Chapter-3 What's next?

So we have been going for coffee this whole week and he makes me laugh helps me with my classes and I still don't know why so today after class while we get coffee I'm gonna ask what's his motives we get there order coffee and get to work "so I'm sure your wondering why I keep asking u here?" It was weird like he could read my mind or something "well it's because I like u and no I don't mean as a friend I think I like u more than that so what do u thing I'm I wrong or right cause from what I gather u seem to like me to"I was silent I was right he was after me I didn't want to believe it bit it was true he was to sexy to be

just looking for friends with me everyday after class to take the time to help me and all that "hey u there earth to Evan I'm sorry if I was wrong or wasting your time so this is good bye then?" He was about to get up so I held his hand "wait I think I like u to but I just didn't know where this was going it just seemed u were helping a student out not actually looking for more than friends" he sat back down and I was blushing "hear what I will pick u up later and I'll take u out and if u don't like it I will walk away with no hard feelings ok" I just nod and we got up and left.

Chapter-4 Our first date and already he's got me hooked

So I was nervous and ready waiting for this hunk to show up he didn't specify time he was there at 8pm I just finished getting ready and was on my way down he opened my door I got in and we were off to dinner and I didn't know where we were going I didn't really care we got to a place small quite sweet on the edge of a bay he pulled out my seat he was sweet we ordered talk laugh ate laughed some more "so where are u from Sia?" He looked at me "I'm from England I moved here a long time ago and u Ev?" "Me I'm from New York" "so how old were u when u moved here" it seemed like he didn't want to talk about his past "so its cool if u don't want to talk about it" he smiled and answered anyway "well I was 5 when my mom ran away with us I have a lil sister she goes to school in Italy u'd love her anyway my dad was a bad man so we ran while we could we've been safe ever since he hasn't come looking for us so I believe where safe now" I felt embarrassed so he shook his head "it's cools normally my dates just want to know what's in my pants" now I turned totally red "well my parents died when I was 2 so I don't remember them it was some weird accident I never asked cause it never bothed me I'm rich they had things in place so I wouldn't be helpless I moved from aunt to uncle and grand parents most of my life now that I'm older doing as I please is my new thing its fun" we continue talking it was late and after a few glasses of wine I was drunk "I'm fine take me ho......." and I passed out.

Whe woke up I was in a strange bed and it was huge white with huge bed posts I got out went to the barthroom got my face washed and cleared then I sa the note "that's a toothbrush for u and some clean clothes when your ready meet me in the kitchen Sia" I ready beathe and got dressed when I got down stairs he was in his boxed briefs cooking breakfast "good morning sleepy head u feeling ok" he turned around plate in hand and all I could do was steer he was flawless six pack, pecs, arms , legs the full works body of a god and then his package was huge like even when its flaccid it can hurt lol I colleted myself and stop drooling walk over to the counter got some coffee and had some breakfast "what time did we get here?" He chuckled "well after u passed out I got u to the car and headed for my place got u here and into bed I slept down stairs it was a good night but wine isn't your drink" he laughed and I giggled it was Saturday so no class "so what u wanna do today ?" I didn't want to see the sun so I was thinking stay here all day "how about we lay around and watch movies all day" he smiled and got us to his huge sofa it seems everything he had was huge lol (see that it was funny laugh at my joke lol ) we watch old movie new ones and I cuddled with him in his ac all day and he didn't even try to make out with me or anything it was fun being with him he made me happy so as I was about to get up I turned and kissed him he was surprised but he didn't resist his hands ran down my back and my sides and then he stopped me " not yet trust me I want to as u can see" he was pitching a tent a huge one so I stopped we kissed I got my stuff and headed to the car and he drove me home kissed me go night and said he would call it was a good date and a day I can't wait to see what he does next .



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