Joseph was going through a pretty good spot, he was doing great in college, with a 4. GPA,mhe was muscular, and had a 8 inch dick. He was gay,nut that wasn't the problem, mthemproblemmwas that he only got off when he was with with a skater, getting fucked, and sniffing those hot skater shoes. At his school, there were almost no skaters, and the few that were there, were strictly straight. Try as he might, it just didn't work. One day, as he was walking through the commons, he saw a new skater dude, with his board under his arm, and those oh-so-hot shoes, Osiris NYC, the best kind, as far as he was concerned. He was quietly optimistic, he didn't want to get all hyped up, and be let down again. Joseph decided to throw cautions to the wind and go talk to him. Fortunately, Joseph was a skater in his free time, with a board of his own. He went up the the cute skater, who had long blonde hair, blue eyes, a lip peircing, and strikingly beautiful lips.

Joseph said " Hey dude, I couldn't help but notice your shoes! Those are Osiris, right?"

The skater said " Uhh, yea... Just got em'"

Joe decided to introduce himself "Hi, my name is Joe, I'm a skater myself, I just don't find many people who skateboard around here"

The skater, loosening up said " Yea, I noticed there weren't many skateboards around, my names Derek"

Joseph smiled and offered to buy Derek lunch. Derek accepted.

Over the meal, the discussed mostly skateboarding, especially the shoes.

Derek suddenly asked " What do you think about gays?" with obvious embarrassment.

Joseph said " Actually, I'm gay myself!"

Suddenly Joseph felt a hand on his leg, and with a nod, the headed back to the dorms.

Barely in the door to Joes dorm room, they started making out with passion, undressing each other with fervour. Finally down to the underwear, the skater in a pair of baby blue and hot pinkboxer briefs and a black wife eater, and DC socks, and Joseph in black boxer briefs and Buffalo socks.

Derek said breathily " You know I'm a top?"

Joseph said " That works out wonderfully!"

They got down on the bed, completely naked except for Derek's wifebeater and both their shoes. Derek started feeling Josephs package, commenting on the size, and Jospeh song how Derek's dick (9 1/2 in) made him happy to be the bottom. Joe started to take Derek's hardening dick in his mouth, rubbing him down his legs to his hot skater shoes. Derek seemed more than happy to oblige, taking off Joes hot DVS Transoms, slipping them off and bringing the up to his face, sniffing and licking them, and relishing the scent. Joe sat back up and started worshipping Derek's feet, sniffing them and licking his shoes and socks. He suddenly felt a hand guiding him up, towards Derek's face, where their tongues met, both still sniffing one another's shoes.

Joe then bent over and said " Stick your fucking meat in me!"

Derek grabbed the lube off Joes bedside table, greased up his now almost 10 in dick, and popped the head up against Joesephs ass hole, loving how Joes smooth,nhairless ass seemed to cradle his dick in its cheeks.

Then Derek slowly put the head of his hard cock in, loving the sounds of extacy from Joseph.

" oh Oh OOOHHHH FUCK YES!" shout he Joe as Derek slipped his member all the way in.

" Your so tight! Have you don't this before?" asked Derek?

" Not in a long time, not since I was 15" panted Joseph " Oh! Go faster!"

Derek started to pump his hips back and forth, a d picked up Joes shoe, and started sniffing and licking it, rubbing in on his body, and his ass. Joe picked up Derek's shoe and did the same, sniffing and licking, even fucking it with his hard dick, as Derek pumped his ass harder and faster.

Suddenly, Derek moaned and yelled " Oh fuck! IMM CUMMINGGGGGG!" and shot his load into Joes ass, cumming for a full 4 minutes non stop. As he pulled his cock out, cum started streaming out like a faucet of cum was turned on in Joes ass. Derek took Joes shoe, and filled the inside with the cum from Joes ass, then tipped the shoe over his mouth, getting cum in his open mouth and all over his face.

Then Derek said "You haven't finished yet! That's gonna be fixed real quick!" and with that, he flipped Joe, ass still streaming the last of the cum, and then sucked on Joes dick hard and fast, fondling the balls, and using a lot of tongue.

Joe screamed " Fuck yes! Here I CUMM!!!" and came buckets into Derek's mouth, for at least 3 minutes nonstop, and Derek swallowed all of it.

Derek then said " I want to see you again, how can I make that happen?"

"Well, we do cross paths in the commons a lot, but, why don't we trade shoes? And wear each others underwear? You'd be crazy to not want those back eventually!" said Joe enthusiastically

" That sounds wonderful! Here's my number, call me tomorrow!" said Derek

As they dressed, Derek didn't bother to put a short over his wife beater, and purposefully left his socks and underwear on Joes bed, pulling his skinny jeans over his naked body, and wearing Joes shoes, one still wet with cum.

Joe, noticing this, left his underwear off to, and put them in Derek's bag and, ruffling through his dirty clothes bun, gave Derek One of his dark blue wife beaters.

This is only the first installment of My Skater Expirence. Stay alert for more!



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