"I wish we shared a dorm, baby. It's hard to go all the way across campus to see you, and I won't be able to do that every day" 'said Joe to his boyfriend Derek over the phone.

"Baby, you know I'm pulling as many strings as possible to get into that room of yours! They should be calling us tonight to finalize, you signed the papers, right?" said Derek, marveling at how this amazing and sexy boy came into his life.

"Well, then we should get off the phones, and FaceTime instead!" Joe explained. Joe was the bottom in their relationship, and he played the part well. He was the most emotional of them both, and a bit more effeminate than his lover Derek.

"Ok, just let me turn on my computer, call you in a sec" said Derek, and the call clicked off. "Christ, I know were calling each other back in, like a sec, but would it kill him to say 'goodbye'?" said Derek in exasperation. "But damn, that boy is fine!"

That night, they FaceTimed for a little while, and when the Housing Administration called, they ended the video chat. The call was mostly "You are aware of the dorm rules" and "You understand the severe decrease of privacy having a dorm mate entails?" to which they both agreed. The following day, they didn't have classes, because it was Sunday, and they planned to start moving Derek's stuff in directly after Mass (they were both Roman Catholic). Seeing as how Derek had less stuff, only his sheets, his posters, his dresser, is computer desk, and his laptop, they had decided that he would move in with Micah. It also helped that Micah had a bigger dorm, and a extra bed that would be easily pushed against the other one to make a large bed.

They finished moving all Derek's stuff about 2:30, and decided to watch a movie in their dorm room. They got half way into the movie, before Micah started to play with Derek's size 12 Osiris NYC83. They had made an agreement to wear their shoes all the time. Micah had taken off his DVS Transoms so he could slip his socked feet into Derek's hi topped shoes.

Derek shuddered "Your feet are so warm and moist, give me your shoe"

Micah passed Derek his Transom, and pulled down his tight jeans to take care of his raging hard on. Today he was wearing a jockstrap specially made for everyday wearing. It was black, and the inside was a soft black velvet material that did a good job of keeping Micah aroused. Micah reached down, slid off Derek's shoe,which Derek had worn sock less,and started giving him a foot massage.

Micah looked over, and watched as Derek licked his shoe. That shoe was the one that had been filled with the cum from Micah's ass from their last erotic encounter, and Derek could smell the remnants of his cum in Micah's shoe, along with Micah's boy feet smell. He looked over to see Micah jerking his long, thick dick, with its piercings at the head, and at the balls, where scrotum meets sac. Derek's own massive dick was at full-mast as well, and Micah noticed. He reached over and undid Derek's jeans, pulling them down as he smelled Derek's shoe, cherishing the smell.

Derek's 10 inch long, uncut dick popped out of his pants, it has mysteriously made it out of the tight fitting well worn blue Fruit of the Loom boxer briefs Derek was wearing. They wasted no time in completely undressing each other. Derek first stripped Micah out of his burgundy American Eagle long sleeved shirt, and Micah all but tore off Derek's blue Volcom t-shirt, exposing both their well kept bodies. Derek was a tad more muscular than Micah, sporting well defined pecs and a 6 pack of toned abs. Micah had pecs, but they were a little less defined than Derek's, and his abs only showed when he flexed, but he was still thin and hairless, while Derek had a small happy trail that led down to his trimmed bush. Micah was completely shaven, except for armpits, his body was hairless.

Derek grabbed his lube from the bedside table, and prepared his man meat to fuck Micah's tender ass. Micah rolled over on his side, and lifted his top leg, so Derek could enter him sideways.

Derek slowly rubbed his dick head around Micah's entrance, then slid himself in, going slow but steady.

Micah moaned in ecstasy, and turned his head to French his lover. They kissed and fucked, each one knowing exactly what the other one needed, what they wanted. And for a moment, there was no world, just Micah and Derek, making love. They were in perfect sync, tongues dancing in each others mouth, and Micah's ass pulsed, signaling his orgasm approaching, Derek flipped Micah so he could see his face, and Micah's balls were against Derek's stomach.

Micah loved how Derek's trimmed bush felt against his smooth hole, and with a great yell came like he had never came before. His cock gushed an almost unbroken stream of the white, sweet nectar, and Micah came so powerfully that it hit the window above them, Derek licked up Micah's semen, still pumping away at his ass.

Then Derek came, as he was rubbing his shoe inner sole in Micah cum, he came, powerfully, and Micah loved it.

As Derek pulled out, Micah closed his eyes, and said " Fuck, I'm tired", Derek smiled and lay down with him, his still hard cock pressing against Micah's ass hole. Then Derek got up, and went around the bed, so he was in front of Micah. Then he lied back down, and Micah pushed his still hard cock, so Derek could feel his piercing against his hole. And they slept till the night came in.



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