My wishing star

by Kaysa

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Hey, my name is Kevin, I'm 18 year old, well at least I'm turning 18 today, even if there is no party or presents. I'm a pretty handsome guy: black hair, dark blue eyes, clean face and smooth skin. However, I haven't had any girlfiriends, usually girls say I'm cute, rather than hot. I'm 5' 8'', but every other guy in my class is 6' or taller for some reason. Also, I was never very popular, mainly because I couldn't afford to go most events through my childhood, we've never had much money at home because of my grandpa's dept. My parents are very good and harworking people, but when grandpa died (last week), they had to use my college saivings to pay the depts, leaving me with few options for the future and having to find a job. Luckly I was hired in a restaurant as a waiter.

Anyways, back to my birthday. Neither my parents or my classmates remembered this morning. For a while I was thinking on making a party at my house, but honestly, it's pretty shitty. There is only one bathroom and two rooms (my parents and mine, which you can imagine is not very big). The living room and kitchen are decent, but not good enough for hosting. That's why I decided not to invite anyone, and now I'm glad I didn't, because clearly none of these people are my friends. After class I went to work at the restaurant, since I'm just starting I make plenty of mistakes, so that wasn't great either. My boss got quite angry at me after droping soup on a client, she was okay but I had to pay for the damage, with the money I haven't earned yet (yeeeei, so happy!) and finally, after such a "wonderfull" day, I'm on my way home. 

It's already dark and there is nobody around in my street at this hour, I live in a small town. I feel like crying, I can't believe there is no one that remembers my birthday. Then, looking at the sky full of stars, I see a wishing star "Please, I want someone who cares and loves me just as I would do, please". The star winks at me, like it's getting bigger. I'm just there, standing in the middle of the roud, mesmerized.

The star gets bigger and bigger, looks like it's getting closer, and then I realize, IT IS GETTING CLOSER. I leave the street, and run to the woods, trying to scape, but the star thinks otherwise and it hits the floor right next to me. Everyting goes dark for a moment.

When I open my eyes I see a siluete made from light, it kind of looks human and it's about to touch my had. I quickly try to stand up, but our hands touch before I can manage, and suddenly a blinding light comes from our hands. I blink several times before I can see properly, and when I look at the figure I see a copy of myself. I'm lost for words when it (or they or me) starts talking:

"Hi, Kevin." It says with a warm smile "It's nice to meet you".

"¿Eh?¿Am I dreaming?"

"No, this is real, see" Grabing my had, the star thing stands up taking me with him.

It's like looking in a mirror, same long wavy hair hair (covering most of my ears and neck), same dark blue eyes, same height. Even same old clothes since I can't afford many new ones. 

"¿What are you?"


My clone starts to think quietly, looking confused. Then, my vision gets blurry. I feel dizzy and my head hurts.

"¿Are you okay?" Kevin 2 looks worried, reaching his hand to help me just in time.

I lose balance, when I touch my head and look at my hand I see blood, probably form the fall. I can hear Kevin 2 talking, very worried, but I can't really understand him until I fall uncuncious.


I wake up next morning in my room, my head hurts a little, but I can't feel any wound when I try to find it. I'm wearing my pijamas, for a moment I feel like everything was just a dream, but my room it's too small not to see him. My clone, the star guy is sitting in the floor, in the small space between my closet and my desk. He's reading my superman comic (the only comic I have) and he's wearing my  other pijama. Then I realized, he must have taken me back and change my clothes. I jump out of bed and he looks at me happily.

"You are awake! I was afraid you were badly hurt" 

He gets up and comes for a hug, I try to put as much space as posible between us (something difficult in this room), who does he think he is? Waring my clotes, reading my comic, coming in my house uninvited!

"Wait!" I say trying to sound as intimidating as posible "Don't come any closer, why are you in my house? Why do you look like me? Basically, what the hell is happening!?"

He laughs like if he is watching a scared kid.

"You don't have to be affraid, Kevin. I would never hurt you"

"I'm not affraid!"

"It's hard to feel you, but I can at least tell that you are scared"

"What do you mean feel? And who told you you could wear my pijama?"

"Ups, sorry, I thought you wouldn't mind. Do you want it back?"


I start to feel more confident, but then he starts to undress, making me unconfortable.

"Eh, but don't get naked right here!"

"Well, I don't have any other clothes"

"Okay, keep the pijamas"

"Great, thank you"

The way he acts so calmly makes me angry. His voice sounds like mine, maybe a bit deeper, but definetly less distressed. He smiles at me again, keeping his/my blue eyes on me all the time.

"What's so funny?"

"You just look cute when you are embaraced"

"I'm not embaraced!"

"But you turned red when I started to undress"

"I didn't!" He is so irritating.

"Haha, you are turning red right now"

"No, I'm not" He laughs openly, I hate him already "Enough! Answer my questions or I'll call the police"

"That would be useless, but don't worry I tell you everything I know. Would you sit down?"

He sits on my bed and gives me a sign to sit next to him. I give him my most fearsome look.

"I don't even know your name and you are inviting me to sit on my bed"

"To be fare, I don't have a name. Would you give me one?"


"Yes, anything you choose should be fine"

Why do I have to name him? I try to think of something looking aroudn my room, and then I see the superman comic in my desk.

"I don't know, Clark?"

"I love that! Thank you"

"Whatever, now start talking"

He remains silent for a few seconds, waiting for something. Giving up, I sit in my bed with my arms crossed. Then he starts talking.

"I don't know exactly who or what I am, but I know I come from another world. When someone like me arrives to somewhere new, we make a bond with the first sensitive being that we find. We take their shape to start our growth and get integrated into their lifes. This bond it's like anything you humans have, we make a conection at the beggining to get all the information that we can from the other person and their world. That's why I know your lenguage, your name and where you lived. However, this conection it's not perfect, so we can't know everything about our partner or feel their emotions like we can with other beings. That's why I kind of knew you were scared"

"What!? You are an alien, and bonded with me? You can read peoples minds but not mine? That's fucking insane"

"I'm from another world, not an alien, and I can't read minds, only feelings. But I have many other habilities to keep our bond safe. Well, I will have them as I grow, you will see"

"No I won't, you are nuts. We are not bonded and when my parents find out about you they will kick you out"

"I highly doubt that"

"You'll see. MOOOOOM!"

I open the door to call my mom, she is downstair in the kitchen, but since the house is small she hears me instantly.

"Yes honey?"

"Look at this!"

I pull Clark through the stair and into the kitchen. He doesn't try to resist, just comes along with me, probably giving up. I move my hands like a magician does when showing a person cut in half, with Clark in the middle. There is a loud silence,

"What am I looking at exactly?

"What do you mean? Can't you see him?"

"All I see is your brother honey"

"WHAT!? What brother!?"

"Your only brother honey, Clark. Now stop fooling aroudn and have a sit, I'm making saturday breakfast"

My face at this moment must be pretty funny because my "brother" just starts laughing calmly. I'm starting to hate that quiet smile. I quickly grab him by the wrist and take him back to my room. 

"What's all of this?"

"I told you I have powers to protect our bond. The most important is to make me fit in your life, so people around us get their memories changed in order to make sense of all that happens with us"

"What the fuck!? You are changing my mother's memories, you are crazy!"

"It just happens, I'm not like doing it on purpose"

"So now everybody thinks we are brothers?"

"Twin brothers, yes"


"Don't be upset, I have made it so you are the older one"

"Well thank you very much, I guess"

I sit in disbelive, is this really happening? I feel scared and confused, then Clark sits next to me, I feel his hand in my back suporting me. I lead into him feeling safe and he hugs me. For some reason this is great, better than any hug that I have ever been given.

"Don't worry, everything will be fine. We are together"

A tear drops from my eye and I just close them. And taht's when I hear my mom calling us.

"Kevin! Clark! Breakfast is ready, hurry up before yor father and I leave for work!"

I jump to my feet, looking at Clark with mixed feelings.

"What was that?"

"I told you, we have a special bond. I'm here for you, I can help you to feel better when you are sad"

"Don't do that again, I don't know you even if you make other people belive that we are brothers. We can't have a bond when I just met you"

"Sorry, I just wanted to help"

"Well, don't!"

I leave my room to go downstairs. I feel shitty for talking to Clark like this, he looked very sad when I yell at him. Well, do I feel bad, or is he making me feel this way?