I grew up in a small town.  Very conservative town. At an early age I knew I was different, and I discovered I had an attaction to guys.  This is something I couldn't admit to myself let alone to other people.  I found myself getting boners while watching bare chested men on the television and would have to excuse myself to masterbate, thinking about those bare chested men.  Around this time I discovered my older brother's stash of 'dirty novels' and would read and re-read them.  I would always get a boner while reading the sex scenes .... you know the ones .... where the pretty gal would fall for the charms of the hero and they would end up having sex.  And the sexual encounters would always be so explicit and I would jack off reading about how the girl would blow the hero.  So I fantasize about sucking cock and whacking off.

Directly after high school I found  a job working for a local clothing business. I would unpack the clothing and get the merchandise ready for the selling floor.  Women's clothing. My boss Arthur, was one of the owners.  He was so hot looking.  Perhaps 10 years older than me, married,  nice looking and rather muscular.  He always wore dress shirts and slacks and when he would wear white dress shirts, I could see the defination of his pecs and the outline of his nipples through the fabric.  Big turn on for me.

Up until this point I have never seen another guy's cock, except for PE class in high school.  And I always averted my eyes because I didn't want to get a boner.  At 18 I was still a virgin, and the urge to be with another guy was almost unbearable for me.

It was a summer job, and I was to start college in the fall.  A few days before my last day at work, Arthur wanted to celebrate this turning point in my life.  It was 6 in the evening and the store had closed, all the employees had left except for me and Arthur.  He walked into the back office while I had just finished clocking out, carring a six pack of beer.  He wanted me to have a few beers to celebrate.

I have only had beer a few times up to that point, and was a little nervous about drinking.  He talked me into having some beers and we sat and talked about life, the future and what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.  

Not being a person who drank booze, I had a buzz rather quickly and I enjoyed that feeling. That's when I began to realize how attractive he was, and I couldn't keep my eyes off his chest, and the outline of his nipples.  I found myself getting aroused ..... and embarrassed.

He started talking about women, and how he played the field before he married.  Be began to to into detail about his past sexual experiences and asked about mine.  I made shit up, not wanting his to know I was a virgin.  We talked about sexual encounters for about a hour and I was so fucking horny.  He started complain about his wife, and how she didn't give him blow jobs.  Which set him off into telling me all his blow job stories and how he missed having his dick sucked. I didn't look at him while he was telling me these stories.  I was too aroused and nervous.  I did glance down to this crotch and was amazed that I could see the outline of his cock, his hard cock, against his thigh.  I wasn't sure I was seeing what I was seeing. Was that really his hard cock bulging against his thigh?

I realized he had stopped talking.  Then I realized I was still staring at the outline of his hard cock and  Arthur was looking at me.  And he knew what I was looking at.

He said something like "do you like what you see?"

I found myself nodding my head yes.

He stood up and ran his hand over that bulge.

"I knew that you were into cock," he smiled. 

My own cock was throbbing in my jeans.  I watched as he unfastened his belt, unsnapped and unzipped his slacks. I swiveled my chair around to face him. He reached inside his shorts and pulled out his hard cock. I couldn't believe I was seeing my first hard cock.  It looked huge, even though in reality it was average length and thickness. And his was smaller than my own.

"Go ahead and touch it, " he whispered.

I need no other encouragement.  I pulled his shorts and slacks down past his knees. I wrapped a hand around his cock and enjoyed the feel. I slowly pumped it.  He seemed to enjoy the feel of my hand.  

"Can you take off your shirt," I asked slowly.

He unbuttoned his white dress shirt and pulled it off.  While pumping his hard cock I looked and admired his chest.  Hairless and smooth.  Nice pecs.  And his nipples were the size of fifty cent pieces.

While slowly pumping his hard cock, I ran my other hand over his stomache, and upward over that smooth chest, my fingers rubbing his nipples. He moaned.  I slid my had down, my fingers moving through his cock hairs. I leaned in and buried my mouth and nose into his cock hairs, enjoying his scent.  

I began to lick the shaft of his hard cock, from base to head. I opened my mouth and drew his hard cock between my lips.  I loved it. The taste, the smell, the sensation.   I began mouthing his hard cock, up and down, enjoying everything about it.  I felt one of his hands on my head, urging me on.  

"Take it all," he said softly.  "Take it all the way down your throat."

I grabbed his hips and went down until I felt his cock hairs against my lips.  I fought the tendency to gag as I mouthed his cock.

Both his hands held my head as he began to thrust his cock in and out.  I gagged a few times as he pressed my face against his crotch, his cock hairs crushed against my lips and nose.

"That's right baby, swallow that big dick all the way down," he moaned.

This went on for what seemed like a long time, when in reality it was only for about 5 minutes.  I didn't care.  I loved having that cock in my mouth. As he fucked my mouth, I spread my legs further apart and with my hands I unsnapped, unzipped my jeans and pulled out my own hard cock and balls, and began to slowly stroke myself.

He suddenly pulled his cock out of my mouth and rubbed it over my face.

"You like this cock." he stated.

He reached down and grabbed his nuts and pressed them together.

"Suck my balls." he said.

I opened my mouth and he guided his hairy nuts into my mouth.  I slowly sucked at them as he rubbed his cock over my face.  After a few minutes of ball sucking, he pulled away.

"Stand up," he said.  

I had no idea what he was intending to do.

He reached out and grabbed my hard cock and pulled me toward him. He pressed our hard dicks together and began jacking them.

"Nice big cock you have there," he smiled.

It felt so good. Another hard cock pressed against my own.  I looked down and watched and he used both hands to press our cocks together and squeeze them and jacked them.

"Do you want my juice," he simply stated.

I nodded yes.

I was on my knees and once again his cock was buried between my lips.  He held my head with other hands and began fucking my mouth, slowly at first, then faster and faster.  I jacked my own hard cock as he fucked my mouth.

"I'm gonna cum, " he moaned and continued pumping his cock in and out of my mouth. 

I wasn't prepared when he exploded in my mouth.  I gag a bit at first, and began swallowing his juice.  He held my head steady and his knees sort of buckled as his cock erupted.  I swallowed his juice as he held my head steady, his cock deep inside my mouth.  I jacked quickly on my own cock, and with my mouthful of cock I moaned as I shot my load over the floor.




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