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My Teacher, My Pet

Chapter 17

"JD, would you stay for a moment?" Mr. Jameson said as our class was leaving.

"Sorry, teach, but I've got no time" I said as I pushed my way into the hall. He must be feeling desperate to actually say something to me right in front of the other students. I mean, he was paranoid about someone finding out about us.

Alright, so I'd been avoiding him.

It's all very complicated, but I'm not living with him now, and I've got a life of my own. Who does he think he is to dump this guilt trip on me? It's none of his fucken business who I fuck and I don't have to answer to him. Fuck it. Why should I feel guilty for not talking to him? He's been my fucking slave, for god's sake, and he was there for me to use whenever I wanted to.

But I hadn't talked to him for almost two weeks, and the truth is I didn't want to face him. And yes, I felt guilty

And that made me angry. I was angry about feeling guilty. It wasn't my fault that we didn't live together anymore. He's the one that kicked me out. He's the one whose family moved in with him. Ever since Troy lost his apartment we had no place to go and I hate fucking in a car.

Oh, yeah, Troy. I had him draped over the back of the sofa one afternoon fucking the shit out of him when his momma walked it. That was quite a scene, but that's another story. So Troy was moved into the house and put on restriction, and his apartment was locked up. So Carl and I had no place to go.

I'd laid down the law to my parents about what I would and wouldn't do. They had to do all the regular stuff that parents do for a kid, but they had to ignore anybody I brought into the house, and anything that went on in my bedroom. And there was a lot of action going on in my bedroom.

But I couldn't bring Mr. Jameson there. My parents knew him.

Okay, so I admit that Carl has not put me on a guilt trip. I've done that to myself. But I hate feeling guilty about not having sex with him when it ain't my fault that I can't. It's his damn fault. So fuck him.

Alright, so he gives great blowjobs, I mean really great, and the things he can do in bed to get me hot before I fuck him are incredible, but he's not the only game in town.

I mean, you know how gorgeous I am. Hell yes I am. What? I'm supposed to deny that everybody, and I mean everybody, thinks I'm the hottest stud in town? That ain't vanity. That's simple reality. So it's never been a problem finding a hole to stick my dick into.

Alright, so I do miss him. I miss Carl. He was so dedicated to me, almost perfect in our master/slave relationship, and he was always a great fuck. But what the hell am I supposed to do? It's better I don't talk to him, and I haven't, because I'll be damned if I'll tell him I miss him. Hey, I'm his top, he's my boytoy, I'm the in-charge guy. There ain't no way this sixteen year old muscle hunk is going to admit he misses a skinny old man of a school teacher. And I mean old, and I mean skinny. Hell, he's just about the only guy I've ever fucked that wasn't a teenager, and Carl is over twenty-five. And I've never liked skinny guys anyway.

He's the one who caused this mess by letting his family move in, so he can just live with it. Once more: fuck him. I get all the action I want without him.

Now, let me tell you about some of the action I've been having. One of them was really hot. But, wait. I haven't told you about Ace, Mr. Atlanta. That comes first.

I told you Ace was all mushy over the phone and sounded like he couldn't wait to see me, so I was really excited about seeing him since I think he is the most gorgeous man on the planet, and I still fantasize about him most every time I get a blowjob. When he visited and actually blew me, it was perhaps the most exciting blowjob ever. I mean, seeing that incredibly perfect physical specimen on his knees with my dick in his mouth almost blew my mind. And, actually, it wasn't my mind that blew, but my wad, and it happened in about two seconds. But the second blowjob he gave me, a long leisurely one, was simply fabulous beyond description.

So here I was, sitting in the Taco Bell waiting for him, and damned if he wasn't almost an hour late again, just like the last time. But then I saw that fancy BMW convertible pull into the parking lot.

"Hey, JD. How you doing man?" he said as I walked up to the car. I guess there must have been a change of plans since there was another guy in the car with him.

"Hey, Ace. Great to see you" I said. He was as gorgeous as always, dressed in a snug white t-shirt, while the other guy was in a black muscle shirt showing off spectacular arms. He looked every bit as good as Ace.

"JD, this is Chad, my workout partner" Ace said.

"Hey, man. How's it goin" I said as I shook his hand. "You're late, Ace."

"Yeah, I know" he laughed but didn't bother to give an explanation. "But we're here now."

"Yeah, you are" I said, "But .... Ahh .... You told me ...."

"Yeah, I know what I told you, but everything's changed" he laughed. "I thought I was going to be able to stay for a couple days, but I can't. It's today only and actually we don't have very much time. We've got to get headed back to Atlanta."

"Well, shit, Ace" I groused. "I was looking forward to you staying for a while."

"So was I, JD. So was I," he said. "But I told you about the Mr. Georgia contest? Well, Chad is putting me on a schedule and we're getting started first thing tomorrow morning. I've got three months to shape up."

"Shape up? You've got to be kidding" I said. "You look fantastic. Hell, I know you'll win. There ain't nobody around looks as good as you."

"Thanks for that vote of confidence, JD" he laughed. "But, JD. I have to tell you. Chad and I are kinda tight."

"Tight?" I asked.

"Yeah" he said. "Kinda together and then kinda not together."

"What he means" Chad said, laughing, "is that we not only work out together, we play around together."

"Oh, yeah?" I said. "You're right, Ace, you never told me that."

"I know, but the fact is, it's not serious" he said. "I mean, it is serious, but we play around some too. Ya see, we ...."

"He means we're together but it's okay if we play around some" Chad said, interrupting.

"Yeah, that's it" Ace said. "I don't mind if he plays around, and he ...."

"Ace" Chad said. "Just tell him I want to suck his dick."

"What?" I said. "You .... What ...?"

"Yeah, JD" Ace said laughing. "I told Chad about you and he accused me of not sharing." Chad joined him in laughing, while I just stood there trying to figure out what they were talking about.

"JD" Chad said. "Ace described you to me, but I must say you look a hell of a lot better in real life. You look fabulous."

"Yeah, I described you to him" Ace said. "Every little bit of you. I mean, every big bit of you."

"Hey, man" Chad said. "I admit I'm a bit of a cock hound, maybe even a size queen, and when Ace told me about you, I told him we had to stop here."

"I told him I'd talk you into letting him play with that big thing between your legs" Ace said. "How about it?"

"Hey, guys. I .... ah ...." I sputtered. I mean, what the hell was I supposed to say to that?

"Yeah, JD" Chad said. "Let me tell you, I know how to treat a prick, particularly a big one. I'm what they call an expert." He laughed and so did Ace.

"That ain't no exaggeration neither, JD" Ace laughed. "It's true. I can tell you from experience that it's true. If you let Chad loose I can assure you you'll get a performance to top anything you've had before."

Now I took a real hard look at Chad and of course he was beautiful. You would expect that from a friend and workout partner of Ace's. He was blond, just like Ace, and had an amazing build which was damn near a perfect match for Ace. Maybe not so perfectly defined as Ace, but they were almost spitting images of each other.

"An expert, hey?" I said. "I've had more than my share of prick action, but I don't know if I've ever had it from and expert" I laughed along with them.

"So, did you get your parents locked up?" Ace asked. Then he turned to Chad. "JD said he was going to lock them in a closet while I was here."

"Oh yeah?" Chad asked. "You've got them under your thumb?"

"That's putting it mildly" I laughed. "I haven't actually locked them up, but I did get them out of the house."

"To bad" Ace said. "I wanted to see you lock them in the closet."

"Alright. Enough already" Chad said. "Let's get this show on the road. We don't have a lot of time."

"Okay, let's get going" Ace said. "Can we head over now, JD?"

"Well, yeah, I guess. Sure. Let's go" I said as I jumped over the side of the car into the back seat. I'd barely got set down when Chad reached back and grabbed my crotch. "Woah" I laughed. "Hold your horses, Chad. Let's wait until we get there." All three of us laughed but Chad let go of my dick.

But what did I have here? I've always thought that Ace was the most beautiful man I'd ever seen, bar none, and Chad was damn near his twin. And both of them were hot for my prick. Yeah, really. No question about it. I started grinning up a storm. This was going to be an awesome afternoon.

I am pretty much in charge of my household these days and my parents don't fuck with me. Not really in charge maybe. You'd probably call it being independent. I don't run around ordering them to do stuff, and they don't order me around either. Basically they just leave me the hell alone to do my own thing. The main difference between us now was that 'doing my own thing' included bringing my tricks into the house and doing them in my bedroom whenever I wanted.

So, I had suggested that they visit some friends for the afternoon, and luckily they agreed without too much trouble. I wanted to avoid having an out and out confrontation with them.

We'd barely gotten in the front door when Chad stepped up to me, grabbed my wrists pushing my arms behind my back, and got right up nose to nose with me.

"I want to kiss you, JD" he murmured. "May I kiss you?" Then, since I didn't object, he pressed his lips against mine. Now, as you may know, I had a semi love affair going with Ace. I'd fantasized about him over and over again. And although I'd only been with him once, he was my dreamboat and I had been really looking forward to having sex with him today.

Chad wasn't Ace, but he sure as hell was gorgeous.

But, I'm not going to belabor this story with a blow by blow description. Let it be said that I did a whole lot of sucking face with Ace, and Chad really was an expert. Ace and I did a lot of necking while Chad gave me one incredible blowjob.

"Jesus, you are good" I gasped as I started to recover from a blowjob for the record book. He was not only good, he was incredible, and I came quicker that I would have liked. But no way could I hold out against the sucking action he gave me.

"I told you" Ace said. "I told you he was good." He and I had been sitting side by side on the sofa while Chad was on his knees between my legs. All three of us still had our clothes on but we all had our dick's out. Yeah, we were still dressed. Chad had just yanked my dick out, and had chowed down. Not much in the way of buildup, but with his technique, he didn't need it.

"Hey man" Chad chuckled. "That was my twenty minute special. I wish we had more time so I could give you the full hour version."

"Jesus" I said. "If that's only the simplified version, the real version would blow my mind."

"You better believe it" Chad said.

"But not now. We've got to go" Ace said.

"You don't mean it?" I said in surprise. "You're not leaving already? Neither one of you have even cum." They both had their dicks out and had been playing with them while Chad blew me, but neither had reached the ejaculation point.

"Sorry, JD. We've really got to run" he said.

So that was it. The sum total of my second time with Ace. Ace and I necked while Chad gave me a blowjob. Bam, bam, thank you mam, and it was over and they left. What a disappointment. But then again, I got a blowjob for the history books.


I had specifically been avoiding Carl for over two weeks. I was in his class every day but I refused to talk to him so I knew he was getting really frustrated. He was looking at me all the time, trying to get my eye, and three times he tried to talk to me after class.

Hey, I liked Carl, Mr. Jameson. I loved fucking him. It still gave me a power trip knowing he was my teacher and I'd pretty much turned him into my slave. I mean, slapping him around some and ordering him to crawl for me or to beg or to kiss my feet, was funs. Those were incredible ego trips for me that I didn't get from anyone else, and he enjoyed it too.

I still wanted to screw him, but I was pissed that he let his family move in with him, and kicked me out. We had a great thing going, and we both loved it. It was his fault that we didn't have any place to go now. I was the one that arranged to use Troy's place, and it wasn't my fault that that didn't work out. So fuck him. Just fuck him. There was no shortage of guys around that I could stick my prick into.

So, it was no big surprise that he stopped by my desk, pretending to look at my work, and subtly slipped a note into my math book. And let me tell you, that was really daring for him. He was absolutely terrified of being found out and getting fired, so I know he was really, really desperate.

Yeah, I knew he was desperate, and I couldn't help but grin at the thought. I knew he'd do anything to get me into bed again; almost anything. I had to laugh as I tried to think of raunchy things I could make him do. I really couldn't think of anything because I already made him do anything I wanted. I mean he already worshiped my feet, and he had learned to love eating out my ass as much as I did. He had a collar and leash and I made him crawl around on hands and knees. Those were steamy things, and Carl loved doing them as much as I loved having him do them.

What else was there? Oh, I could tie him up, but what was the point of that? He was totally under my control as is, so why would I have to tie him up? I've read lots of stuff on the internet about bondage, but I never understood why people wanted to do that. It didn't turn me on in the least.

I didn't read the note until lunch time. It said: 'JD. Please talk to me. My mother and sister moved out yesterday. Please call me or see me after school or come over tonight. Please.'

Oh shit! They moved out? Why didn't the fucker tell me they were going to move out? Hell, that's what I've been wanting for for weeks and he didn't say anything. He could be a real stupid shit sometimes.

This really pissed me off. Why wouldn't he have let me know what was happening? Of course I didn't make it easy for him to talk to me, but he should have tried harder. I really wanted to get out of my parent's house. Yes, I could fuck my tricks there, but it wasn't the same.

I couldn't see Carl after school because me and some of the guys were going to go play miniature golf, but I'd definitely see him tonight.

There was no practice after school so I was hanging out next to my locker with half a dozen of my entourage surrounding me. As you must know, as a hot blooded gay stud, I'm always on the prowl, even when I'm surrounded by a gang of my fans. So my eyes latched onto that blond kid when he came up to his locker. I'd seen him a couple times in the past couple weeks because his locker was just down the hall from mine. I know he was new to our school and must have just transferred in, because there is no way I wouldn't have noticed him before.

He was gay. Hell, I know he looked as straight as an arrow and always seemed to have a girl on his arm, but my gaydar is totally dependable. He was gay, and he was blond, and he was beautiful, and I wanted him.

I said I had seen him several times in passing, and I know he'd seen me as well. His gaydar was working too and he'd caught my eye several times.

Right now I had seven kids around me. The three buds I was going to play miniature golf with and four girls, but I saw the blond kid looking my way. I glanced over, caught his eye, and gave him the tiniest flick of the head. JoBeth noticed and looked over to see what I was looking at, but the others didn't notice. I didn't comment and she didn't react, but the blond kid did. Out of the corner of my eye I could see he was Carlding there staring, wondering if he had imagined my acknowledgement.

Sarah was talking and I was smiling at her, but I gave the blond kid another quick look, another flick of the head, and we were on track. He definitely noticed my signal this time so we were definitely on track. I was going to have me some pretty blond boy ass this afternoon.

The girls wanted to join us for miniature golf but we put the kibosh on that and they headed out. I told the guys to give me a minute and I'd meet them in the parking lot.

The blond kid was still there, but had moved down towards the outside door and was talking to the girl that he always seemed to be with. I walked over.

"Hi, I'm JD" I said and stuck out my hand. He was definitely slim and trim, not muscular like the guys I usually go after, but he was beautiful. Since he was a guy I suppose some would say handsome, but beautiful was definitely a better description. He had a face to die for with perfect teeth and an amazing smile, and his blond hair was almost platinum. He was an absolute dreamboat. He reached out to shake my hand.

"Marco?" he said, inflecting it like so many people do and making it sound like a question.

"Is that a question or a statement, Marco?" I asked, laughing as I shook his hand.

"Ahhh.... sorry" he said sheepishly. "I'm Marco and this is my sister Beth."

"Hi, Beth" I said giving her a glance. I crossed over with my left since I was still holding on to Marco with my right. We kinda shook, her right and my left. "Are you twins?" I asked, as I noticed that they looked somewhat alike.

"We're not identical, but yes, we're twins" Beth said. I already said he was blond and beautiful, and so was Beth. Twins, both blond and beautiful. For just a second my evil mind imagined having the two of them together, and I felt a nudge in my crotch as I momentarily pictured them on either side of me in bed, both eager and raring to go. A controlling muscle stud in the middle with a spectacularly beautiful subordinate blond on either side. Wow! That would be earth shattering, even for me. But that was only a momentary thought.

"You're new here aren't you?" I asked. "I don't remember seeing you before."

"Yeah, we just enrolled last week" Marco said. "My mom had a fight with the priest so she pulled us out of St. Mary's." He and Beth both laughed.

"Well, welcome to Jackson High" I said. I'd been holding his hand this whole time, but now finally let go.

"I guess you work out a lot" Marco said, unable to pull his eyes away from my massive physique.

"Yeah" I laughed. "That's the most important thing in my life." I raised my arm and gave it a quick flex, forcing a peak onto my seventeen inch arm. "I damn near spend my life in the gym."

"Yeah, we can see that" Marco said. "You look amazing."

"Thanks, Marco" I said. "Hey, ah, me and my buddies are going to play miniature golf. You want to come along?"

"Ah, sure, I'd like to" Marco said. "Beth?"

"Sorry, Beth" I said. "This is a man thing, so it's just us guys."

"That's alright" she said. "I'll see you later at home, Marco." As we turned and headed towards the outside door, I put my left hand on his shoulder and gave it a squeeze.

"My buddies are great guys and you'll like them" I murmured quietly and intimately into his ear. "You'll have a good time." If he didn't know that I was coming on to him he'd have to be stone dead.

But he wasn't stone dead because, although he tried to be subtle about it, he had to reach down and rearrange himself. He most definitely had a hard-on. I gave his shoulder another squeeze. "I know you'll have a good time" I repeated.

I was on my best behavior while playing miniature golf. I fully intended to have Marco before the day was out, but I didn't necessarily want to embarrass him or Jeff, Carl and Jim either. It was common knowledge that I was gay, but I didn't make a big deal about it, and even though Jeff, Carl and Jim were all straight, they were among my best friends. It didn't hurt that I was a stud; I was very popular with the girls, and I was a star on the wrestling squad and the football team. I had loads of friends.

So, with some difficulty, I kept my hands off of Marco and tried to control my mouth during the game. Yeah, sometimes my mouth gets away from me. I was mostly successful.

Jerry had to drop me off at school because I had left my bike there. He offered to take Marco home, but I said I'd take him there on my bike.

"So you're final going to get a chance to feel my muscles." I said to Marco as we walked up to my bike.

"Huh?" he said, startled. "What?"

"You ride on my bike, you've got to put your arms around me" I said. "I know you've been wanting to touch me all afternoon."

"Ahhh .... JD" he stuttered.

"Hey, that's okay" I said with a chuckle. "Lots of guys want to touch me. I don't mind. But I may ask for something in return."

"JD, you don't .... I mean .... I didn't say that. I mean ...." he stuttered. His face was turning bright red in embarrassment, since I was coming on so strong, and I was enjoying the hell out of it. But I knew I was right. He did want to touch me, but he was embarrassed that I'd figured it out.

"Marco, I said it's okay" I chuckled some more. "Here, touch this." I lifted my arm and flexed my bicep. "To ahead. Touch it."

"JD.... you .... you .... you're gorgeous."

"Ah huh" I said laughing aloud now. I told you my gaydar is perfect. This kid was gay, and like every other red blooded American queer, he found me irresistible. I pushed him up against my bike, jammed my crotch against his, put a hand behind his head to hold him steady, and kissed him. Right there in the middle of the parking lot. It was late afternoon and there was nobody around, but I didn't care anyway.

He put his arms around me, hugging me tight, and returned the kiss with a vengeance. I assume that until this very moment he may not have been one hundred percent positive that I was gay, but now that I'd made the move, he was thrilled that I was coming on to him. As we stood there kissing, neither one of us wanting it to end, I moved my free hand down to his butt and gave it a good squeeze. I absolutely intended to get my prick in there before the day was out. As I squeezed his butt he pushed his crotch against me, his hard-on pressing against my hard-on.

I finally broke the kiss, pulled back and gave him one of my dazzling grins. The smile he gave me in return almost made his whole face light up. The correct word for him was definitely beautiful.

"You are so hot, Marco" I said. "Really hot."

"How did you know?" he asked. I just laughed.

"I knew from the first second I saw you" I laughed. "Anybody as pretty as you has got to be gay." I reached behind him with both hands, grabbed his butt and pulled him back into the kiss.

Eventually we did have to come up for air.

"What are you doing right now?" I asked. I fully intended to get him home in my bedroom and screw the hell out of him.

"It's late, JD. It's almost six" he said. "I'm sure Beth has made excuses for me but I've got to get home for dinner."

"What are you doing after dinner?"

"Well, I don't know" he muttered. "Ahhh .... well...., ahhh...., you tell me." He grinned. "What am I doing after dinner?" We both laughed.

"You're going to come over to my house and climb into bed with me, that's what you're going to do" I said emphatically.

"Sounds good to me" he laughed. Then I remembered Carl. Hell, how could I have forgotten? I'd been waiting for this for weeks. Months. But when my hormones get stimulated everything else goes out the window except for my hard-on.

I had to see Carl tonight. I had to. But I also had to have this kid. I still had my hands on his butt, and I swear to god, he was grinding his ass against me. He wanted my prick in there as much as I did.

"On second thought, let me pick you up" I said. "I have a friend who lets me use his apartment, so we'll go there.'

"Okay" he answered. We got on my bike, and just for a second as he pretended to get comfortable behind me, he grabbed my biceps and gave them a good squeeze. Oh yeah, he liked muscle. This was going to be great.

Can you believe that I told him that I had a 'friend' with an apartment? Carl is my 'friend'? My teacher? My fuckboy? A friend? I felt guilty as hell saying such a thing after all that Carl I have been through together. Living together for a while and actually fucking for months. We'd basically been lovers, and I told Marco he was merely my 'friend'?

I knew this was going to be awkward as hell tonight, but I had to have Marco. I hadn't seen anyone this perfect in weeks, maybe months. He was most definitely gay, although maybe still closeted, and he was beautiful, and he had a butt just begging to be plugged by my prick.

But if there was anyone in this world who would underCarld my fixation on a hot new number, it was Carl. He was very well aware that I was always on the prowl and couldn't resist a really hot new trick. He'd argued with me any number of times over my out of control sex drive.

What was really going to be a problem however, was that I hadn't even talked to Carl for two weeks. We hadn't fucked for almost three weeks, so we had a whole lot of catching up to do. I had missed him, and I know he had desperately missed me. I hadn't stopped having sex but there was no doubt that Carl had. I'd been fucking somebody damn near every day while he was probably jerking off at home alone while dreaming about me. He's probably hotter than a pistol and ready to latch on to me the minute I walk into the apartment.

But, I reminded myself, I was in charge of our relationship. Bringing Marco along was probably not the best way for us to get back together, but I had no compunctions about reminding him that I'm completely in charge, and he has to do what I tell him to do. And that included keeping out of the way while I fucked Marco.

In fact, I thought, maybe this was a good thing. He still hadn't got over his bad habit of talking back and arguing with me, so maybe challenging him from the very beginning about renewing our relationship and making sure he remembers his position as my submissive will get us back on to a good start. A refresher course to remind a submissive of his place is never bad. But, no matter how he felt about it, he was simply going to have to wait his turn. I was going to fuck Marco first, and then he and I could get our relationship back on track.

But I was totally aware that this was going to be unbelievably acrimonious. Carl was going to be expecting me to throw him into the bed and start screwing the bejesus out of him, and he was not going to be happy when I tell him he's going to have to wait. I know he's going to raise a fuss and be difficult about it, and that would probably piss me off. And just to make it worse, since he was a teacher and Marco was a student, he was going to have to hide out. We couldn't let Marco find out that one of our teachers was my fuckboy, so Carl was going to have to keep out of sight. I was going to have to make him stay in his bedroom until I was through with Marco.

Oh, Jesus, this was going to be difficult.


There were four messages from Carl on my cell, so after dinner I decided to call and tell him I'm coming.

"Why didn't you tell me your family was going to move out?" I asked him. "You should have let me know."

"JD, how could I? You wouldn't talk to me. You wouldn't answer your phone. How could I tell you?"

"But this was really important" I said. "This is what we've been waiting for. You should have left a message or something. You should have found a way to tell me."

"JD, that's not fair" he said. "I can't tell you anything if you won't let me. Anyway, are you coming over?"

"Yes I am" I answered. "But we have a problem."

"A problem?" he asked. "What's that? Tell me about it."

"I'll tell you when I get there" I said, not willing to get into an argument with him on the phone. "We'll talk when I get there and I'll explain it."

"I can't wait for you to get here, JD. I've missed you so much. I just can't tell you how much I've missed you. I love you, JD."

"Hold on" I laughed. "Hold on. Let's not get all mushy here. I'll be there in half an hour."

"I do love you, JD" he said. "Please hurry." So I hung up and went to pick up Marco.

Marco's eyes almost bugged out when I rode up on my bike. I was wearing my skin tight latex muscle shirt. It was a silvery color and I do mean skin tight. My boxer shorts were silvery as well, but were more underwear than shorts, also skin tight with a built in pouch in front to hold my junk. Except for the silvery color, I might as well have been nude, and seeing me nude with all these muscles showing was really something to behold. It was almost beyond sexy, and it performed just as I'd planned. Marco was totally awestruck.

I mean, it was really funny, like a caricature, him Carlding there with his eyes bugged out and his mouth hanging open, totally mesmerized.

"JD .... JD ...." He murmured.

"You like?" I chuckled and raised my arms into a double bicep pose.

"Jesus ...." he said in a shocked voice.

"Not Jesus" I laughed. "But maybe God."

"You are like a god, JD" he said in awe. "You are a god." A chicken waiting to be plucked. I had to laugh at his amazement. He was going to give me a whole lot of pleasure once we got to Carl's.

When we did get to Carl's apartment, I told him to wait outside.

"I didn't tell this friend of mine that I was bringing you along, so I need to talk to him first" I said.

"That's alright" he said. "I'll wait."

"It might be a while" I said.

"Okay" he said. "I'll wait here." So I went in to confront Carl.

I didn't knock. I just walked in. Carl was setting on the sofa waiting for me dressed only in his leather slave collar and his leather pouch and nothing else. As I entered he got this enormous smile on his face and dropped to his knees.

Oh shit. This was going to be even more difficult than I thought.

"Oh, JD, JD, JD" he swooned. "I'm so happy to see you." He was absolutely glowing with that enormous smile. "You don't know how much I've missed you." He was very emotional and I saw that he had tears in his eyes.

I walked over, bent down and gave him a quick kiss. Then I stepped over him, sat on the sofa and pulled him up onto my lap. This was always my favorite position, having him in my lap like a little child.

Now I kissed him again, a real French kiss this time. He put his arms around me as I let the spit exchanging kiss go on and on. He was murmuring softly as we kissed: 'mmmm', 'mmmm'. My automatic reaction, just like always, was to grab his butt with one hand and his hair with the other as I kept the kiss going.

But enough was enough. I had to stop and tell him what was going to happen.

"I have something to tell you" I said softly as I broke the kiss. "Let's go in the bedroom." I stood up with him in my arms and walked into the bedroom and lay him down on the bed. Sitting next to him I rubbed my hand through his hair. Petting him? Yeah, petting him.

"I can't wait to get it on, babe" I said. "But I have a problem. I brought someone along with me."

"You what?" he said in a startled tone.

"Yeah, I brought someone along. He's waiting outside."

"JD, you what? You did what?" He was really shocked.

"Yeah, sorry" I said. "It's this hot new kid from school. I just met him today and he's got an ass that won't quit. I need some time with him."

"You're not serious, JD" he said. "Surely, you're not serious."

"Come-on, babe. You know me. I can't resist a pretty face, and this kid is gorgeous. I just need a little time. So ,,,,"

"JD, I can't believe ..." he said interrupting me. But I put my finger to his lips.

"Shhhhh" I said, shushing him. "Shhhhh. Don't talk, babe. Don't talk. Let's not fight."

"But, JD ...."

"Shhhhh, babe. Shhhhh. Don't say anything more. He's waiting outside, so let me go get him." He tried to say something more but I now put my hand over his mouth.

"Don't talk, Carl" I said. "Marco is a student at our school so you'll have to stay here in the bedroom. But I won't be long. I promise." Carl's face had gone white in shock, and although I had my hand over his mouth, I think he was speechless anyway. "I'll be back in a while and we'll get it on. And I'm expecting a blowjob to beat all blowjobs, as only Mr. Jameson, my very hot math teacher can give me." I gave him a big smile and walked away, leaving the bedroom. Carl's favorite activity was blowing me, so I hoped the anticipation would keep him calm for a while, while I did Marco.

I was really pleased that we hadn't had a screaming fight. But I admit it's kind of hard for the other guy to argue with you when you don't let him talk. Anyway, everything was going according to plan. I went out and brought Marco inside.

As I closed the door, I pulled him in, crotch to crotch, one hand on his ass, and kissed him. Marco was good. He knew how to kiss. As we kissed, I actually lifted him up off his feet with my hand on his ass, and he wrapped his legs around me. He was only about 5'7" or 5'8" and almost as skinny as Carl, so it was like nothing to pick him up. And as always, showing my strength and power to my fuck boys really turns me on. It turns them on too. And, as if there were any question in the first place, this left no doubt about who was in charge and who was going to be running the show.

When I finally broke the kiss and lowered him back onto his feet, I stepped back. My skin tight shorts were the real thing, so I had to peel them down and off. I wasn't easy but it was easier than when I put them on. I kicked my shoes off and tossed the shorts aside. Marco's eyes got big as my enormous dong sprung out and up and slapped against my belly. Grabbing the hem of my shirt, I pealed it off as well and tossed it aside.

Carlding there completely nude without saying a word, I raised my arms and performed a double bicep.

"You like" I grinned at him.

"Oh shit, JD, you are a god" he said in awe. Dropping the pose I reached down and gave my dick a flip allowing it to slap up against my belly again. Of course his eyes were drawn there, so I flipped it again. I didn't say anything. I just waited.

Then he hesitantly reached over to touch it. He seemed completely mesmerized. "No hands" I said. He glanced up at my face and then back down again and licked his lips. "No hands" I repeated. He thought about it for a moment, and then slowly sank to his knees. He glanced up at my face again and then leaned in and gave my dick a kiss, right on the tip.

"You're so big" he whispered. "It's beautiful."

"Show me" I said. He reached up with his hands again but I said 'no' and he stopped. Licking his lips once more, he leaned in and started licking up and down my very hard dick.

Did I say this kid was beautiful? Well, there's got to be a better word. Seeing him down there licking my dick gave me a shot of electricity up and down my spine and right out to the tip of my prick. I actually shuddered in delight. He was exquisitely ravishing and he was down there worshiping JD's dick.

I reached down and rubbed my hand through his hair a few times. "You are a beautiful boy, Marco. You were just made for my prick. I just know it." He glanced up and grinned as he licked up and down and up and down.

Keeping my hand behind his head, I pushed my crotch against his face, and jacked my hips up and down a few times, pressing my prick against his face. Then, pulling back slightly, I grabbed my dick with my other hand, and pushed his face down to my balls.

I didn't say anything but just let him figure it out, and it took him only seconds before he started lapping at my balls.

"Oh yeah, that's it, Marco" I swooned. "That's it. Now use some saliva and get 'em wet." Doing what I told him he got them wet and really started slurping on them as I gently jacked my dick. Looking down at him with that stunning face buried in my balls was beyond heavenly. It was incredible and my prick was so hard that it hurt. A really good hurt.

But enough preliminaries. I couldn't wait to get my dick in him. I stepped back, grabbed his shoulders and pulled him to his feet.

"Strip for me, babe" I said. "Let me see that pretty body."

"Ahhh, JD...." he started to say.

"Do it, babe. Do it" I said. "I gotta fuck you." That got his attention. He got a shocked look on his face, but I was so hot and ready to screw him that I didn't care what he thought.

"JD, please. I didn't ...." he stuttered.

"Strip. Now" I said sternly, making sure he knew there was no other option. I grabbed his t-shirt at his waist line, pulled it out of his pants, and then up and over his head. "I said strip" I growled. I knew I should be a little sweeter and perhaps a bit more gradual about my seduction, but I was hot, hot, hot. I wanted to look into those beautiful eyes and that beautiful face while I plugged my dick into his ass.

He bent down to take his shoes off, but I was too impatient. I grabbed him, pulled him up into my arms and headed for the guest bedroom. As I dumped him on the bed I saw that he was really startled but he didn't look scared. I grabbed his shoes and jerked them off. Grabbing his belt and unbuckling it, I unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, and then jerked them down and off as well. As I looked in his face again I saw that he was smiling and actually laughing softly.

"You are a god, JD" he laughed. "A powerful god. A demanding god." I bent down and kissed him. He reached up and grabbed my arms with both hands, getting a feel of my massive triceps. "Superman" he mumbled through the kiss.

I lay down on top of him pushing my prick between his legs. Grabbing his hair and twisting it a little I continued the kiss. I jacked my prick between his legs a few times while the kiss went on and on.

Then, raising up and looking into his eyes from only inches away, I said: "This Superman is going to fuck you."

"JD. Ahhh .... Superman" he said and giggled. "I've never ...."

"You never been fucked?" I asked.

"No. I ...." he answered.

"That's alright" I said, looking into his eyes. "I'll go easy. This Superman is a master at breaking in a virgin. It's gonna hurt some but you're gonna love it. You're going to love getting fucked by the hottest, most dominant stud at Jackson High." I laughed and he smiled.

That's when Carl, Mr. Jameson, stormed in.

"JD" he shouted. "I won't Carld for it. I won't Carld for it. I won't Carld for it."

Oh, hell, and I was all hot and bothered and ready to stick it in. Leave it to Carl to have perfect timing to totally fuck it up.

Of course I was pissed, but I have learned to control my temper somewhat, so I didn't just get up and kick the shit out of him and throw him out into the hall like I might have. I didn't want to hurt him, and besides, I was going to get a blowjob from him later. Instead of kicking his ass, I got up, grabbed him, and threw him on the bed. He landed on the other side of the bed right next to Marco. There was simply no way I was going to have a big fight with him right now when I was so hot a ready to plow into Marco's ass.

Marco, of course, had this really horrified look on his face. I grabbed his underwear and jerked them down and off and climbed back on top. His little dick was hard and dripping. He was as ready as I was.

Lying down on top of him and pushing our crotch's together, I reached over and put my right hand over Carl's mouth.

"No, no, no" Carl was mumbling through my hand, but I was looking into Marco's eyes again.

"This is my teacher, Mr. Jameson, Marco" I said softly and actually grinned at him. "He belongs to me, but he sometimes gets out of control." That horrified look remained on Marco's face. Seeing one of our high school teachers here, coming in while we were getting ready to fuck, had to be one hell of a shock.

Carl was squirming around and had both hands on my wrist trying to pull my hand out of his face and get up but it didn't even faze me because he didn't have near enough strength to pull me off. I simply ignored him as I kissed Marco again.

"JD, JD, JD" Carl mumbled from under my hand. He was still trying to yell but he was crying now as well. "Stop. Stop."

Holding Carl down with my right hand, I reached over to the bedside table with my left hand, pulled open the drawer and took out the tube of cream. I did this without looking because I was still kissing Marco. With the cream in hand I got up off of Marco and sat down on Carl, right on his belly, still holding my hand on his face.

Carl was squirming around like crazy, trying desperately to get away and get my hand out of his face, and to be honest I found it somewhat stimulating. Hell yes it was, and to tell the truth, I was beginning to enjoy it. Using my power and strength to control a person was always a turn-on for me and holding Carl down was like child's play. I kept my hand in his face, over his mouth, as I handed the tube of cream to Marco.

"Squeeze some of that into my hand, hon" I said as he looked up at me. I guess he couldn't believe what was happening, and how calm and collected I was. I mean, Carl was trying to scream, squirming around and grabbing at my hand, while I sat on him acting perfectly calm. "You gotta take the cap off, hon" I said to Marco and laughed. This seemed to wake him up and he opened the tube and squeezed a dab of cream into my hand.

Reaching between his legs, I smeared it into his crack. "More" I said, and he squeezed out some more. I reached back and this time, punched my finger into him. I was grinning at Marco the whole time, but now I looked down at Carl. He was still mumbling my name and 'stop' and 'no' and other shit as he kept making a futile attempt to get me off o him and to remove my hand. Honest to god, I thought it was hilarious and it was really turning me on to hold him like this.

I got off of Carl and got on my knees, although I kept my hand in his face. Then, moving fast, I raised my hand off of Carl's mouth, gave him a good slap, and put it back. That stopped the yelling and the struggling momentarily as his eyes almost bugged out in shock.

"You having fun, Mr. Jamison?" I asked as I chuckled and gave him a grin. "I am." I gave him another quick slap. "I'm going to fuck Marco, and you're going to watch" I said. Then he caught me unawares by putting on a burst of energy and pulled my hand off his face.

"Stop it, JD" he screamed. Yeah, screamed. "Stop it, stop it, stop it." Before I could catch him he sat up and tried to push me over backwards. Of course I didn't budge. I decided not to worry about the noise he was making, but I needed to get him under control. Grabbing him by the hair with my left hand, I jerked him around and got my right arm around his neck in a head-lock. He was face down with his cheek pressed against my chest.

I squeezed. As he kept fighting me, trying to get away, I squeezed harder. And you know what? I wasn't mad. I was fucking turned on. I actually had to laugh. Carl had never tried to fight me like this before, and I was thrilled to show him what an insignificant little wimp he was.

"Jesus, Carl" I laughed. "You are fuckin turning me on." As I squeezed harder, his shouting stopped and he started choking, and making gurgling sounds and I saw that his face was turning red. "You gonna stop fuckin around?" I asked. He didn't say anything, but how could he with me strangling him? But I eased up slightly on my head-lock anyway.

But my dick was rock hard and dripping and I had to fuck.

"Get your legs up, Marco" I said. Marco still seemed to be in shock from Mr. Jameson being there and me getting him under control. "Get 'em up": I repeated. Still holding Carl in a head-lock with my right arm, I grabbed one of Marco's legs and pulled it up. Now he got the idea and raised the other one so I moved in behind him.

Pushing my super hard dick down, I took aim towards his little pucker. I reminded myself that Marco was probably a virgin, and no matter how turned on I was, I had to go slow. Marco lowered his legs to my shoulders as I gently pushed.

Carl's face was still red, and he was trying his damndest to get away, going 'ugh, ugh, ugh' as he fought me. I loved it. He obviously had a front row seat to see my dick going into Marco's ass because I was holding him about a foot away from the action.

I pushed harder, and the head of my ten incher popped into Marco's ass.

"Oh, shit, JD" he moaned. "Ohhh .... shit. JD. JD." My dick ain't quite beer can sized, but it ain't far from it, and it's not easy for any guy to open up and take it. But for a virgin it's a whole different ball game. Marco's little hole ain't never been opened up like this before.

"Deep breaths, babe. Deep breaths" I said to him. "It'll get better." I just waited for a bit, letting him adjust to my big wanger. Carl gave a hard jerk, trying to get away so I tightened up a little. His face was beet red, and he started making choking sounds again. He couldn't speak since I was strangling him. I think I was crushing his larynx. "You okay, Carl?" I asked and couldn't help but giggle. "You enjoying this, babe? Well I sure am." I let up slightly on my hold so he could breathe.

"JD, please" he gasped. "Please." At least he could talk now.

"Look at my dick, Carl. It's right in front of your face. Look at it."

"JD, please. Let me go. I won't ...."

"No way, babe" I said, not really caring what it was he 'won't' do. "You're going to stay right there and watch. Holding you here is one hell of a turn-on."

With that, I gave another push with my dick, forcing it into Marco another inch or so. That got a grunt out of him. "It's going to get better, Marco. I promise." I pulled back just a bit and then pushed in further. Very slowly and gently I started to fuck, moving my hips back and forth and gradually going deeper.

"Oh, shit, JD. It hurts" he groaned. I ignored him and just continued the slow fuck, getting more and more dick into him with each thrust knowing I'd soon be hitting his prostate. Carl had stopped squirming which was actually a bit of a disappointment. I liked it better when he was writhing around like a little worm trying to get away. Controlling one guy while fucking another was mind blowing even though they were both skinny runts.

And then I was there, or almost anyway. Damn near all ten inches jammed into Marco's hot little butt.

"I'm there, Marco. I'm there" I said, grinning at him. "All the way." I just stayed there for a moment, giving him a break.

"JD. Let me go" Carl said.

"Shut up, Carl" I said. "I'll let you go when I'm good and ready."

"Please, JD. Please" he said.

I gave him a really hard squeeze on the head-lock. "I said shut up, Carl. Shut the fuck up." He gasped from the pain but he didn't say anything.

Holding Carl with my right arm and bracing myself on the bed with my left, I started to fuck. Not ramming it in or anything, but just a slow smooth in and out motion. Marco kept moaning but I think the pain must have been lessening for him. As a virgin, he was tighter than a drum which felt great, and even better, it's always exciting for me to know that nobody else has ever had their dick up there, that I was the very first.

But, holding on to Carl and basically dragging his head back and forth as I fucked, was making this beyond exciting. I don't even have a word for it, but my dick knew, and it was getting ready to blow. I kept the slow fuck going, not speeding up at all, but my prick had other ideas and kept getting hotter and hotter.

And then I blew. "Shhhhiiiitttt" I howled, as I pushed into Marco's ass as far as I could go and let fly, shooting over and over into him. I was looking into Marco's eyes as I fired and I could see that he was feeling little or no pain now. In fact, I saw that he had his hand on his prick, jerking it like crazy, and even before my final shot, he let loose himself.

"Ohhh, ohhh" he grunted as he fired up onto his chest, almost hitting himself on the chin. He shot damn near as many times as I did. We were both covered with sweat and both howling as we shot our jizm, him onto his chest and me into his butt.

When we finally finished our ejaculations I just relaxed and let go of Carl. He just flopped back onto the bed and put his hands to his neck. I pushed my dick in and out of Marco's ass a couple times giving him a big smile, and then slowly pulled it out. He smiled back. Yeah he smiled at me. Pain or no pain, he must have liked it.

(And need I say that he'd just got it from JD, muscle god and Superstud and top-man extraordinaire, so how could he not like it? Hell yes I'm a conceited son-of-a-bitch but there ain't a guy alive who didn't want it again after I fucked them the first time.)

Allowing Marco to put his legs down, I got off the bed, climbing over Carl. Marco was looking at me in awe. Remember, I'm a muscle god, and I'd just power fucked him, so of course he looked at me in awe. Carl had a look of .... what? Consternation? He still had his hands on his sore neck but he didn't look angry and he wasn't crying. He just looked dispassionate. I think he was simply stunned.


Marco said he could walk home, which was great, because there was no way I was going to leave Carl here alone so he could brood on what had just happened. I had to keep him focused on me, on us, and not think of what I had just done to him.

I took him to bed right after Marco left and pulled him into a tight hug as I whispered into his ear. "You're wonderful, Carl. I've never been with anyone like you" I said.

And: "I can't believe how well you handled that with Marco. You were terrific. Holding you like that was the hottest thing I've ever done."

And: "I can't tell you how great it is to be here with you in our apartment, hugging you like this."

And: "I've missed you so much, Carl. I've really missed you."

And: "god, it's great to be back together with you again like this."

And: "you know how much I love you and I'd never do anything to hurt you."

I went on and on and on for over half an hour as we lay there, and I didn't stop talking the whole time, telling him how wonderful he was and how much I loved being with him. I knew he must be incredibly angry inside, and it was going to take a lot to calm him down, but I was sure he'd come around eventually. I'd put him through a lot of shit over recent months and he'd always grudgingly forgiven me.

Eventually he went to sleep and so did I.

I was still holding on to him the next morning when the alarm went off. He shut off the alarm and tried to get up but I grabbed his arm and pulled him back. "No Carl. Don't go yet" I said.

"I've got to get ready for work" he said. He sounded angry.

"No, not today," I said. "You've got to stay here with me. You can call in sick." He kept trying to get up but I held on to him.

"I've never been sick" he said. "I've never missed a day of school."

"Well, today's going to be a first" I said. "You're going to stay here with me."

"No, JD, I can't" he said. I reached down and grabbed his cock. He didn't have a morning hard-on like I did, but as I fondled it, it began to grow. "Don't JD. Don't" he said as he tried to pull my hand away.

"No way, Carl" I said as I played with his dick. "You and me are staying in bed all day long." I grabbed him by the head and pulled him into a kiss.

"Ohhh" he said. "Let me go brush my teeth." At least he was thinking about something other than going to work.

"Not until you call in sick" I said. I got out of bed and pulled him up with me and kissed him again. Our very hard dicks were pressed against each other. "Come on" I finally said. "Let's make that call."

So he did. He called in sick, we brushed our teeth, and I took him back to bed. Now in the light of day, I realized how really mean I had been to him. It had been incredibly hot when I was doing it, but it was clear that I had gotten out of control. So I owed him a lot. I had to make up for treating him so badly.

I wasn't worried about Marco, because he said he'd never breathe a word about 'Mr. Jameson'. He loved me dominating him and fucking him and made it clear that he wanted me again, so I told him how hot he was and that I was definitely up for seconds.

Getting Carl back into bed, we spooned together and I kept playing with his dick. Twice he got close to coming but I slowed down before he could shoot.

"JD, you're driving me crazy" he said. "Please, let me cum."

"When I'm good and ready, Carl. Only when I'm ready." I did take my hand off his dick however. But now I got up between his legs and raised them up, lifting his ass up in the air with my hands on his thighs. I was staring into his eyes as I lifted his ass up to my face. Then I leaned in and gave him a lick.

He howled 'JaaaaDeeee' drawing out my name. I'd never licked his ass before and I think I really shocked him. I licked it again, looking into his shocked face. Then I stuck my tongue in, boring into his crack. He yelled my name again: 'JaaaaDeeee. Ohhhh shiiiiit.' Pulling his cheeks apart to give me better access, I pushed my tongue into his crack as far as I could and wiggled it.

Carl didn't yell this time but he groaned, and then started shooting. Yeah, he started blowing his wad. Me licking his ass was just the thing to take him over the edge.

"Ohhh, JD, JD, JD" he moaned in pleasure. Pulling my tongue back out momentarily, I watched his face as he fired shot after shot. He was moaning wildly in pleasure, his eyes closed, his mouth open, as he shot his cum onto his chest.

I barely waited until he was finished, and then, leaning in, started to fuck him. Yes, fuck him, with my tongue, jamming it in and out and in and out as he moaned and groaned. I loved hearing those groans of pleasure from him, and I wondered why I hadn't done something like this before.

His pleasure had always been a secondary issue to my pleasure. Carl loved whatever I did to him and he got his fulfillment from that. I simply used him for my own enjoyment without much thought of his feelings, but he always seemed to be satisfied with that. In fact, that had always been my motto with all my partners. I get my rocks off while using them and they get their pleasure from being fucked by me, the hottest stud they've ever laid eyes on. I couldn't remember a single case where any of my tricks were not satisfied. Okay, so I'm a bit conceited and perhaps a little selfish, but I'd simply not considered doing something to Carl or to any of my tricks specifically for their pleasure. It wasn't necessary to keep them happy and it just hadn't occurred to me. But now I was enjoying this. I was. Really, I was. Fucking Carl's ass with my tongue and listening to him blubbering in ecstasy was a real turn-on.

"You want me to fuck you?" I asked him as I pulled back and looked into his eyes. I don't think I'd ever asked him what he wanted before, I'd always just done my thing, so this was also a first.

"Yes, yes, please, yes, JD" he groaned. "Please fuck me." So! I've asked him and he wants it. No selfishness here. He wants me to fuck him and I'm going to give him what he wants.

Lowering his ass somewhat and putting his legs on my shoulders, I took aim, and pushed my prick into him. No extra preparation or anything, just pushed it in, like maybe five inches.

"YES, YES, YEEEESSSS" Carl screamed. Yeah, he really screamed and I hoped the neighbors had already gone to work, or we'd probably have the police at the door again. It probably hurt since I hadn't fucked him for weeks, but pain or no pain, this was his greatest pleasure; getting fucked and fucked hard by my big dick.

So, I went at it, screwing the hell out of him. No finesse or prudence but just hard, ram it in, fucking. He wanted it that way and so did I. He was howling with pleasure, even louder than usual, so I knew he was really loving it. I said this was his favorite, just ramming it in? Well, it was my favorite too. Slamming into him with my entire perception focused on the head of my prick, and completely oblivious to anything else.

Carl was still yelling but I was no longer worrying about the neighbors as I was on the verge of yelling myself.

"Ohhhhh JaaaaDeeee" he howled. "JaaaaKeeee, JaaaaDeeee, JaaaaDeeee."

And slamming into him one final time, I howled myself. "Shiiiiittttt. Shit, shit, shit" I screamed. As I fired my first shot, I pulled back and slammed into him again, and then once more after the second shot, really hammering it to him. When I felt something on my hand I saw that Carl was shooting his load as well, and still howling. Yes, he was shooting again. Twice within just minutes of each other.

His frustrations and anger and my attempts to make up for my transgressions were all cumulating into two incredibly intensive simultaneous ejaculations. Even after I fired my final shot I still banged into him once more as his screams turned to whimpers.

But then it was over. I simply flopped down on top of him allowing his legs to drop; my sweaty body on his sweaty body.

We were both panting, and trying to get out heart beats back down to something like normal, but Carl finally spoke. "JD, you're wonderful" he murmured. "You're still a shit, but you're wonderful."

"Okay, I'm a shit" I laughed. "I admit it, and you're pretty wonderful too." We just lay there for a couple minutes getting our breath back, but when my prick started to soften I pulled out and rolled over next to him.

"Carl, I'm sorry about last night" I said contritely. "But you cannot imagine how incredibly hot it was controlling you like that while I was fucking Marco. That was the most exciting fuck I've ever had in my life." Just thinking about it gave me a twinge in my softening prick.

"You're sorry?" he asked. "You're sorry? Are you sure? You don't sound like it."

"Okay, okay, I admit it" I said. "I loved it. It was the most amazing fuck I've ever had."

"JD ...." he started to say.

"Wait" I said. "Wait, let me finish. I said I loved it and I did. You know what a power freak I am and how much I love controlling you and using you. Well, last night I controlled you with one hand while I fucked the hell out of Marco. It was super-hot."

"JD ..." he started again.

"I'm not finished" I said, interrupting him. "I'm sorry I hurt your feelings." I put my arm around his neck pulling him over onto his side against me. "I'm sorry you were upset. I really am. But you're not upset now, are you?"

"Well, I don't know. I ...."

"Honey, you know how I am" I said and gave him a peck on the lips. "I love to fuck, and I love being in control, and last night was the ultimate. Yes, you were mad, but that's what made it so exciting. You squirming around there trying to get away with me holding you with one hand while fucking Marco; that was amazing." I had to chuckle a little as I remembered it.

"JD ....," he started once more.

"Shut up, Carl" I said. "I know you want to keep me happy, and last night I had the time of my life. Think about it; I didn't hurt you none. I just had fun. I played with you. Right now I want you to be happy that you gave me such a thrilling time last night. Stop and think about it and you'll see that it was funny. Yeah, funny. You wriggling around trying to stop me from fucking and me easily controlling you with one hand."

"Funny?" he asked. "How can you say funny?"

"Yes, funny" I said. "I'm sorry I hurt your feelings but I'm not sorry for what I did, because I was turned-on like maybe never in my life. You know how I love being in control. Well, I was in control of you like never before."

So we made up. Carl eventually came around and actually laughed about it. He admitted he overreacted, and he also began to see it from my viewpoint and admitted that my controlling him like that had to be super-hot for me.

So, we were back on good terms again.

Carl's sister had moved back with her husband again, so she, her mother and the kids were out of our hair. The arrangement I had with my parents wasn't very good so it was great being able to move back in with Carl again.

"You're sure it's okay for me to move back in with you?" I asked him that afternoon as we lazed in bed. "I want you to be sure."

"I wouldn't have it any other way, JD" he said. "You know how much I love you."

"Listen, honey" I said. "I love you too. You know that. But ...."

"I love it when you call me honey, JD" he grinned and gave me a kiss on the cheek. We were lying on the bed, me on my back with my arm around him, and him on his side against me. His left hand was moving freely over my chest and abdominals. "I want to be with you."

"Okay, okay, I know, I know" I laughed. "But you know how I am. I am what I am and I can't change."

"JD, I love you just the way you are" he whispered and gave me another kiss on the cheek. "I love you. I love everything about you. You don't have to change."

"Carl, face it, I play around" I said. "I know it and you know it, and I'm not going to stop. I'm sorry, but that's something you're going to have to accept."

"I know, JD. I know. I accept that and I'll try not to get angry. I know you're Mr. Superstud and have admirers climbing all over you. I just want my share. I want to be with you. That's all I want."

So, I had the best of all worlds. I really did love Carl and we always had really terrific sex, so I had that and I had my freedom as well to fuck around as much as I wanted. I know we'll have some hiccups here and there along the way, but as long as I'm reasonably discrete I think we'll manage quite well.

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P.S.: This is JD with one final thought. Mr. Jameson and I lived happily ever after. You think so? We had our ups and downs, but that's another story. Maybe I'll tell you all about it sometime.



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