By P.J. Nevada

    It was nearly midnight Friday, after I met Luke at 'The Undercover Tavern.' Now driving over to Luke's place, I was excited and eager to continue our sexual adventure. I still could not believe I was hooking up with a male stripper. Thirty year old me had caught a hottie seven years my junior. Talk about an ego booster! Luke, by prodding me into one of his skimpy little stripper briefs, which I assumed he had used in some of his own routines, certainly made me see myself in a different light - a much better and indeed hotter light!

The directions Luke gave me to his home were pretty straight forward and I had no problem keeping his white mustang in view the entire time as I drove. We must have driven 15 or 20 minutes until he turned onto a side street and soon pulled into the driveway of a small house, similar in size to mine. I slowed as his garage door opened and he pulled inside, while I remained on the driveway. I got out of my Camaro and walked through the open garage door, to find Luke just staring at me, smiling.

"Did I really find you tonight, Chad?" he asked, taking me into his arms.

"I was thinking the same exact thing about you!"

We held each other tight in the garage as the automatic light went off. I don't know what possessed me, but I pulled away from Luke and stripped, right then and there. There was something every exhilarating and arousing about standing naked before him. I felt Luke's hands all over my body. When his hands grabbed my growing cock, I pushed him away.

"You already took care of me. Now it is my turn to make you feel good."

"Well, it won't be in the dark," he admonished, as he walked a few feet and felt along the wall for the light switch, turning it on and making us both squint for a moment. He stared at my naked body, and for the first time in a long time, I didn't mind being ogled.

"Go pickup your clothes, you dirty old man. I'm going to grab your clothes for later."

With my clothes in hand, I followed behind Luke, scrutinizing his firm round ass under the snug fitting jeans he was wearing.

Luke walked through a hall until we were in the kitchen. He opened his refrigerator and I laughed to myself seeing it was practically empty, just like mine. Next to the jar of mayonnaise and a container of ketchup, sat two lonely bottles of beer. He grabbed them both and shoved one into my hand as he turned and we continued our trek. Going towards the front of the house where I saw a stairway, he stopped at the front door and paused for a moment, as if in deep thought.

In the meantime, I looked over his place. It was simple and modern and relatively neat, as was my place. I was still undressed when he opened the front door wide, startling me for a moment as I was now visible from the outside. Then I calmed, realizing it was after midnight. Luke picked up a large box from Amazon and started to laugh.

"Perfect timing," he announced with a wink as he closed the front door and led me up the stairs.

To the left appeared to be a small bedroom, a couple of closets and a hall bathroom. To the right was the master bedroom, Luke's bedroom to be precise, and he led me in. Luke left the large box on the bed and told me to open it while he went into the bathroom. I heard the water running at the sink and then heard the shower. I realized that I was sweaty and grimy, wondering whether or not to get in there and join him under the warm shower.

Instead, I opened the box on the bed, finding two smaller boxes inside. I didn't even hear the shower stop as I opened the first box. It was a large plastic bowl with a lid, and inside were condoms. One hundred and forty four condoms to be precise. I quickly opened the second identical box to reveal the second large condom container. I don't think I had ever seen so many condoms at the same time in my life. "What the fuck?" I gasped.

"Precisely," Luke said with a dirty smirk, walking out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist.

"Will I find a five gallon container of lube somewhere around here too?"

"You know, Chad. I couldn't say! Let me check," Luke offered, walking over to the night stand near the bed and opening the top drawer. He pulled out a small plastic bottle and looked at it closely. "Only six ounces, I afraid" he announced with a cute pout.

"Not too sure it will be enough to use with almost three hundred rubbers!" I joked.

"Well, I needed them all," he said, nodding in the direction of the open boxes lying on the bed.

My heart sank just a little with his comment, and I think he read my face too easily.

"Boy, your dick couldn't get any smaller any faster when I said that, Chad," Luke announced while walking around the bed to stand next to me, wrapping his hand around my waist and pulling off his towel at the same time. "Free shipping if I bought two of them, and I didn't realize it was 144 condoms in each box until I got the conformation email. I thought it was fourteen condoms per container."

"Sorry," I sheepishly responded. "Would you believe me if I told you it's been years since I actually went home with someone after first meeting?"

"Same here, Chad," Luke said as he moved the boxes of condoms off the bed. He opened one of the plastic containers and pulled a couple of the small packets out and laid them down on the night stand next to the bottle of lube, which looked practically full. Luke pulled down the blanket and sheet, exposing the bed. He laid down in the middle, on his back, and began to slowly stroke his balls, looking up at me, almost shyly.

"Please join me, Chad. I want you so bad right now."

Feeling my cock come back to life, I crawled onto the bed and into Luke's inviting arms. Laying side by side, we began a slow sensual kissing session. With our bodies side by side, it was so good just to snuggle. Our arms held each other tight, our bellies pressed up against each other, our mouths locked together, sensing the warm breaths passing between us. He smelled so good and he tasted so good, and most importantly, he felt so good.

After several hot kisses, I pulled back and went after his chin and jaw. I kissed and nibbled on his smooth skin, feeling very little stubble, and worked my way down to his shoulder. I delighted in the firm muscles of his well-toned body and was aroused even further by the low moans and gasps he emitted as I worked his body.

"Oh, Chad, Chad, the slower you go, the hornier I get," Luke moaned.

Now on his chest, I attacked his first pectoral and zeroed in on the dark round nipple. I flicked my tongue over it several times, making it rise and stiffen in anticipation. I ground my crotch hard into the mattress, already thinking of what else I wanted of Luke's to rise and stiffen. After first playing with his left nipple, I was obligated to perform the same ministration on his right tit. Licking and nibbling and sucking, Luke let out a low growl, signaling he was also at the peak of his arousal, anticipating what was to follow.

I stuck out my tongue and ran it slowly down the valley of his chest. Feeling his firm breast bone, and then the softer muscle tissue down the center of his abdominals, I let out a low guttural sound as I tasted the small hairs of Luke's treasure trail rising up to greet me. I looked at him, with a hunger on my face, only to be met by his own hungry expression, eager and pleading with his eyes that I continue my journey.

"Yes, yes, yes," pleaded Luke. Who was I to deprive him?

With my chin now bumping into his pulsing dick, I opened my mouth and licked his cock head, keeping my eyes locked on his. With that look of his, I knew he was fully under my spell. I licked around the top of his cut cock, making sure to wet all of his creases and wrinkles. I licked down the underside of his stiff member, going lower until I tasted the soft skin of his balls. I sucked in one ball, rolling it gently around my mouth, all the while watching his expression as he moaned and squirmed in delight. I popped out the first ball, and took in the second one, repeating my performance.

Luke's cock, probably eight inches long, bounced before my eyes as a lone drop of pearly liquid emerged from the opening. I was getting him going, I happily realized, my tongue tracing up his pole, eager to taste his nectar. With a strong urge to suck kicking in, preventing me from teasing him any longer, I took as much of him as I could into my mouth. With lips gripped tightly, I bobbed my head up and down on his throbbing cock, feeling him wiggle and squirm beneath me. I felt his hands rubbing my head, caressing my scalp, as I tried to pleasure him as best I could.

As his cock begin to swell and harden even more, I stopped and sat up. The look of disappointment in Luke's face was almost tragic. "I want you to fuck me," I announced.

"I want to feel you inside of me, Luke. Maybe you could spare a condom or two!"

I reached over to the nightstand and grabbed a plastic packet, tossing it over to him as he sat up. As Luke rolled the condom onto his cock, I lubed up my ass and asked "How do you want me?"

Tossing a pillow to me, Luke grinned and said "Place this under your hips and get on your back. I want to see you while we fuck."

I did as I was told, and laid down, making sure the pillow angled my ass upwards and then brought my knees into my chest, further pushing my hungry opening towards Luke, who was now on his knees, his hard cock already covered in its latex shield.

"Ready for it, hot stuff. Give me what ya' got," I begged, eager to get fucked. Luke positioned himself to enter me and slowly moving back and forth, went deeper with each thrust. It felt good, really good. I loved looking up at Luke's tight torso, well chiseled with muscles, a light sheen of sweat beginning to appear on his skin.

"Tell me if I need to stop or slow," Luke announced, the grimace on his face tightening.

"It's good, real good. You feel just great," I moaned.

Luke picked up speed plowing into me harder as he went. I loved the feel of his cock in my tight ass. With each thrust, I could feel the pressure on my prostate, keeping my own erection hard and pulsing. "Oh yeah, yeah," I moaned, close to cumming without touching my cock.

When I looked up at Luke, I could tell he was also getting close. His face, with his eyes now clamped tightly, showed me all I needed to know. I clenched down on my ass, squeezing his cock even more. That pushed him over the edge. I watched his back arch away from me and a howl of a beast escaped from deep inside of him and simultaneously, I could feel his spunk shoot out of him and fill my ass. I relaxed my ass as Luke's thrusts slowed, and I looked down at my own cock to see cum ooze out, in almost a slow motion orgasm. My body began to shake from the release. I continued to watch Luke, who finally opened his eyes, and beamed at me, signaling that all was a success.

With both of us sticky and sweaty, the odor of sex filled the room.

I lowered my legs after Luke pulled out. We snuggled closely while I took him in my arms. "That was one hot fuck."

"And you have one hot ass, Chad. Maybe we need a shower?"

"Amen to that. Can your shower fit us both?"

"We're going in together, even if it is a tight fit. I don't want to be apart from you," Luke purred.

We pulled each other off the bed and headed into the bathroom. Since the shower was over the bathtub, we stepped in together and turned on the shower. We took turns soaping up and rinsing, switching places as we went, until we were clean. We dried each other off and put our wet towels on the hooks before returning to bed. Lying naked side by side, shoulders, hips and legs touching, we fell asleep almost instantly.

Saturday, except for going downstairs to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner, we remained in bed all day. Sometimes we talked, sometimes we read, and sometimes we did nothing but cuddle and stay next to each other, skin seeking skin. Of course, that's not to say I didn't have my turn to fuck Luke, twice actually I'm proud to say, and good oral action took place as well. After dinner, we showered again and put fresh linens on the bed. Luke also pulled out fresh towels, as we had made a mess of the other ones already.

I put on a blue tee shirt, black and red plaid boxers and sat on the end of the bed, waiting for Luke to finish up. After his shower, he surprised me and exited the bathroom wearing the red suit he used for his act. He was quite sexy in it, especially since he wasn't wearing a shirt under the suit jacket. His chest and abs still mesmerized me making me hard in an instant. He went to the closet and pulled out what looked like an identical suit, only this one was bright blue in color.

"What the fuck?" I asked, a lump rising in my throat.

"I promised you a strip lesson," he said, resting the blue suit over the back of a nearby chair.

"We'll set you up soon, but first, I'm going to show you a few moves," Luke began as he took his cell phone and plugged it into a docking station attached to a couple of small speakers.

After making a few adjustments, fixing the settings, the music began and I furrowed my brow, not recognizing the song.

"It's 'West Coast' by Lana Del Rey. It's one of my new favorites for dancing. It's slow and sexy. Just wait and see, Chad. We can pick out another one for you if you prefer." As the music started, Luke immediately went into his zone, slowly grating his hips at me.

At first, I didn't know where to look, so I watched his face, enjoying the expression of freedom and bliss he showed. It didn't take long for Luke to lose the jacket and give me a full view of his muscular torso.

"Now when there is a member of the audience you see you've hooked, then it's time for a little closer contact," Luke advised. With that, he turned his back to me and started a slow lap dance, lowering himself onto me. I immediately leaned forward, burying my face into his neck and shoulder. He smelled so fresh and clean. I breathed deeply, it was glorious. Even though he was wearing pants and I was only in boxers, I could feel the heat of his ass permeate into my crotch, getting me hard instantly. I wrapped my hands around his waist, feeling his abs and belly, enjoying his smooth, warm, firm flesh.

Luke stood up, turning to face me, still rocking to the slow beat of the music and wiggled his body before me while his hands attached themselves to the material on his hips.

"Watch me reach for the snaps, even though I am still trying to hold your stare," Luke advised.

Luke took two large steps backwards away from me, pulling at his pants, and quickly tugged them off. He did it slower than normal so I could see how the pants front fell open along his legs with the sound of the Velcro tape pulling apart. Luke tossed the opened pants off to the side, giving me a knowing grin. As my eyes scanned Luke's face, I saw the obvious pleasure he had presenting me with his performance. My eyes went lower, enjoying the nudeness of his hot body. My gaze however, froze over his crotch. He wore a bright red G-string, and I must emphasize the word 'string.'

Luke continued to move to the music. His hips were bare but for the single string that circled around his waist. As he spun, his glorious ass was fully exposed. When he turned back to face me, I saw the small piece of red fabric. How it stayed in place I have no idea. It barely covered him.

"There is no way wearing that thing you could get through a show without exposing yourself," I observed.

"Well, I would wear this only at a show which would allow a full strip. Some clubs don't let us go all the way but some do," he explained, as he turned his back to me again and moved in for another lap dance.

With my hands holding him in place, enjoying the closeness of his warm body, Luke began to grind his naked ass into my crotch, my cock immediately responding. I reached around with one hand and found the scrap of red fabric, letting my fingers prod inside, finding his already growing cock. It didn't take much effort to pull it out and begin a few vigorous tugs. With the few beads of liquid leaking out of his piss slit, it was easy to jack him. Meanwhile, I was grinding my own hips into the edge of the mattress beneath me. I don't know where he was squeezing my cock, by I could tell he had already gotten me rock hard. A few times, Luke stood up, rubbing against me, giving me the effect of a full stroking.

We were both panting hard from our mutual stroking and rubbing. All of a sudden, Luke shook above me, I soon quaked below. I felt his cock gush onto my hand while simultaneously, I erupted into my boxers onto his lower back and ass. Our mutual orgasms were wonderful as I fell backwards onto the bed, with Luke following me, landing on top. We were soon face to face, lying on our sides, just glowing.

"I swear you are going to wear out my cock, Luke," I said panting, still recovering from my orgasm. Luke pushed his face against mine, kissing me hard. My head swooned from the assault.

"If that ever happens, Chad, you need not worry. My cock will be worthless as well," he joked.

The next few weeks, Luke and I were practically inseparable. We didn't go more than twenty four hours without seeing each other, and that doesn't include talking on the phone. I finally got Luke over to my house, and it pleased me more than anything he brought along a few changes of clothes and toiletries to place into my closet and bathroom. I had a lot of fun when he insisted I practice my dance moves wearing the blue suit I now kept in my closet.

Due to his popularity at the club, Luke was performing more often. On weekends, he dragged me to 'The Undercover Tavern,' when he danced and stripped. Most nights were 'Ladies' Night,' but 'Undercover' managers finally realized they were missing out on another lucrative market, and soon scheduled "Men's Night' as well, when the male dancers would perform for a male audience. I took my regular place at the bar, and kept out of the way, watching him do his routine. I was turned on knowing that at night, his body was mine, but now he got to parade it through a room filled with screaming onlookers.

The men in the audience seemed to possess more self-control than the ladies, although they clearly enjoyed themselves. I had a lot of fun at 'Men's Night,' because Luke could walk directly up to me while he danced and stripped. For these performances, Luke would be dressed in nothing more than a jock strap or a G-string by the time he reached me. And at that point, his outfit was usually stuffed with mostly five and ten dollar bills.

One night, he danced his way towards me, while I was fully dressed and he was down to a thong. He pulled me up from my seat and made me dance with him. The best part was our deep hot sexy kiss, which got the crowd wild. I reached around him and stuck a finger into his sweaty hole. Hearing the audience react even louder, we gyrated and humped, our lips locked, and then ever so slowly he slid open the zipper to my jeans and thrust in his hand, giving me a slow jacking. Needless to say, he made the most tips that night, making the crowd think they all had a chance and I was just a random member of the audience. I sat there laughing at the bar after Luke retreated back to the stage. I can't even count how many other guys came to me and slapped me on the back for 'scoring a kiss' with the star of the show.

I stayed at the bar when the show was over, waiting for Luke to wash up and change. He had worked up quite a sweat. When he finally came back out, he was wearing his familiar worn jeans and a tee shirt, he sat next to me and we shared one last bottle of beer.

"Do you even realize how fucking hot you are, Luke?"

"Me? You should have heard the comments up front. People were hoping that while we danced, you would lose some clothes as well," Luke announced.

"That's for damn sure," a gravelly voice boomed out from somewhere. Luke and I looked around, until we saw one of the 'Undercover' managers walking over to us.

"You must be Chad. Glad to meet ya. Luke talks about you all the time. "I'm Sam, Sam Gestore. I bet you would make a hell of a dancer. The crowd loved you tonight."

"Oh, I don't know," I admitted, my heart pounding at the thought of it all.

"Hey," piped up an excited Luke. "Maybe Chad could perform with me. We could do what we just did, and when I come back here to get him, we would dance and fool around. Maybe I would then lure him up front and get him to shuck clothes as we go! That way, Chad, you won't be alone. Yeah?"

"You've got to be kidding," I pleaded, my eyes wide.

Sam looked over at us. "I think that's one fucking hot idea, Luke. And Chad?" Sam began, turning to face me. "I'll pay you $500 per show; you keep the tips."

"Are you serious?" I responded.

Sam just smiled. "The tips could be even more than the $500. Oh, and Luke, one more thing."

"Yeah boss," Luke replied.

"The local courts have updated their position, and other clubs have followed so, um ..."

"No way! For real?" Luke excitedly said, clearly knowing what Sam was about to say.

"What? What?" I nervously said.

Sam looked at me with half a grin. "I'm not going to tell you guys to show cock and balls, but I don't care if you go full exposure. You are allowed to be hard, but you can't shoot. That would be considered a sex act for money. As of now, dancing and stripping have no nudity limits in this county."

"Holy fuck!" was all Luke could say.

"Holy fuck is right," I repeated, looking at Luke for guidance.

Luke looked at me with a supportive smile. "I don't think I could do that unless it felt right and the crowd worked with us. Don't you agree, Chad?"

I could only gulp. Not a single word crossed my mind. It was hard enough to be brave stripping to a bikini, thong or even a G-string, but to go all the way was something I just couldn't contemplate.

"Thanks, Sam," Luke said, as his boss turned to leave us alone.

"Just think about it, guys," Sam called out over his shoulder.

"Come on, let's go home, babe. I'm not going to force you to do anything. I promise, Chad," Luke said, giving me a quick kiss on the cheek as we stood and worked our way outside.

Luke and I eventually discussed doing a short routine together, just to see if I could handle it. While part of me was scared shitless, part of me was turned on by the thought of such a performance. The fact that I would be with Luke kept me from having a stroke!

We talked to Sam and set the date. We decided that we would do our first joint routine on 'Men's Night.' Luke would be last up, since we weren't quite sure how brave I could be? Before leaving Luke's place for 'Undercover," that night, Luke took out his red stripper suit while handing me a small box.

"What is it?" I asked, starting to open the box.

"Something special for tonight," he offered mischievously.

Unwrapped, I held up a new pair of small briefs; very snug briefs, I may add. I read the label. They were a pair of bright blue 'Trophy Boy' briefs by Andrew Christian. "Wow, they are damn sexy!"

While I undressed, Luke laid out my outfit, telling me in which order they were to go on. I was so nervous my hands were shaking. I pulled on the new briefs. They were truly hot. I felt sexy, looking forward to revealing them in public. We decided I would wear a regular pair of jeans with sandals. Luke assured me he would have a spare pair of loafers and socks in the back if I were to lose the sandals during our show. As for the shirt, we decided I would wear a logo tee shirt and Luke pierced it with a bunch of small holes, making it easy for him to tug at it, ripping it off me. We needed to put a lot of effort into this whole affair.

The time for the show arrived. I nervously took my seat at the bar in the back of the room. Another patron recognized me from the other night when Luke gave me that hot kiss and lap dance. People really did respond to that encounter I had with Luke. The show began and the other dancers went through their routines.

I watched the show in a blur. I would see one guy thrust his hips forward while he groped himself and shucked off his tear-away pants, revealing a skimpy jock strap or sexy G-string. It was fun watching members of the audience nervously move close, trying to stuff some money into the skinny waist band of the dancer's outfit. One stripper got down on his knees and leaned back, spreading his legs and eliciting cheers from the crowd when one of his balls popped out. He got lots of tips for that move, whether or not it was accidental.

When I finally saw Luke emerge, dressed in the red suit of his, my heart took a leap. I was enamored by my man up there, looking so sexy, and knew all these guys were ogling what belonged to me. I recognized the song playing as 'West Coast' by Lana Del Rey, which immediately gave me a hard on. This was the song Luke usually played when he showed me stripping routines which almost always ended with one or both of us cumming. As he worked his way back, Luke soon had his eyes locked on me and was pointing in my direction as he gyrated. When the entire room looked back and found me as the target, most of the guys started to whoop and holler.

Luke lost the shirt and jacket by the time he stood in front of me, slowly gyrating his hips in time to the music and stared at me. Our eyes locked, corny as it sounds, the room faded away. It was just my lover and I, our passion and excitement building rapidly. Luke brought one hand out stroking my cheek and my chin before grabbing hold of my hand, pulling me to my feet. I allowed him to lead me to the front of the room, onto the little stage. We were both gyrating to the music, standing inches apart, allowing my hips to succumb to the music and heard him whisper a low "Ready?"

I nodded my head slowly up and down, my heart pounding in my chest as Luke brought his hand to the front of my tee shirt. His eyebrows raised mischievously as he began to pull. I leaned back to give him more leverage while he ripped my shirt, pulling it off my body. The guys in the audience went wild. They screamed and hollered. I could see guys near the bar in the back standing on chairs, trying to watch our erotic dance.

Remembering the moves Luke had laid out for me, I grabbed the front of his pants and teased him in return. He brought his face to mine for another hot steamy kiss as his hands held me tight. "You holding my pants tight, hot stuff?" Luke asked in a whisper.

"Yeah," I whispered back, giving his ear a quick kiss and a lick. The crowd saw that and hooted in delight.

And suddenly Luke pulled back away from me, his pants still in my hands as the Velcro came undone leaving him without his red pants. What I was not expecting was to find him standing there wearing only his red G-string, that same G-string I had invaded before to grab his cock and give a good wanking.

Luke stood before me practically naked. He continued his dance and spun around, showing me his practically bare amazing ass. I salivated, knowing how much I wanted to grab it and eat it right then and there. As if to tease me, he grabbed his crotch and rubbed it seductively, getting me even hotter. In a trance I moved towards him, his hand out with a finger wiggling me to come closer. In an instant, he had me locked in a hug and soon spun me around to face the rest of the room. I closed my eyes and leaned into him, my hands going behind us to find his sweet ass cheeks and play with them, kneading and squeezing them until I found his crack. The crowd was now mostly on their feet, their sexual energy filling the room. I felt Luke meanwhile running his hands up and down my chest and abs and could hear a few guys in the crowd telling Luke to go after my pants. I guess we were all on the same wavelength here.

Sure enough, Luke was soon palming the front of my pants running his fingers up and down the outline of my lengthening and stiffening cock. And then I heard the sound I had been secretly dreading as well as anticipating: the lowering of the zipper of my pants. The crowd going wild, I kept my eyes closed, leaning back into Luke's hold as he worked my pants down to my ankles. I stepped out of my pants and began to swivel my hips, wearing only my new briefs, rubbing up against Luke. I lifted my hands up over my head and began to move to the sound of the music. While part of me was terrified, another part of me felt liberated and free, able to dance away my inhibitions. Even with my eyes closed, I felt several men coming up onto the stage and thrusting dollar bills into my briefs and could tell they were tipping Luke as well.

My eyes opened as I turned to face Luke while we danced and spun around together. I stared at his face, feeling reassured by his wide smile and then glanced down to his G-string, which was already strained to the limit, stuffed with bills around that one string. "You doing okay?" he asked in a low voice.

"Yeah, I'm cool," I replied, leaning in for another hot kiss as we danced before our very captive audience. Luke grabbed me by the hips and spun me around again, pushing himself into my butt to create a reverse lap dance, hinting that I push myself up against his crotch and that small piece of red fabric. I had very little confidence his G-string would remain in place much longer.

Again I leaned back into Luke's mostly bare body, enjoying our intimacy, despite the howling onlookers around us. With Luke's hand on my belly, he let it travel lower and the noise of the crowd swelled. And then it happened: Luke shoved his hand into my briefs and began a slow yet deliberate stroking of my cock. The crowd cheered and applauded. I peeked down and saw Luke had lowered my briefs slightly to get a better hand on me, revealing most of my pubes in the process. More turned on than embarrassed, I wanted him to take me right then and there.

I pushed my ass forcibly back into him, grinding into his crotch. I reached for Luke's hip and found the string, twisting my finger in it, tugging ever so slightly. The spectators nearby saw what I was doing and hooted and hollered in response. I turned my head sideways, meeting Luke's head at my shoulder, maneuvering for a kiss.

"Shall I strip you for good, hot stuff?" I asked him as we kissed.

"Go for it," he answered in a throaty whisper. "You make me so fucking hot," he added.

"I want to be rock hard, right now," I directed at him. Luke stared at me curiously.

"You mean to expose you completely?"

"Yeah Luke, do it. Lower my briefs, pull out my cock and jack me off, but I can't cum, remember?"

"Damn, I unleashed a monster," he lamented with a dirty smirk.

"Well, not a monster, only eight inches on a good day," I teased back.

I closed my eyes, leaning into Luke, bending my legs, rubbing up and down in front of him. On my final pass upwards, I pulled hard on the G-string and ripped it, letting the strings fall away, money dropping at our feet like big green snowflakes. We spun around slowly in our dance to let everyone see what I had just accomplished. The crowd lost it, at that moment. The noise was deafening. A wide smile crossed my face, seeing so many thumbs up, while some of the audience had shucked their shirts and were themselves dancing with abandon, some standing on chairs and a few on the tables. Guy after guy was coming up to us, stuffing money into my briefs or just tossing the bills in our direction.

Throughout all the other dancers' routines, tip money was always shoved into G-strings and thongs, but the loss of Luke's G-string made me the object of their appreciation. Luke then went for what he had promised: stroking me with one hand, he used his other hand to pull my briefs away from my body and down over my hardening cock. Again, the crowd broke into pandemonium seeing my throbbing dick being stroked before them. I wiggled and gyrated, still keeping up to the music, now being played for probably the third or fourth time, just as we had planned.

Luke pushed me away from him, still close enough for him to still stroke me, letting the crowd get a full view of his rock hard cock. The crowd got quiet, not quite sure what to expect next. Clearly, this was the most revealing show they had ever witnessed at the club. With our eyes open, and Luke totally naked, and my briefs lowered on my hips, we danced facing each other and smiled, enjoying each other's presence as well as exhibiting our lust for the crowd. We were both hot and sweaty, knowing it was time to end our show, before we went too far. I eyed the area around me, spotting my jeans and sandals, while Luke motioned for the stage manager to wind it all up.

With the music finally slowing, Luke and I took our bows to rousing applause and more shouting. We wagged our hard cocks at the audience and took a few steps back to allow the emcee to take his microphone and thank us for our performance. I pulled up my briefs and with my clothes in hand, followed Luke out through the stage exit. We made our way through the halls, being patted on the back, congratulated numerous times, for having such a hot, arousing performance. In the dressing room, Luke pulled me into a hug, squeezing tight.

"You were amazing, Chad. I knew you had it in you!"

I, on the other hand, couldn't stop laughing, half out of nerves and half out of pure giddiness. "I have to admit I could not have done that without you by my side!"

"Do you realize you just did a complete strip in front of a full house? That was awesome. This was my first time doing that too!"

I was speechless. I stared at Luke, grinning like a fool from ear to ear. "I need to fuck you right now, Luke."

"I was thinking the same thing, Chad. I want you so bad. I am so glad to have you in my life, baby."

"So how fast can we get out of here and back home to complete our performance?" I asked.


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