What defines the first time? Is it when you and another man get naked and jack him off then he gives you a blow job? Or is it when you get fucked for the first time? Both of these things happened to me with different men a couple years apart. The first I was Las Vegas I was swimming when I met a man there and we just hit it off. He invited me to his room to have a drink with him so I went. We sat down on the bed. He asked if I cared if he took off his cloths. I told him I didnt mind. All I could do was stare when he took all of his cloths off. With his cock now out he started jacking off in front of me. I liked what I saw. I then asked him if he cared that I took off my cloths and just like that I was naked in front of another man. He was quickly by myside and he placed y hand around his cock and showed me how to jack him off. He moanded with pleasure as I stroked him up and down. He reached down and felt my hard cock he then did something unexpected and took my cock in his mouth.



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