I had spent time over several months chatting with two guys in an online chat room that centered around fantasies surrounding bondage and domination. It was always something that had sparked my interests and role playing in a chat room had been a lot of fun but it had me longing to try more. The two guys in the chatroom I had become online friends with were a couple and lived several states from me. They were both slightly older than I am and had been partners for over 20 years.

As our online chats and role play continued and became more intimate we chatted about me possibly making a visit to them for some real life role play. We spent months talking about what we wanted and what we were into. Initially, it was only online fantasy but as time continued I became increasingly more drawn to actually meeting and seeing what happened.

I worked up the nerve and finally schedule a visit and we agreed to meet. I was flying in to an airport near the city they lived and would meet them at a restaurant to actually meet face to face and to discuss our fantasies in person and then to go from there. I had butterflies in my stomach and can’t tell you how many times I had changed my mind. I had a group of friends that all had my exact travel itinerary and would be following up to make sure I was safe but still the idea was intoxicating.



I am introduced to being in a submissive role where I take orders and suffer punishment for not following those orders as outlined. 


My flight into San Jose was uneventful and I arranged for transportation to the designated meeting spot. As soon as I entered I recognized both Jim and Pierre and they immediately recognized me from images we had exchanged. We all exchanged greetings and I sat down at their table. They recommended a wine and we chatted briefly about my flight and other general terms. Jim was roughly 65 years old and had a body builders build. He was about 6’00” and probably 230 of solid mass. He had large hands and a very firm grip. Pierre was tall and had a slender build and was in his late 50’s. He was about 6’4” and probably around 195. I was 39 at the time and our conversation was friendly and engaging and my mind was at ease. We enjoyed a dinner and then our conversation turned to our plans for the weekend.

I could feel my body tense as Jim took the lead and asked that now that we are in person and meeting face to face exactly what I was wanting from this. I told Jim that I had always had thoughts and fantasies of being controlled and used. I told him I had gone to the chat rooms to explore this and it had only piqued my interests. He asked more detail and I told him I wanted to be bound, spanked and taken sexually. I could tell I was blushing as he pressed me for more detail. I told them that I had taken a week off of work and had a return flight scheduled in five days but was open to what they thought was right. Jim explained that both he and Pierre were dominant and had many of the same desires as I but from a dominant perspective. He told me they lived about 30 minutes from where we had meet and had a private home in a country setting near the coast. He told me they had areas of the home they had built for this type of role play and fantasy including a dungeon area. I could feel my heart racing as he talked. Jim continued to explain what they liked and how they operated, he also talked about limits and boundaries and I began to relax again. After we had talked for probably three hours Jim finally asked “So, do you want to come out to our place and give this a try?”  I paused for a moment and shakily replied that I did. He assured me that if at any time I became uncomfortable I could use my “safe” word and everything would stop and if I wanted they would bring me back to the airport. I could hear myself repeating my designated “safe” word over and over in my head as my heart raced and we finalized what I was wanting and looking for.

I had spent several months outlining my fantasies and desires in my online chats with Jim and Pierre and was surprised at how thorough they were being when meeting. 

I got into the car with Pierre and Jim and we began our drive to their home. I sat in the backseat with Pierre while Jim drove. We made small talk and Pierre told me about how he and Jim met and got together. Pierre had an accent and was originally from London. We had been on the road for about 10 minutes when Pierre looked at me and said “Don’t just sit there fidgeting, pull my dick out and suck me off until I tell you to stop.” My mind raced as I wondered if we were starting the role play already. I was excited and reached over and fumbled with Pierre’s pants getting his button unfastened and struggling to lower his pants until I pulled his cock out from the top of his waistband. Pierre had a very nice cock, it was much larger than  I had imagined  in my mind and was probably 7 plus inches long and fat around. I took Pierre into my mouth and tried to get my lips around the circumference of his size as his cock hardened and grew.

Jim had stopped the car and pulled off the road. I tried to raise my head to see where we were at but Pierre pushed my head down on his cock and kept his hand on the back of my head. I heard the door open next to me and heard Jim ask if I was sure this is what I wanted before we continued. With my head still buried in Pierre’s lap and his huge cock filling my mouth I muttered as best I could my affirmation. I heard Jim say then I would not be needing these as he pulled my pants and undershorts off and stripped me completely naked leaving me totally exposed and vulnerable in the backseat as Pierre continued to face fuck me. Jim took my clothes and told me again that I would not need clothing for the next week and he shut the door behind me as he said “Now, suck your masters dick and be a good little slut and do what you are told.” I sucked on Pierre for another few minutes until he said he was about to cum and pulled out of my mouth. He told Jim what a good little slut I was and then told Jim he needed to look at my body.

Jim opened the door and pulled me naked out of the back seat of his car. He lead me around to the front of the car and had me stand in the headlights on the road. I was nervous that another car would come and see me but complied with what I was told to do. Like I had been instructed in the chat room before our meeting I had shaved my body from the neck down completely and now felt completely nude and vulnerable being put on display. My little shaved bare cock felt even smaller after seeing Pierre and having his huge cock in my mouth. After standing me outside the car for what seemed like an eternity I was led back and put back into the backseat of the car where Pierre again ordered me to suck his dick while Jim drove. I complied immediately and took his still rock hard cock as far into my mouth as I could. We drove for at least another 20 minutes and I felt Pierre begin to tense up and I could feel his massive balls begin to retract and draw up. He stiffened and I felt a hot jet of cum hit the back of my throat as Pierre unleashed torrents of cum into my mouth and onto my face and chest as his head pushed back against the headrest and he moaned out loudly and passionately. When he finished I could not believe how much he had cum. I felt like I had drunk a gallon and my face, chest and stomach were covered and dripping. He also had cum on his chest and leaking from his now softening cock and his massive balls.

We pulled into the driveway of their home about this time and Pierre told me he had not given me permission to make him cum and I would be punished accordingly. I was told to clean Pierre up and licked him clean. He had cum from his nipples all the way down that had run down his balls and into the crack of his ass. I licked and cleaned every drop from is body. I then had to lick any of his remaining cum from the car seat where he had sat. Jim ensured I got everything cleaned to his specifications and I was then led from the car to the front door of their house.

Jim told me we would be coming out of role play for a few minutes while I was shown around. I was given a robe and provided a tour of the house. It was a beautiful open floor plan and very large. Jim and Pierre had collected many nice things. The grounds were very private and there was a large in ground pool in the back patio area complete with a bar. There was an out building that had a cell and rock walls along with several medieval looking devises around. The lighting was done in black lights and had a castle sort of feel. This was their dungeon area. I was shown a room that was very nice inside the main house and told this was my private space and area. Pierre told me that anytime I needed a private space this was my safety zone that only I was allowed inside. Jim and Pierre asked about the car ride and if I was ok. I told them I was excited and it was very hot and erotic. Jim then asked if I was wanting to continue and I said yes, it had been fun.

Before I finished giving my emphatic agreement to continuing our fantasy I was pulled out of my robe and we were back into role playing. Pierre stated that there was a pending matter of my “severe punishment” for making him cum without permission earlier. I thought that cleaning him and the car with my mouth had been my punishment but was incorrect. I was led outside and a cover was removed from a piece of furnishing near the pool. I was laid onto it with my stomach on a pad and my head down. My legs were kneeling and I felt a bind placed around my ankles securing my legs into place. Another binding was lashed to my wrists which were extended in front of me and my legs were pushed apart and locked into place. Once I was in position I was totally at their mercy and unable to move as I could feel cool air on my most private of parts which were open and on full display. A medium sized anal plug was inserted into my ass with a bit of lube. There was a brief sensation of pain as my ass was spread and then a feeling of fullness. I then felt the slap of leather against my bare bottom as I was spanked. Pierre told me I would get 25 lashes for my disobedience. I started to protest saying I did not know he did not want to cum and was told I had just increased my punishment to spending the night in the cell as a second harder slap was delivered to my upturned ass. My ass was spanked firmly with each slap stinging and when I had received all 25 I could feel heat rising from my skin. I loved being spanked and being bound helplessly in this position got me very excited.

Jim and Pierre sat and had a few drinks sitting on reclining chaise lounges while I was kept restrained in front of them. Jim complimented Pierre on how red he had made my ass and they toasted to my position. After about an hour I was released and given a drink. I sat on the ground between the two men as I was kept totally naked with my butt plug firmly inside me and they remained clothed wearing large soft luxurious white bathrobes. I had a raging hard on from the activity but was told I was not permitted to touch it or to allow myself any relief. My position was humiliating and erotic all at the same time and I sat with butterflies filling my stomach. Finally after I had several drinks that were made for me I was led into the cell located in the outer building. It was a small stone looking room that measure about 4 x 4 in dimension with a steel bar door. The room was dark lit only with black lights and a dim purple hued light. There was a blanket on the floor and the room seemed dark and cold. I lay on the floor for the night without getting much sleep as my mind raced at what I had got myself into. I was turned on and still had the butt plug inserted firmly in my ass and my cock was still rock hard. I did not touch myself or try to give myself any relief and that in of itself was driving me wild and keeping my mind running.



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