I just looked at him terrified. I didn't want to fight and i quickly tried to talk my way out of it. Before i could speak he pressed his lips against mine. I tried to push him away, but he was too strong. His tongue pried through my lips, and he grabbed both of my hands and pressed them to the wall. I took a chance, and kneed him in the balls. He screamed and crumbled to the floor, and i gave him a kick for good measure. I gathered myself together and returned to my table.

'Geez did you have the shits or something.' Danny said chuckling.

'Danny!' Lanny and i said in unison.

'No! I just really had to go.' We headed home were we took part in some very hot sex. Our fun continued throughout the school year, and before i knew it freshman year was over. My parent both us tickets to hawaii.

'I can't to have some fun in the sun!' Danny said dancing around the house. I laughed while lanny just shook his head and placed his head on my chest.

'Can we go swimming with the dolphins?' Lanny asked.

'Of course, we've got two weeks to ourselves.' He smiled and pecked me on the lips. Just then danny came in sliding past us and fell on the ground in a loud thud.

'Im okay.' He said regaining his composure. Lanny buried his face in my chest and started laughing while i held back tears from laughing so hard.

We arrived in hawaii on a Sunday, and we checked into the hyatt. Danny and lanny stared at our room in awe. It was the king suite, and it came with a california king bed, a deluxe bathroom equipped with a hot tub, and a personal jacuzzi.

'Damn how much does this cost!' Danny said.

'Its about three hundred a night.' Danny's eyes bugged out while lanny looked uncomfortable.

'Lanny what's wrong?'

'This is too much, i know you're just trying to spoil us, but it dosent feel right.' After hearing this danny's eyes dropped to the floor as well. I walked up and tilted both there heads up so they were looking at me.

'You two deserve the best, you guys are so special and you don't know how quickly you changed my life. I may give you guys money, but you've given me so much more. I love the both of you so much.' At this point they were both crying, and i led them towards the bed and comforted them. We had arrived pretty late so we decided to get dressed and go out to dinner. Since they were a little uneasy about the amount of money i spent on them i let them choose the place, but i demanded i pay. We started walking, and they suddenly stopped in front of mcdonalds.

'Not a word!' Danny said as i opened my mouth to protest.

'Yeah you said we pick, and you pay.' Lanny agreed.


'Do you really want us to strip and fuck you in front of all these people?' Danny asked. This got me to shut up. We entered and i reluctantly waited in the ridiculously long line. I rolled my eyes at the little kids playing in the little play area, and lanny pinched me.

'Ow ow ow ow ow lanny please!'

'We are on vacation mack stop being so childish!' He said pinching me harder.

'Im sorry please let go!' I was now basically whimpering in pain. He held it a little longer before releasing me. I rubbed my arm and pouted while danny laughed.

'Welcome to mcdonalds what i get you.' Said the cute cashier. We placed our order and he told us to take a seat and it would be brought to us due to how busy they were. After about five minutes the cute islander brought our food. Hes about five foot seven, and very well built, cute brown eyes, and short black hair.

'Tell me if you need anything else.' He said placing his hand on my chest and staring at me intently.

'Actually we're here for a couple of weeks, could you tell us some fun activities around here?'

'I actually give surfing lessons if you'd like to join.' He said rubbing my chest.

'We would love that. What time?'

'Everyday from eleven to one. Thanks a lot business has been slow so i really really appreciated it.' He said sliding his hand down my body. I was going to politely stop him, but lanny beat.

'And i would really really appreciate it if you keep your hands to yourself!'

'Now!' Danny finished as the boy hesitated. He quickly walked away.

'We are on vacation stop being so childish' i mocked. Lanny pinched me so hard tears formed in my eyes. We got back to the hyatt, and they wanted to have sex.

'No!!!' I said still upset and rubbing my arm. I quickly realized i didn't have a choice. They were naked in a flash, and started stripping me. Lanny held my arms over my head while lanny removed my clothes. Lanny tried to stick his tongue in my, but i kept my lips closed in protest. He gave my nipple a pinch and i gasped giving him enough time to invade my mouth. Danny slowly engulfed my cock to its root. After a while i gave into the pleasure and let them have there way with me. They did just that as there hands roamed all over my body leaving a euphoric sensation everywhere they touched. Dannys tongue swirled around the head of my cock sucking on the precum, and sending me to cloud nine. Lanny's tongue probed everything from the inside of my cheeks to the roof of my gums. I just lay there moaning as i felt my body tense. I moaned into lanny's mouth as i came in danny's. Lanny's lips never left mine as danny came and we had a hot threeway kiss. We all gasped and moaned as we licked, sucked, and nibbled on anything we could find. After our kiss ended i grabbed both of there cocks and started stroking them. They immediately stopped me.

'Not tonight mack, tonight is all about you. Tonight we are gonna make love to you at the same time.'



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