"so are we a thing now?" he looked at me confused "what do u mean a thing if we're together?" I looked at him he was looking at the floor so what did he think this was a game why was he wasting my time "I'm not some play thing use and then put down ok so hear what when your ready to be serious about what this is give me a call if not please keep your distance cause it seem I'm not worth it" I turned and left him standing there in the hall.

Two weeks later.

So I'm dating this guy he's cute sweet and caring and we're having fun on our dates and he isn't even trying to get in my pants but trust me if he tried he would so get it (yes I'm horny but Sia was playing games while this guy is trying to get to know me before he goes there) so the date is going great but all change as soon as he saw us he walked up to me pulled me by the arm and kissed me right in front of the guy I was in shock for a moment I was kissing him back and then I realised what just happened in front of the other guy "Sia what the hell are u doing?" he looked me in the eyes as though he was in pain "I can't get u out of my head is like I'm losing it I think about u all day I dream about u all night and then I have to see u in my class and u act as though I don't exist anymore and it's frustrating cause all I do is think of u and now I see u dating him this doosh who by the way does this to all his dates take them out for what a week and then when he gets what he wants moves on" the guy looked pissed and was about to say something "if u lie to him I swear to god I'm gonna kick your ass" the guy got up and left "Evan I'm not good I say things and do things u don't want to be with me but I can't stop thinking about u so I'm gonna try too be the best boyfriend to u and try not to mess this up" I looked at him he was going to try and I saw it in his eyes those beautiful eyes "I don't need u to be perfect Sia just give us a chance and we will see what happens from here." he kissed me and we left and headed to his place.

Chapter-6 Didn't think I could do this


So it's been a month now since we've gotten together it's been great I haven't messed up he does the sweetest things he brings me lunch he sends me text to ask how my days going (and by the way we haven't had sex yet but he teases me on a daily bases with skimpy boxers and tight T shirts he wants it but I'm not sure he's ready but tonight we'll see) so I call him "hey babe u coming over tonight?" he says yes I tell him later and head on home to get my place ready for tonight I cook dinner and clean up (yes I can cook when u live alone have to learn these things) he gets here and I'm only whereing a boxer brief "hey babe why are the lights of............." he gasp for air "welcome to dinner for my baby u like" he looks at me from head to toe "I love so what's the occasion" "nun just felt like making u dinner" he walks over kisses me and sits in the chair I pulled out for him I sit and we have dinner we laugh and talk and he walks over to my side of the table and kisses me "what's that for?" "that's for being the best boyfriend ever" I get up lift him off the floor and take him to my room rest him on my bed and start taking his clothes off kiss every part of him that becomes naked his breath become shallow with every kiss he moans when I like his chest and abs "u sure u wanna do this?" he shakes his head and I take off his boxer and lick my lips and start sucking his dick he moans and claws at the bed sheets briming with pleasure he stops me "my turn to unwrap my gift" he pushes me on the bed and kisses me licks my neck and I shudder and moan he licks everywhere on the way down to my boxer and slowly removes it and goes down on me I thought he wasn't ready but he had me on the edge he was good "have u done this before babe?" he stopped looked up shook his head "am I doing it wrong?" "no your doing it like a pro babe I'm loving it" he smiled and continued he stopped looked at me and was about to get on my cock (he was brave it was a 10 & a1/2 sized cock and he was about to impale himself on it) "babe stop is this your first time?" he blushed "yes" "well trust me don't sit on it just yet" I truned him over and place his legs on my shoulders "u ready she nodded and I slowly entered him he wiggled and moaned in pain I enter all ten in him and he was breathing short I brought my face to his and kissed him long and hard I waited for his tight hole to adjust "u ready" he nodded and I started slow and kept going he was moaning I bent down pick him up and bounced him gently on my cock he moaned and scratched at my back bite and left marks on my neck I was close and so was he "come in me Sia please" he begged and I shot stream after stream of cum in him and he blew his load all over my chest and face I placed him back on the bed and saw the clock it was 11pm we had been having sex for an hour wow I watched as my cum leeked out off him we went to the barthroom room beath and dried off changed and was heading off to bed we cuddled and then I realised something I have never felt this way about anyone before and those words came out my mouth "I love u Evan" he turned and looked at me kissed me and said them back "I love u to Sia"



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