This story is 100% true!!!

My dad and mom divorced when I was 8 years old, and I really didn't mind it that much. It was two sets of Christmas presents, and two sets of birthday presents. I also got twice the reward for good grades. All-in-all, it was a pretty sweet deal.

I had to go to my dad's house every other weekend, and it wasn't that bad. At my dad's I could do pretty much whatever the hell I wanted. At about 10, I started looking up porn on my dad's computer. Luckily, my dad let me use his computer account, and he looked up porn too.

I spent hours going through his videos and pictures that he had downloaded. Eventually, I started to look more at the guys in the porn than the girls. When I turned twelve, I set up my own account on the computer, and started looking up gay porn. At thirteen, I got my own laptop, and began downloading my own gay porn.

What really turned me on the most was hairy guys, sexy underwear, and most of all, incest. I eventually started fantasizing about my dad. Now, my dad was 6'2, about 250 lbs, and a little bit of a beer belly, but he was covered in dark brown hair, and I do mean EVERYWHERE. How did I know this? Well, one of my dad's favorite things to do was walk around and lounge in his white briefs.

Finally, when I was 14, my step-sister got married to a really hot guy. He looked a lot like my father, about 6'1, covered in hair, and a lot of sexy facial hair, with just a tiny hint of a beer belly. He spent a lot of time at the house, and almost never wore a shirt, which of course always kept me horny.

When I turned 15, I was at my dad's house, and all the girls had left. My dad was walking around in his briefs, and I could see the substantial package that was caged up in his underwear. I finally had gotten comfortable with being unclothed around him, and decided to pull my pants and shirt off. Usually, I wore boxer briefs that my mom bought me, but at his house, I always wore the dirty briefs that I had stolen out of dad's dirty laundry. I felt delicious to know that I was wearing my dad's used undies.

At 15, I was 5'10, 185 lbs of pure muscle, with a 6 pack of abs, and nice big pecs. I had a lot of hair covering my body, especially in my pits, ass, and crotch. My cock was really nice, at 7.5 inches cut.

I went into the living room, and my dad was lounging around on the couch, with his legs spread, and scratching his big old bull balls. I immediately started becoming hard, but I usually walked around half hard. He looked at me and said, 'Hey bud, how ya doin?' I looked at him and smiled, 'Pretty good, just enjoying being a teen.' He laughed at that and said, 'Yeah, well it looks to me like your well on your way to becoming a man. Hell, you're more developed than some of the men I know.'

I felt a beam of pride at that, taking joy in the fact that my father thought that much of me. I grabbed a soda and headed back to my room. I was feeling horny as usual, and so I decided to have a little fun. I fired up my computer and found one of my favorite websites. I started really getting into it, and pulled my underwear down below my big hairy nuts.

I was really starting to go crazy, and just as I was reaching the final leg, I heard my dad coming down to my room. I shut the site down, and just as I clicked the exit button, my father opened my door. I hadn't had time to pull my underwear, well, his underwear back up to cover myself, and so when he came in, my big veiny cock was standing at attention, and I had my hand wrapped around it, with a look of shock on my face.

My dad chuckled, 'Sorry about that son. Didn't mean to spoil your fun.' With that, he smiled and shut the door as he left. Just as I was about to start up again, my dad came in again, and had something with him. 'Here you go son, I think this will help a little bit, and probably make it a ton more fun.' With that, he pulled out a massive bottle of lube and handed it to me. He chuckled again and said, 'I thought that with that monster, you might need an extra big bottle.' He turned to leave, and I swear his package had gotten bigger.

I got the bottle, and squirted a generous amount onto my rock hard cock. The lube made it feel a thousand times better, and within a few minutes, I had an explosive orgasm, all the while wishing that I could have been fucking my father's tight hairy hole.

The next visit, I tried to get my father to see me naked as many times as possible. I would stay up late, and when he was taking his midnight bath, I would walk into the bathroom and claim that I had to use the bathroom. He never had a problem with that, especially considering I always walked in naked.

I had to go with him for the whole two week Christmas break, and it was just gonna be me and him. His wife, step-daughter, and her husband were all going to Florida for the break. I was so excited, because that meant it was just going to be me and him hanging out in just our underwear.

At this point, I was dying to get the chance to suck his cock and fuck his hairy hole. I decided to try as hard as I could to try and get him in the sack. My plan started with me never wearing anything more concealing than briefs. I decided to give him as many opportunities as possible to see my body. Everytime I had to use the bathroom, I'd leave the door open while doing my business. My father always had an excuse to walk by the bathroom while I was using it, and I always just smiled and said, 'Hey.'

I always made a point to bend over in front of him, or to stretch, or to take any opportunity to show my bulge to him. On the first day of vacation, my father was lounging on the couch all day, watching football. I hate football, so after two games, I headed to my room. I sat down with a bottle of water and was just watching television. Finally, I needed to piss. I pulled forth the effort to get up and go to the crapper, and as usual let the door stand open. I released my stream, and the force of my stream hitting the water sounded like a fucking waterfall. My father walked by and said, 'Wow, careful and don't lose control of that hose, or we could have a flood on our hands.' This pleased me, because when he walked away, he had to readjust the bulge in his skimpy briefs.

On the second and third days of vacation, the days pretty much went the same as they had been. The fifth day of vacation is when things started to really get interesting.

My father and I both hate things like deoderant, and it was unseasonably hot for Christmas, at a toasty 95 degrees, and extremely humid. Naturally, my father and I were both covered in sweat, and smelling of man-musk. It smelled delicious, and every time one of lifted our pits, we'd make sure and take a quick sniff. I stayed rock hard. When I woke up, my generous amount of chest and body hair was soaking wet, and plastered to my body. However, I was nothing compared to my father. When I went out into the living room, I just about creamed my underwear. He had about twice as much hair as I did. His pubic hair spilled out all sides of his skimpy little briefs, and when he stood up, you could see his course ass hair spilling out all sides as well. He made a point to walk in front of me and bend over in front of me quite frequently. Sometimes, he'd even stop suddenly right in front of me and I'd run into his tight, hard ass with my erect cock.

Eventually, I'd sit closer and closer to him on the couch, sometimes even resting my head on his wet, hairy chest. Every time I'd stand up, he'd either pat my butt, or give it a playful slap. I was always just fine with that. It got to where I would eventually touch his ass on a regular basis too.

One day, while we were sitting on the couch, I had to piss really badly. Well, I didn't feel like getting up, so I tried to hold it in. Eventually, I just couldn't hold it in any more, so I let loose. I pissed all in my underwear, and there was so much, that it went through the fabric and sprayed onto my chest. I just laughed, and my father said, 'Shit son. Guess you really are a man.' I just grinned. My underwear were now totally transparent, and he couldn't keep his eyes off me. Every time I'd catch him looking, he'd just smile, and go back to staring. So, being the considerate person I am, I opened my legs wider, and gave him a better view. Sometimes, I'd even rub it a little bit, just to give him a show.

By the time he got up, he was fucking rock hard. I slapped his ass when he stood up and even rubbed it a bit. When he turned around to say goodbye, I cupped his balls, and rubbed his dick head, saying, 'Gotta go take care of business dad?' He laughed and ground into my hand a bit.

He went back to his room, and as soon as he shut his door, I was down the hall and listening at the door. When I heard the porn come on, I didn't think much of it, but then I heard two guys talking dirty to each other. When I heard no woman come in, I wondered if it was possible that my dad was watching gay porn.

Well, being the bold little shit that I was, I made sure I was nice and hard, and dripping a little bit, then I opened the door and walked in. On screen was a man supporting a second man up against a tree, with his massive cock lodged in his hairy man hole. They were fucking like there was no tomorrow, and my father was arched and moaning along with them.

When he saw me at the door, he just smiled and patted the bed next to him, offering to let me join him. I walked around the bed and climbed over him, and blatantly humped his hard package several times. When I finally laid down, I had my right leg draped in between his legs, and my head resting in his armpit. He continued to rub his crotch, and would every now and then rub my chest and pinch my nipples. When he did this, I would lightly nip at his pits, and suck the sweaty man juice that was there.

I finally full-out attacked his armpits with my tongue, and when he let out a hearty moan, I rolled on top of him and kissed him open-mouthed. Our tongues wrapped around each other, and I won dominance over him. As we continued our lustful kisses, I was grinding into his crotch hard, making him moan my name over and over into my mouth. Finally, when I had licked my way down to the waistband of his underwear he pulled me up and said, 'No Jonathan. We can't do anymore. I'm sorry.' I was devastated, and really pissed off.

I got up and went to my room. It was 10:00 pm, and tomorrow was not only Christmas, but also my birthday. It looked like I wasn't going to get my wish after all.

*** The Next Day- Christmas and my 16th Birthday ***

I woke up in my usual attire of briefs and sweaty body hair, and remembered what had almost happened last night, and the reason it didn't. I went to take my morning piss and was so fucking mad.

When I went out into the living room, my father was wearing, instead of just his briefs, a flannel shirt that was completely opened up, jeans, and flip flops. He must have really meant what he said last night.

I opened all my presents, and they were all really great, but I just wasn't into it. Finally after I opened all my presents, my dad got up and said, 'I've got one last gift for you. Let me go get it.'

In a few minutes he returned, with a giant red bow hanging down from his crotch. I was extremely confused. My dad saw this and sat down on the couch in front of me. He said, 'Son, I know what I said last night, but I had to, to keep you from spoiling your birthday present. You see, the men in our family have a tradition. When boys turn sixteen, their fathers teach them about man sex, and you are no different. In our family, boys are considered men at sixteen, when they are old enough to make their own decision about sex. So, do you want to open your last present?'

With that I dove for him, kissing him hard on the mouth and again winning dominance. However, before I went any further, I pushed up and asked, 'How far am I allowed to go with this?' My father stroked my face and answered, 'As far as you want. You're a man now. Time for you to make your own decisions.'

As soon as he said that I ripped the bow from his crotch and started humping him while I kissed him. I started to unbutton his shirt, and I couldn't get the shirt off fast enough. His hair and armpits were even sweatier than the night before, and I was devouring his pits like it was the last meal I'd ever eat.

I sucked the sweat and musk from his pits, and then leaned up and kissed my father, allowing him to taste his musk and sweat. I traveled to his nipples, biting hard and pulling. He grabbed my head and pulled it even closer, asking for more, but I had other destinations in mind. I had him stand up, and I pushed his shirt off of him, and undid his pants and zipper. I slowly stripped them down his muscular frame, going down to my knees in the process.

He stepped out of his shoes and pants and spread his legs, giving me full access to my prize. I nibbled on his cock through his underwear, but finally couldn't stand it anymore. I pulled his briefs down, exposing his big hairy cock.

It was nine inches long, and almost as thick as a beer can. His balls were huge, and hung in what looked almost like a leather sack there was so much hair. His pubes ran all the way to his naval, and halfway down his thighs. I buried my face in it, and began inhaling the musk. The best part, was that my dad was uncut, unlike me. I began slurping on his cock, and easily slid him into my throat. That caused him to buck, and within a few minutes, he was fucking my face in earnest.

I brought him just to the brink of orgasm, then pulled him out. I looked up at him, and asked, 'Can I really go as far as I want?' My father looked at me and grinned, and responded, 'As far as you want. You can do whatever you want.' I looked at him and grinned, 'In that case, I want to bend you over and make you my bitch. I want to fuck your tight hairy hole!' My dad turned around, bent over on the couch, and said, 'Thought you'd never ask.'

I then dropped down to my knees and started rimming my dad's hairy ass. It smelled like a real man, nice and musky. I ran my tongue all around the outer ring of his ass, until he was moaning like a little girl, begging me for more. Finally, I put my tongue all the way into his tight hairy hole, and fucked his ass with my mouth. Then I started kissing and sucking on his chute.

Finally, I started to finger my father's hole. No sooner had I gotten my first finger in than he said, 'Jonathan, you don't need to prep me. Your step-sister's husband fucks me atleast twice a week.' I couldn't believe it. After I was done with dad, I'd have to talk to him about getting her husband in the mix with us.

Taking my dad's comment in mind, I turned him around and started fucking his face, so my dick would be nice and wet. I fucked his face with my 7.5 inch cock. Finally, I deemed myself wet enough, and turned him back over. My put my hands on his waist, and pushed the head of my cock into his hot cavern.

Even though he got fucked on a regular basis, he was still so tight, and the hairs that caressed my dick with every push made the sensation a million times better.

I started with slow deep strokes into my father's hot cavern, and every now and then I'd stop and spit in his hole and on my dick. After a while, I sat down on the couch and my father began riding me. Every time he went up, as he came back down, I'd thrust up to meet him. I connected with his magic button with every stroke. Every time I thrust up into him, he'd shriek out in pleasure, begging me to slam into him harder.

I finally couldn't take it anymore, and forced him down on the ground. I pushed his face onto the floor, and began fucking him doggie style. He was moaning every time I slammed into him. He started to really squeeze my cock with his ass. He tightened his muscles so tight that it felt just like fucking a man in the ass their very first time.

We fucked in that position for over an hour, until I finally started getting close. I draped my body over his and started kissing my father forcefully. The sound of my balls slamming into his didn't sound like a smack, but more like a loud rustling in the forest, because of all the hair.

I slammed into my father all the way, I rubbed my slimy cock head against his prostate, and he had an explosive orgasm. His delicious fluids sprayed all over the new set of thongs and jockstraps he had bought for me.

Because of his orgasm, my father's hole tightened even more, and my cock exploded deep into his man pussy. As I was pumping my liquids into him, I kept fucking him full force, despite my hyper sensitive head. The squishing sound of my cum in his ass kept me hard as a rock.

I turned my father onto his back, with my cock still in him and asked, 'So, how often do I get to do this?' My father looked at me with a look of pure ecstasy and replied, 'Whenever the fuck you want.' I told him that I still wanted to keep going, and he suggested we move to my room. I picked him up, with my cock still hard in his ass, and carried him back to my room, where we kept the party going all night long.

*** More stories to come on the fantastic adventures of me and my dad ***

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