My Sister's Husband - Part two

My sister Janey got married on a beautiful sunny day and the temperature was perfect. The ceremony and reception went off with out a hitch and she and her new husband, Jason, left for their honeymoon in Hawaii. I couldn't be happier for them. My sister was happy and her husband, Jason, was a great guy. The fact that he was a hottie and we had one hell of a day sucking and fucking a month before the wedding didn't hurt. But I told Jason that he was making a commitment to my sister and we should honor that trust. The problem was, Jason never missed an opportunity to grab my ass or make an obscene gesture or even try to grab my crotch.

One afternoon, I was at their house for a barbecue, and Jason appeared at the door wearing a very short pair of shorts. I knew this was going to be a long afternoon. Enquiring as to the other guests, since there were supposed to be about a dozen people there, Janey lamented that everyone seemed to have cancelled or just not shown. I turned to Jason who innocently shrugged his shoulders and then gave me dirty grin with a wink. I couldn't help but laugh, but knew trying to behave was going to be an effort.

Janey was busy in the kitchen finishing up preparing food when she told me to hang out with Jason in the back yard and maybe go for a swim. Despite having my swimming trunks on underneath my pants, I lied and said that I had not brought one. Jason, who at this point was standing in the doorway listening, got cute and announced that we should skinny dip! My sister just blushed, her back still towards us while she worked over the sink. Jason, for effect, pushed down his shorts to show that he wasn't wearing any underwear! To make matters worse, he tugged on his revealed semi hard cock for my benefit! I gave him a dirty look and frowned, motioning with my head that his wife, my sister, was only a few feet away.

"I'll find him something to wear," Jason announced, while grabbing my hand and dragging me upstairs to his bedroom.

"You boys have fun and find something for Joshua to wear!" Janey called out as we climbed the stairs.

With Jason still grabbing my hand, he led me to his bedroom and closed the door behind us. By the time I turned around, he had shucked his t shirt and shorts and stood naked before me.

"Jason! Janey is downstairs! You behave mister!" I said scolding him.

"But I want you Joshua. I miss us playing around," Jason lamented.

"That was one time, two months ago, and now you're married to my sister!" I said, still uncomfortable with the situation but unable to keep my eyes off my brother-in-law's hot body. It was a major effort for me to resist going over to him and dropping to my knees to suck on that gorgeous cock which he was already fondling into a nice erection.

I had to resist and I removed my shorts, revealing my swim suit underneath. Jason smiled. "You stinker, you do have a suit!"

"We'll tell Janey I'm borrowing this from you," I explained. "And what the fuck happened to all the other guests?" I asked, staring at Jason, face to face.

Jason shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know, maybe they all got the date wrong!" he explained with a silly look on his face.

My eyes went wide. He was really going to great lengths to get us alone I realized. All of a sudden he leaned in to plant a big kiss on my mouth, and he stayed in position, his tongue darting out to force its way between my lips. My head spun. My resistance was wavering. Suddenly I felt his hand dip inside the front of my trunks, which unfortunately were loose enough for him to find my cock and begin a slow but deliberate stroke. Jason stepped in closer, our bodies pressing, as he began to break down my resistance. I brought one of my hands to the back of his head to hold him in place as our kissing intensified. My other hand crawled down his back, finding his ass and playing with his beautiful round and firm ass cheeks. Our breathing intensified and I knew I was going too far. But man oh man, did it feel good to hold on to Jason. I had thought about our sexual encounter before and it had fueled many a lonely night jacking off alone.

Suddenly we could hear Janey calling for us from downstairs, which forced us both back to reality and we begrudgingly pulled apart. Our eyes locked for a moment, clearly understanding that there was indeed something going on between the two of us that we needed to somehow get under control. I pulled myself back together and told Jason to find a swimming suit fast. He went to his dresser and pulled out a Speedo swim suit, which I grabbed from him and tossed back in the drawer.

"Board trunks or something like that," I directed. He pulled out a red pair that I could see didn't have a mesh lining underneath to keep his cock and balls in place. "Wear a jock then," I suggested. But al he did was smile and put on the suit anyway, allowing him to maneuver and show off his cock outline clearly through his swim trunks.

"You're a bad boy," I whispered as we turned to leave his bedroom. We walked downstairs to find Janey bringing the food outside to near the pool and we helped her carry what was left. Jason went to the grill and cooked us up some burgers and chicken while I sat near Janey, not quite trusting Jason to be too close to him. After all, he was still making funny faces at me and grabbing his crotch or pulling down the swim trunks for a flash whenever he thought Janey wasn't looking. I had a hell of a time trying not to get a boner in my own swim trunks. Once Jason figured out that I wasn't going to play along, he calmed down , and of course, as usual, we had a really nice evening. Interestingly enough, Jason found one of the invites he had sent out to their friends and "accidentally" realized that he had written down the wrong date. He apologized profusely to Janey and gave me a wink as he did. Janey admitted that she enjoyed only us three being together and Jason quickly promised that they would plan future poolside barbecues for just the three of us!

A short while later, I hopped into the pool and of course was immediately followed by Jason. It was an in ground pool and I spent much of the time at the side, treading water, facing Janey as we talked about this thing or that. Jason soon placed himself next to me, side by side. We continued talking to Janey, who indicated that she would not go swimming as her "female time" was just not right for swimming (too much information Janey dear!) . All of a sudden I felt a hand at my waist under the water. Jason then quickly pulled down my swim suit, which fell off my feet and down to the floor of the pool. I was dumbstruck, but what could I say with my sister so close by. I tried to keep cool and not let my face get too red. I felt Jason's hand caressing my ass cheeks and even running a finger along my crack, making me squirm just a bit.

"You okay Joshua? You look funny," Janey suddenly asked. Jason smoothly yet quickly brought his hand back to the surface to hold on, keeping himself up. What to say? I worried. "I'm fine Janey, I just got some gas I suppose!" I replied.

"Nice one, bro!" Jason whispered in my ear. But I had no intention for thanking him for the comment. I still didn't trust him. Conversation resumed and Jason was oddly still, keeping both his hands above the surface on the side of the pool. Maybe I could get my revenge, I thought, as I casually slipped my hand closest to Jason under the water. He let out an odd giggle as I touched his bare side and let is move stealthily down to his waist to find his trunks. My fingers explored lower and lower, past his waist and below, but not finding the material of his trunks. I grabbed a quick peek at his body below the surface and all I saw was skin! That dog, he had already stripped, with both of our suits laying at the bottom of a seven foot pool!

Luckily the house phone rang and Janey excused herself, taking some of the empty dishes with her into the kitchen, and grabbing the telephone. As Jason and I turned to each other, to either argue or try to grab our swim trunks before Janey figured out what was going on, Janey stuck her head back outside to announce that it was an old girlfriend of hers calling and that she would be a while.

Whew, saved by the bell of the telephone, I thought. Once Janey was inside, I turned to Jason, who was already splashing around and doing flips, apparently eager to show off his bare ass. Yes, it was a great backside, but this was just too dangerous for me. I did a quick dive to the bottom of the pool and grabbed the two suits and swam to the far side of the pool. I jumped out and quickly put on my own trunks, holding on to Jason's and taking a seat back at the table. Jason was now forced to exit the pool stark naked. He stayed in the pool a while longer and realized that I was not going to make this easy for him.

Jason finally got out of the pool and stood before me naked. Fortunately the cooler water had kept his cock from growing. As he stood before me, suddenly, Janey emerged from the house to find her husband standing naked.

"Hello? Your naked babe!" Janey announced.

"I know Janey, I just love skinny dipping. You mind?" Jason asked, cool as a cucumber.

Janey started to laugh. Well, I guess it's just my brother, so I don't care if he doesn't, but be careful, Joshua likes to look at nice looking naked guys!" she concluded, turning to me and giving me a wink. "Anyway, I knew Josh loved to skinny dip when he was younger!"

"Younger? What am I, an old poop!" I said in mock protest.

"The you boys should play, its good for you to relive stress. I have a great idea, my girlfriend was at the coffee place and wanted me to come out for a couple of hours to chat and catch up. You boys go skinny dip and leave the dishes for me later," Janey directed. "And Josh," she began, turning to face me. "Go skinny dip too with Jason, I'm sure he's love the guy time and he won't feel so uncomfortable being naked alone." She looked at her watch. "It's only 7 o'clock. Go play and I wont be home until nine, fair enough?" she said.

Meanwhile, Jason, milking the situation for all it was worth, had placed his hands over his cock and balls to cover them up. "Yeah, I'd rather not be naked alone," he whined, knowing full well what he was already planning for me.

Janey walked over and kissed us both, whispering in my ear to play nice with her man. Jason could hear her every word and winked at me when he heard her speak to me!

So Janey left and Jason and I stood still until we heard the car leave the driveway. Jason cleared his throat loudly as he dropped his hands from his crotch and put them on his hip, rocking from side to side as his growing cock gained size and momentum.

"Well, Joshua, you heard your sister, now strip!" Jason commanded.

"I don't quite think us fooling around is what she had in mind Jason!" I offered.

"Actually, I think she did expect us to fool around, just not FUCK around!" Jason offered, making his intentions very clear.

I gave him a frown but still was hesitant in taking advantage of this opportunity being offered to us. "You really don't have a problem with this bro?" I asked Jason. Jason shrugged and took a step towards me, putting his hand on my shoulder. He leaned in and planted a gentle kiss on my lips. "Lose the trunks and get your sweet ass in the pool," he whispered. He turned and left, giving me a brief flash of his ass before he dove into the water. What could I say? I dropped my trunks where I stood and dove in after him, coming up to the surface right behind him. Jason turned to face me and wrapped his hands around my neck, pulling me in close where I felt his hard cock rubbing against my leg. That alone got me going and instantly gave me my own erection. In an instant, we were hugging tightly, our hard cocks rubbing up against our bellies. We held each other tight, grinding into each other to satisfy the hunger we already had for one another. The kissing got deeper and hotter, our tongues already locked in a battle for supremacy as we hungrily sucked face.

Soon after, we broke apart in order to catch our breaths as we were now panting for air, each with a knowing grin on our faces. We splashed around for a while, swimming a bit and occasionally reaching out to try to cop a feel of skin or tug on each other's cocks. The sky darkened and we left the pool, grabbing our trunks as we headed inside. Jason reached out for my hand and I offered it to him, knowing fully well where he was about to lead me. Halfway up the stairs, he suddenly stopped and turned and pulled me up to the stair he was on, and sat down. "I want to fuck you on the stairs right here!" he announced.

Without missing a beat I stooped down to him on the stair below and let my mouth attach itself to his twitching cock. I sucked hungrily, reminding myself of the awesome sexual experience we had months earlier, and was eager for a repeat performance. I slurped and sucked his cock as well as his balls and the ridged skin just below them. Jason leaned back on the steps, spreading his legs and moaned low, already in a state of sheer delight. Once he was hard and wet, I crawled over him until my ass hung over his lap. Jason reached out to hold onto my hips as he guided me down onto his throbbing man meat. The pool had apparently loosened me up somewhat, and with his already dripping cock from my mouth, he entered me rather smoothly.

I had swung around so that we were facing each other as I impaled myself onto him. Jason he used his strong muscled arms to hold me at my hips and began to assist lifting me up and down as I bounded on his lap. His cock thrust in and out of my hole, filling me with delight as I watched his eyes close, and he moaned loudly. I looked down at my own cock between us and could see it twitch with each thrust, already leaking precum onto my lower belly and balls. Some eventually reached down onto Jason's lap. Damn, this sex was good. Being with Jason was good. I wondered to myself if I ever had a chance where he ended up with me instead of my sister, but that thought kind of brought me back down to reality. Thinking that perhaps I should pull off, I suddenly felt Jason's cock stiffen and widen deep inside me. His moaning intensified and he suddenly erupted. His orgasms was intense, resulting in several body spasms as he drained his balls into my ass.

Jason opened his eyes as his cumming subsided, and he looked at me intensely. "Damn I missed this; I missed you in my arms," he announced, causing my heart to melt once again. As we separated, thinking that our sexual adventure was coming to a close, he smiled that hot smile of his. "Now you fuck me," he calmly announced.

For a supposedly straight guy, he certainly was becoming pretty versatile. He asked what position I preferred and I directed him to the upstairs hallway where I had him lay down on his back. I had him pull his feet up into his chest so I could get at that sweet ass of his and still look at his face when I came. Down on my knees, I pulled him toward me and leaned down, getting my mouth right up into his sweet ass so I could give him a good rim job and get that ass ready for my assault. I had him squirming and moaning in no time, letting my tongue do a mini fuck job on Jason. I loved how he reacted so ecstatically when I played with his ass. He tasted of both salt and chlorine from the pool. But soon enough I was deep inside of him. Even without any lube, I had no problem getting into a good hard fucking rhythm and driving deep into his hole. I wanted to consume him, to own him and to have him. I leaned down onto my elbows, pushing my face right up into his, as we locked for a deep kiss while my hips continued to pummel him from below. I wanted our mouths locked when I came, to feel the heat of my breath mixed up with his.

My thrusts continued, getting harder and firmer and deeper and not letting up, giving him the hardest fuck I could offer. I panted and groaned like a beast in heat, feeding his ass with every inch of my cock. With a few more thrusts, I reached climax. My body went rigid and I'd swear my toes curled up underneath my feet. I looked at Jason who was staring back at me. His face was flushed but he had that satisfied look on his face that only really good sex could provide. Soon enough I collapsed onto him, our hot sweaty bodies sticking together.

"I so missed this Joshua," he said, revealing his very soul. "Me too Jason," I admitted, both to him and myself.

Our bodies still entwined, Jason's expression suddenly turned serious. "As much as I want you for myself, I totally understand your concerns about us, about Janey, but how about you? You need someone of your own," Jason went on to state. I rolled off his body, lying next to him naked on the hallway floor.

I turned onto my side to face him. My hand over his chest, I allowed my fingers to gently trace his chest muscles, occasionally tickling him as I went. "I know, but I am truly so busy. I'm in my last year of law school and really busy juggling that with my intern job at that big firm downtown. I have a feeling they will offer me a job after I graduate and then the first couple of years I'll be working hellish hours. Besides, you have a new wife and you two should be learning about each other. So I don't have time for anything now any way," I explained.

Jason looked at me with an understanding grin, reaching over to occasionally play with my chest or tease my balls. "I know you are right, but I so love being with you, loving you actually, to be honest," he announced with a grin.

"I love you too man," I admitted, leaning down and planting a gentle kiss on his lips.

"I'll tell you what, from time to time if it works out, we can find some platy time together, but our focus must be on our own lives and relationships," I announced, poking him in the chest as if to drive home the point that he was married to my sister!

We sat up, our swim trunks in our hands and ran back downstairs and outside to the pool, jumping in and playing like a couple of school kids. After a while, with our sweaty and sticky bodies now cleaned up by the pool, we got out of the pool and gave each other one more good tight naked hug. We dried off and got dressed. After one more quick drink, I excused myself and turned to leave, shouting over my shoulder to say goodbye to Janey for me.

The rest of the year flew by quickly and after graduation I did get that job that I wanted. Jason stayed busy at work and although they tried to get pregnant, Janey never did conceive. I stayed very successful at work and every few months, Jason and I planned a weekend fishing or hunting trip out of town for a few days. Of course we never quite caught or hunted anything, rarely finding time to leave our hotel room. Five years later, my sister was diagnosed with cancer and sadly but fortunately, passed away quickly. I just hate seeing terminal patients suffer needlessly.

Jason and I were awkward around each other after that, I suppose feeling a bit guilty about our relationship. I was surprised with a phone call from Jason one Sunday morning. Maybe six months later I heard from Jason. He announced that he was finally ready to clean out Janey's closet and asked if I could come by. "There may be something or other that you would like," Jason explained.

"Of course I have no problem being there, Jason," I said.

"Plus I could use the company Josh," Jason added.

I came right over to his house and was met at the door by Jason who clearly had been crying. I reached out and gave him a hug. He hung on for dear life as we both realized how good this felt. We didn't say much as we went up to their bedroom. Many drawers were open and Janey's clothes were scattered on the bed. We made a pile for donation and another pile that we would take down to a thrift shop for them to buy from us for resale. Within an hour or so, we had made good progress and could see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Jason and I began talking about this or that, asking about our jobs, reliving one memory or another, and the awkwardness left and we were soon back to our own friendly selves.

Jason was going through a bottom drawer when he pulled out a box and opened it.

"Oh ... my ... good!" Jason announced slowly, freezing in mid air with an envelope in his hands, his face suddenly ashen white.

"What is it Jason?" I asked.

"Its .... Its .... it's a letter from Janey addressed to us."

"To us," I asked incredulously.

"Yeah," Jason began, "To Jason and Joshua from Janey" he read out loud.

I sat still, my heart pumping loudly in my chest. I was unable to think or even move. I watched Jason look over the envelope carefully before finally opening it up and pulling out a sheet of paper, looking up at me for a moment before he began.

"The first paragraph is addressed to only me," Jason began. "Its about our meeting and marriage and stuff," he sniffled as he began to choke up. "I'll read the part addressed to us," Jason announced.

"To my wonderful husband Jason and my amazing brother Joshua," Jason began reading. "I bet you will be together going through my things some time after I have passed. I know my cancer is untreatable and I have made peace with my demise. I feel bad knowing that you two will probably suffer alone and that breaks my heart. I hope too much time does not pass before you find this letter and find each other. Yes, I know about you two and the feelings you have for each other. And believe it or not, it pleased me beyond description that you two got along so wonderfully, so beautifully and yes, so lovingly. Love is love, and it should be nourished and cherished. Knowing you two spent time together took absolutely nothing away from me. I only share my blessings with you two wonderful people," Jason read, his eyes filled with tears as he looked up at me with a small smile.

"She knew and was okay with it," I said, my voice choking as I felt the tears trailing down my cheeks.

"I bet ... ," Jason began, his voice quivering, unable to complete his words. "I bet .... that night we were in the pool and she told us to go skinny dipping ......" he said, trying again to speak, but breaking down in tears again. I moved over to Jason, sitting next to him, my arm around him to comfort him while I choked back my own tears.

I leaned in and gently took the letter from his hands. I looked at Janey's delicate handwriting and continued to read the letter.

"My insurance policy left both of you as beneficiaries," I read out loud. I looked at the envelope Jason had left on the bed and inside I saw the policy page of the insurance company Janey's letter referred too.

"Here's what I would like you two to do," I continued reading out loud, Jason now looking up at me listening closely, his eyes red from his tears. "With this policy, and with the sale of our house and Joshua's condo apartment, you should buy a house together, a new place that will belong to both of you as a couple. Knowing that you two should, and I believe will have each other, lets me go with a smile and in peace. Stop the tears as I'm sure the two of your are sniffling like little kids. Give each other a kiss and a hug and put away my things for good. It's the memories that count, and we all have some wonderful memories of our times together. Now go and do it! Jason and Joshua, you two so belong together!"

I put down the letter looking at Jason, giggling and crying all at once, as he now was. We reached out to each other for a hug and held on tight. "I so love you Jason," I announced gently in his ear. "And I love you Joshua,:" Jason said, as he pulled back from me and looked me in the eyes, a broad smile growing on his face.

The pressure was lifted, the burden and guilt were gone. We finished cleaning up and the next day, Jason put his house on the market while I put my condo apartment on the market as well. Yes, we bought our new home together and moved in soon after. Despite our busy work schedules, after work Jason and I come back to our own home each night, which gave so the much needed and wanted time together. A year later, Jason proposed, and we had Jamey's old wedding ring refitted into a man's style ring for me. It was only proper that Janey be with us at that moment.

We were lucky to live in a state that allowed us to marry and adopt children, and of course we did. Our first child, a girl, we named Janet, and our new son we named Jacob. What can I say, we like the letter 'J'.

Love to all!



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