Sam Taylor put his contact lenses and blinked a few times letting it settle over his green blue eyes. HE took one last look at himself in the mirror making sure he looked good for his first day of school at Ashwood High school. He runs his fingers through his short but kind of long blond hair. It was shaggy no amount of brushing was going to fix it today so it had to do. 

   Sam wore simple pair of blue jeans and a black button down shirt. He put on his pride bracelet on his left wrist. It was given to him by his friends back Seattle as a good bye gift. Two days ago him and his mom moved to this small mountain town after his parents divorced, she wanted to start some place fresh and new create a new life despite the small size and population of this town it was a good place to live. everyone in town knew each other and very accepting to all types of life styles this would be amazing experience.

After sliding on his black shoes he opened his backpack and took out the list of classes he be taking this year, this was his last year of high school and soon he be going to college to start his career one day.  Looking at the clock Sam downed a small glass of milk and a breakfast bar He was going to be late if he didn't hurry. He grabbed his cell, bags, and keys and raced out the door. 


Sam pulled in the school's parking lot and parked his car. He sat for a moment in his car trying to calm his nerves. Being a new kid and gay isn't a easy thing. Sam grabbed his bag pulling out his wolves landyard and ID. (Wolves are the mascot of the school) He locked his car and weaved his way to the entrance. Not paying a attention Sam bumped into something tall and hard and the force pushed him to the ground. Sam looked up and took in a deep breath.

A tall muscular man probably well past six foot five towered over him. Sam stared at this man for what seemed like forever. He had black short hair. Dark brown eyes. A five o'clock shadow. He wore a letter men jacket with a C on it. He was the captain of the football team. 

The bigger man seemed as awe struck as Sam. The bigger swallowed and composed himself. For a second he could have sworn seen the man's eyes flash amber. 

He smiled and held out his hand. "Hey, sorry bout that pup. Didn't see you there" Sam reached for the outreached hand and he was pulled up. The bigger man seemed to have pulled him close to his body. 

"It's okay...I should have paid attention to where I was going" Sam explained.

"Alright be careful pup" He smiled and walked around him. Two other guys tall and muscular flanked him on each side. The guy on the left. He turned and smiled winking at him. Sam felt his face blush. When the man left he felt something pulling him to the man..he needed to get a grip.

"Damn boy new and already hitting up the hot guys" Sam turned and faced a girl with light brown hair and green eyes. She wore a wolves cheerleading uniform. She was pretty, 

"Yeah, it was an accident. I'm Sam Taylor by the way"  

"Hey, Clair Lightwood. And that hot piece of man meat u just ran into his Travis McIntyre. His dad works for the riches guy in town." She explained, 

"He sure is hot" 

"Yes he is! Come on let me be the first to welcome you to the school! We are going to be best friends." She said excitingly.

And she was right, after a long month they both became best friends and they were close as hell. 

"Sam, guess what! The guy who is the school mascot quit we are holding try outs after school today. I have already signed you up girl. I seen you dance you have a great body and sexy ass." 

Wow....."I guess i will seeing I don't really have a choice in the matter." She sticks her tounge out.

"Nope you don't see you at try outs!" She runs off to her class.


After school Sam headed to the locker room and changed into gym clothes. There were some football players in there. "Hey faggot keep your eyes to your self." One of them shouted. 

After his first week of school a few football players knew he was gay off the back and began messing with him. Being small and short and not that strong, they picked on him a lot. He changed as fast as he could and bolted to the gym. 

Given his background being in a dance team and did some gymnastics he was able to do all the things he was told. And they asked him to freestyle. He looked behind him and seen that some of the football team gathered to see the tryouts. among them was Travis. HE felt his face flushed red, Travis stared intensely at him. His brown eyes looking into his soul. He see him lick his lips and that caused Sam's cock to stir. He turned back and began dancing. He danced as sexy as he could using his flexability to do dances and bounce his nice round bubble butt. After the dance, they were impressed and voted him in a landslide for him to be the new mascot. Sam looked back at Travis and see the bigger man with lust in his eyes.


After the tryouts Clair comes up to Sam. "Meet me outside at your car." SHe runs back with the other girls to the locker room. 

He entered and changed into his street clothes and gathered his things and the wolf uniform. As he walked out he runs straight into Travis. "Oh...sorry" His eyes dropped to Travis feet.

"You alright Sam" He said smiling and walked pasted. Sam had a huge grin spread across his face as he walked toward his car. Travis knew who he was and that made Sam very happy.

"Hey what's with the grinning?" His friend asked. 

Sam turned toward her.

"Oh, nothing at all." 

"Well something if you are all smiling like that." She pushed on. A wicked grin splayed across her face. 

"It's nothing" Sam said getting into the driver's seat. 

As turned out of the parkinh lot Clair turned down the radio. "So i know your 18th birthday is coming up what are you going to do?" She ask.

"Nothing just be hime i guess" He said.

"Well, I am throwing you a little party." SHe said happly.

"A party?"

"Yup, Going to be causal." A wicked grin comes on.

"What are you up to Clair?" I ask.

"Oh, you know nothing" SHe says.

"Yeah right." 


Two weeks later it was the night before his birthday, the football team went on an away game and slaughtered the other team, THe bus pulled in the dark school lot and everyone filed. out. His mom dropped him off and she was working late so he had to walk home. When the school bus pulled away he gathered his wolf uniform and started down the dark street. His home was only a half hour walk but even in the dead of night it was scary a bit.

A car drove up the road fast and stopped with a scretching halt next to him. Sam yelled and fell on his ass. Two big guys got out of the car grinning down at him. "Well, what do we have here." They said. It was two guys from the football team the ones that pick on him.

Sam tried to run but the bigger boy wrapped his arms around him pinning him to his chest, "Mmm wonder what it's like to get sucked by a faggot." He said.

"LET ME GO! HELP!" His cry for help was cut off when the boy covered his mouth. The other man came up front and started feeling up on his legs. Sam struggled with all his might to break free but the boy was so damn strong. 

THe other boys hands felt on his ass and pulled up his legs. "I'm going to show you what a real man feels...." OUt of no where Travis emerged along with his two friends. Travis right hooked the boy who had his legs. Breaking his nose and blood gushing out. He fell to the floor, Travis mounted him and began punching him over and over. The other boys grabbed the second boy and took turns beating the shit out of him.

Sam was on the ground trembling in fear as he watched the three mean beat the crap put of these two guys. "STOP! PLEASE!" HE yells. 

Travis. Face full of anger turned back and looked into Sam's scared eyes and slowly Travis calmed down. 

"Get the fuck out of here now you piece of shit!" Travis yelled.

THe boys got in the car and drove off down the road.

"Sam are you okay?!" Travis gripped Sam's shoulders looking at him in his eyes full of councern. His shaking increased.  He sobbed. If Travis and his friends didn't show up...the unthickable would have happened.

"It's okay I got you." He pulled Sam into his chest. Comforting him. He didn't realize until they were in Travis car the he carried him. Travis stood outside the car talking to his buds, Sam couldn't help but feel for so happy. THis man protected him. Saved him. The oull he felt for him before intensfyed, Travis....


Travis drove Sam to his home and somehow knew where the boy lived. Travis oulled into his driveway. 

He sat there for a minute before unbuckling his seat belt. "Thank you travis...for what you did...if you didn't have come they would have..." He was cut off when he felt Travis mouth press against his. 

Sam moaned and returned the kiss. He placed his hands on the mans chest, feeling the solid strong muscle underneath the shirt. Travis free arms snaked around Sam and pulling him in a iron grip pressing him to his chest,  Travis tounge beckoned for entrance in his mouth he let him. They sat in his car while he kissed him passontly. When Travis pulled back. He smiled. 

"Your lips are swollen" 

He blushed, "It's okay. I like it." Sam grinned, 

Travis smirked, "I will see you monday." 

"WHy what's monday.?" He asked.

"I am picking you up for school. Yours mine Sam. My responsiability. Mine to protect, To provide for, To take care of."

Sam head swirled with emotion and confusion. 

Travis pulled Sam in for another hard kiss before pulling back. "Goodnight Sam. Sleep tight." He said running his fingers in his golden locks, 

"Night travis bye." Sam said. 

Travis waited until Sam got into his home before driving away. Travis body filled with pride knowing that Sam know he is his and that the wolf inside him will not be denied his true mate. Sam was his and soon everyone will know.

*I changed the story a bit to hopefully make it better. Excuse the spelling. please twll me if I did better then before. Your comments truly help me. Thank you!*



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