And then Colt howled. 'Oooooh Shhhiiiiiit' he yelled as he grabbed both of Perry's shoulders and holding him tight, slammed his crotch into his ass three or four more times. Perry was still shooting onto Colt's chest as Colt started firing into his ass.

And believe it or not, I started shooting. I was so enthralled in watching them that I had barely realized that I'd started jerking myself off. But it was no damn wonder, because I'd never seen anything so erotic in my life, and I joined into their chorus of yelling as I shot my load across the floor.

Colt finally settled down and pulled Perry down on his chest and started kissing him. I finally finished cuming and just sat there panting and holding on to my still dripping cock.

I was still panting, trying to recover, when Colt finally looked over at me. 'Way to go babe' he said. 'I think you're going to fit in just fine. Now go get a towel and a washcloth.' I got up and got a towel and a wet washcloth from the bathroom. They were still kissing as Perry lay on Colt's chest with Colt's big cock still stuck in his ass. I hesitated for a minute but they ignored me, so I got down and cleaned up my cum that I'd shot across the floor. When I finished I stayed on my knees and just waited. As Colt's cock was beginning to get soft, I saw it slowly slip out of Perry's ass.

And finally Colt broke off the kiss, pushing Perry up and off. Perry had shot his load onto Colt's chest and then had laid down in it so it was pretty much smeared all over both of them.

'Clean off my chest Jeff' Colt ordered. I scooted over and used the wash cloth to clean Perry's cum off that incredible chest and then rippling stomach, all the way to his crotch. Just touching his incredible muscles was a thrill beyond measure, and even though I'd just cum, I felt a quiver in my cock. His cock was wet with cum, but that was Colt's own cum that had leaked from Perry's ass.

'Okay Jeff. Give the cloth to Perry and put your hands behind your back.' I did what I was told. 'Look at me.' He just stared into my eyes for a minute or so, making me so nervous that I actually began to shake. 'I'm going to let you clean my cock for me Jeff, but I'd like to hear you beg for it first. I want you to learn right away what a privilege it is for you to lick up my cum. You need to understand that anything I allow you to do for me is an honor and you have to be properly appreciative. Anything.' I just stared into his eyes, not really comprehending what he was saying. 'So, tell me you want to lick up my cum.' It still took a couple seconds for it to sink in what he wanted. But oh shit, it finally did. I had to beg him to be allowed to lick up his cum? Oh fuckin shit. I could not believe it, but what choice did I have?

'Ahhh... s-s-sir. Ahhh... M-master' I stuttered. 'M-m-may I lick up your cum?'

'Beg for it. Beg me to let you do it.'

'Ahhh... p-p-please M-master. P-p-please let me lick your cum. Ahhh.... Ahhh... I b-b-beg you to l-l-let me lick your cum.' I couldn't believe I was saying this, but what the hell could I do. I knew he'd beat the shit out of me if I didn't do exactly what he wanted.

'Tell me it'd be an honor to lick the cum off my cock. Spell it out.'

My face was red and I was shaking but I answered him. 'M-m-master. It'd be an honor to lick the cum off your cock.'

'I think you can do better than that, but we'll work on that some more later. Now go ahead and clean me off. Keep your hands behind your back.' I turned to his crotch and started licking his cock. Perry must have been very clean because, although there was a slight smell of shit, the cock was clean except for Colt's cum. I gently licked the cock up and down and around making sure to get it perfectly clean. I was only half hard but still enormous. When it was clean I licked all around his crotch, and then for good measure, sucked through the crotch hairs.

When I finally raised my head, he didn't say anything, but he patted me on the head as he got up and went into the bathroom. Remembering his orders, I picked up the jockstrap and headed for bed. Perry was right behind me as I put the jock over my head and climbed into bed.


The next morning I awoke when I heard Perry mumbling in Colt's ear. Same story again; whispering Master and gently kissing him, this time on the shoulder. I noticed that I'd pulled the jockstrap off my head during the night, so I quickly put it back on. When Colt awoke, Perry went to get the shower ready while Colt again did twenty-five fast pushups.

'Take that off your head and get over here' he said without even looking in my direction. Remembering my lessons from yesterday, I jumped out of bed, pulled off the jock and went to him. He pointed to the floor and I got on my knees. 'Kiss my cock' he said calmly. Hey, you might think I'm a real wimp here, but in fact my face still hurt from him hitting me yesterday. And if he wanted his cock kissed, he was going to get his cock kissed. I gave it a kiss.

'Remember Jeff that you're in training. You'll do all this stuff automatically once you learn exactly what I expect from you. Now, I think you can call my cock 'Jeffy' from now on. Say Good Morning to Jeffy and give him another kiss.' Believe or not I didn't have a clue what he was talking about, partly because I wasn't totally awake yet.

'Ahhh... Wha...?' I grunted. Cramming my face into his crotch with one hand, he reached over me with the other, took hold of my left arm and twisted it behind my back. Then he pulled up hard and I screamed.

'Yeeeaaaoooh.' It felt like he was going to break my arm. 'Pleeeeeeeeeese' I screamed.

'I don't like to repeat myself Jeff' he growled. 'Now do what I told you.' My arm was hurting like hell as he continued to pull on it, and my face was jammed into his crotch, but it finally clicked in my head what he meant. This had to be the most humiliating thing anybody could ask me to do. Talk to his cock and call it by my name in the diminutive. This was unbelievable, but he was breaking my arm.

'Pleeeeeeeeeese' I yelled.

'DO IT' he snarled.

'Good Morning Jeffy' I mumbled since my face was jammed against his cock, and I gave it another kiss. Colt let go of my arm and let loose of my head.

'Do it again' he growled.

'Good Morning Jeffy?' I said questioningly, looking up at him.

'Don't look at me you stupid shit. Look at my cock when you talk to it. Now, do it again.'

And I finally understood exactly what he wanted. I was probably turning purple with embarrassment and fear, but I looked directly at that big fat dangling snake and spoke to it. 'Good Morning Jeffy' I said and I leaned in and gave it another kiss.

Colt now grabbed me by the chin and pulled up so I was staring into his eyes. 'You're going to get to know Jeffy really well little boy. From now on you'll greet him and give him a kiss every time you see him. Particularly every morning. You're going to do everything you can to keep Jeffy happy. Got that?' I nodded my head. 'Speak up' he ordered.

'Ahhh... yesss... Colt. I got it.' And he hit me. Hard. With an open hand.

'Yeeeaaaoooh' I screamed as I was knocked over on the floor.

'What do you call me?' he shouted.

'Master..... Master.... Master' I screamed as I realized what I had done. It again felt like he'd torn the skin right off my cheek.

'You made me hit you again you little bastard, and I said I wouldn't, and that really pisses me off. And when you piss me off you pay the penalty. We'll talk about it this afternoon.' With that he stepped over me and went into the bathroom. Shit! He said he was training me, but what he calls training I call purgatory.

I went through hell all day because my cheek was beet red and everybody I knew asked me if I'd had a fight with my girlfriend. Luckily I didn't know a lot of people yet, so most just stared at me and giggled. The hardest was explaining it to Jack. He knew I didn't have a girlfriend, and he knew my roommates, so I had to be more or less honest. I told him that Colt and I were playing around and he didn't know his own strength and slapped me too hard. Jack looked at me funny but didn't make a big deal about it. He did however suggest I go to the housing office and see about getting moved to another room but I lied and said everything was okay. I didn't dare say anything else to him. Jack was a good guy and I could see he didn't accept my story and was worried about me. We agreed to go out to dinner that evening.

When I got back to the dorm I immediately got started on Colt's homework, leaving mine for later. There was no way I'd ever, ever not have it finished and on his desk before he got back. Perry came in after a while and started working at his desk. We said hi but didn't talk for over half an hour. I finally finished the history assignment and printed it, and then copied the English assignment over again in Colt's handwriting. When I stepped around Perry and put it on Colt's desk, Perry smiled.

'Good man' he said. Since I'd done Colt's homework it was a cinch doing my own and I was finished in just a few minutes. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Perry put some papers on Colt's desk as well, so obviously he was finished too. Then Perry came over and stood behind me and put his hands on my shoulders.

'You're a beautiful guy Jeff' he whispered in my ear as he rubbed my shoulders and kissed me on the neck. 'I love your muscular body.' When I first saw Perry I thought he was so gorgeous that he was way out of my league, but evidently not. He moved his hands down to my chest and kept smooching me on the neck, and when I leaned my head back he kissed me on the cheek.

'From the moment Colt and I saw you, we knew you would be perfect for us.' As I stood up and turned to face him he put his arms around me, but instead of meeting my lips, he continued kissing my neck. So I gave him a peck on the cheek.

'I could worship your body all day long' he whispered. I hadn't said a word yet, but let me tell you, I loved having this gorgeous guy admiring me. Then he pulled my t-shirt up and put his lips on my right nipple. He bit it gently and then started licking my pec. 'God; your chest is perfect Jeff.' I was in heaven.

Finally I spoke up as Perry stepped back from me. 'Perry; I gotta say you're one of the most gorgeous guy's I've ever seen.'

Perry laughed. 'We're talking about you Jeff, not me.'

'But that exhibition you put on last night, standing on your hands; that was incredible.'

'Well, I did come in second in the state gymnastic finals, and I'm here on a scholarship' he said as he nibbled on my tit. 'I guess I should be able to stand on my hands.'

'Oh hell. I didn't know that' I said. 'I thought only Colt was on a scholarship.'

'Oh yeah, Colt is good. Best in state in his weight class. But we're both here on scholarship.'

'Okay, I'm impressed. But Perry; please. Tell me what's going on here.'

'Don't worry Jeff, Colt'll let you know' he said as he kissed all over my chest. 'Everything you need to know you'll get from Colt, but he wants me to help you get adjusted. I'm sorry he had to hit you, but he really doesn't do that much. He hasn't hit me for months. But you have to learn really quick Jeff. Colt wants everything to be perfect and he has no patience at all.' He kept on making love to my chest.

'I asked you what's going on Perry. Does he expect me to be his servant? And what are you? His lover? His slave? What the fuck is happening Perry?' He finally stopped nibbling at my chest and pulled my t-shirt back down.

'Don't ask me questions I can't answer Jeff. If Colt wants you to know he'll tell you. Now shut up and listen.' Perry pushed me back into my chair, and then sat down in his and turned to face me.

'First of all, don't ever forget what you're supposed to do. I guess you didn't call him Master this morning and you knew better. Don't do that again.'

'God damn it Perry....' I started to say.

'Shut up Jeff' he growled at me. 'Just shut up and listen. Colt'll be back at any time and you need to be ready. But I will tell you right up front: I serve at Colt's pleasure and so will you. Whatever Colt wants he gets, and we'll bust our asses making sure he does.

'But don't get the idea that it's all bad. Colt is a wonderful Master, and anybody who looks like he does deserves to be worshiped and you know it. Being able to worship those incredibly perfect muscles is such an honor that I get goose bumps just thinking about it. He's not only my Master Jeff; he's my hero and I admit I completely idolize him. And getting fucked by him.... Jesus, Jeff; it's indescribable. Of course it hurts sometimes since he's so big, but being able to watch him and see him getting so much pleasure from me, gives me shivers up my spine, and makes me so hot, I cum almost every time he fucks me. Seeing a look of rapture on his face is the most exciting thing in my life Jeff, and; well... ahhh... I can just never get enough of that big wanger of his.'

'Now listen up' he said. 'Here are some of his rules. When Colt comes into the room you got to get down on your knees and wait to see if he needs anything. He'll let you know if he does. And one of the really funny things is greeting his cock. Whenever you see his cock, for whatever reason, you kiss it and speak to it; say hello or something.'

'Oh shit' I said. 'He did that this morning. He made me say good morning to his dick.'

'Oh yeah' Perry said and started laughing. 'What did he tell you to call it?' he asked, starting to giggle.

'He said I have to call it Jeffy' and I admit it now seemed funny and I started laughing as well. 'What do you call it?'

'I have to call it 'Perky Boy' Perry said and laughed so hard he was about to fall on the floor. I couldn't help but join him and I laughed so hard my sides started aching. It took us a while to get under control and stop the giggles. 'Jeffy, hey?' he laughed. 'Oh shit.'

'I can tell you it wasn't funny this morning. I thought he was going to break my arm before I understood what I had to do' I said. 'It hurt like hell Perry.'

'Yeah, you're right. It's funny and then again it isn't, but if it's what Colt wants, that's what you have to do' he said. 'Now, one thing you gotta understand; Colt believes a person learns best by being punished for making mistakes, and he never lets anything go by. He expects everything to be perfect, and if it isn't he lets you know it really quick. Now, I've got something for you here.' He opened a drawer and pulled a box out and handed it to me. 'This is for you to practice on.' I opened the box and pulled out an enormous dildo.

'O shit' I said.

'It's not quite as big as Colt but it's pretty close, and you need to learn how to handle it.'

'Com'on Perry. You can't be serious' I whined.

'We may be laughing about this Jeff, but let me tell you, it is deadly serious. We knew before we picked you that you thought you were a top. But Colt thought that would be a plus to train you to serve him and to learn how to be submissive at the same time. He likes doing that sort of thing.'

'But I'm not submissive god damn it' I said. 'I've always been a top.'

'You used to be a top. Starting now Colt is going to demand sexual satisfaction from you whether you like it or not, so you need to be ready. But hell Jeff. I'm not blind. You tell me you're a top but I seen how you couldn't keep your eyes off Colt's prick and I've seen your hard on when you look at his body, so don't even try to tell me you're not turned on.'

'All right, so I accept that he's incredibly impressive and dominant and I'm turned on to his muscles, but does he have to be so violent?'

'Well, yes he does' Perry answered. 'That's just the way he is. As much as I love him, I understand that I most definitely am his submissive and he can do whatever he wants whenever he wants and I've got to bust my butt to keep him happy. And since I love him, I trust him, and even if he is rough and demanding, I know he'll never really hurt me. And just look at him Jeff. He is so incredibly masculine and powerful; it's an honor to even be allowed to worship him. I'm happy to put up with a little pain if I have to, just so I can be with him. And as rough and demanding as he is, I wouldn't change a thing about him. I love him exactly as he is. He's a god Jeff.'

'But I've always been a top Perry' I said. 'I've never been fucked, and I haven't given all that many blow jobs.'

'That's why I gave you the dildo. You're going to get fucked and soon, and you'd better be ready to chow down on his cock on a regular basis too. That's just the way it is Jeff. And the way I've seen you look at his cock, I know you're going to love it. Now put that away in your desk, but start practicing with it as soon as you can.' Perry turned back to his desk and started reading one of his text books, and I finished up the last of my homework.

After a while Colt finally came back from his workout. As soon as he entered the room, Perry slipped out of his chair and got on his knees. I followed his lead. Colt dropped his gym bag and went into the bathroom. Perry picked up the bag, ran into the other room, and was back on his knees in just seconds. We waited. Colt came back into the room and sat at his desk. Out of the corner of my eye I saw him pick up my homework papers and read through them carefully. Then he went through Perry's.

Perry and I were still on our knees, and mine were beginning to hurt. This was a hard tile floor and I wasn't used to being on my knees. I saw that Colt opened a book and got out paper and pencil and started working on something. But what the fuck? How long was he going to keep us on our knees? I tried to catch Perry's eye, but he kept staring at the floor.

So I just waited. And waited. And waited.

My knees were killing me and I knew Jack was going to come by at a quarter to six so we could go out to dinner. Obviously Colt did not know Jack was coming by and I needed to tell him, but what could I do? Perry hadn't said a word, and was just waiting. It was pretty clear that Colt was just testing us, or me actually, to see how obedient I was, but this had to come to an end pretty soon if Jack was coming by. I finally decided to say something.

'Ahhh... C-c-colt' I stuttered. Shit. I couldn't talk to him without sputtering.

'Shut up' Colt growled. So, what could I do? I shut up and waited. There was total silence in the room for another ten minutes or so and then there was a knock at the door. Colt went over and opened it a crack. And now I understood why the desks were arraigned like they were. With the door open a crack only Colt's desk could be seen from the hall. The door had to be wide open in order to see Perry and I on our knees.

'Yeah. What is it' Colt asked.

'Ahhh... I'm Jack. Is Jeff here? He and I are supposed to go out to dinner.'

'He's here' Colt answered 'but he says he's got too much studying to do, so he'll check with you later.' Then he closed the door in Jack's face. Colt turned around and finally spoke to us. 'Perry, go back to work. Jeff, get up and strip.' It was such a relief to be able to get off my knees that I was more than willing to obey him, but you can imagine how nervous I was.

Colt just stood there by the door with his arms folded over his massive chest as I pulled off my shoes and socks. I continued stripping and when I finally pulled off my jockey's I looked at him. He just stood there staring at me with a look of such total arrogance and superiority that he made me instantly feel inadequate and unworthy. I was in the presence of a god, and I knew it, and he made me feel so worthless next to him that my cock stayed as limp as a noodle.

'Back on your knees' he growled and I immediately dropped back to my knees and looked at the floor. 'This is where you belong, Jeff, when I'm around. On your knees with head bowed showing your respect and veneration. Got it?'

'Yes Master' I said softly and it was like a light clicked on in my brain. I knew this was only right. Being on my knees before him definitely felt right. He walked up to me but I kept my eyes down so I could only see his feet.

'What do you want to do to show your true reverence?' he asked. I didn't know what he wanted me to say, but I knew I had to say something and say it quick.

'Ahhh.... M-m-master. Ahhh.... whatever you want M-m-master' I mumbled and I started shaking. I was scared and excited and my cock suddenly decided to wake up and it got fully hard in about fifteen seconds. I knew Colt was going to use me or abuse me or something and believe it or not, I was totally turned on by the idea. 'P-p-please M-m-master. Whatever you want.' Colt sat in my desk chair and turned it to face me.

'Remove my shoes and socks.' I did as I was told. When I was finished he simply said: 'Show me how much you admire my body' he said. 'Show your Master how you can worship.' Without even thinking about it I bent down and kissed each of his feet and it felt good.

'Thank me' he said. I looked up at him and again saw that look of incredible arrogance. I had to thank him for demeaning myself by kissing his feet. But, what the hell!

'Thank you Master' I whispered.

'Spell it out' he ordered.

'Thank you Master for letting me kiss your feet.'

'Good boy Jeff. You're coming right along. Now do it some more.' I bent down and kissed his feet a few more times and then started licking them. It still felt like the right thing to do. Me on my knees worshiping my Master's feet. His feet were flat on the floor so I couldn't get under them, but I licked from the instep down to the toes and back, covering every inch that I could reach. I couldn't get the toes in my mouth, but I laved my tongue over them again and again and even forced my tongue in between them.

Colt removed his t-shirt and dropped it next to me, and Perry was there in an instant, picking it and the shoes and socks up and taking them into the other room. Then Colt stood up.

'Pull my shorts down' he ordered and I reached up and grabbed his gym shorts and tugged them down over his massive thighs. He was wearing a jockstrap today instead of jockey shorts, and even though I was pretty sure he wasn't hard yet, the bulge was amazing.

There was no question that my mood and feelings were changing. Or had changed. I wasn't worried about whether I was a top any longer; that thought didn't even register. When you're in the presence of a god things like that don't matter, and without a doubt, Colt was the hottest, most masculine, most transcendent human being I had ever met. And I was beginning to understand that he deserved to be worshiped and that I was lucky he had even picked me to do it. I wanted his acceptance and I wanted him to use me. And if he needed to punish me, I wanted him to do that as well. I don't know if these feelings of submissiveness were part of me all the time or not, but being on my knees at Colt's feet felt absolutely correct. Without him saying anything, I bent down and kissed his feet a few more times.

'Good boy Jeff. You're coming along fine' Colt said, and believe it or not I actually got a warm glow of pleasure from his words. I was truly under his spell.

'Take my jock off Jeff' Colt directed and I took hold and pealed it down his thighs and let him step out of it. That enormous Python dangling from his crotch looked like it was beginning to get hard, and was sticking out a little. But hell, anybody else's cock wouldn't be that big even fully hard.

'Go ahead Jeff. You know what to do' he said. And I did know what to do.

'Good afternoon Jeffy' I said as I kissed it. And no matter what Perry and I had said earlier, it was not funny now. I was offering it; his cock, true reverence because that's what Colt wanted, and right now I was willing to give him and 'Jeffy' anything they wanted.

'Once more.'

'Good afternoon Jeffy' I said to his cock as I kissed it again.

'Stand up Jeff.' I stood up. 'Bend over my lap' he said as he sat back down in my desk chair. I gave him a look, but I wasn't about to argue. But; it instantly sank into me what he was going to do. He was going to spank me. Me. Superboy stud. I was going to get spanked.


'Over my lap' he growled. I bent over his lap and felt his big hand grab my ass.

'Now let's talk about this morning Jeff. Are you sorry you fucked up?'

'Yes Master I'm sorry' I answered.

'What did you do?'

'I forgot to call you Master?'

'Yes you did. And I'm going to spank you for it. Five swats. Okay?'

'Yes Master.' What was that? He was asking me if it was okay? Did he think I was going to argue?

'What else did you do?' he asked as he squeezed my ass. The question caught me unawares, and I tried to think what else I had done. But I didn't know what the answer was.

'Ahhh.... M-m-master. Ahhh....'

'I'll tell you Jeff. You made me angry and caused me to slap you, didn't you?'

'Ahhh... Y-y-yes Master. I did.'

'Five swats. Okay?'

So it was my fault he hit me, and he was going to punish me for it? Really? Really! He was. And I had to answer him.

'Yes Master' I replied.

'Good boy Jeff. I'm glad you understand' he said as he continued squeezing my cheeks. 'Now, this afternoon. Did you speak out of turn?' Oh shit. He was going to spank me for trying to tell him about Jack coming by.

'Yes Master.' What the hell could I say? I knew I shouldn't have said anything at the time.

'Five swats' he said. 'Now; how many's that?'

'Fifteen Master' I answered. And he immediately slammed me on the ass. I screamed.

'Yeeeaaaaoooh.' It was partially the surprise because I wasn't ready, but it hurt a whole lot more than I thought it would. It stung like crazy. I'd never in my life been spanked before, so what would I know?

'Count' he said.

'One' I whimpered and he slammed me on the other cheek. And he again caught me unawares and I screamed.

'Yeeeaaaoooh.' Jesus did that hurt. 'Ohhh, ohhh, ohhh... Master.'

'I told you to count Jeff' he said.

'Two' I moaned.

'Okay Jeff. Now I don't want the whole dorm to know what is going on so I don't want you to yell again. Got it?'

'Yes Master' I answered as tears started to flow.

'Okay. Here comes' he said as he slammed me again. This time I had warning, but it still hurt just as much or even more the first two. But I didn't scream.

And he kept at it. And at it; and at it; for fifteen hard swats.

I'm eighteen years old and I haven't cried for years, but Colt had me crying now; whimpering anyway, with the tears flowing.

'Okay Jeff; that's it. Now you need to thank me for correcting you.' As he said this Colt was gently rubbing some kind of cream over my very sore ass. Evidently Perry had given him something. 'It's all over Jeff, and you handled it very well. Now thank me for it.'

'Thank you Master' I whimpered.

'Good boy Jeff. You're doing great. You learn fast just like I knew you would' he whispered to me as he continued to gently massage my ass. 'I just want you to be careful from now on, so I don't have to do this again. Okay?'

'Yes Master' I muttered. Colt then gently pushed me off his lap until I was on my knees. Then he got down on his knees as well, grabbed hold of my chin and started to kiss me. This was the first time he'd kissed me, and even in my pain, I swooned. God, he was powerful. A giant muscle man; a god worthy to be worshiped. After a couple minutes of kissing, he pulled my face down to his chest and I automatically started kissing his enormous pectoral muscles. He didn't direct me this time, but just let me go at my own pace. I grabbed hold of his waist, holding myself up slightly so my sore ass wouldn't touch my ankles; I slobbered all over his glorious chest, even as tears kept dripping down my cheeks.


Sometime later Perry woke me up and gave me a sandwich. Colt had carried me into the bedroom and put me to bed on my stomach, and they had gone out to dinner. Perry very gently rubbed some more cream on my butt while I ate.

'You did good Jeff' he whispered. 'I know Colt is proud of you for handling it so well. I think you understand now what you have to do to keep him happy.'

'Shit Perry. Nobody's ever spanked me before, and it hurt like hell. And what if I fuck up again?'

'Don't sweat it Jeff. I don't think he'll spank you again; at least not until you heal anyway. Remember my punishment of the other night? I had to sleep in the love seat instead of in bed. It's just that you're new at this and just learning, and he knows you'll remember better if you know the penalty is really bad news. Once he knows you're trying really hard to please him, I think he'll go easier on you.'

'Shit I hope so. I don't think I could go through this again.'

'Just be careful Jeff. You know all the important rules already, so just keep following them, and watch him like a hawk all the time to see if there's anything he might need from you. Don't try to kiss him or suck him or anything without a direct order, but try to double guess him and figure out what his mood might be so you'll be ready'. Perry got up and opened the door to the other room.

'He's done eating Master, and I've rubbed some more cream on his butt.'

'Okay Perry' Colt said as he entered the room. 'Go in and strip for me. I'll be in in a few minutes.'

'So, how's my boy doing?' he asked as he stepped up next to my bed.

'I'm doing fine Master' I said.

'Does it hurt?' he asked as he gently rubbed his hand over my ass.

'Yes Master; it does. But it's not too bad' I answered.

'Good boy' he said giving me a light slap, causing me to yelp. 'Just be careful Jeff, so I don't have to do that again. Okay?'

'Yes Master.'

'Now. Are you ready to blow me?'

I was shocked at his directness, but I answered quickly. 'Y-y-yes Master. But...... '

'But what?'

'Ahhh.... Master. Ahhh... you're so big.'

'That's okay. I know you're inexperienced so I'll go easy. All you have to do is suck me a little and get me warmed up. I'll let Perry finish me off.' Colt kicked off his shoes, undid his belt and pants and pulled them down and off. His jock strap followed them.

I glanced at his face for a second, but I didn't have to ask him what to do. I leaned forward and gave his soft cock a kiss. 'Good evening Jeffy' I said. Colt smiled and then lifted me up by the shoulders and slid under me with his back against the headboard and his crotch in my face. He stuck his thumb in my mouth, forcing it open and pushed his cock in.

'You can get on your elbows if you want Jeff' he said. I put my elbows on either side of his massive thighs and started sucking.

'Take it easy Jeff; don't overdo it. Just suck it slow and easy and make it feel good. I'm in no hurry to cum.' So I tried to relax and just enjoy the feel of the growing cock in my mouth. And I was pretty sure I was going to enjoy it. It was sinking into me that giving this god pleasure was going to become an important part of my life.

I squinted up past the rippling abdominals to the enormous shelf of his pectorals and again felt a chill run up my spine. God he was huge; and gorgeous. Absolutely incredibly huge, and absolutely incredibly stunning. And, I was sucking his growing cock; and yes, I felt honored. It really was a privilege to be allowed to worship an omnipotent being like Colt. A true demigod.

A true demigod with a huge cock. I thought it was about nine or ten inches with enormous girth, but as it kept growing in my mouth I was beginning to think it was at least a foot long. The damn thing just kept getting bigger and bigger. Colt wasn't directing me at all, but I was trying my damnedest to keep all of it in my mouth as it continued to grow. It wasn't actually in my throat, but I had it jammed up right against it. That meant I could still breathe but I was nervous because I remembered clearly him ramming it in yesterday when I first sucked him.

'You can do better Jeff' Colt said softly and he rubbed his hand through my hair. 'Take it deeper babe.'

I felt his hand in my hair and knew I'd better find a way to take more of the monster in my mouth before Colt decided to force it in. Trying to relax my throat I pushed forward and allowed the tip of the enormous rod to push into my throat. I was able to contain my choking for a couple seconds but then had to pull back.

'Good try babe' Colt said 'but do it again.' Taking a quick breath, I pushed forward again and it slid a tiny bit further into my throat. I tried to hold it but was so close to choking, I had to pull back.

'Again' he said as I was gasping for breath. So I did it again. I knew it was possible because I'd seen Perry do it, but it was damn difficult. Each time I got it in my throat, my gag reflex took over and I had to pull back.

'Do it again and hold it' Colt growled. Hell, what did he think I was doing? I was trying but just couldn't control my gagging. Feeling a little pressure from his hand on my head, I took a deep breath, concentrated on controlling my breathing and my gag reflex, and pushed in again letting it slide into my throat.

This time I was able to hold it in for a couple more seconds, but as I started to pull back Colt held my head and wouldn't let me move. I choked but he still held me. I choked again and started to panic and damned if he didn't jam my head down hard forcing a couple more inches into my throat for just a split-second before pulling me back, completely off of his cock.

My heart was racing and I was gasping and coughing as I lay my head on his massive thigh.

'That's something you need to work on Jeff' Colt said. 'Now do it again.' I hadn't even gotten my breath back yet when he forced my mouth open and pushed his immense shaft back in. He had a good grip on my hair now, pulling on it and making me wince. Then with no warning he pushed the monster into my throat; held me there for a second or two and pulled me back. As I gasped for breath, he did it again; pushing into my throat, holding for a second and then pulling me back. I was choking and gaging each time but he didn't stop, but just kept ramming it in, holding it for barely a second, and then pulling back. He jammed the monster into me a half dozen times, allowing me only one quick breath between each thrust. He was fucking my throat raw with his massive bludgeon and I was almost going into convulsions.

Finally he pulled me up by the hair, holding my head about a foot above his massive rod. My heart was beating a mile a minute, I was gasping for breath, my eyes were tearing and my nose was running. I had choked over and over and regurgitated a lot spit and phlegm not only into my nose, but also on his cock which was loaded with it.

'Clean me off Jeff' he ordered has he pulled my face down to his crotch. I was still trying to get my breathing under control, but since he was yanking on my hair, I started licking my spit off his cock between gasps. He held my hair, directing me as I licked him clean.

'Not bad Jeff' he said as he finally let go of my hair, and put his hand under my chin pulling me up. I held myself up on my hands, to keep the strain off my neck as he pulled my face up to meet his. And then he kissed me.

'You'll get better with practice' he said as he broke the kiss, rolled me aside and got out of the bed. 'Did Perry give you a dildo?'

'Yes Master. He did' I croaked through my suddenly sore throat.

'Okay. So practice. My cock's going all the way in next time.' He then opened the door to the other room. 'Perry; get in here' he ordered and Perry was on his knees in front of him in just seconds. 'I want Jeff to see this.' Colt was fully hard, and after abusing my throat he was probably well on his way towards being really hot. Grabbing Perry by the hair with both hands, he pulled him all the way in, in one fell swoop, until his nose was jammed into his crotch. He held him there for a good ten seconds before pulling him back and then all the way back in again. Each time, when he was in as deep as possible, he swiveled his hips and jerked Perry's hair, trying to cram even more into the hot throat. He kept at this for several minutes, cramming in deep, swiveling his hips, and then pulling back out. Perry was able to get only one deep breath between each onslaught. I could see in Colt's face that the feeling of that tight throat squeezing his cock was giving him waves of pleasure. He wasn't even looking at Perry, but had his eyes closed, a big smile on his face, and his knees slightly bent as he rammed into that tight throat over and over again. Perry's face was bright red but he kept his hands clasped behind his back and he was taking the beating without a sound except for deep gasping breaths between each invasion.

Then Colt started really fucking his face. Ramming in hard and fast and grunting with each thrust as he started getting close. I couldn't tell if Perry was able to breathe now or not, but I noticed he'd grabbed Colt's thighs with both hands and seemed to be just holding on for dear life.

Then Colt let out a yell. 'Yeeeaaaaoooh' he screamed as he rammed his bludgeon into Perry one last time and just held him there. I could tell he was shooting into Perry's throat, because his body jerked with each discharge and Perry was jerked around along with him. Both Colt and Perry were grunting aloud with each ejaculation; Colt from excitement and Perry from being jerked around and strangled.

Then, finally, Colt pulled out and his final couple shots hit Perry in the face. Perry went into a spasm of coughing as soon as Colt let him go, trying to expel the cum from his throat so he could breathe, and then taking enormous gasping breaths.

'Oh yeah, that was good babe' Colt gasped as he grabbed his cock and jerked it a couple times. 'Oh shit yeah.' Perry was still gasping for breath as he looked up at Colt and smiled. Jesus Christ; I couldn't believe it. He loved it. He loved being abused by Colt.

'Thank you Master' he whispered. I was astonished that Perry could submit to such maltreatment from his lover and then even thank him for it.

Then Perry bent down and kissed Colt on each foot. 'Oh hell' I thought. 'Is this what S/M love is all about?' It was obvious that Perry loved being abused by Colt, his Master, and felt honored to be able to kiss his feet.


'Alright, so I'm a masochist. What's the big deal' Perry said the next afternoon. 'And, besides, Colt is not a sadist. He simply likes rough sex and he is very demanding. I like it rough too and besides, the only time he knocks me around is when he's fucking me. That doesn't make him a sadist.

'Colt is so gorgeous and so powerful, that I love nothing better than him screwing me and I feel fucking privileged when he does. Worshiping Colt and giving him enjoyment while he uses me for his pleasure and fucks me is like manna from heaven for me Jeff. I thrive on it.'

Perry and I had finished Colt's homework and put it on his desk, and were just relaxing in our lounge area, me on the love seat and Perry sitting in one of the easy chairs.

'By the way. I forgot to ask; how's your ass?' he asked.

'It still hurts, but not quite so bad. I carried a cushion to all my classes today, and everybody was giving me strange looks. Sitting on a cushion instead of a hard chair made a lot of difference.'

'Good. I'm glad' he said. 'Just be careful and I'm sure he won't do it again.'

'I sure's hell hope not. I don't want to have to go through that again.'

'Okay. Next question' Perry said. 'How you doing with the dildo?'

'Well.... ' I answered with embarrassment. 'Actually, I had it jammed into my throat this afternoon after class. But I couldn't do much since my throat was still sore from last night.'

'That's good Jeff. But Colt hasn't fucked you up the ass yet, and I suspect he's not going to wait much longer. I think you'd better get ready.'

'Shit Perry. I can't take that monster of his' I said. 'I've never been fucked, and there ain't no way I can take him. We gotta tell him I can't do it.'

'Yeah, sure Jeff. Sure. Tell me about it' Perry said sarcastically. 'Let's just go right up to Colt and tell him 'no'. Just tell him Jeff doesn't want to get fucked. Dumb ass. You'd better get it through your head Jeff that he owns you now and he'll do anything he damn well pleases with you, and that includes taking your ass. I shouldn't have to tell you that you never say no to Colt. Never. You don't even think of the word 'no' where he is concerned.'

'What in the hell can I do?' I asked.

'I'll tell you what you do' Perry answered. 'You get your ass in the bathroom right now, and work that dildo up your butt. And I mean right now. You don't have much time.'

'Come on Perry. I can't do that.'

'You sure's hell can. And if you don't want him to tear you apart you'd better get at it.' Perry stood up and went to my desk, opened the drawer, and pulled out the box with the dildo. 'Come on. I'll help you' he said.

'Come on Perry' I whined. I'd never had anything up my ass, and I sure didn't want to put this massive dildo up there.

'Get your butt in here' he said as he went into the bathroom. I headed into the bathroom, but before we had a chance to do anything we heard Colt.

'Hey! Where are you? Get out here.' Perry hid the dildo behind the toilet and we went out to meet Colt. He was just closing the door as we went in front of our desks and got on our knees.

Colt just stood there for a minute or so without saying anything. 'Let me make it clear that you guys don't mess around without my permission. I haven't decided whether to let you do anything together yet or not. Got it?' Perry and I both answered 'yes Master'.

I had my head bowed and was looking at the floor as Colt walked up to me and pressed his crotch against my head. Then taking me by the chin, he pulled my nose back and forth against the bulge in his shorts. And what a bulge. The light blue shorts he was wearing were not particularly tight, but how the hell do you cover up something as huge as his big dong of his? And, of course, the rest of him was so huge that he couldn't help but bulge out of his clothes in every direction. If there was anyone around that should be called Hercules it was Colt. I glanced up and swooned over how the baby blue T-shirt he was wearing was molded to his incredible chest and how his biceps strained against the sleeves.

'You're such a cute guy Jeff' he said. 'I'm really glad we found you. Your brown eyes and olive skin sets you off just perfectly with Perry's light complexion. I intend to spend hours watching you guys working on me.' Then he pulled his shorts down allowing his cock to slip out and waited.

'Hello Jeffy' I said as I reverently kissed it.

'Oh shit. You make me so hot' Colt said with a laugh. 'But not now. We'll have to wait until after dinner.' With that Colt pulled his shorts back up. 'Okay boys. Back to work' he said. The three of us all worked at our desks for the next hour or so and then went out to dinner together. Heading across campus towards the restaurant, Colt put his arms around each of us, hugging us close. And I loved it. Colt and Perry were without a doubt the hunkiest guys on campus and I loved being seen with them. You wouldn't believe the attention we attracted from everyone who saw us. And over dinner I found out that Colt had a wonderful sparkling personality and he entertained me and Perry with all kinds of witty stories. We had a great time.

But..... I kept thinking of what Perry said about my getting fucked. He guessed it was going to happen soon and I was worried that 'soon' might mean right now; maybe as soon as we got back from dinner.

Now I was a good top myself and when I fucked a guy he really enjoyed it. I'd had plenty of partners and nobody'd ever complained about getting fucked by me. I knew how to loosen a guy up and prepare him for my assault, but Colt's cock was a whole different dimension. My seven inches couldn't compare with that monstrous dong of his. My ass was still really sore from the spanking yesterday and just the thought of that prodigious weapon of his being forced into me was making me cringe. That hamburger I ate felt like a lump in my stomach, and I actually thought I might get sick.

When we got back to the dorm room, we sat in our 'lounge' area and chatted until Colt got a call on his cell. 'Oh hi fag boy' he said after he answered. 'Hey, give me a minute here and we can talk'.

'This is my buddy Steve' he said to us with a laugh. 'He gives a mean blow job even though he says straight, so I always call him 'fag boy'. I need to talk to him in private.' Putting the phone down Colt stepped over to me, grabbed me by the shirt and pulled me to my feet. Grabbing my chin with one huge hand and my butt with the other he gave me a long slow kiss while starting to squeeze my ass cheeks.

'I want that hot ass of yours babe' he whispered in my ear as he held my chin and looked me in the eye. 'Your ass belongs to me now babe and it's time to break it in.' He continued rubbing and squeezing my ass while I just stood there in shock as he kissed me again. 'Go get him ready Perry' he ordered.

Perry went to his desk and got something out of the drawer and headed for the bathroom. 'Com'on Jeff' he said. As Colt gave my ass one final squeeze and a pinch, he gave me a push and I followed Perry into the bathroom.

'Okay fag boy. What was that about your cousin Randy?' I heard Colt say just before I closed the door.

'Oh shit P-P-Perry. I c-c-can't do this' I stuttered in fear. 'He'll kill me!'

'I promise it won't be that bad Jeff, but let's not waste time. Strip.' I quickly stripped down to just my t-shirt. 'Now lay down on the floor on your side.' Then he pulled an enema out of its box. I won't bother you with the particulars, but let it be known I'd never had an enema before, and there was nothing pleasant about it. Particularly the embarrassment of stinking up the bathroom with Perry there watching me. When I was done and wiped clean, Perry pulled me close and kissed me.

'I promise it won't be bad Jeff' he said. 'It'll hurt a little at first, but eventually you're going to enjoy it. I love getting fucked by Colt. It's a combination of his power and incredible masculinity controlling me and owning me, and knowing how much pleasure he's getting from ramming his huge dong up my butt that really turns me on. And there ain't nothin quite like the feeling of that behemoth sliding in and out of your ass. I love him and I love his cock and I love being dominated by him. You will too; I know it.' With that Perry took a jar of cream and started rubbing some in my ass crack. It felt good until he pushed a finger into me causing me to grunt.

'Jesus Perry. Take it easy' I whimpered.

'Shut up wimp' he said with a laugh. 'We're barely getting started.' He slid his finger in and out a few times and then added some more cream, pushing it into the hole. Then came two fingers and I grunted again.

'Shit Perry. That hurts' I said.

'Jesus. You really are a wimp aren't you?' he said in disgust. 'But listen up. The more I get you loosened up now, the more you're going to enjoy it when Colt sticks his prick up there. So shut up and take it.' Then Perry started stretching my hole. Using his finger and thumb and sometimes three fingers, he began to gradually stretch me out. And it wasn't that bad. He was using lots of cream and his fingers in there actually began to feel pretty good.

'Okay Jeff. Now it'll get a little harder' he said as he retrieved the dildo from behind the toilet. 'We don't have a lot of time here, so I'm going to have to rush this, but if you can take this, you can take Colt. He's only a little bit bigger than this dildo.' Then he put the dildo against my crack and began to gently twist it back and forth as he pushed. He'd obviously coated it with cream because it felt really slick as he tried to force it into me.

'Oh shit Perry. Awww. Stop; stop' I moaned as I reached back to push him away. Before I had a chance to grab the dildo, he rammed it in and I screamed.

'Yeeeaaaooooh. Peeerrrry. Peeerrrry. Stop.' I screamed. The pain was excruciating. I was able to get hold of the dildo and pull it out, but Perry than gave me a hard slap on my still sore ass from my spanking yesterday.

'Stop being such a pussy Jeff. Try being a man for Christ's sake' Perry growled. 'You can take it. Just get your god damn hands out of the way.' I grudgingly removed my hands from protecting my ass, and felt Perry press the dildo against me again. 'Okay. So now you know what's coming' he said. 'So grit your teeth and hold on.' And then twisting it gently Perry pushed the dildo back in again. The pain was intense but not quite as bad as the first time but I was moaning as I tried to relax my ass and accept it. Perry telling me to act like a man really pissed me off, so I took it and tried not to groan too much.

'Hell man. I told you, you could take it' Perry said as he continued twisting it and gradually pushing it in further. I felt like he was pushing a two by four up my butt, and although I could stand it, I sure's hell didn't like it, and just wanted the pain to stop.

'Oh shit Perry. That really hurts' I groaned.

'It's in now Jeff. You've got a couple inches in there. Now try to relax and let it happen.' Perry was still being very gentle and twisting the dildo, and then he pulled it completely out. I suddenly felt empty inside. 'Okay. Here we go again' he said as he started pushing it back into me. It still hurt and still felt like a two by four, but it wasn't quite as bad as before.

'Oh damn Perry. There ain't no way this is ever going to feel good' I groaned.

'Believe me Jeff because I know. It's not only going to feel good, you're going to look forward to it. Getting it from Colt is like nothing else in the world. Being used by a god and giving him pleasure is a treasure beyond words, but when it feels good besides, it is truly miraculous. And baby; you're going to love it.' By this time it wasn't really hurting at all, but I could feel Perry pushing and pulling and twisting on it, and I knew he was pushing it deeper.

'See Jeff? I told you. It's not hurting now is it?'

'Well.... No. Not really' I answered. 'But it doesn't feel good.'

'Give it time. I swear it will feel good.'

'I don't know about that' I said. Then came a knock on the door.

'Oh oh' Perry said. 'Show time.' He gently pulled the dildo from my ass, and that incredibly empty feeling came back. If felt almost like I needed something in there. Perry grabbed a wash cloth and wiped off my ass, and then pressed a little more cream into my crack. I then stood up and took off my t-shirt, and when Perry opened the door, I entered the dorm room.

Colt was sitting on the love seat watching me as I walked over to him. 'You ever been fucked before Jeff' he asked.

'No Master' I answered softly.

'Good' he said. 'There's always something special about taking a virgin.' He pointed to the floor in front of him and I got on my knees. 'Take off my shoes and socks Jeff' he directed and I carefully removed them and set them aside.

'Now how do you show respect for your Master Jeff? Show me' he said. I'd already experienced this once so it was immediately clear what he wanted. I was on my knees in front of him and had just removed his shoes, and he wanted me to show respect. Clear enough. I bent down and kissed each of his feet.

'Good boy Jeff' he said as he fluffed my hair with his big hand. 'Okay, now my pants' he said as he stood up. I undid his belt, unzipped his pants, and pulled them down and let him step out of them. As I lay them aside, he removed his shirt as well. And here I was again! Looking up and totally in awe of his incredible super human body; his unparalleled magnificence. Standing there in just his jockey shorts, with a body so perfect it was almost indescribable, he was most definitely a god. 'Pull 'em down' he ordered and I pulled his shorts down.

'Hello Jeffy' I said as I leaned in and gave the half hard cock a kiss. Without a word, Colt sat back down, and getting a handful of hair, pulled me into his crotch.

'Kiss' he said. And I kissed. Up and down his soft cock over and over, and when he pushed me lower, I kissed his balls, and kept kissing. After a couple minutes he stuck his thumb in my mouth, forcing it open and pushed me down on his cock. I wasn't sure whether this was good news or bad news, because maybe he wanted me to blow him instead of fucking me. Then he said: 'Get me hard Jeff' and that cleared everything up. He wanted me to get him hard, and then he was going to fuck me. I started sucking. And he kept growing and growing and growing; all the way to his massive ten or so inches.

'This love seat just doesn't do it Jeff' he said as he stood up and pulled me to my feet. Putting one arm behind my legs, he lifted me up like my 180 pounds were nothing, and carried me into the bedroom. He dropped me on the bed on my back and climbed on top, sitting on my crotch with his enormous post sticking up over my abs and chest pointing towards my face

'The cream Perry' he said and Perry was already there holding the jar of cream. 'Let Jeff do it' he ordered, and Perry grabbed one of my hands and pulled it to the jar.

'Grease me up babe' Colt said. 'Get me ready.' I got a gob of cream on my fingers, and reaching down, started rubbing it up and down Colt's huge rod. I knew the slicker it was the better it was going to be for me, so I got some more and kept loading it on.

Then Colt moved off of me, pulled my legs up, putting them on his shoulders, and took aim with his bludgeon. He hadn't even done anything yet and I was already gasping for breath and shaking in fear and trepidation. I knew he was going to tear me open and I was terrified. Taking hold of his cock, Colt moved it right up against my crack and started pushing.

After a bit of a struggle my ass opened up and the head of his enormous shaft pushed its way in. It did hurt, but actually it wasn't as bad as when Perry pushed the dildo in. It was hurting but I forced myself to keep from groaning. I didn't want Colt to think I couldn't take it. Perry had called me a wimp and I didn't want Colt to think the same thing.

'Open your eyes babe' Colt said as he waited with just the cockhead in me, letting me adjust to its' girth. I looked up at him and saw him smiling at me. 'Taking your virgin ass babe' he said with a grin. 'Gonna show you what it's like to be my pussy, babe. Gonna show you how a man fucks.' With that he pushed and that big rod just slid into me. 'Oh yeah. Real smooth baby' he crooned as he pulled back and pushed in some more.

And yes it was stretching me, and yes it hurt a little, but I'll be damned if it didn't feel good. My own personal demigod was using me for his pleasure and I was thrilled. I looked up into his eyes, seeing the pleasure there as he pulled back and pressed into me again, going still deeper. 'Oh yeah babe. Hot virgin ass' he said as he grinned at me and started a slow in and out motion. And I loved it! I really loved it.

'Almost there babe' he finally said, although it felt to me like he had a good fifteen inches in me already. 'Almost there.' And finally he stopped.

'Hot fuckin ass babe' he said as he bent down and gave me a peck on the lips. 'So here we go.' He then pulled back so just the tip was in me, and slowly slid those ten inches all the way back in. And it felt good. I liked it. And I realized my own cock was hard as a rock. He now started a regular motion, pulling almost all the way out, and then pressing back in, but keeping it slow. It slid in and out so easily that if felt like it belonged there. Watching his massive muscled body as he fucked my ass was a total turn on, and I actually began to be elated to be used by him. Colt was truly a god, and I wanted to be his sex toy and give him pleasure. And there was no question he was enjoying it.

'Oh shit Jeff. I love your hot fuckin ass. You're suckin my cock right into your hole babe, and making me hot.' Then he started to gradually pick up speed, still sliding in and out smoothly, but now banging his crotch against my ass. 'Oh yeah babe. Oh yeah' he mumbled as he continued picking up speed.

Then he really started ramming it to me, slamming his crotch hard against my ass and shaking the whole bed. Hell, he was probably shaking the whole building each time he slammed into me. His cock was so long that it hurt at each deep thrust, but it wasn't so bad that I didn't stop enjoying it. And then he started panting so I knew he was getting close. But hell, my cock was now so hot that I knew I was about to blow too.

'Shhhhiiiiiit' he finally screamed, and as he did he reached down and slapped my cock hard causing it to spasm, and then reached up and grabbed my hair and gave it a jerk. Finally, ramming into me really hard one last time, he starting cuming, and yes, so did I. My first shot hit me right in the nose. Colt kept slamming it to me as he fired shot after shot into my ass while I shot like a rocket all over my chest. And I was ecstatic; shooting my cum while this Herculean muscle god fired into my ass was fabulous. I'd never had such an incredibly exciting ejaculation in my entire life.

And then, finally, as he finished shooting and began to calm down, Colt lay down on top of me, crushing my knees against my shoulders. His whole body was still shuddering slightly from the emotion, and I felt his sweaty cheek against my own. We just lay there for a few minutes panting while trying to get our breathing under control.

Then, just about the time my legs were beginning to cramp, he raised up pulling his softening prick out of my ass, and let me drop my legs to the bed. Then he lay on top of me again, literally crushing me under his bulk.

'Wha'daya think Perry?' he finally murmured. 'Is Jeff the one?'

'Oh yeah Master' Perry, who'd been watching the whole time, answered with enthusiasm. 'He's definitely the one.' After a couple more minutes Colt got up and stood by the bed and snapped his fingers. I looked up and saw him pointing to the floor in front of him. As I slipped off the bed onto my knees Perry joined me there, shoulder to shoulder at our Master's feet. Colt didn't say anything, but Perry always seemed to know exactly what was required.

'Please Master. May I clean off 'Perky Boy' for you?' he asked as he gently poked me with his elbow. And, yes, I knew what to do.

'Please Master. I beg you to let me lick 'Jeffy' clean' I said, grinning broadly. Colt gave me a wink and a big smile, put an enormous hand behind each of our heads, and pulled us into his crotch.


So this is my story. How Jeff Williams, a hot muscular butch gay man became a hot muscular butch gay man with a Master. Outside the dorm room Perry and I were both among the hottest studs at the U, but in that room we were content to serve our Lord and Master. And what a Master. A demigod who demanded, deserved and received total obedience from his two worshiping acolytes. I was attending the top university in the state and studying with some of the finest professors available, but none of them could compare with Colt, my Master, who taught me how to submit, to serve, to worship and finally to love.



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