This story is about the adventures of JD, a very muscular dominant young man as he manipulates and controls his high school teachers, his family members, and others around him. This story is total fantasy and is for entertainment purposes only, and the author in no way intends it to represent any form of actual reality. If you don't like stories about heavy dominance and submission you probably won't like it so don't read it. If you are not of legal age, please don't read it either.

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My Teacher, My Pet

Chapter 16

"No, no, and no" Carl said firmly. "I won't do it."

Without a word I slapped him. He looked shocked but he should have expected it after all the times I've told him not to argue with me. I slapped him again with the other hand.

"Yes, yes, and yes. You will do it" I said. "Now not another god damn word."

"JD ...."

"That's a word" I said. "You're aching for a bruising."

"He's my student, JD. Troy's in one of my classes" he groaned.

"Yeah, but he already know s about us so it doesn't matter. And, besides, I want to do it, and that's all that matters. I don't give a damn what you think. We're doing it."

I had stopped in at Carl's classroom after school to tell him we were heading over to Troy's house. I hadn't told him about my afternoon screwing the three kids, and I hadn't even told him about Troy and his apartment or anything at all. Alright, so I forgot.

Okay, so I admit I was dumping a lot on him all at once. I was taking him to one of his student's house's to fuck him, and I was going to let the student watch. But as usual, I can't stand him disagreeing with me, no matter the justification.

"JD ...." he started again.

"Shut up and get your shit together. We're leaving. You can follow me." I went out to my bike and waited for him, and then headed towards Troy's house. I parked behind Troy's garage and had Carl park on the side street.

"JD, will you be reasonable" Carl pleaded with me as we stood behind Troy's garage. "Just listen for a minute."

"Carl, I'm getting so sick of this" I said. I grabbed him by the shirt and slammed him up against the wall. "You know, I gave up weeks ago trying to get you to call me Master, because you insisted on calling me JD. But I can see that was a mistake. Slaves don't argue with their Masters, but Carl is arguing with me all the fucking time. So you're going to call me Master. Starting now. Call me Master."

I don't think Carl was really listening, because he was so hung up on stopping me from fucking him in front of Troy. "JD ...." He started to say.

I slapped him, hard (wham). "Yeeeaaaoooh" he yelped. "JD, please."

I slapped him again, hard (wham). "Yeeeaaaoooh" he screamed. His face was turning red already and tears appeared in his eyes. I wasn't gentle, so those slaps hurt.

There was a long pause as I glared at him, my hand gripping his collar as tears dripped down his cheeks. "JD, please" he whimpered.

I slapped him again, a third time (wham). Now he really howled. "Yeeeaaaoooh" he screamed and started crying. I didn't say a word, but just kept glaring at him and holding him against the wall. There was another long pause.

Then he whispered, barely audible: "Master."

"Again" I snapped as I pulled him forward and slammed him back against the wall, banging his head.

"Mas.." he tried to say and then coughed to clear his throat. "Master" he said. I slammed him against the wall once more.

"Again" I growled.

"Master" he said clearly. I just held him there for another moment before speaking.

"You're my slave" I growled at him. "Say it."

"I'm your slave" he whimpered.

"I'm your Master, and you're my slave" I snarled into his face.

"You're my Master, and I'm you're slave" he whimpered.

Taking hold of his chin I forced his head up so he had to look at me, look me in the eye. He was weeping and sniffling as I held him there. "Jesus Christ, Carl, I don't know why you make me go through this" I said in exasperation. "Have you any idea how much I hate doing this?"

"JD ...." he started to say.

"WHAT?" I shouted at him.

"Oh, you're here" I heard Troy's voice from above us. He must have heard me yelling.

"Troy, get the hell back inside. We'll be right up" I shouted. Then I growled at Carl: "What did you say, slave?"

"Master" Carl said in barely a whisper.

"God damn you, Carl, for doing this to me" I said. "You say you love me and then you make me do this. What's the matter with you?"

"J .... Master ...."

"It's not hard, damn it" I growled. "You just got to do what I want. You just got to do what I tell you."

"I'm sorry .... Ahhh. I'm sorry Master" he mumbled through his tears as he looked into my eyes.

"Damn you to hell, Carl" I growled, "for doing this to me. You've got to stop upsetting me and pissing me off like this. I hate being angry with you, but you force me to be this way. Get your god damn brain working before you argue with me." Now I put my arms around him and hugged him to me.

"I'm sorry, Master. I'm sorry" he sobbed. "I promise. I promise. I won't do it again. I promise. I love you, JD." I let that one go because I knew how difficult this was for him. He put his arms around me and hugged me fiercely as I held him and gave him a few kisses on the top of his head. I almost had tears myself because I really didn't like hurting him. I just wanted him to obey me and accept that I'm the boss. Accept that I'm in charge. That's all I wanted from him. I wasn't asking for all that much. We stood there for several minutes hugging, as Carl sobbed softly.

"You've got to promise me, Carl. You've got to" I said, actually pleading with him. "I just can't go through this anymore."

"Okay, M-m-master" he sobbed. "I won't. I promise, I won't." I hoped he really meant it because I really hated having him cry like this. I hated him making me hurt him.

"Okay, let's go up" I finally said. Taking him by the hand I let him up the steps. Troy must have heard my anger and had gone back inside, but he opened the door as we got to the landing.

"Hello, Mr. Jameson" he said brightly with a little too much emphasis on the 'Mr.'. "Hello, JD." I grabbed him by the neck and pushed him back into the apartment and pulled the door closed behind me, leaving Carl on the landing. Stopping in the middle of the room with my one hand squeezing his neck, I lifted him up on his toes.

"Awwwk" he croaked as I held him there.

"You will behave yourself, or I'll crush you like a bug" I snapped at him. His eyes bugged out and he was instantly terrified.

"JD?" he croaked. "JD?"

"This is very hard for Mr. Jameson, so you will not speak to him, and you will definitely not humiliate him. YOU-WILL-NOT!" I snarled.

"I'm sorry, JD. I'm sorry" he gasped as I choked him.

"You will go and sit in that corner" I said, pointing, "and you will not say a word. Not one word. If I hear a sound form you I'll kick your ass from here to hell and back. Got that?" I said giving him a good shake. "Got that?"

"Yes, JD" he stammered in fear. "I got it. I got it."

"Good" I said and let go of him. He stumbled back and grabbed his sore neck, but seeing my angry stare, he scurried over to the corner and sat down on the floor.

I opened the door and Carl came in. I pulled my t-shirt up and off and used it to wipe Carl's face, wiping the tears off his cheeks. Dropping the shirt I pulled him into a hug and started kissing him. Very soft, gentle kisses, using a lot of tongue. His arms went around my shoulders as one of my hands automatically dropped down to his ass.

Getting a good grip on his ass, I lifted him off his feet, and he wrapped his legs around me. I just held him there with no effort whatsoever as the kiss went on and on.

After several minutes I broke the kiss and carried him over to the sofa, and gently laid him down on it. Then, quickly kicking off my shoes and pulling off my shorts, leaving me naked, I lay down on top of him and continued the kiss. Carl's arms went around me and he started rubbing his hands up and down my spine.

I knew this was hard for Carl, and I didn't want to make it any more difficult than necessary, so I didn't plan to recreate one of our rape scenes, or any of the other outlandish games we played. This was going to be just a simple suck and fuck.

After kissing for several minutes, I got up and sat on his chest. Putting my hand behind his head, I pulled him up so he could lick my balls. Carl knew what to do and developing lots of saliva, he started slobbering all over them. He tried to take them in his mouth, just like he always did, but was unable to, they were simply too big.

After I had my fill of this, I slid forward, giving him access to my ass. I knew this would give Troy a thrill, and I was right because he let out a gasp. After all, this was his math teacher he was watching eat out my ass. As I looked over I saw that he had pulled his dick out and was jerking it like mad. I guess maybe I was giving him a show after all.

After giving Carl only a minute or so to lick my ass, I pulled back, took a handful of hair, and pushed my prick in his mouth. Starting very slowly, I started dragging his head back and forth as he started sucking. I didn't need to manipulate him like this because Carl gave an amazing blowjob on his own, but I wanted to impress upon Troy that this man, this adult, this high school math teacher, was completely under my command. I kept Carl's head bobbing back and forth in a nice rhythm and then started to speed up. I also started to go slightly deeper.

Maybe I've said before how much I love hearing slobbering or choking noises while I'm fucking a guy's face, and I started getting them now because I was poking Carl in the throat with each thrust forcing him to choke slightly. It was music to my ears. I loved that sound.

That's when my cell phone rang. Great timing right? I let go of Carl and stood up with my enormous ten inch pecker sticking damn near straight up and grabbed my cell from my shorts. The call was from Ace, the incredibly gorgeous, absolutely to die for, winner of the Mr. Atlanta contest.

Yeah, I'm right in the middle of a hot fuck, but for Mr. Atlanta there was no question. I had to answer.

"Hey, Ace, it's fantastic to hear from you" I said. "But, man, you caught me right in the middle of something."

"Something?" he said and laughed. "A hot fuck I'll bet."

"As a matter of fact, yeah" I said and joined in the laughter. "My big wanger is hard and dripping like a-son-of-a-bitch, and I'm about to stick it in. Can I call you back? Maybe in a couple hours?"

"No, I'll call you when I get a chance, but I'm heading your way." he said. "I'll be there sometime next week. I'll let you know when. Now go find a hole to stick that wanger of yours into. Bye." He hung up before I could respond.

I hadn't heard from Ace since he'd visited me, so the call was a surprise. A very pleasant surprise. God, he was a spectacular man. But right now I had some dick action that needed taking care of and it couldn't wait.

I dropped the phone, turned to face Troy who was still jerking his prick, and gave him a double bicep pose. I don't know whether it was my enormous prick or my biceps, but something sent him over the edge as he started gasping and shooting his load. He must have been very close because it only took about three seconds before he was shooting.

However, I didn't give a damn about Troy's ejaculation, I was interested in my own. Carl knew what was coming so when I got up off of him, he immediately jerked his pants and underwear off. As I turned back to him I heard him spit, so he was getting his ass ready. I waited for a few seconds giving him a chance to spit again and work it into his hole. Then I grabbed his legs, pulled them up and lifting his ass, took aim, and pushed.

I fucked Carl every day, most times more than once, so he didn't need much prep. But I didn't want him too juiced up anyway, because I wanted a good tight fit. I pushed again, forcing a good five inches into his tight little ass. As always, the feeling was glorious.

Either Carl had forgotten about Troy completely, or he had come to the realization that he couldn't stop me so he just gave in. He was now concentrating on me, looking up into my eyes as I pushed into him. His head was crammed at an uncomfortable angle against the back of the sofa, but I was too much into the fuck to do anything about it. He might end up with a sore neck but that couldn't be helped.

I pushed again, hard, getting a grunt from him, as I forced damn near all ten inches into him. Then I just held on for a moment as I stared into his eyes. "Is this okay, baby?" I asked. "Is this good?"

He smiled. "Yes, JD ...." He said, and then barely whispered: "yes, Master, it's good." I gave him a big grin in return. Then I fucked. Starting slow, looking down at my dick and watching it slowly slide out of Carl's hot butt, and then sliding back in all the way. Very slow and smooth.

Shit, I loved watching my prick this way, sliding smoothly in and out. When you've got ten inches to work with, it's a thing of beauty to watch it, slick with spit, slide in and out of a hot ass. And Carl had the hottest ass around. I've fucked a lot of asses, but Carl does things, like tightening and loosening, and wiggling his body, to make it super special. Carl was an artist when it came to receiving my dick.

I was enjoying the show so much, and the intense pleasure of the slow fuck, that I wanted it to go on forever. So I kept on and on, for ten minutes, and then fifteen minutes of incredibly intense enjoyment. Then twenty minutes, keeping it very slow, and watching it as it glistened and slid smoothly in and out. I noticed that Carl was not looking into my eyes now but was watching my prick pull in and out of his ass as well. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw that Troy was not in the corner anymore, but had moved so he could watch my prick as well. Did I say the slow fuck with my ten incher was a thing of beauty? Well, there were three of us now who overwhelmingly agreed that it was.

The pleasure was so great and so intense, I wanted to just scream. But at some point it has to come to an end. So, gradually, I began to speed up, very gradually. And that's when Carl let loose. Carl quite often came before I did without even touching himself, and this was one of those times. His first shot landed on his belly but the second one got him right on his nose, forcing me to laugh.

But I wasn't about to let his ejaculation interfere with mine, so I kept going even as he moaned and groaned and fired shot after shot. I thought the pleasure couldn't possibly get any better, but it could, and it did. Now my whole body got into it, not just the slow movement of my hips. As I sped up, I started to really bang into him, harder and harder.

It didn't take long for me to reach my peak, probably two or three minutes, before I was there. Slamming into him hard one final time and damn near moving the heavy sofa, I started to shoot.

"Yeeeaaaoooh" I screamed in ecstasy as my first shot buried itself in Carl's hot ass. I screamed again as I fired my second shot into him. But then, remembering that I was putting on a show, I pulled out. Just in time too, because my third shot reached all the way to Carl's chin. My fourth hit him in the left eye and the fifth on his cheek just below his eye. I started laughing and howling at the same time as my sixth and seventh shots also reached all the way to his chin. I was having the ejaculation of a life time.

Yes, I had an eighth and a ninth shot, but who's counting at that point? The ejaculation was absolutely glorious.

Pulling out and dropping to my knees, I grabbed Carl by the shoulders and pulled him to me. "Wow" he said, showing a big smile, as I latched onto his lips and started kissing him. It was good for him. I was so pleased. When it's great for me, there is nothing better than having it be great for him as well.

Eventually, we broke the kiss and returned to reality. As I glanced over at Troy, he smiled at said: "Wow". And I laughed, feeling almost giddy with pleasure. They joined me in the laughter.

Troy wanted to talk, but I wouldn't let him until we'd all showered and dressed and were sitting in the living room with drinks in our hands. Yes, thirteen year old Troy had beer in his refrigerator, although only Carl and I were drinking it. Troy said he didn't like the taste.

"I promise, Mr. Jameson, I won't say anything. I'd never. You don't have anything to worry about." Carl smiled at him, seemingly completely relaxed now.

"Thanks, Troy" he said. "I appreciate it. You've got to understand that JD is really special, and I love him."

"Oh, I know, I know" Troy said enthusiastically. "He's like a God, Mr. Jameson. You're really lucky." Troy was looking me in the eye while he said this.

"Yes, I know" Carl said. "I know how lucky I am to have him."

"That's alright" I said sarcastically. "Just pretend I'm not here." We all laughed.

"But, Mr. Jameson, JD is lucky too" Troy said. "I mean, you're the most handsome teacher I've ever seen, anywhere."

"And you're a cute kid too, Troy" I said and we all laughed again.

This mutual admiration society had to break up sometime, so after Troy assured us that we could come back any time, with or without him, and gave me a key, Carl and I headed out. I gave Troy a kiss on the way out and told him I'd see him soon.


Alright, so I screwed Troy the very next day, the day after my first tryst with Carl in his apartment. I told him he could have all the cock action he could handle, and I was very appreciative of him letting me and Carl use his apartment, so I gave him almost more than he could handle. But Carl didn't need to know who I was screwing, and now that we were not living together, it was easier to keep it from him. I didn't actually lie to him, but just kept some information from him to keep him happy.

And I wanted to keep Carl happy. I did love him in my own way. He was a great fuck and gave fabulous blowjobs, but besides that, I was really comfortable being with him. I wished we still lived together. But with the use of Troy's apartment our relationship was going to survive, at least until his family got the hell out and let us live together again.

So, anyway, Carl and I made a second trip to Troy's apartment. We met there after my afternoon workout and Carl gave me one of his fabulous blowjobs and then we lounged around until I was ready to fuck him. Troy was not there so I didn't have to put on a show for anyone except us. But, sex with Carl is always 'show time'.

And, can you believe this shit? Just about the time I was ready to stick it in to Carl's butt, my phone rang. It was Ace again.

"Ace, you always catch me at the worst possible times" I said.

"Ready to stick it in again, are you?" he said.

"Hell yes. It's hot and dripping right now."

"Well, have him lick it off and then stick it in" he said and laughed. "I'd lick it off myself if I was there. I'll call you back in a few." With that he hung up.

So, I took his advice and had Carl lick off the pre-cum before I jammed it up his bunghole. Carl came once after he blew me and twice while I was fucking him. No 'hands free' ejaculations this time, but I let him jerk off sometimes while I'm fucking him. The truth is he got his pleasure from giving me pleasure and would have been satisfied even if he didn't cum. But I want to be sure he is pleasantly sated after a bout, so I watch out for him.

I tried to call Ace back but he wasn't answering. He was making calls but he wasn't taking them.

So I decided to confront Carl with something that had been bothering me, and I don't think he was even aware of.

"You know what gets to me?" I said to him. We were lying on the floor in front of the sofa, me on my back, and Carl partially on top of me. His face was on my chest and he was giving me light kisses. "After everything I do for you, all the attention you get from me, all this cock action that you get from me, the hottest, most gorgeous stud in this school; you don't do anything for me. You even have the nerve to say that you love me and I can barely get you to do what I tell you to do."

Carl raised his head and looking into my face with his mouth open, and a shocked look on his face. "JD" he gasped, totally stunned. "What ....?"

"You are insolent most every time we're together. I've told you twenty times to call me Master, but you're such a surly little shit that you can't be bothered."

The look on his face had gone almost beyond shock. "JD, ahhh .... Master. How could you?" he mumbled. "How can you say that?"

"Do you know that you've never bought me anything" I said. "Oh, I know you were helping me with an allowance when we were living together, but I mean, actually bought me anything."

"The bike ...." He started to say.

"My dad bought that bike" I snapped. "Oh, I know you helped a little, but that was money I weezled out of my dad."

"JD, I ahhh .... I .... what .... ahhh .... I should have bought you something else?"

"Well, yes, why not?" I said simply. "Do you appreciate me? Don't you want to do something for me?"

"JD, we have great sex" he said.

"Yes, and you don't appreciate it" I said. "I mean, how many skinny school teachers are getting fabulous sex with the hottest sixteen year old in the state? You know damn well everybody wants me."

JD" he said. "I never thought ...."

"That's right, you never thought" I said interrupting him. "You've never taken me out shopping. You've never taken me to a nice restaurant. You haven't done anything for me."

"But, JD, we might ...."

"Yeah, I know, we might be seen, and you're paranoid about being seen with me. But has that stopped you from going out and buying me something nice?"

"JD, I didn't think .... I didn't realize you wanted me to get you anything."

"What a fucking stupid thing to say. If you really appreciated me and what I do for you I'd be loaded down with gifts." I mean what was wrong with Carl? He was a skinny runt and I was a teenage muscle god. I could have a dozen like him if I wanted. Hell, I could have them two or three at a time. Yes, he had a pretty face but there were lots of pretty faces around, but I was the most spectacular teenager in the state. He simply didn't appreciate that. Somehow he seemed to think we were equals and that sure as hell wasn't the case.

"I'm sorry, JD" he said.

"Well, do something about it" I replied.

"What do you want, JD?" he said contritely. "What can I get for you?"

"You shouldn't have to ask. You should always be looking for something nice for me" I said looking into his eyes. "But, how about taking me out to dinner?"

"Oh, JD, I don't know" he started to say, but I interrupted him.

"You're going to take me out to dinner" I said, making it an order.

"Okay, JD. Okay" he said meekly. "Soon. Sometime soon."

It was just as we were leaving Troy's apartment when Ace called back. In fact we were walking down the steps when the phone rang.

"Ace, thanks for calling back" I said with enthusiasm. I really was thrilled to hear from him.

"Hey, JD, how's it going" he said. "I been wanting to call you back for weeks, but this tour has really kept me busy."

"You said you were going to come this way, here to Milton?"

"Yes, I'm coming to Milton. I'm coming to Milton to see you. I been thinking about you a lot, JD."

"What?" I said in surprise. Mr. 'Perfect physique muscle god' had been thinking about me? "You been thinking about me?"

"You and that dick of yours, JD" he said. "I want 'em again."

"Ahhh .... Ace" I sputtered. "I been thinking about you too, but ...."

"I can't get you out of my mind, JD" he said and really shocked me. "You are the most stunning kid, ahhh .... man, I've ever seen, and your prick is like god's gift. I been thinking about you a lot."

Yes, I was shocked. I was absolutely wild about Ace, but never for a minute did I consider that he might feel the same about me. He won the Mr. Atlanta contest, for god's sake. He was perfect.

"I don't know what to say" I said.

"Tell me that you want me to come visit and stay for a couple days" he said. "Tell me that you want your cock sucked like it's never been sucked before. Tell me you can't wait to see me."

"Jesus, Ace" I gasped. "You're going to make me think I've died and gone to heaven. Jesus! Please come. Absolutely, yes. Please come."

"The tour is over and I've decided to enter the Mr. Georgia contest. I've got three months to get ready. But, first, I want to see you."

"Jesus, Ace" I gasped again. "I can't wait to see you. This is terrific." You think I wasn't excited? I was damn near jumping up and down with excitement.

"Have you still got you're sugar daddy?" he asked. "Can I stay with you?"

"Actually, I have to say I'm back living with my parents." How embarrassing to have to tell him that. Now he'll think I'm just a kid. "But I promise it'll be okay. I'll lock them in their room or make them move out or something, so it won't be a problem. I promise."

"You'll lock them in their room?" he said with a laugh.

"Hell, yes, if I have to" I said. "They do what I tell them. If I want them to stand in the corner, they'll damn well stand in the corner."

"I don't doubt it, JD" he said still laughing. "You're the original macho man, ahhh .... macho teen and I don't doubt you've got them under your thumb."

"You know it" I said. "You come stay with me. I'll get them out of the way. It won't be a problem."

"I'll be there on Sunday afternoon" he said. "Say, three o'clock. Meet at Taco Bell again?"

"Okay, Ace. I'll be there" I said.

"That was Ace? Mr. Atlanta again?" Carl asked as I turned off the phone.

"Yeah" I answered.

"He's coming here? He's going to stay with you?"

"We'll talk about it later, Carl" I said.

"When is he ....?"

"I said we'll talk about it later" I snapped at him. "Later means later." Carl gave me a look, but decided he'd better shut up about it. Thank god, because, although I'd just had a fabulous blowjob and a hot fuck, just thinking of Ace was causing a stirring in my shorts. Believe it or not, I was going to go home and find his pictures on the internet and jerk off, just as I had done many times before.


"It's just too dangerous, JD" Carl said. "If anybody sees us together it's all over."

"Oh, bullshit" I said. "You're a talker. You can talk your way out of anything. Tell them you're tutoring me or something. God knows, I need it."

"And that's another thing, JD. How can I give you a 'B' when you haven't done the work and you don't understand it?"

"You'll give me a 'B' because I told you to give me a 'B'. That's why."

"JD, please. This is important. You need to know this stuff. You need to let me work with you on this."

"What I NEED is for you to stop talking about this shit. What I NEED is for you to climb under the table and give me a blowjob."

"Come-on, JD. You've got to realize ...."

"Enough already" I growled at him. "We're here. We're a million miles from home, and we're in the darkest corner of the place, so stop whining about it."

"JD, I just want ..."

"Will you shut up about it" I said in exasperation. "Let's order."

This was the very first time Carl had taken me out to dinner; the first time we'd done anything except fuck. He was so skittish and nervous about being seen that it took me a whole week of talking, even after I demanded that he take me out. So here we were at a little hole-in-the-wall place sixty miles from home and he was still nervous.

The cute waiter had already carded me, checking my obviously fake ID but seemingly more interested in my chest and biceps in my snug t-shirt. The ID said I was twenty-one but I know for a fact I don't look a day over fourteen. The waiter almost melted when I smiled at him, and barely looked at the ID, so we were having a good red wine. It tasted good to me anyway, since I'd only had rotgut stuff at parties before. This was expensive so it should be good. Carl was so nervous that he was sweating, but I was feeling great. Feeling great and mellow.

"You know what I'm going to do when we get home?" I asked him after we ordered.

He looked around nervously, checking to see if anybody could hear, and then whispered: "I hope you're going to fuck me."

"Well, yeah, of course I'm going to do that" I laughed, not bothering to keep my voice down. I didn't give a damn if anybody heard. Besides, anybody seeing us here together had to know what was going on. I mean, a sexy teenage muscle bound god with a skinny, but very attractive older man. It had to be obvious that I was fucking him. "I'm going to spank you."

"How are you ....? Where are ....?" he said, completely startled. "You're going to what?"

"Yeah. I'm going to take you over my lap and spank you" I laughed. "Slapping your ass is one thing, but actually spanking you is another. How many swats, do you think?"

"JD, ahhh. Come-on" he said. "Let's not .... I mean, don't .... I mean, come-on, JD. We don't have to do stuff like that. I'll do what you want. I always do what you want."

"Of course you'll do what I want" I laughed. "Shit yeah. I'll kick your ass if you don't. But I think it would be a real turn-on, and I'm really in the mood to spank you. Taking my teacher over my lap and letting him have it."

"JD, please ...."

"Besides, I think you need a little discipline. You still piss me off all the time, and I'm getting tired of it."

"What? I piss you off? JD. What do you mean?"

"Yeah, like right there. I've told you a dozen times to call me Master; dozens of times. And you keep arguing with me, all the time. You know that pisses me off."

"JD, come-on" he said. "That's not true. I don't ...."

"If I tell you that two and two are six, you can argue with me, but if I tell you I'm going to fuck our waiter, I don't want to hear an argument."

"Waiter? Our waiter?" Carl had evidently been so focused on me that he hadn't even noticed the waiter coming on to me. But I wasn't totally surprised. Even after several months together now, he still was so enamored with me and was so thrilled to be with me, that he barely noticed there were other people around.

But that wasn't me. I was the panther, the predator. I was looking for prey every second of the day, and I focused on that waiter the instant we entered the restaurant.

Carl had been looking around, evaluating the restaurant while I was evaluating the waiter for a possible hookup. Carl finally found a table in the back in a relatively dark corner. Actually, the whole restaurant was fairly dark with a candle in the middle of each table. Carl was still terrified of being seen with me, his student, so that's why he picked this place in the first place.

I said it was a hole in the wall, but actually it was a rather classy place. And, by the way, it was not a gay restaurant even though our gorgeous waiter didn't seem to know that. In fact I wasn't so much cruising him as I was just accepting his adoration because he couldn't take his eyes off of me. Not that I'm surprised because I do that to people, but this guy was literally drooling. He knocked over a glass at one table, and bumped the arm of a customer at another, all because he couldn't stop looking at me.

And the fact was, he was gorgeous and I wanted him. He was older than the high school kids I usually fuck, but he was probably younger than Carl's twenty-five years and maybe still in his teens. I like my tricks young, my own age, but when a guy's gorgeous and he turns you on, it doesn't matter how old he is. So I went for him, giving him the eye and showing some interest.

"Carl, I gotta go wizz" I said and got up and went to the restroom. I really didn't have to take a piss but I went to the urinal and pulled my dick out and just played with it a little. It wasn't two minutes before the waiter entered. Yeah, he was really hot for me. He walked up behind me, pressed himself up against me, put his hands on my shoulders and kissed me on the neck. No buildup, not checking to see if I was gay, no nothing, just grab-on and kiss.

"I'll do whatever you want, sir" he whispered in my ear. I smiled. Now this was the way a submissive was supposed to act.

"First of all, get your dick out of my ass" I said to him.

"Sorry, sir" he mumbled. "Please forgive me" he said and instantly backed off and fell to his knees. As I turned I saw he gripped his hands behind his back as a true submissive should, and after a glance up at me face and then my growing prick, he bowed his head. I just stood there grinning down at him almost in shock.

I couldn't believe it. I never imagined anyone could be so perfectly into s/m and so totally submissive. He knew all the moves: the kneeling, the hands behind his back, the bowed head. He was amazing. Being so perfectly trained, he must have a master around someplace close But right now, he was mine, all mine.

"May I suck you, sir?" he asked.

"No" I answered, and waited.

"Please, sir" he said. "You have a beautiful dick."

"No" I said and stuffed it back into my shorts and zipped up.

"I'd love to suck you, sir" he said. "I'm very good."

"I'm here with my slave" I said. Can you believe I said that? But I knew it wasn't a problem because it was clear from the way he was acting that he probably knew more about s/m than I did. I mean, he was acting as a perfect slave himself. "But I'm always ready for action."

"Yes, sir?"

"Our table is in the darkest corner of the restaurant."

"Yes, sir" he said. I'm not sure if he understood what I was suggesting or not.

"Figure it out" I said as I headed for the door.

"Now, sir?" he asked. Yes, he understood.

I thought about it for a moment. "I think you need to serve me on the table before serving me under the table." I laughed, thinking how clever I was.

And he laughed along with me. "Yes, sir."

Was he going to do it? I had my doubts. He was supposed to be working. It depended on how much he really was enamored by my dick.

"We're going to have company" I said to Carl as I set back down at the table.

"I thought you weren't gone long enough to do anything" he said. I looked him in the eye. "I saw the waiter follow you in."

"He might decide to check for something under the table."

"JD, this is our first dinner together" he groused.

"Yes?" I said, as a question.

"Nothing" he said.

"You have nothing to say?" I asked. "That's good. Very good. How much is 2 plus 2?"

"Six" he answered. I laughed but he didn't. He looked annoyed, but that was okay as long as he behaved himself and kept his mouth shut.

"I'd better help him out here" I said as I stood up and unfastened and unzipped my shorts. Not to be too outrageous, I started to sit back down as I pulled them over my ass and down to my ankles, and stepped out of them. There were other customers in the restaurant and they could have seen me if they'd really wanted to, but I didn't care. I loved the adventure.

I started playing with my dick. It didn't take long to get it hard.

Carl sat there not saying a word, but it was clear that he was really annoyed. I just sat with this beatific smile on my face and ignored his anger until the waiter came.

He set his tray down and removed out salad plates. "Your dinner, sir" he said to me as he set the entrees in front of us. "Will there be anything else, sir?" He was looking at me the whole time, ignoring Carl completely. I pushed my chair back showing him I was nude below the waist, and holding ten inches of rock hard prick in my hand.

"You might check back just in case" I said sweetly.

"Yes, sir" he said, actually gasped. I knew he'd be back.

"JD" Carl said as the waiter walked away. "This really is too much. We're in public. I think that woman is looking over here."

"Yeah, it's pretty damn exciting isn't it?" I laughed. "I'm loving it. I never knew going out to dinner could be this much of a turn-on." I was still playing with my dick, but I was getting too hot. If he didn't show up pretty soon I was going to have to jerk off.

And then here came the waiter, discreetly walking over to me. "Yes, sit?" he said as he bent over me. Carl was looking horrified, but I was grinning up a storm, while the waiter's eyes were moving over the room to see if anybody was watching. Then he dropped to his knees, slid under the table, and got between my legs.

My dick was as hard as it could get and very tight against my belly. As I let go of it, he used his hand to pry it down and then put his mouth on it. "Mmmmm" I said, mostly for Carl's benefit as he continued looking shocked. I picked up my knife and fork and started cutting my steak.

The waiter was making soft choking sounds from under tha table as he tried to cram my enormnous dick in his mouth. He got most of it in the first try. Oh, yes he was well trained by someone. He was a very talented cocksucker. He pulled back and tried again, and this time, I swear to god, he jammed every inch of my prick deep into his throat and pressed his nose against my crotch. This guy was a miracle worker. I gasped and actually dropped my fork. It was going to be harder to eat and get a blowjob at the same time than I thought.

Now he started sucking up a storm, and let me tell you he was talented, He may have been young, nineteen or twenty but he sure as hell knew how to suck cock. He was even better than Carl and that is saying something. I swear, he took my ten inches and damn near swallowed the whole thing. I was trying to eat and gasping in pleasure at the same time.

I grabbed a handful of his hair, and held him perfectly still for a moment. "Slow down, baby" I whispered to him. "Easy does it. We've got until desert." The waiter made a squawking sound; I think he was trying to keep from laughing. Carl choked and damn near spit his wine on the table. I just kept that rapturous look on my face and calmly ate my dinner.

I'd done a lot in my sixteen years, and a lot of it sexual stuff, but this was the most exciting thing ever. I got too hot too quick and the waiter didn't slow down his incredible blowjob even though I told him to, so it was over too quickly. But, wow, wow, wow, was it ever thrilling.

After I blew my load, the waiter actually helped me back into my shorts from there under the table. Then grabbing my bicep and giving it a squeeze as he stood up, he whispered 'thank you' and calmly walked away.

When we got the bill, the twenty-eight dollar bottle of wine was not on it. That was a nicer thank you than the one he whispered to me. The bill was only forty-eight dollars, but I made Carl leave him a twenty dollar tip.

As we were walking out the door the waiter was there, and gave my bicep a squeeze again. "Thank you for coming, sir" he said looking into my eyes. "It was a pleasure serving you. Please come again. Feel free to bring your slave with you." Carl turned white and I thought he was going to pass out while I forced myself not to laugh out loud. Carl was so pissed he slammed the door to the car when we got in.

"You have something to say?" I asked, staring into his eyes.

"No, JD. No" he said contritely. "I've learned my lesson. I won't say anything."

"Good" I said and gave him a big grin.

"Except ...." He said and paused.

"Except?" I asked.

"JD, you ..." he said, "you told him I was your slave?"

"Well, why not?" I said giving him a big grin. "What? You're not my slave?"

"JD, aren't we ...." He sputtered. "Why would you say that?"

"Why not?" I asked. "You are my slave, and it really turned him on when I told him that. You think he would have blown me if I'd said we were lovers?"

"That's not the point, JD" he said. "It's .... it's just .... it's just so demeaning. Why can't we be lovers?"

I let out a big sigh. Here we go again. I grabbed his chin and jerked his head to look at me. "I'm-Not-Your-Lover" I said sternly. Talk about being thickheaded. We were back to the same argument we'd had over and over again. Skinny little runt Carl, and demigod teenager JD were not equals After all this time he still did not comprehend how lucky he was that I allowed him to serve me. Never in a million years would any other skinny little twerp of a math teacher get fucked by an awesome sixteen year old bodybuilder like me.

"I repeat" I said. "I-Am-Not-Your-Lover! I'm your Master. Do I have to kick the shit out of you again to make you realize that?"

"Wait, wait, wait" Carl said frantically. "Wait, JD, ... ahhh .... Master. Wait, Master. I didn't mean that. JD, I didn't mean that. You know I didn't mean that."

I just held his chin and glared at him.

"It's just .... It's just that I don't know why you said anything to that waiter? That's all I meant."

"I said it because I wanted a blowjob" I said simply. "It turned him on and turned me on, and I got blown didn't I? It had nothing to do with you."

"Okay, JD. I'm sorry. I know you don't want me to be jealous, but sometimes I can't help it. I'm sorry."

Still holding on to his chin, I leaned over and gave him a peck on the lips and rubbed my nose against his nose. "Call me Master" I said softly.

He kind of melted at this show of affection from me, and gave me a grin. "Master" he said softly.

I couldn't remember when I'd felt so mellow. A great meal with a bottle of wine, a very daring and exciting blowjob from a very talented cocksucker. And something incredibly hot to look forward to. Ace was coming tomorrow. Mr. Atlanta, 'Mr. absolute perfection in a human male' was coming to visit me. I could hardly wait.

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