Joseph looked over at Derek, that hot man he was in a relationship with, and smiled.

"I could get used to waking up next to you" he said.

" So could I" said Derek. "So, whats the plan for today?"

" Well, I was thinking I'd order some breakfast, maybe we could eat out on the balcony?"

It was spring break, and Joe's parents had been nice enough to buy their son and his boyfriend a vacation in Florida. They were staying at a lovely resort hotel for 8 days. They barely wore clothes, and when they did, it was only until they got back to the room that they took them off again.

"That sounds perfect. I'll go get washed up"

Joseph watched as Derek walked over to the bathroom, wearing only his Osiris shoes. The boys had taken to wearing their shoes whenever they could. Derek was a muscular skater, about 6"3, with long, blonde hair that curled at the ends from wearing a hat so much. Joseph was a lean, 6"1 boy, with shorter black hair. He didn't skate, but he loved the style.

The shower started up in the background, and Joe picked up the phone, and dialed room service.


"Yes, its Joe ****** from room 1608. I'd like to order a jug of Hot Chocolate, 2 mushroom and cheddar omelets, and 4 pancakes, with syrup"

"Of course sir."

After 10 minutes, there was a knock at the door.

"Just a second!" called Joseph pulling on a purple jock, and running to the door. When he opened the door, there stood a tall, handsome guy, who couldn't have been older than 19. He had piercing blue eyes, long, red hair, and a blue gem stud in his right ear. He wore the hotel uniform, but barely. His shirt was barely tucked in, his pants were baggy and low, and his shoes were black hi-topped Osiris Effects.

"Hi. You order room-service?" he said, gazing up and down Joe's body, licking his lips.

"Uhh, yea. Come in, you can put the stuff on the counter,"

As the room-service guy was setting up the breakfast, Derek came out of the shower.

"Oh. Hi. If knew you were here, I would have covered up" Derek said, covering his wet cock.

"No,its fine. Actually, I'm kind of... enjoying the view" said the room-service guy, smiling." I'm Alex, by the way"

"Nice to meet you, Alex. Do you ogle all your customers like this?" asked Joe.

" Nah, just the ones who answer the door half naked." said Alex "and even then, only the ones I'm interested in" he finished, smirking.

Joe looked over at his boyfriend. Derek shrugged and said "Well then, we'll just have to show you just exactly what it is you're looking at."

Alex looked over at Joe, then back to Derek, and smiled. With that, Derek moved over to him, and began to slowly un-button his shirt kissing slowly up his neck and jaw line. Joe walked over, and undid Alex's belt, pulling his pants down, to expose his purple boxer briefs, with his bulge growing.

"Excited already?" asked Joey, smirking.

Alex looked down, and smiled.

Joe looked down, and saw that Alex was slowly pulling his socked feet in and out of his shoes. Joe, mouthing Alex's bulge through his shorts, reached down and pulled up one of Alex's shoes. He pulled it to his face, and inhaled the hot scent of well worn skater sneakers.

Alex looked down again, saw what was happening, and whispered into Derek's ear. Derek smiled, nodded, and bent down, pulling off one of Joe's sneakers, a green, grey, and black hi topped Osiris Bronx, with fur insides. As he pulled off the other one, Derek's towel finally fell off, exposing his 9 inch uncut cock, risen to attention.

Alex, sill worshiping Joe's shoe, put his free hand around Derek's girth, starting to jerk him off. Derek began to moan, and lifted Alex's are, to lick his hot armpits.

Joe pulled Alex's underwear to expose his hardening member. It fell low, out of his underwear, swinging around, smacking Joe softly on the cheek with a wet "thwack". He was large, at least 8 inches long, and a thick 2 inches around. And to top it all off, he was uncut.

"Wow!" exclaimed Joe.

Joe took it all into his mouth, teasing the head of it with his tongue, pre-cum leaking out of the tip. As he pushed down on it, Alex shuddered "Yeah, just like that" he whispered

Derek moved over to the bed, and Alex followed, leaning over him, and took Derek's cock into him mouth. Joe come over last, slowly stroking Alex's cock as he serviced his feet. The socks Alex was wearing were black and grey striped, well worn at the heel and ball of the foot, and smelled so strongly of Alex's hot scent, Joe almost died. Licking up and down the length of his foot, Joe tasted just a hint of cum. he smiled, and looked up to see his boyfriend moaning and gasping as Alex went up and down as fast as he could on his dick.

As Derek released a loud moan, Alex went all the way down on his cock, with Derek thrusting into his face. After Derek finished climaxing, Alex pulled his head up, ropes of hot cum hanging from his lips. He looked down at Joe, and said "My turn, get on my dick bitch."

Joe was all to happy to oblige, crawling up to Alex's throbbing manhood. He took into his mouth, intent of finishing him off this time. As he deep throated him, he swallowed the pre-cum that seemed to be flowing non-stop from Alex's cock. As Alex pumped his cock into Joe's mouth faster and faster, Joe felt Alex shudder, and his mouth was filled with the salty sweetness of Alex's seed. He swallowed it all.

Joe sat up, smiled, and said "I'm the only one left. What a shame." Alex leaned over to suck is cock, but Joe stopped him, smiled, and went to the end of the bed. He picked up Alex's socked foot, pushed it against his cock, and started to jerk himself with Alex's foot. He rubbed his toes over the tip of his cock,up and down his shaft Then, he picked up Alex's other foot, and began to fuck the two socked, hot skater feet. Then he felt his balls pull up, and he came long ropes of cum, against Alex's feet, down his leg, and even onto Alex's still hard cock. Then, he pulled his feet up to his mouth, and licked the cum off the socks. Alex just watched, smirking.

"Well, I had best be off, the kitchens are probably looking for me" Alex said, going over to the corner ad pulling off his pants, not worrying about putting on his underwear or wiping the cum off his body. "Oh, and before I forget, will you be ordering dinner? The hotel likes to assign the same room-service guys to the same rooms if they can."

"We most certainly will be." said Derek, sitting up.

Alex smiled, and pulled on his shoes. "Keep the underwear, if you don't mind. They're so... restricting."

As he walked out, he stopped at the desk, and wrote his cell phone number and a message on the notepad. He wrote "Call me"

Joe looked back at Derek "Nude breakfast on the balcony, then a shower together?"

Derek smiled, picking up Alex's underwear, folding them, and laying them on the bed. He looked over at Joe, and nodded.



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