After my little meltdown I quickly drifted off to sleep. I was so emotionally drained that I slept for hours. When I finally awoke I felt Danny and Lanny pressed up against me and staring at me while I slept. This didn't surprise me, because I knew that they were worried about why I reacted so harshly. I opened my mouth to speak, but Lanny silenced me with a kiss.

This kiss wasn't an aggressive one, but it was still filled with passion as his tongue gently massaged every part of my mouth that it could reach. Danny joined the kiss soon after and we were all exploring the depths of each others mouth. Once we separated from the kiss we were all panting, but smiling. We silently held each other for a while until we heard Lanny's stomach growl.

'Way to kill the moment bro.' Danny teased

'Hey I have needs!' Lanny protested almost in a whine. I just smiled and shook my head.

'Let's take a shower then go out to dinner.' I suggested.

'Sounds like a plan, besides you know Lanny's always ready to eat.' Danny said jumping up and picking out an outfit. Lanny picked up a pillow and threw it at him, but continued to lie on my chest.

'Lanny if we don't get up I'm going to fall asleep with you laying on me like that.' I said. He giggled and then rolled completely on top of me so that we were face to face.

'Trust me you wouldn't be getting any sleep.' He said as he grabbed my crotch causing it to grow. He leaned down as if he were going to kiss me, but quickly rolled off of me laughing at the expression on my face which I knew had to be absolutely priceless.

'You're going to pay for that...big time.' I mumbled to myself.

'Hey you two better not be doing anything in there without me!' Danny yelled while coming out of the bathroom to see what was taking us so long. I soaked in the beauty of his body as he stood before me naked, and Lanny followed soon after.

They started talking in Spanish which kind of made me nervous, because whenever they do that they are up to no good. It didn't matter though as I just lay on the bed soaking in their beauty. I was amazed at how I found everything about them absolutely perfect.

'Hey are you going to join us, or just stare?' Danny asked and then scowled as he realized that the way he said that made his accent more apparent. Their foster parents moved to Florida from Puerto Rico and had adopted them at the age of two. They enjoyed learning about the ancestral roots, but they hated the fact that they developed a pretty thick accent. I absolutely love accents and I constantly tell them not to hide it.

Lanny said something in Spanish to Danny which I assumed was an insult, because Danny tackled him to the ground. I just watched and laughed as the two tried to gain an advantage over the other, but were to equally matched.

While they were wrestling I started to get hungry so I walked passed them and headed for the shower. I took a nice hot shower and laughed to myself as I heard the two of them trash talk each other while still wrestling.

The two of them were so competitive that they became oblivious to everything around them. As I finished my shower I took my time drying myself off. This was the first time in a while that I took a shower by myself and to be honest it was kind of lonely.

As I walked out of the shower with my towel wrapped around my waist I saw Danny and Lanny standing up with their hands on their hips and glaring at me. I already knew what they were upset about, but I felt a little mischievous so I decided to play with them a little.

'What?' I asked trying to look as innocent as possible.

'Don't give me that shit.' I was surprised that it was Lanny who said that.

'Did I do something wrong?' I said putting on my best puppy dog face, but on the inside I was dying. Lanny looked like he was falling for it, but Danny could see write through me.

'You know exactly what you did, you hopped your little ass in that shower while we were distracted.'

'Well you guys said that you were hungry and I didn't want to keep you to waiting and...' I said in a very shy voice with a sheepish look on my face, but Danny cut me off.

'You may look and sound innocent, but in your eyes show just how evil you are.'

'You really think I'm evil?' This got him flustered and he started to stutter.

'I...I didn't know...uh... I'm sorry I didn't...' I couldn't help but laugh at his predicament and they both scowled at me. I walked towards my bag looking for an outfit when I felt them grab me and take me back into the shower. Although I was already clean they spent thoroughly cleaned me once more.

After our shower we headed to red lobster. After dinner we returned to the hotel and I knew it was time to explain what was going on. Once we all got comfortable I began to speak.

'I need to talk to you two about what happened earlier today...' I took in a deep breath before trying to continue.

'I have been struggling with depression for about five years now. I didn't tell you two, because I didn't want you two to look at me any differently. I know you two say that I'm attractive, but I honestly don't see it. I try to lie to myself and say that I'm attractive, but in my eyes I'm hideous. I love you too with all of my heart, but I understand if this is too much baggage for you guys.'

They looked at me as though they wanted to punch me. I dropped my gaze to the floor and prepared for whatever was going to happen next. What they did next caught me by surprise. They wrapped their arms around me, and held me while I cried.

'Mack whatever happened earlier doesn't matter anymore we love you regardless and that will never change.' Lanny said. I was at a loss for words so I just stared at them. They pulled me into an embrace and they held me as I continued to cry. I don't really know why I broke down earlier, but I do know that whatever it is I'll get through it with the help of my very own twins.



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