It was a hot summer day and my best friend and I had been tanning outside. We were both laying out in our underwear me and him wearing both short boxier briefs. I'm 6'1 and 220 pounds nice build I have brown hair and eyes with a nice butt and a 7 in cock. Nikolai was 5'8 140 pounds with a nice six pack. He had blond/brownish hair with green eyes a huge bubble butt and 7.5 in cock.

We were talking about how we didn't like to have tan lines and both of us seeing each other naked before were comfortable with just tanning in the nude. We were putting more sun tanning lotion on and he asked me to put some on his back and ass. I started to massage the oil into his back and then I moved my way down to his ass, as I started to rub the oil on his ass I started to get hard. I never taught about guys before in this way and started to wonder what it would be like. I have played football and basketball and shower all the times with guys before and never thought what its like to have sex with a guy. I couldn't let Nikolai see me with hard on from rubbing the oil into him so I started to say that I missed a spot and made time for me to let my boner get smaller. When I was done I asked him if he could do the same for me. He put the oil into his hands and started rubbing it into my back then worked his way down to my ass. He massaged the oil in and it started to feel really good and started to get hard again.

When he finished he laid on his back and I laid on my back hiding my huge boner. We faced each other and started talking about girls. He said it had been a month since he last had sex and I told him it had been around the same and how bad we need to get some fresh pussy to fuck. We both had continued to talk about our best fucks we have had and that maybe we could find a chick together to fuck. We both said that we were really horny and needed to rub on off. We headed back inside and went up to my bedroom and turned on the computer. We had both jerked off together before so we were both comfortable jerking off together. We started to watch this chick was taking 2 huge cocks as once and we both started rubbing. Nikolai turned to me and said I wonder what it feels like for the girl to take to cocks at once, wouldn't hurt a lot? I said back I'm sure it hurts but then it has to feel good or else what girl would want to be fucked. We started talking more about this and we were getting deep into our conversation when I turned to him and said 'why don't we just jerk off each other? It would be like jerking off your own cock but it would feel better because someone else is doing it' Nikolai took a while to think about it and then decided sure as long as we didn't tell anyone. He grabbed my cock and started to jerk it off as I did the same to him. I couldn't stop looking and thinking how good looking he was and how bad I wanted to try new things with him. After about 15 minutes of this going on he blew his load all over his body and my hand. As soon as he cam I did the same as it got all over my body and his hand and even a little on my face. We both sat there panting and talking about how much better it was when jerked each other. We decided we needed to clean up and get ready for my party that I was having that night.

I told him he could shower first and then I would shower after but he kept insisting that I shower first since it was my house and all so I told him there was plenty of room for both of us to shower together so we did. We stepped into my shower and turned on the water. We started washing our hair and the fronts of our bodies. He asked me to wash is back so I took the soap and started to rub it all over his back and ass and noticed that he was getting hard I then asked him if he could was my back. He took the soap and started to rub my back and my ass but then he stuck a finger I my whole gently saying that he wanted to make sure all of me was clean for tonight. We were both hard and decided to rub on off quickly before we got ready. We dried off and while got changed and got ready for the party.

People started coming in and everyone started to drink. The party was going great Nikolai and I found a girl that would both give us head. We headed upstairs to my bed. She told us to take our pants down and to lay on the bed and we both did. She started to suck on me first and then taking turns with Nikolai and me and then she started to fit both of our cocks in her both at once. Before we could cum she passed out on my bedroom floor. We brought her back downstairs and someone took here home. Everyone started to leave then except Nikolai who was sleeping over for the night. We were both pissed that the time we finally got head for the first time in a while we didn't get to finish.

We went upstairs and decided that we need to jerk off and finish what she started. We turned on the computer and started jerking off. As we were jerking off he turned to me and said hey man I know this is gay but I want to try it. If you blow me off ill blow you off, just as an experiment and I really need to finish getting the head that she started. I agreed and started to rub his cock till it was fully hard again. I bent down between his legs and started to smell the musk of his nice huge uncut cock. He couldn't wait any longer and pushed my head down a little more until his cock had entered my mouth. He started moaning as I was licking all of his cock and playing with his balls. I started to swallow all 7.5 in of it in my mouth as he started to breath faster and faster I knew he was going to blow in my mouth, before I could get it out of my moth, so I started to play more and more with his balls and then he cam all in my mouth. I tried to swallow it all but it was hard to keep up with all the cum coming out of his huge ball sack.

After swallowing what I could I got off my knees and laid back in the bed. Nikolai got on his knees and started to rub my cock until it was nice and hard for him to suck on. He then took my cock and started licking it all over like a lollypop then he took my balls and started to swallow them and lick them all of with his tongue. I told him I was about to blow but he kept bobbing up and down on my cock till I cam all in his mouth. He swallowed most of it and then he stood up and laid next to me on the bed. We both laid there panting and saying how good it felt and how much better each other were then any girl we have gotten. I told him that I wanted to do more and I wanted to see what like being fucked was like and he agreed to it.

I got a condom out of my dresser and a bottle of lube. I laid down on by back with my legs over Nikolai's shoulder. He started to rub the lube in my ass and on his cock I told him I was ready and he started to push his cock inside of my tight ass. He took it nice and slow inch by inch he worked his way inside of me. Finally he got all 7.5 in inside of me and paused for a second so I cold get use to the feeling. I told him I was ready and he started to pound me in and out in and out for 20 minutes till he blew his load and started to lay on top of me. We feel asleep with his cock inside of me until the next morning my brother walked in on us.....



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