My Teacher, My Pet

He was a little on the skinny side but looked to be in pretty good shape for someone who doesn't work out. But boy was he good looking. Really amazing. His features were so perfect that you'd have to use the word beautiful instead of handsome. Maybe a glint of femininity because of those absolutely perfect features but there was no doubt he was all man. He was probably twenty-five or so, and older than the kids I'm usually interested in, but he still looked like a kid. Hell, he didn't look any older than me and I'm only sixteen. I simply thought he was gorgeous.

I just pulled my dick out and let it hang out of my pants. Yeah, I did. I just pulled it out. It was only about half hard, but my dick is pretty damn spectacular, even half hard. I went on taking the test and let it hang there as he walked up and down the aisles.

There was nothing spontaneous here because I'd been thinking about this and considering it for weeks, and I was just waiting for the right moment. I mean, having this gorgeous man, my math teacher, looking at my enormous prick was just the hottest and most daring thing I'd ever considered doing. But he turned me on so much that I just couldn't control it.

I'd probably get tossed out of school for this, but maybe not since coach Bryan would protect me. He definitely couldn't do without his star receiver. But getting expelled or not, I had to show Mr. Jameson what I had to offer. From the lack of a bulge in his pants I assumed he was dinky, so I was particularly anxious to show him what a really big one was like, and I had myself pretty much convinced that he was going to like it.

They say a sixteen year old has hormones that go through the roof and that was definitely true for me, and sitting in math class every day and wanting Mr. Jameson so bad was sheer torture for me. Watching him writing on the board with that beautiful butt wiggling around would drive me into a sweat and force my ten inch dick out to probably eleven inches.

Don't ask me why I had to have him so bad, because I don't know, but I had imagined banging my piece in his face a thousand times and knew exactly what his lips would feel like as he sucked me off. Alright so I was crazy. Crazy horny that is. Crazy horny for Mr. Jameson.

And today was the right day to do it because I hadn't had any all day yesterday nor this morning and I was super horny. And Mr. Jameson was wearing that gray dress shirt and matching blue and grey tie which made him look so gorgeous. So, yeah, I pulled my dick out.

As he headed down my aisle the damn thing started to grow. I mean, after dreaming about letting him see it for weeks, and now the excitement of actually making the move and being super horny to begin with, it was making my heart beat fast, my forehead begin to sweat, and giving my big dong fits as it grew out to its' full ten inches.

I probably outweighed Mr. Jameson by fifty pounds or more and had him by about six inches in height. Hell, I'd done bench presses using guys at the gym who were bigger than him. And let me tell you, I'm a stud. A rakishly good looking sixteen year old with 210 pounds of rock hard gym built muscle. And I didn't mind showing it, wearing nothing but skin tight t-shirts and snug hip-hugging jeans all the time. And it didn't hurt that I was the star receiver on the football team.

Did I say I was a stud? Of the seventeen girls in my math class, Mr. Jameson's class, I'd fucked seven of them, two of them as virgins, and gotten blow jobs from four others. It was a fun game I played, a contest with myself to see how many I could get to service my prick. So, I was working on the others and figured I'd have most if not all by the end of the semester.

And the boys. Of the twelve boys in the class, I'd fucked three of them, all three of them virgins, and gotten blow jobs from four others. In fact the boys were just about as easy to get as the girls, because I'm so big and intimidating that they are in awe of me to begin with, and they all know I'm the best wrestler on the school wrestling team, so there ain't nobody I can't take down and control. And, since I'm a star football player and very popular around school, they are many times just thrilled that I'm even talking to them. Then, after a little persuasion and perhaps a little slapping around to put them in the right frame of mind, they'll pretty much do whatever I the hell I want them to do. And besides, most boys are infatuated by a really big dick and I've got the biggest one around.

Most of the girls were willing fucks and all but two of the boys were as well, but it didn't make a hell of a lot of difference to me. I mean, if I'm really determined and make the effort to get somebody alone with me, I'm damn well going to fuck them, whether they're willing or not.

Now, as far as the kids in all my other classes are concerned, especially PE; well I'd definitely had my share. My fourth period was in the school weight room and I had my pick of twenty-two starting body builders. There ain't nothing quite like dominating and fucking a young kid with some muscle on his body. And I can tell you, my prick gets a whole lot of action from my classmates; before, during, and after school.

I make it a point of remembering the names of all the kids I fuck and I give them a smile occasionally, reminding them of their adventure with my prick. I tell each one of them that it is a secret just between me and them, and that they were the best sex I'd ever had. That makes them feel special and they really eat it up, and keep hoping that I'll give them a second go around.

But a teacher. I'd never had a teacher. Well, except for the guy who picked me up at the airport and I fucked in the bathroom back when I was thirteen. He said he was a teacher anyway.

So, Mr. Jameson is coming down the aisle and I'm so excited that I'm only on question four on the test, and I know I'm not going to be able to finish it before the bell.

Lawrence is in the seat next to me, in the back row, so he's the only one besides Mr. Jameson can see me and he's been watching. Hell, he watches me get a hard on every time Mr. Jameson shows me his butt. He gives me a smile, hoping that I'll smile back and give him some attention. Yeah, he's had this prick half way down his throat, and I know he wants it again, but right now I only have eyes for Mr. Jameson. It's Mr. Jameson's throat that I want to stick my prick into.

And then he's standing next to my desk, looking down at my paper. Maybe he's looking down at my paper but I doubt it. I give my prick a shot so it bobs up and then back down and there ain't no way that he can't see it.

And he just walks away. Yes. Jesus Christ, yes. He just walks away.

He doesn't know what to do. He's so embarrassed and intimidated that he's at a loss. I glance up quickly and I think he's blushing. Hell yes he is. I can see his neck turning red, and he's clearly avoiding looking in my direction. He's mist definitely looking the other way.

I grab my cock and give it a hard squeeze and I know I've got to stop or I'm gonna shoot. But Mr. Jameson; I'll bet he couldn't believe that anyone had a wanger this big, and I'll bet he's not only intimidated but he's impressed as well. But, one way or another, I think I've got him. If he lets me get away with showing him my prick he's surely going to let me get away with almost anything. Hell, I'm pretty sure I've got him on the end of my hook and all I have to do is reel him in.

I checked him out carefully when he got back to the front of the room, and I swear to god; I'll swear it on a hundred bibles, he had a boner. I'm sure he has a dinky dick because nothing ever shows, but something was showing now. There was most definitely a bulge showing down there. Shit. I not only intimidated him but I turned him on. No question he was ripe for the picking.

I always believe there's no time like the present, so I skipped football practice after school and headEd for Mr. Jameson's room. Coach Bryan is going to be totally pissed but I'm his star receiver so I know I can get away with it. Besides, when there's prick action on the horizon, everything else, including football, is definitely secondary, particularly since it's been thirty-six hours since I've had any action.

Mr. Jameson is obviously correcting today's test papers when I walk into the room since I see a stack of them on his desk. He glances up and then does a double take, actually snapping his head back in disbelief.

"Good afternoon, Mr. Jameson" I say, giving him a big smile. "How ya doin?"

"Ahhh... ahhh..." he stutters. He's obviously tongue tied, and he's also terrified.

"I'm JD. You know. From your third period. I sit there in the back. Over there" I say pointing to the back row. Of course I'm just playing with him. He damn well knows who I am and knows where I sit, and he also knows what my prick looks like. "I wanted to talk to you about today's test."

I step over to the desk, push the papers aside, and sit on it, facing him, with my leg touching his arm.

"Ahhh... JD.... Ahhh...." He's still stuttering and at a loss of what to do about my aggressiveness.

"I was preoccupied today" I say as I put my hand in my crotch and give it a good squeeze "and didn't get finished with the test. I wonder if maybe I could finish it now, after school?"

"Ahhh... JD. Ahhh... Don't... I mean... You can't... Ahhh... Please, JD." I was pretty sure I had him already, but when he said please, that just confirmed it. He was mine. I got up from the desk, walked over to the door and flipped the lock and closed the shutters.

"It's kind of hot in here, Mr. Jameson" I said as I crossed my arms, grabbed the hem of my shirt and pulled it up and off. I flexed my arms and shoulders and performed a double bicep pose, giving him a show of my massive seventeen inch arms as I dropped the shirt. "I'm always hot when I'm in your room, Mr. Jameson" I said giving him another of those devastating smiles. I walked back over and sat on his desk again and grabbed my crotch.

"You like big dicks, Mr. Jameson? Hum?" I asked sweetly.

"JD. Please. Don't do this" he said pulling his arm away from my leg and standing up.

"Don't do what, Mr. Jameson?" I asked as I put my hand on his shoulder and easily pushed him back into the chair. "What did you have in mind that I shouldn't do?"

"JD. Stop. Right now. Stop it." He tried to say it sternly but his voice was so shaky that it barely came out as a squeak. Keeping one hand on his shoulder, I unzipped my pants with the other. When he tried to look away I grabbed his chin and forced him to look at my crotch as I pulled out my dick.

"It ain't hot and hard like it was in class today, Mr. Jameson, but I bet we can do something about that" I said and couldn't help but giggle. I hate it when I giggle, because I sound like a girl, but I was so excited and having so much fun that I couldn't help it. "This is a nice one, isn't it, Mr. Jameson?"

Believe it or not, I was still completely soft, but as I stroked it a couple times, it started to grow.

Sometimes I'm subtle and sometimes I'm not. Right now I just slid off the desk, grabbed a handful of his hair, and pulled his face into my crotch.

"Stop" he cried out and he brought his hands up to try to push me away. "Stop it, JD. Stop it." It only took me a few seconds to get his hands behind him and hold them with one hand, as I grabbed his hair again and dragged his face back and forth over my dick.

Remember my telling you how beautiful he was? Well, looking down at him with my growing dick in his face was fabulous, just like I'd always imagined. Fuckin fabulous and it only took a couple seconds for my dick to get fully hard.

"Oh man, Mr. Jameson. You have no idea how long I've been wanting to do this. My dick in your face. Shit yeah." I usually make my tricks grovel and plead for a while to get me hard, but I was already as hard as I was going to get. I just wanted to get my dick in his mouth.

But now he started to scream, so I had to put my hand over his mouth to stop him. I mean, these classrooms aren't soundproofed, and I didn't want the whole school in here. I tugged him off the chair onto the floor and put my knee in his back. Grabbing my tea shirt I stuffed a good portion of it in his mouth.

Then I reached under his neck and undid his tie, pulling it off. "You're the only teacher in the school that wears a tie, Mr. Jameson, and I like that. I like a guy that wears a tie. And sometimes, sometimes, like right now, it really comes in handy." Pulling his arms behind his back, I tied them together at the wrists with his tie. Then I removed his belt and tightened it snuggly around his neck, making it like a slave collar with a lead. One of the things that really turns me on is having a trick wearing a collar and on a leash, like a little doggie. Pulling on the belt, I pulled him to his knees.

"Now I want you to be good, Mr. Jameson" I said with a smile as I bent down and gave him a kiss on the nose. "I'm going to take my tea shirt out of your mouth, but I don't want you to yell. If you do, I'm going to hurt you and we don't want that. We really don't want that." I bent down again and kissed his nose once more and then took it in my fingers and wiggled his head back and forth playfully. "No," I said giving him a big grin. "You don't want me to hurt you."

Mr. Jameson's face was bright red, his eyes were bugged out, and his forehead was covered with sweat. As I pulled my tea shirt out of his mouth I bent down and gave him a long drawn out kiss on the lips, forcing him to duel with my tongue. "Mmmm yeah. That's it" I swooned.

I suppose I'm a bi-sexual since I have no clear preference between men and women, but I'm most definitely a dominant and I expect my tricks to be completely submissive. I don't lick cunt and I don't suck cock since it's my own prick that's going to get all the attention, and I make my tricks give it a whole lot of attention. Sometimes it's more fun dominating a guy than a girl because the butch looking ones have this macho image of themselves, and can't picture themselves on their knees before me. I get my kicks by knocking them around and forcing them to take my dick. You can call it rape if you want, but from my experience I've found that once they get a taste of my power and my dick, they usually can't wait to get some more.

I stepped over Mr. Jameson and sat in his chair and pulled him into my crotch. "Kiss it Mr. Jameson. Kiss JD's beautiful cock." He was trying to pull his head back from my crotch, so I grabbed his hair with one hand and gave him a good healthy slap with the other.

"Yeeeaaaoooh" he cried. What a wimp. I barely touched him. But sometimes I just don't know my own strength and I have to be careful not to overdue my rough-housing. I mean, I didn't want to leave any marks on him.

"I told you very nicely to kiss my cock, Mr. Jameson" I said sweetly. "My cock's never been kissed by a teacher before, and is looking forward to it. So don't make him angry. Kiss it." As he looked up into my eyes I gave him a big grin and mouthed the words 'suck me'. Then I puckered up and threw him a kiss. "Kiss it, Mr. Jameson. Kiss your boy's dick."

I told you I was totally intimidating and probably outweighed him by fifty pounds, and since he wasn't totally stupid, he kissed my dick.

"Oh yeah, man" I groaned. "Oh shit, yeah. I've been waiting for this for months. Do it some more, babe. Kiss it some more." I threw my head back and flexed my biceps as he kissed my dick a couple more times.

"Don't stop, babe" I said. "Keep kissing. You're doing great." Now I had to look down and watch him as he kissed up and down my ten inch prick. Watching this teacher, my very handsome math teacher, kissing my dick was totally awesome. Watching him doing it was every bit as good as feeling him doing it.

"Way to go man" I groaned. "Now get your tongue out and start licking. Lick that big pecker and make your boy feel good."

"JD, please" he spoke for the first time in several minutes as he looked up at me with tears in his eyes. "Please stop, JD. Please" he pleaded.

"No way, man" I said, grinning down at him. "No way. I gotta tell you, Mr. Jameson, you are the most gorgeous teacher I've ever seen and I've been dreaming about you on my prick for months so there ain't no way I'm stopping now." I wiped the tears off his cheeks with a finger and bent down and gave him another long kiss. "Mmmmm" I murmured. "Okay, now lick my dick like I told you" I said as I ended the kiss.

So he started licking up and down my dick.

Oh, man. Being totally in command. Putting this gorgeous creature on his knees worshiping my prick was about to blow the top of my head off. "Oh shit, Mr. Jameson. That's it. That's it. Worship your boy's big prick."

I flexed my big biceps again and leaned to the side and kissed one of them. The power. The incredible power of dominating this beautiful man, my teacher, a mature adult and making him lick my prick. I was so hot I was about ready to shoot my load already.

Then I felt a shutter shoot through my prick and realized that I was there; the point of no return; I was about to cum. Jerking Mr. Jameson's head back by the hair, I started jerking my piece like mad.

"Oh shit, yeah. Yeah. Yeeeaaah" I howled as I started shooting. I missed Mr. Jameson with my first shot which went clear over his head, but I got him on the cheek with the second and in his left eye with my third. "Oh fuck yeah" I howled again as I continued shooting a super load of cum all over him and watching the look of shock on his face.

"Oh man, oh man" I sighed as I finally finished cuming and left my prick dripping. Mr. Jameson had his eyes tightly closed since I'd got cum in one of them, but he hadn't said a word, but looking at his face covered with my cum was absolutely delightful. "Jesus, that was good" I said as I used my thumb to wipe my cum out of his eye. "You turn me on like nobody's business. Seeing my big prick in your beautiful face drives me absolutely bonkers.'

Still holding his hair, I aimed my dripping prick and pushed it between his lips. "Lick it for me Mr. Jameson. Lick that cum off your boy's prick. Oh yeah." He dutifully licked the end of my cock as I pushed an inch or two into his mouth. "Now suck on it, hon. Get a feel of it in your mouth. Go ahead. Suck it." He closed his lips around it and sucked on it; just the tip. "That's it, hon. That's it. Next time around I'll let you really suck it."

"JD ...." he started to say as he pulled his mouth off my prick.

"Shhhh" I said softly putting my finger to my lips. "Shhhh. You know there's going to be a next time, honey. You gotta know that."

"JD, please. We ...." He started to say and I shushed him again.

"Shhhh, honey. Shhh." Standing up and pulling him to his feet, I lifted him up in my arms and sat back down again with him on my lap. I told you he was a skinny little guy. He probably weighed about 140 and was maybe 5'7" while I weighed in at 210 and was just over 6'1", so he was just a plaything in my arms.

Putting one hand on the back of his head, I pulled him into a kiss. A long drawn out spit exchanging kiss. And get this: he gradually began to react and kiss back. Barely noticeable but it felt like he was getting with it; he definitely wasn't fighting back.

"You don't mind if I call you honey, do you Mr. Jameson?" I asked sweetly as I looked into his eyes. "I mean, you're such a little guy and you're so beautiful that it just feels right to call you honey." He didn't answer immediately so I went back to the kiss. He definitely started returning the kiss now so we went at it for a good ten minutes or so. Very slow French kissing as I petted his hair over and over aNdebele held him there on my lap.

Then I licked up some of my cum from his cheek and pushed it into hIs mouth. "Swallow it, hon. Swallow you're boy's cum." Without comment he licked the cum off my tongue and swallowed it. We continued this for five minutes or so, me lapping up my cum and feeding it to him, and him swallowing it.

"I'll be your boy and you'll be my honey" I whispered in his ear. "How does that sound?"

"Aaak" he made a sound and then cleared his throat. There was a long pause before I heard him speak, but I clearly heard him say: "yes, JD." Then he put an arm around my neck and leaned in again to continue kissing.

There were just soft kissing sounds in the room for the next ten or fifteen minutes.



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