This story is about the adventures of JD, a very muscular dominant young man as he manipulates and controls his high school teachers, his family members, and others around him. This story is total fantasy and is for entertainment purposes only, and the author in no way intends it to represent any form of reality. If you don't like stories about heavy dominance and submission you probably won't like it. If you are not of legal age, please don't read it.

My Teacher, My Pet

Chapter 14

So, it had been four days now that I'd been living back at home. It wasn't all negative because my Mom was a better cook than Carl. Carl was okay but my Mom knew how to make everything I like. Mom and Dad were trying to handle me with kid gloves but I admit I was difficult to deal with. It seemed like every time Dad opened N mouth I'd jump on him, but I didn't want to be there and they were the ones who had to deal with my frustrations.

"James Degan" my father said hesitantly. Yeah, hesitantly because chances were I'd bite his head off. "James Degan, you left your scooter in the driveway again. I've asked you to put it off to the side so I can get the car in."

"I forgot" I said and continued eating.

"That's the third time, James."

"I said I forgot" I snapped.

"But why didn't you come when I called you" he said reasonably. "You must have heard me. I had to move it myself."

"I was busy" I said. "Did it kill you to move it?"

"That's not the point, James. I've asked you not to put it in the driveway."

"Will you shut up about it, for god's sake" I growled at him, and now I stared into his eyes. "It ain't no big deal and if you don't like it you can park in the street."

"James Degan, please." That came from my Mom. My father didn't act angry, just frustrated with me.

"Will you stop hassling me? I've told you before about not hassling me." I glared at my Mom and then at my Dad. I was done eating so I stood up. "I'll move out of here as soon as I can, but in the meantime remember that I told you not to bug me. I don't know why you insist on pissing me off all the time. Just leave me alone." I hesitated for a moment letting that sink in. "Just remember what happened last year." Neither one of them said anything. That was a low blow.

"And, Dad" I said sweetly, just to be an asshole. "The next time you move my scooter, use the kick standard. Don't lean it against the wall." This was even lower. I gave him an innocent smile and left the room.

It was last year when I had a confrontation with my Dad, and had thrown him up against the wall and told him in no uncertain terms what he could do and what he couldn't do. He'd been meek as a mouse ever since. Until now. Until now that I'd moved back in. He hadn't really adjusted to my moving back in yet, and I was wondering if I was going to have to use stronger measures to remind him of how I expected him to act. What I expected from him was to leave me alone and not give me any crap.

Okay, so I was being an asshole. I knew it. I also knew I was going to have to consider apologizing to them because I'd definitely gone too far this time. But I was so frustrated that I couldn't help myself.

I was going crazy with desire, and Carl even more so. He was incredibly depressed. I knew I shouldn't have been the one complaining because he now had his mother (actually step-mother), his sister, and two kids crammed into his two bedroom apartment. Being a good step-son, he let his mother have his bed and he slept on the sofa.

It was a terrible situation, particularly since we'd had just over two months of blissful freedom, and we'd now had to give it up. It was very painful for both of us. So, there was no reason to put it off any longer. I decided to make a play for Mr. Stickle.

Putting on my seduction cap, I went to his classroom after the last bell.

"Hello, Mr. Stickle" I said as I entered his room and closed the door behind me. He looked at me in surprise and had to wonder why I closed the door.

"Y-y-y-yes?" was all he said but I could already see that he was intimidated, or at least surprised.

Remember? I'm a hunk. The first thing that comes to a person's mind when they see me is 'what a hunk'. I knew Mr. Stickle had been deliberately looking the other way when we passed in the hallway, but confronting him in his own classroom forced him to look. Yes, he looked up in surprise, but that look immediately changed to something else. Consternation perhaps, or maybe alarm.

He stood up.

"Don't be afraid, Mr. Stickle" I said, giving him a smile. "I'm a student here. I play football and Mr. Bryan's my coach." Of course I was a student. Didn't I say I had a baby face? I may have had the body of a man but my face still gave me away as a boy. Mr. Stickle just stood there frozen. Anytime you tell a person not to be afraid, you bet your ass you put the fear of God in them and they are going to be afraid. "I just wanted to talk to you, Mr. Stickle." I walked up to his desk.

I was dressed to seduce. My snug baby-blue muscle shirt, really snug, and matching biker's shorts, so my muscles were showing in all their glory, and those shorts didn't hide much of anything either.

"What can I do for you, JD" he said, his voice shaking. I think it was shaking. I was already sure he was lusting over me so of course he knew my name. Hell, I was the most popular kid around so everybody knew my name. And, besides, I was probably the main character in his wet dreams.

"First of all, you can sit down so I can talk to you" I said. What may have been a look of perplexity on his face now turned to one of shock.


"I said, sit down" I ordered him. I put my hand on his chest and gave him a slight push, and he sat back down in the swivel chair.

"JD, I... I... I..." he sputtered.

"You don't have to say anything, Larry" I said giving him a big grin. "I know you're hot for me." I raised my arms and preformed the double bicep pose. "Pretty impressive for a gay kid, heh? Pretty impressive for any sixteen year old kid."

"JD. What are you doing?" he asked.

"From one gay guy to another," I said, "I'm showing you the merchandise." Pulling my muscle shirt off and dropping it on the floor, I performed the 'most muscular' pose. "What do you think, Larry? Does this turn you on?"

Hey, I ain't stupid, but then again, I sometimes get carried away with myself. I was pretty sure he was going to get that look of amazement which I was so familiar with. Hell, everybody got that look when I starting flexing for them.

But I didn't get that look of lust from Mr. Stickle. The shocked look was gone but it was beginning to look like he was angry. He wasn't turned on yet. So I pulled my shorts down and let my dick spring out.

"It's a beauty ain't it?" I crooned as I twisted my hips making it bounce around. "Ten inches, baby. Ten fuckin inches."

"JD" he said. "What do you think you're doing?" Yes, he glanced at my dick, but now he was looking me in the face.

I almost laughed aloud. It was pretty damn clear to me what I was doing. I was waiting for that look of lust to appear on his face and then I was going to fuck me another teacher.

"You're gay, Mr. Stickle" I said. "I know it even if you're trying to hide it. I am too and I'm proud of it. And, I'm proud of this ten inch dick of mine." I reached down and diddled with it getting it to start growing.

"Yes, I'm gay" he snapped as he stood up again, and I was surprised to see that he was angry. "And I've never tried to hide it. But who do you think you are? Just because I'm gay you think I should be wild about your no doubt impressive penis?"

"Mr. Stickle...." I started to say.

"Put that thing away" he said angrily. "And get out of my classroom."

"Look at it, Larry" I said desperately. This was not going at all well, not the way I expected. "You ain't never seen a dick like this one. Doesn't it turn you on?"

"I said, put it away" he roared. "Since you're gay I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. Get out of my classroom right now and I won't report this. Otherwise, there is going to be hell to pay."

"Mr. Stickle" I said desperately as I pulled on my growing dick, but he wasn't even looking at it.

"Get the hell out of my room" he shouted.

So, I zipped up, grabbed my shirt, and got the hell out.

I was pretty sure he wouldn't have reported me no matter what. It would have simply been too awkward. Me, a sixteen year old spitting image of every girl's and every gay man's wet dream, and him, a gay teacher. Chances are they'd take my word over his, but I wasn't about to take that chance. Obviously, gay or not, Mr. Stickle was immune to my beauty and my charm, and he was a teacher to stay away from.


I didn't see Carl until the next afternoon, Well, actually, I saw him during second period math class but we couldn't talk and he'd seen my dick enough that I didn't need to show it to him during class. Lawrence was always trying to get me to pull it out, but of course it wasn't as exciting as it used to be.

But when I told Carl about Mr. Stickle, he roared with laughter. It was very embarrassing. That had never happened to me before. The people I went after always seemed to want me as much or more as I wanted them, so I'd never been rejected. Well, almost never. I mean, there, was that one time that..... And, well, there was that other time when I .... Okay, just let me just say I was almost never rejected.

But Carl had a surprise for me.

"My mother and sister are taking the kids to 'Six Flags' on Saturday" he said.

"Oh shit, really?" I said with excitement. "That's fabulous."

"They're going to take my car, but I don't think we'll be needing the car anyway" he laughed.

"You bet we won't need the car" I said as I grabbed my crotch and leered at him. The fact that I was going to visit Troy and get my 'all day blowjob' went completely out of my mind.

But I received two e-mails from Troy late in the week even though I told him not to bug me. I was going to answer him but somehow didn't get around to it. The big surprise was the e-mail from Trace. Trace asked me if he could join us on Saturday.

I guess I'd better bring you up to date on Trace. Trace was the younger brother of my buddy Ken. I screwed him and his twin sister Stacey the same afternoon, supposedly to let Ken off the hook for a promised blowjob.

He and Stacey had been pests ever since, wanting me to fuck them again. Hey, I told you I'm popular. I pick and choose who I want to fuck, and most all of them beg me to do it again. That's just the way it is, man. Okay, so I'm spoiled and live the good life and screw most anyone I want, but I'm gorgeous and I work my ass off in the gym every day to keep my damn near perfect physique growing and looking better and better. So I deserve the attention I get. If there were anybody else around that looked like me, they'd deserve it too.

Trace was a budding bodybuilder and was coming right along for a thirteen year old. After begging me over and over and getting his father working on his behalf, I finally let him workout with me a few times. His father was my coach, Coach Bryan, and I'd fucked him too. And, yeah, I think he'd jump at the chance if I offered to do him again. To be honest, I'd only fucked him for the challenge because I certainly didn't want to do him again. He was old, and he was overweight.

I liked hunky kids, and other than Carl, I seldom fucked anybody that was actually of legal age. Yeah, that's true. I'm only sixteen myself and I was busy working my way through the hunky ones in my high school that were my age or younger. Only when I went to the park did I fuck anyone over eighteen.

Coach Bryan was a good coach, and I admit that after fucking him, I kinda put the screws to him to get him to coach me in my bodybuilding. So, this was part of the deal of letting Trace workout with me. Let me tell you there ain't nothing like having a full time coach watching and critiquing every rep you make and making sure they're done to absolute perfection. Coach Bryan believed that heavy weights were less important than doing the exercises slowly and strictly so he was a fanatic about using perfect form. No jerking or swinging the weights when he was around.

Actually, it was probably unfair of me to let Trace workout with me because I was such a distraction. He'd basically spend two hours lusting over my sweaty muscles and I wouldn't let him touch me. I think he had to buy extra jockstraps to hold in his constant hard-ons.

Trace also had a game he played with me. Every time he saw me he'd stick out his tongue and wiggle it side to side, and then laugh. Oh yeah, I knew what he wanted to do with that tongue so I'd laugh along with him. But I hadn't let him do it yet. I liked Trace and I definitely intended to fuck him again, but I just hadn't gotten around to it. I mean, I had Carl every day and there were always newbie's available that wanted my dick. I was busy. My dick was busy.

So, anyway, I was surprised to hear that Trace wanted to join me at Troy's apartment on Saturday. That means that Troy already told him we were going to get together. But why would I be surprised; they were best friends and probably competitive, so Troy was simply bragging that he'd already had me and was going to get me again. Trace hadn't managed that yet, as much as he'd tried, and had to be envious. So he wanted to get in on the action. I wonder if Troy knew Trace had sent me an e-mail?

I thought it sounded interesting: Troy and Trace together. A thirteen year old and a fourteen year old. Two little 110 pound twinks competing with each other to see who could satisfy me the most. Sounded like fun. Sounded like great fun.

Troy texted be twice before Saturday and then again Saturday morning, even though I told him not to badger me. And actually, I forgot to answer him back until I was almost ready to go to Carl's place. So I texted him and cancelled and I suppose it sounded like I was rather curt about it. I was already supposed to be there, and all I texted was: 'I can't make it today. Later.'

But, hell, as hot as he was for me he wouldn't make a fuss. In fact he'd probably find a way to blame it on himself and apologize to me. I was a god to him, and gods are allowed to cancel.


When I arrived at my Carl's apartment, my former apartment, there he was. On his knees in his slave collar and his G-string, and I could see he was quivering with excitement. Hell, I was quivering with excitement too.

"Shit, you look good down there" I said grinning like a mad man. Carl didn't look up but I could see he was grinning as well. I stepped up in front of him. "Shoes" I said. Actually I was only wearing sandals so it only took a few seconds for him to remove them. I didn't say anything but just waited. And waited, and waited. Carl was waiting for direction of course, and I wasn't giving him any.

Finally, after at least two minutes, he spoke. "May I kiss your feet, Master?"

I got chills up and down my spine. "Yes, you may" I said with glee. Carl bent down and kissed each foot, and then started licking them. I gave him only a few seconds before I stepped away, went over and sat on the sofa. Carl still hadn't looked up at me, and now keeping his eyes on the floor, he crawled over on hands and knees and started licking again.

This Master/Slave thing was awesome, and Carl liked it as much or more than I did. You wouldn't believe the number of times he'd get so turned on that he'd shoot his load without even touching himself. I didn't jerk him off but I didn't need to, and actually he didn't want me to. He saw my duty as a Master as being above that. The slave does the work and the Master accepts his labor. A slave serves his Master, not the reverse.

Sometimes, after I'd shot my load, I'd let him lick my pecs or biceps or even my quads while he jerked off. Or sometimes we'd get down and dirty, and I'd make him lick my ass or worship my armpits while he masturbated. He loved that, but I didn't do it often because I wanted to keep it special for him, and for me. Then, other times when I was in to mood, I'd get up and go through some muscle poses, flexing my muscles and putting on a show while watching him watching me and lusting over me as he beat off.

But right now he was busy worshiping my feet. I'm not wild about foot worship, but it sure emphasizes the lowliness of your submissive. I think there is nothing that underscores a submissives position like worshiping his dom's feet, except maybe, worshiping his ass. I may not be totally into foot worship, but I love what it represents.

"Where's your leash?" I asked gruffly. He raised his head and looked at me, finally. He didn't say anything but he had some kind of smirk on his face. Reaching under the cushion next to me, he pulled out the black leather leash. I couldn't help but laugh.

"You little shit" I laughed. He had planned ahead and planted it there just in case I asked for it. I knew he was gloating inside for putting one over on me. "Maybe I should punish you for being a smart ass" I said.

He looked up into my eyes and held up the leash. But he couldn't keep the smile off his face and neither could I. I slapped him. Not hard, but just enough to sting. Then I bent down and kissed him.

"You're wonderful, Carl" I said earnestly. I attached the leash to his collar and got up. "Come along puppy" I said as I headed for the bedroom.

"Thank you, Master" he said as he crawled along behind me.


"Carl, I have a favor to ask" I said softly as we lay there side by side on the bed.

"Hmmm" he murmured, half asleep.

"I'm going to take a shower" I said.

"Okay" he murmured.

"But I need a favor. You have to do something for me."

"Ah, what?" he said, now beginning to wake up. "What? A favor?"

"Yeah. Ken's coming over, and I need you to stay under cover for a while."

"Ken?" he said. Now he was fully awake. "Ken who?"

"Ken Bryan, Coach's son. You know him. I think he's in one of your classes."

"Ken Bryan, yeah" he responded. "Why is he coming here?"

"I'm going to fuck him" I said simply.

"JD ,,,," he started to say, but I interrupted him.

"Now don't get all bent out of shape" I said. "I know what you're going to say. But, I'm going to fuck him today, here. I ain't asking you, I'm just letting you know."

JD ...." he tried again.

"Not a word, Carl" I said to him. "We have an arrangement. I can do what I want and fuck who I want. You know that. So don't ruin the day by arguing with me. He'll be here in half an hour."

"But I thought we had ...." he stuttered. "I thought we were going to spend the day together?"

"We are. Nothing's changed" I said calmly. "I just need an hour with Ken, that's all."

"What do you mean nothing's changed" he said. "Of course it's changed. I went all out to get My Mom out of the house today, JD, just so we could be together. I had to almost push her out the door. This was going to be our day. How could you do this?"

"It ain't no big deal, Carl" I said. "I been needing to do Ken for a while and today was the perfect day."

"JD, how could you do this to me?" he groused. "How could you do this to us?"

"Stop making a big deal about it" I growled, beginning to get perturbed. "It's just for a half hour or so."

"JD, why today?" he said in a shocked voice. "Our only day together?"

"Will you stop it" I said. Now I was starting to get angry. "You're beginning to piss me off."

"JD, please" he blubbered, and I saw he had tears in his eyes. "How could you?"

"That's just enough, Carl" I growled at him. "I don't have to answer to you, so shut up."

"JD" he pleaded. "You're not being fair."

He really was pissing me off now. I knew In advance that he was going to give me a bad time over this because he'd done it before, but I hated it when he tried to double guess me. And look how nice I was about it. I didn't just throw it in his face because I know he's always jealous, but I asked him nicely to do me a favor. I tried to be nice about it.

I didn't answer to him, and he had no right to question me. He knows he's not allowed to question me. But He simply refuses to learn that I make the decisions and he has to accept them. I don't give a fuck if he likes it or not, I just expect him to accept it and not hassle me.

"You going to give me a shower or not?" I snapped at him. I was mad now.

He didn't say anything but just lay there looking at me with this look of unbelief in his eyes.

I turned and headed for the bathroom. Fuck him. I didn't need him to give me a shower. The damn little prick. I only let him give me a shower anyway because he loved it so much. If he wanted to be a prick, so be it.

He came into the bathroom almost right behind me, but I told him to get the hell out. He was going to have to make it up to me for being a bitch, and I wasn't going to make it easy.

Now, let me tell you about Ken.

I knew his schedule, and I stopped him just outside the schoolyard the other day.

"Ken, wait up" I said. He stopped when he heard me and waited until I came up.

"What's up?" he asked as I stopped in front of him. I didn't say anything, but just stared into his face, making him nervous. "Ahhh, JD. Ahhh, what's up?" he asked again. I still didn't say anything.

Then I saw enlightenment appear in his eyes. He suddenly realized what was wrong.

"Oh, shit, JD" he said in a semi-pleading tone of voice. "I don't know what you heard, but I didn't say anything."

"I'm a wimp?" I asked. "Is that it? I'm a wimp?"

"JD, listen ...." I slammed him in the stomach, knocking him back. "JD, please. I'm sorry" he gasped. I slugged him again and he went down on his butt this time. He didn't bother getting up but stayed there looking up at me.

"Please, JD, I didn't say it that way" he pleaded. "Stuart said that you were a cock.... Ahhh, all I said was ...." I didn't believe in kicking a guy when he'd down, so I grabbed him by the hair and slapped him. I wasn't gentle and that brought instant tears to his eyes.

"You're a real prick, Ken" I said, "and you've got a big mouth."

"It was Stuart, JD. It wasn't me" he whimpered. "He's the one that was saying stuff."

Stuart was a nice guy and I liked him, but he had become one of my lackeys. He worshiped and envied my strength and dominating personality, and followed me around all the time like a puppy. So it was no wonder he'd told me about the conversation he heard.

It's a story not worth repeating, but Ken had owed me a blowjob. However, he turned me on to his younger twin brother and sister and I'd fucked both of them instead. So, I'd more or less let Ken off the hook. Somehow, my not making him blow me had given him a macho image of himself, and he had decided to trash talk me to his friends.

I find it hard to believe that he was so stupid as to think I wouldn't hear about it, and make him pay. He knew better than anybody that I never let the least slight go by. I always got even, and that's why he owed me a blowjob in the first place.

He didn't say anything, but he was crying as I looked down at him.

"I'm sorry, JD" he whined. "I'm sorry." It's easy for a guy to be sorry after the fact when there's hell to pay, and I wasn't sure just how sorry he was. I grabbed his hair again. "Please, JD" he whimpered, expecting me to hit him again.

Instead, I spit on him, hitting him right between the eyes. "Just how sorry are you?" I growled.

"Please, JD. I didn't mean anything by it. I didn't."

"Sounded to me like you think I'm a wimp, Ken. That's what it sounded like to me."

"I know you're not, JD" he pleaded. "Everybody knows that."

"Remember that blowjob you owed me, Ken? Remember?"

"Please, JD."

"I'm pretty sure you remember. Well, it's back on the schedule. Either that or I'm going to beat the shit out of you every afternoon for the next couple weeks, and I'll start right now. I might give you the choice." I grabbed him by the arms, lifted him up off the ground and pushed him against a tree, keeping a hand against his chest. "We're buddies, Ken. We've been buddies. I like you. How could you do this?"

"Shit, I'm sorry, JD" he sniffled. "I didn't mean it. I was just talking. I didn't mean it."

"But you said it, Ken" I said reasonably. "You said it. How could you? How could you say that about me, your friend?"

"I'm sorry, JD. I'm really sorry. I didn't mean it and I won't do it again."

"Oh, I'm sure you won't do it again" I said. "I'll make sure of that." He wasn't really crying but the tears were dripping down his face as he looked at me. He looked so bedraggled that I almost felt sorry for him.

"I'm going to give you an address, Ken" I said, "and you're going to meet me on Saturday at noon. And we're going to have a talk."

"JD, I ...."

"I hope you're listening carefully, Ken" I said sternly "because I don't think you understand how angry I am with you. And you cannot imagine how upset I will be if you're not there on Saturday, or if you're late. You don't want that to happen. You definitely don't want that to happen."

He didn't say anything, but the tears were still dripping, and I had finally got through to him. He looked terrified.

"Saturday at noon, Ken. Got it?" I said. "We'll talk and decide what to do about this. Okay?"

"Yes, JD. Okay. Yes" he answered. "I'm really sorry, JD."

"You'll be a whole lot sorrier if you're not at this address at noon on Saturday." I scribbled down Mr. Jameson's address and gave it to him.


Now let me tell you something. I think Ken wanted to suck me.

I know that sounds crazy but it's true. Back before I took his brother and sister he moaned and groaned and cried about having to blow me, and I let him slide. But his attitude changed a little after that, and somehow, and I can't tell you quite why, somehow I got the idea he was jealous of his brother. He was jealous that I'd fucked his brother.

Just like most everybody, Ken was infatuated with my physique, but Trace was absolutely wild about me, simply stunned and overwhelmed when he first saw my body. And he was very vocal about it. Ken told me he talked about little else for a couple weeks after I fucked him.

Even after all our differences, Ken and I were buddies. Semi-buddies. We were both on the football team and the wrestling team. We saw each other all the time. But I was the bigshot and everybody knew it. I knew Ken was envious of my physique, my dominating personality, and my popularity.

But after fucking his siblings, I saw a change in the way he looked at me. The envy was still there, but I could see that he had a little yearning in his eyes. He either wanted to be me, or to be like me, or he simply wanted me. I mean, I get that all the time, people 'wanting' me. They're not sure what it is they want, but subconsciously they want whatever I'll give them; they want to worship me, and probably want to get fucked by me.

Ken wanted me. Maybe he thought some of my popularity would rub off on him. He wanted to be me, but I knew he'd take whatever I was willing to give him, and what I was intending to give him was a hot fuck.


I was still mad at Carl when I got back from the shower. He was sitting on the side of the bed looking contrite when I came back into the bedroom.

"I'm sorry, JD" he said. I ignored him and went to the closet.

"JD. Today was supposed to be ,,,," he started.

"WHAT?" I roared at him. The little shit was still trying to argue with me. I couldn't believe it. "Are you still arguing with me? Are you out of your fuckin mind?" I shouted. "I'm going to totally kick your ass after Ken leaves."

I think then he saw how angry I was, and realized his mistake.

"JD, please. I'm sorry. Please. Listen. I'm sorry." He was finally trying to make up with me but it was kind of late now.

"Shut up and keep the hell out of my way" I growled at him. He shut up and just watched as I slipped into a pair of tight boxers and a skin tight muscle shirt.

I glanced at him before I left and saw that his eyes were filled with tears, but I didn't give a damn because he can't talk to me that way. He now had an hour to contemplate on the way he'd acted and he damn well better be extremely apologetic when I got back, or I was going to totally kick his ass. There was no excuse for him pissing me off like this.

I walked out and slammed the door.


Ken was already there when I opened the front door. I'd told him in no uncertain terms that he'd better not be late, so I knew he'd be there.

I just stood there for fifteen or twenty seconds, making him nervous. Then I slapped him, fairly hard. He didn't say anything, but just took it and didn't move. I waited a few more seconds and I know he was expecting me to hit him again, but he didn't move.

I grabbed him by the shirt collar and pulled him into the room.

"JD ..." he started to say.

"Shut up" I growled at him. I went over and sat on the sofa and just stared at him. There was a long pause.

"I said I was sorry" he said softly.

"I told you to shut up" I snapped. Now there was a long, long silence. Several minutes long. I was turning Ken into a nervous wreck.

"Strip" I said. He just stared at me in surprise.

"Wha....?: he said. I gave him a minute to think about it.

"Strip or I'll kick your ass first and then make you strip" I said as I stood up.

"JD" he whispered.

"STRIP" I yelled. "NOW."

That got his attention, me yelling at him. He got down on the floor and started removing his shoes and socks and looked up at me. I just stared, not saying anything, so he removed his shirt and shorts still looking at me. He stood back up in only his underwear and waited.

"Do you know the seven compulsories?" I asked.

"Ahhh .... Yes, JD. Yes I do" he said.

"Do them" I ordered him.

So he started posing, starting with the front double bicep pose. Ken had a very nice body, very muscular. But Coach Bryan made all his wrestlers and his football players work their asses off in the weight room so all of them were built. Ken was doing very well.

From the double bicep, he went to the lat spread, and then to the side chest. Ken was beautiful. Not really big like me yet, but he was getting there. Give him a couple years and he was going to be amazing.

As he posed I pulled my dick out of my boxers and started playing with it, getting it hard. Ken didn't say anything, but his eyes bugged out as he saw me playing with it, and now he had an inkling of what was coming.

"Do them again, and slower" I said after he finished the seven poses. By the time he finished doing them a second time I was fully hard. Ten full fat inches of man prick sticking up from my crotch. I stood up, and with some difficulty, stuffed my prick back into the boxers leaving an enormous bulge. That's why I wear stretch underwear.

"Come here" I said, and he stepped over to me. Looking him in the eye, I took his left hand and put it on my huge bulge. I held him there but he didn't do anything but just look at me.

"What do you do with a prick when you've got it in your hand?" I growled at him. Now he started to squeeze it and pull on it. I just let him go at it. "Nice prick, hey?" I asked.

He didn't say anything at first, but then whispered: "yeah, JD".

"You think you can handle it?" I asked. "JD's big pecker?"

He didn't respond but he also didn't stop fondling it. I let this go for several minutes, the two of us standing face to face with him playing with my dick. Then I put my hands on his shoulders and pushed down.

There was no doubt he knew what was coming. He knew it when he got up this morning. He knew it before I even opened the apartment door. He knew it the other day when I told him to be here. The question was: was I going to have to force him. It didn't matter all that much to me since we both knew I could take him, and besides, I enjoyed using force. Some of my favorite sexual adventures were when I'd forced myself on a guy. Hell, I'm a dominant and there's nothing I like better than proving it by forcing a guy to do my bidding.

I kept pushing on his shoulders, until finally, he allowed himself to sink to his knees. I let him stay there with my bulging briefs in his face as he continued playing with my dick. He wasn't looking in my eyes now, but was staring at my big bulge in his face. I put my hands on my hips.

"Get your hand off my dick" I said and he put his hand down. Now he looked up at me, questioning. I hesitated before saying anything more. Then I said: "use your mouth".

I knew this was going to be hard for him. If I made him do it he could still keep the macho image he had of himself because he was being forced, but doing it voluntarily, that was another matter. I waited.

"Don't make me repeat myself" I finally said, and he gave in. He moved his head forward and put his lips on the side of my dick. I felt his tongue slide back and forth a couple times. "That's it, keep it up."

So, we were over the hump. It was all downhill from here-on. I still hadn't decided whether to fuck him or just accept the blowjob, but I'd play it by ear, depending on how good of a cocksucker he was.

I just stood there for a good ten minutes, maybe more, letting him suck on my prick, getting the front of my boxers soaked with his spit and my pre-cum which was soaking through.

"Okay, payback time, Ken" I said. "Finally. Pull them down. Get those boxers off of me." He took his mouth off my prick and looked up at me. I already said it was all downhill from here-on, but I didn't expect to see that look in his face. Worship. Yeah, worship. He had the most submissive look on his face that you could imagine and I think he was ready to do anything, absolutely anything I wanted him to do. I recognized that look. I got that look all the time. There was no doubt about it.

I was sure of it. This was what he'd been waiting for. Ever since I'd taken his brother, he'd wanted this, but couldn't show it. But now, now that I was forcing him, he was right where he'd been wanting to be; on his knees in front of me.

He pealed my boxers down over my thighs and off so I could step out of them. I saw that adoring look in his eyes, and I knew I could do anything to him and he'd take it. Putting a hand on each side of his head and holding him steady, I started wagging my dick back and forth in front of his face. He stuck out his tongue and was barely able to touch it as I swung it in front of him. Then I pressed forward hitting him in the eye with it. It slid off and skidded along the side of his face. I pulled back and did it again, hitting him in the eye, but this time I kept pushing, sliding my dick along the side of his face and then pressing my balls against his nose. Holding his head, I pushed harder, mashing my crotch into his face. I humped against him a couple times as I held him there.

Then I took my hands away. He pulled his head back and looked up again. The same look was there. A look of adoration. "Suck it, Ken" I said softly. "Suck JD's big cock."

I don't know if Ken had ever sucked a cock before, but he told me he'd gotten blowjobs from his little brother Trace. So even if he hadn't done it, he sure's hell knew how it was done. The problem with me, and it was a problem with everybody that does me, is that I'm so big. Some people like them this big, the bigger the better but others just find it difficult to manage. Then there are those that struggle with it, but are thrilled with its size, and go at it with gusto and damn near strangle themselves trying to deal with it.

I hoped Ken would be the latter.

And he was. From the very first he jammed as much into his mouth as he could manage, taking a good seven inches and choking on it. He then pulled back, took a deep breath, and did it again, choking again. He kept at it, taking it deep over and over and over. He didn't choke every time but he was swallowing a whole lot of cock for a beginner. And there was to doubt he was loving it. He must have been thinking about this for months, lusting for it for months, because he was really trying hard to do it well.

I was watching him but he had his eyes closed, and I realized that he had probably forgotten that I was even there. He was totally focused on dealing with that enormous prick in his mouth, and he was doing a hell of a job. I was impressed and excited and I was getting hot. I wasn't forcing him to do anything, he was going it alone and he was doing a terrific job. He wasn't quite up to Carl's standards but he was damn close, and Carl had had a lot of practice.

I just let him go at it. When it's this good, why mess with it? I just kept my hands on my hips and enjoyed the building heat in my loins.

"Oh, shit" I murmured softly. And then "Oh shit" louder. It was so good that I hated to let it go, but I was getting hot. I either stopped him now and cooled down a bit, or I let him go to it and bring me off. But the feeling was just too great and I couldn't stop him now. I let him go at it and bring me to my peak.

"Oh, shit" I said aloud this time, because I was there. I still didn't touch him, but moved my hands up behind my neck, stuck out my chest, and pressed my crotch forward, pushing my cock deeper into his mouth, That got an extra inch into him and he choked, but he didn't even slow down. But now he put both his hands on my ass and held on tight as he kept banging back and forth on my cock. This guy was amazing.

I yelled and fired my first shot: "SSSSHHHHHIIIIITTTTT!" I screamed. Ken immediately stopped sucking but grabbed my dick with one hand. Holding it in his mouth he started jerking it madly with his hand. I was firing up a storm and he was swallowing up a storm as my ejaculation went on and on and he was swallowing every bit of it. Jesus, was he good. I was still screaming with pleasure as I reached the end of my ejaculation, but finally stopped and started taking some deep breaths.

As I looked down I saw that Ken still had my prick in his mouth, but he wasn't jerking me anymore. He also had his eyes open and was looking up at me. He had now returned to reality from the fantasy world he had been in while sucking me, and was looking up into my face.

"Wow" I said as he moved back allowing my prick to slide out of his mouth. "Wow" I repeated.

Ken smiled up at me and I smiled down at him. "Where in the hell did you learn to do that?" I asked in amazement. "You were terrific."

"It's my secret" he said with a grin. "Company policy."

"Well, I want to know your secret" I said in amazement. "I want everybody to know how to do it like that." We kept smiling at each other as I pulled him to his feet. That's when I saw the big wet spot in his underwear. He had shot his load while sucking me. But why not? He had to be incredibly turned on to be able to do what he had just done to me.

"Everything is forgiven, Ken" I said with a laugh. "You were wonderful."

"So were you, JD" he said. "You were wonderful." I'm pretty sure he was talking about my prick, not me.

"Can I kiss you, Ken?" I asked. I was always aware of that thing that some straight guys have about kissing a man. They'll suck but won't kiss. Go figure. But Ken wasn't that way.

"I'd like that" he said. We kissed.


After Ken left I decided to take a shower before confronting Carl. Of course I'd cooled down from our argument, but that didn't change the fact that he had argued with me. He had argued endlessly and gotten me angry. I hated that.

We played the game of slave and master and had wonderful times playing it, but there should have been some seriousness to it as well. I was his Master but he still didn't quite understand what it was like to be my slave. I'd done a lot of reading on the internet so I knew how a slave was supposed to act, and Carl didn't act that way. I suppose I just hadn't trained him right.

I know I'm only sixteen and Carl is twenty-five, but I knew more about how our relationship was supposed to work than he did. And age didn't matter anyway, because I was in charge; I was the boss and I made the decisions, and he was the menial and he had to obey me. He had to understand that. I think the problem was, I wasn't strict enough with him. I think he needed some serious discipline.

Yes, I slapped him around and was rough with him, but it was all in good fun, because we generally laughed while I was doing it. That was all fine and good, fun was great, but there are times when we have to be serious. He had to learn to obey me and not talk back. And I was in the mood to beat his ass until he learned what obedience really meant.

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