It was August of 2014, and I was 22 at the time. 

I was recently invited to my cousin's 18th Birthday party. I hadn't seen my cousin in a few months, and since it was big celebration for him, finally becoming an adult, I decided to attend. My cousin and I talked about arrangements and such for a while, and I was getting a hotel room after the party (my cousin lived quite the distance from where I did). 

So, I went to the party. It was really fun and we all had an absolute blast. I hadn't consumed any alcoholic beverages so I was able to drive. My cousin on the other hand had only drank a small amount and seemed pretty sober, but we decided we best not take the risk so we agreed that I would drive him home. 

We both got into the car and as I pulled onto the road, he asked:

"You know what man? Can I just come and stay with you and get a hotel room? My house is still 30 minutes away and I'm super tired"

I didn't think much of it, and I agreed that him and I would stop at the hotel around the corner and grab a room. We got to hotel and the kind gentleman at the front desk explained they have no double-bed rooms left, and my cousin and I agreed that we would have to share a bed. Like, what's the big deal? It would only be until the morning.

Anyways, we both went up into the room, and I fell asleep almost instantly. The next thing that I remember, it was the morning. We didn't need to check out until 10 and it was only 7:30, so I decided to turn on the TV that was right at the foot of the bed. And, it seemed that out of the blue, I felt to be sort of horny. The urge seemed to appear out of nowhere, so I tried to ignore it by watching TV with my cousin right beside me.  A few minutes later, I heard him wake up. He stretched and then sat up in the bed, exactly how I was sitting. He had on only an undershirt and pajama pants. The blankets were covering him up to where about his belly button would be. 

I was already horny, so I felt myself getting really hard. I kept the thick blankets on me to avoid exposing my boner, which I had squeezed between my legs, to my cousin. The reason my boner was squeezed between my legs was to ensure the tent in my boxers wouldn't cause a tent in the blankets. It was getting really hot under the blankets as the sun began to rise outside and penetrate the windows. 

"It's getting a bit hot for these pants" said my cousin as he slid them off under the covers and threw them on the floor beside the bed. "It feels much nicer now that I'm in my boxers". 

"That's nice", I said. Somewhat nervous. But I knew that deep on the inside I wanted to see him in his boxers, which were still covered up. 

We continued to watch television, and the sexual tension was slowly building within me. On several occasions, I noticed my cousin looking at me and then turning back and looking to where his boxers would be under the covers. He did that a few times before I saw a couple of "jumps" in the covers. I knew now that he was also sexually aroused as I could see a small bulge in the covers. 

Moments later, he uncovered his body really quickly, but then took the covers and only covered the front of the boxers. I could now see his whole body and see that the covers slid up between his legs and gently covered his genital area. At this point, I knew he was concealing "something". 

At this point in time, I was soo horny that my legs began to shake. He continued the pattern of looking at me and then back at the blankets that covered his genitalia. I repeatedly saw the "jumping" underneath the covers. And then, in what seemed like the snap of a finger, he took of his shirt and uncovered everything. I could now see the HUGE tent in his boxers, finally free from the strain of being underneath the covers. He looked at me a few times and then began casually playing with his boxers and adjusting them around his tent. 

I sat there, trying to sort of ignore it, but I was looking at it through the corner of my eye. And moments later, as if too say - "Matt, look over here!" -, he was waving his hand in front of his huge tent. I couldn't help but look, after all, he was trying to get me too look at it. 

"Do you masturbate?" he asked in a curious but seductive sounding voice 

"Ya" I said nervously.

"Do you wanna do it?....with me?" he asked. 

Without saying anything, I, in a similar way than he, quickly uncovered my body unveiling MY huge tent. 

"Can I touch it?" he asked.

I agreed and he gently pressed his fingers on the head of my penis through my boxers. 

And then he looked at me sort of curiously, and without saying anything, undid the two buttons on the front of the boxers on the flap. 

"There," he said, moving away. "Gave it a bit more room to breathe" 

My phone went off beside me on the nightstand, and as I turned my back to him and reached over to grab my phone, the bed starting shaking quite violently. I knew he was doing it. 

"Are you doing it?" I asked, with my back still turned. 

"Yes, and I need some help" he said nervously.

I slowly turned around and grabbed his cock in my hand and slowly stroked it. 

"Faster" he said

I stroked him quite faster. 

"Even faster!" he said immediately. 

At this point, I was masturbating him very fast the bed was shaking pretty badly and squeaking noisily. He came about 10 lbs of cum into my hand. By now, my tent in my boxers was the biggest it ever was and my penis was throbbing. I decided to take mine out and use his cum as lube.

I started myself off, rubbing the cum in nicely.  But he leaned in and took over, stroking me very fast. I will never forget the sound of his cum squishing against his hand as he stroked me. I still replay that sound in my mind whenever I masturbate.

By the time he finished me off, we had no further but to get ready and check-out because it was almost 9:30.

My cousin and I have had very similar visits since then, and I hope to have many more in the future. 




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