My name is Andy I'm 16 y/o i am 5'8 And I am straight. My best friend Danny is 16 and 5'7 and he is straight too.

It all started on a Friday, Danny and I were on our way to my house when he told me his girlfriend broke up with him. I felt sorry for him so we went to go see a movie. We saw a movie we had been wanting to see since it came out. So we went to see it. It had been out for a long time and Danny and I were the only ones there when the movie started. I held the popcorn on my laps and Danny had the licorice in his. He grabbed for popcorn. "dude you just squeezed my dick" I said " sorry I wanted popcorn but I missed" he said apologetically "it's fine dude" I said.

After the movie we headed to my place Danny was going to spend the weekend over at my house while my dad was away. We got to my house and we went to change to our pj's. For me it was just my boxers and same for Danny. We went to my dad's room because he had the best television and surround sound. We decided to watch a scary movie because we wanted a thrill to keep us up . So the movie began to play and immeadeatly the horror started. I love scary movies but Danny didn't so much. Danny was so terrified he grabbed my hand and held it tight. I decided to let him since he had been dumped only a few hours ago. Once the movie was over Danny so scared of dying he made us put on real pajamas because he didn't want to die half naked so we just watched another movie. During the movie Danny told me to feel his abs so I did throughout the entire movie I was touching Danny's chest by the end he had a boner. He tried to hide it and I tried to hide mine and I continued to feel his chest through the next movie and he was touching mine. He pinched my nipple and I punched his and he held me closer and began to dry hump me. I took my hand off his chest and I moved it to his ass I moved it around intill I reached his dick. I felt his dick's hard outline through his pj's and I began to touch it.

I felt his dick and he shuddered as I touched it. He moved his hand to my leg and he began to move it up and he reached my dick and he squeezed and I felt pleasure. Then I took Danny's pants off and took his boxers off with my teeth and it revealed his fat 10 inch cut cock he did the same revealing my 9 inch uncut dick. I put his dick in my mouth and he put his hands on my head and pushed it in and out he was face fucking me. I took his hands off my head and I licked his balls and then I licked his asshole. He was screaming with pleasure. He did the same to me and I almost came. After he licked my ass he stuck his dick in my butt hole and after only inserting the tip I was screaming in pain I told him to keep on he got the head through and my hole was going to hell with his baseball bat of a cock. I told him to just stick the rest in me so he did and I was hurting SOO good yet so bad. I felt the most pleasure I would ever feel as he fucked me so rough. In and out untill he finally cummed inside of me. I felt his cum fill me on the inside and it felt SOO good. Then he took his dick out of me and licked my newly popped cherry clean of his man juice. Then we fell asleep after I fucked him but instead of taking out my dick I fell asleep with it inside him and Danny in my arms. Danny was my best friend now he was my lover.




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