!" 

"Fuck..you got it!" Conrad growls ripping off his uniform. With a quick thrust he slides nice easy into his mate's tight ass. "Oh fuck baby you are so damn tight!" 

Conrad cock moves back and forth fast. breathing hard as he fucks him "I love you baby so damn much!" He continues to thrust hard int him. "Oh Conrad...yes..Love...you too..." Sam says between each thrust. 

"God your cock so big.so good!" 

"Damn baby!" Conrad speeds up his thrust making his boy moan and whimper before shooting a quick load int him.!



"AHHHHHHHH!!!!" Sam flies up straight screaming. He sees blood lot's of blood and dead all dead! "Sam wake up WAKE UP!" Sam turns his head and sees his old Alpha! "LEAVE ME ALONE!" HE thrust his hands forward sending his foe back away. 

Colton, Jed, And Trey bust into there little cabin. "What's going on.?!?! SAM! STOP!" I shake my head and soon my eyes clear. I take in the situation. I am standing above Conrad holding a big powerful ball of light ready to use on him. "Oh god!" I take a deep breath and absorb the energy back into me. "Oh baby..I am so sorry I am so sorry!" I cry as I kneels down covering my face with my hands. I feel him pull me into his arms and craddle me telling me it was going to be okay. 

A hour later i am sitting with Parker and Shell. "What happened?" Parker asks. rubbing my back.

"I..I had a dream. a bad one. My old Alpha found me and he killed everyone. There was so much blood. I...I couldn't tell what was real or dream it felt all real then I blasted my faience across the room and Almost...."

"Colton told me you fae's are able to use that to prevent wolf from shifting he said the ball was almost like electric"

I nod. "Not many can do it. In my bloodline we created these energy balls to help fight our enemies my great great grandfather devolved  the skill himself. The first energy ball is drawn from nature to immobilize shifters . the second is drawn from fear. self preservation. survival. This one is able to kill a wolf. It was used during the last of the war's but even so we still lost."

"Have you ever used it before?" He asks. I shake my head. "No, if I wasn't wounded those years ago I would have used it on my old Alpha...."

I begin to shake, feeling like a monster. I can't believe I hurt my beautiful man!

Just then Conrad comes in and hold's me.

"Listen" Colton speaks. "You are going to have to tell the council everything what you are and what your Alpha has done. You no longer a prisoner and you don't have to listen to him. Tell the Alpha's prime and they will take care of him"

"No...I can't. If I do. None of them will stand a chance against him!" I shake my head.  

"You have too...." Colton sniffs the air. 

"Sam...come on out!" My heart sinks and my body freezes, "No,,," 

As we all head outside, he stands there. eyes glowing amber mixed with blue...

"there is my little  lost fairy, time to come home" Alpha says smiling.....

To be Continued 



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