My Sister's Husband

My name is Joshua and I'm 24 years old. Just over 6'2, at 185, I must admit I'm in pretty good shape. I'm now in law school and doing pretty well in my classes. I'm gay and have been out to my family as long as I can remember. I guess I'm pretty lucky that way. My family noticed early on that my head turned for the other boys, and not the other girls. My only other sibling is my sister Janey, who's a year older then me, and fortunately was pretty popular in school and always kept an eye out for me. We usually found ourselves hanging out with the same crowd since we were both pretty athletic and involved in many sports activities in both high school and college, since we had always attended the same schools. We both have dark wavy hair and light skin, and we both have green eyes. We both had boyfriends in high school and college, and usually compared notes. It was kind of cool to be honest.

During my college years I paid more attention to my studies and so my social life suffered, not really having the time to commit to a serious relationship, which was actually okay for me, knowing I wanted to get my career on track and good grades were essential. After college, I applied for, and was accepted to a good law school in our home town, not eager to move away from my family. Law school was going well and I'm halfway through, having survived the intense burden of my first year work load. I even have time for a part time job at a local law office.

My sister, at 25, is now engaged. She met her fiancé in college and since they first met and went out, they knew that this was something serious. Jason is a great guy. Unlike Janey and I, he is blonde and blue eyed. He is also pretty athletic like us and loves to keep his body in shape. As an accounting major, his good grades allowed him to get a pretty decent job in town while my sister was happy to give it all up to stay at home. She has some clerical job now, but I can be sure that the day she gets pregnant, her career days will be certainly over. I had met Jason a few times and found him to be a good guy. To be honest, I kept my distance. In the past, when Janey dated a cute guy, I sometimes found my self ogling over them and occasionally jacking off to images of them I had in my head - usually naked images of them of course. But I could tell that this guy was marriage material, and I wanted to play it safe. I didn't need to leer at Jason and scare him off!

Once out of college, Janey, Jason and I would go out to dinner to just catch up. I was keeping pretty busy at law school and they were pretty busy with their lives as well. By now, they had moved in together and I got my own apartment while in law school. Of course we saw our folks now and then as well. But I digress.

Jason and I got along very well. He didn't seem to have any issues with me being gay and actually asked about my social life from time to time, showing me that he really cared. Since I was just as athletic as he was, sometimes we'd get together for a pick up basketball game or get seats to a baseball game if Janey was busy. The truth is, we became like brothers, which was cool, always feeling like I missed out on that experience. Jason was an only child, so I think he enjoyed having a new brother as well. Sometimes he joked that being engaged to Janey was like a two for one deal for him. I liked the sound of it.

About two months before the wedding, Jason and I went to see a baseball game. It was pretty slow moving. I think by the 6th inning, the score was only 1 - 0. Like I said, a slow game. We talked about so much, especially the upcoming marriage. Jason wanted me as best man, which really moved me, that he thought so much of me, especially since he had a ton of close guy friends. Anyway, he turned to me, with this serious expression. Uh, oh, I thought.

"Josh, I need to ask you a question," Jason began.

"Yeah?" I responded.

"When Janey and I started dating, you really kept your distance from us. Did you not approve of me or something?" Jason asked.

"No, of course not. I always thought you were a cool guy. I liked you," I added.

Jason kept his serious face. He sat silently for a moment. "I mean I didn't even know you at first, but now I do!" I said, offering him a reassuring grin.

"Its just that," Jason began, "Janey told me that you both used to talk all the time about who you both dated, and usually hung around checking out the dates to make sure they were decent and all that. But you kept your distance. I remember so many times trying to get Janey to invite you along for dinner or something, and you had every excuse possible. Even Janey was disappointed," Jason explained, still looking like a dog left out in the rain.

I put my hand on Jason's shoulder. "Listen Jason, you're being silly. I think you're a super guy. Your'e smart and have a good job and are good to my sister, and I got a brother like I always wanted," I said, giving his shoulder a reassuring squeeze before pulling it back and turning back to the field, trying to contain my emotions.

We sat quietly after that. "Your right, I didn't mean to push you or anything. It is good now and I'm happy to have you as a brother also!" Jason added.

"But what are you not telling me?" Jason suddenly blurted out. I kept my gaze straight ahead.

"Nothing, nothing at all, honest," I said, without looking at him. Suddenly I felt him grab me by the shoulder and force me to face him. He didn't say a word. Jason just waited. "There's nothing to say," I repeated.

"Talk," Jason repeated, giving my shoulder another shake until I pulled it away from him.

I stared at him for a few minutes. "I found you very good looking, that's all. I was afraid I'd make a pass at you. Okay? Satisfied? Am I embarrassed enough for you now?" I added, feeling a bit annoyed that he made me admit that.

"So I'm no longer good looking?" Jason asked, really pissing me off now.

"Don't be an asshole! Of course you are, but I would never do anything to mess up what you and Janey have and your straight as an arrow anyway!" I concluded with a dirty look, focusing back on the very boring baseball game.

We didn't say a word for a good half hour, until Jason spoke up again. "I'm sorry Joshua. I'm flattered actually and just wanted to make sure that you really did approve of me. Your acceptance is very important to me and I wanted to make sure there wasn't something I should know. Anyway, it's kind of cute that Jamey's kid brother thinks I'm cute."

"Please don't patronize me!" I said, still annoyed but to be honest, a little calmer now.

"Well its good I'm not gay cause I think your'e good looking too!" Jason said.

"You should stop talking now Jason, you're not making things any better!" I added, giving him another dirty look.

"I'm sorry, honest, its just when I'm near you, I'm reminded of Janey cause you smell like her. I like that!" Jason added.

"Oh please," I groaned, leaning into my seat away from Jason.

Things remained kind of quiet for the rest of the game and soon it was time for us to leave. Jason felt the icy air and we shook hands as we left, instead of the usual brotherly hug. We didn't talk much except about the wedding when decisions had to be made. I got busy with my studies again and then about a month later, shortly after I had supper and put the dishes away, there was a knock on my front door. I opened it and there stood Jason, again wearing his dog left out in the rain look. I decided to take the high road.

"Hi Jason, how are you? Is everything alright? This is a surprise seeing you here," I said calmly, really over the issues he raised when we spoke at the ball game. I stepped aside letting him in.

"I want to make sure that we're cool and stuff. I know I kind of gave you a hard time when we were together last. I feel that we're not as close as before!" Jason said sadly, taking a seat on my couch.

I gave him a reassuring grin. "We are, honest. My only concern is that you and Janey are happy." I added, sitting down next to him on the couch.

"To be honest, I guess I poked you a bit to start a certain conversation," Jason said, looking at me cautiously.

"What certain conversation?" I asked.

"The gay thing I guess," Jason began.

"The gay thing?" I said beginning to laugh.

"Yeah, like we need to talk about it or something," Jason explained.

"I don't know what you mean," I offered. Jason just stared at me, looking very lost.

"I told you I won't hit on you, if that's what you are worried about," I said, starting to get annoyed at him again.

"Its not that Josh," Jason quickly responded. "I thought we should talk about it though," he said.

"What's to say? It's a non issue to be honest. People like people and if they're comfortable and feel close to them, they get intimate. I just happen to lean towards guys and you lean towards girls. You DO lean towards girls right?" I asked.

"Oh yeah, yeah. It's just that, well, ...." Jason began, clearly at a loss for words.

Jason suddenly sat up straight and looked directly at me. "I like you Joshua, I really do. I feel so comfortable being with you and Its like you really are my brother. Its just awesome," Jason said beaming.

I couldn't help but break out in a wide smile. "I feel the same way Jason! But you think too much, that's all!"

Suddenly it hit me. "You think if you like a gay guy, then maybe you'll have other feelings too?" I asked, my eyebrows raising.

Jason looked like a deer caught in the headlights. I hit the nail on the head! I watched Jason closely as he slowly nodded his head up and down, which caused me to begin laughing. Jason met my response with a frown.

"You're getting married to my sister in one month. Hopefully we'll be in each others lives for a very long time. Being close to someone doesn't mean that sex has to follow. We will be brothers and you won't turn gay, I promise!" I said to reassure him.

We both stood up, and shook hands. Jason began to let a smile cross his face. "You're so cool, bro!" Jason said. I reached around and gave him a goodbye hug. "You're cool too," I said, looking him in the face and offering a wide smile. "You're just nervous," I added.

Jason leaned in for another quick hug which seemed to last longer then I expected. I felt Jason let out a deep sigh and could feel all the tension that he had start to subside. Poor guy, all the pressure he must be facing. I rubbed his back while we remained connected, gently massaging his muscles up and down, and soon felt him doing the same to me. I needed to release this hug, I thought. I could feel my heart beat begin to quicken. Suddenly I felt one of Jason's hands go lower, just below my waistline along my back.

Alarm bells began to go off in my head, but I just couldn't let go. Suddenly I lowered both my hands and soon held Jason's muscular ass cheeks in my open palms, ever so lightly kneading them. Jason followed suit and was also exploring my ass. In an instant, our hips both moved forward, grinding our crotches into each other. I couldn't go further, and used all of my resistance to pull back and away, separating ourselves. "This is wrong," I said, before looking up and seeing Jason's face.

Jason's cheeks were flushed and his eyes were red. He had been crying! I was speechless.

I looked at him quietly. "I love your sister so much, and when I'm with you, I feel like I'm with her. I get aroused," he announced, rubbing the front of his pants as if for effect, leading me to notice that there was a definite bulge there.

"But I'm not Janey, I'm Joshua, and I'm not someone's replacement. You have to stop thinking this way or i'll really be forced to keep my distance, and that's not fair to me," I objected.

"No, that's not what I meant," Jason began. "You're not a replacement, I think I like you too," he concluded.

"And I want you!" Jason suddenly blurted out. This was not good, I thought. Or was it?

Not sure what to do, I just stood there, looking at Jason and trying to figure out what to say, or maybe chase him out of my apartment. But suddenly Jason removed his shirt. Without an undershirt, he was now bare chested. My god, he had an amazing body. His fair hair, a few streaks of blonde hair highlighted an impressive chest and flat stomach. He stared at me, as if in a trance, and kicked off his sandals and undid his belt, pulling it out of the loops of his pants and tossing it to the floor. I was mesmerized, unable to speak or move. This guy that I had lusted after years before, and managed to suppress my thoughts and feelings for the sake of my sister, were now suddenly coming back, full force. I don't remember pulling off my polo shirt, but I did, as I was now bare chested as well. I could feel Jason's eyes looking me over, and taking me in. Jason shucked his pants and soon stood only in his dark green boxers, a tent obviously visible in the front. I was a gonna. I dropped my pants, but because I didn't have on any underwear that day, my hard cock arose instantly once free of clothing.

Jason watched me strip, his eyes wide as saucers, a lascivious grin growing on his face, as if he were a starving man thrust in front of a Las Vegas endless buffet table. As if in his own trance, he pushed down his boxers and kicked them off as he walked towards me, his arms raising to reach me, his eyes never leaving my body. The sacrifices I am forced to make!

This guy was gorgeous. A hard erect cock, easily eight inches long, just throbbed in offering for me. This was real, and this hot body was about to become mine. I'll deal with my sins tomorrow, for tomorrow is another day! I thought. In no time, Jason and I were locked in a hard embrace. Our hard cocks thrust up squeezed between our equally flat bellies, our arms kept us in a locked embrace. Facing each other, we entered a kiss that I felt was one of the hottest I had ever experienced. I could hear Jason moaning as we continued to grind into each other. His actions were as strong and deliberate as mine, and knew that some heavy sex was about to happen. Our kiss broke, only after our tongues had met each other, when he grabbed me by the hand and led me to my bedroom and my bed. He lovingly pushed me back onto the bed as he climbed aboard, kissing me hungrily about the neck and shoulders.

By this time, the animal in me was released, as I reared up with a low growl and pushed Jason onto his back, this time with me straddling his magnificent hot body. I attacked his neck and shoulders and then went after that chest. I found his first nipple and sucked hungrily, feeling it harden in my mouth as my free hands massaged his perfect abs. With one nipple conquered, I moved to the other one, again taking it in my mouth and sucking hungrily, bringing it to full attention. I moved south, finding his firm yet soft abs and nuzzled my face deeply in his skin, taking in his scent and enjoying this exploration.

Jason moaned and groaned beneath me, his body grinding itself into the mattress as his legs thrashed about, spreading and giving me his best offering. His hands remained on the back of my head, lovingly caressing and maneuvering me lower and lower. And what could I do but oblige him? My face moved until my chin was poked by something new. I raised my face a bit for a better view, to see his hard throbbing cock pulse with life inches from my face. I looked up at Jason, examining his eyes for a clue which came instantly, his head slowly bobbing up and down giving me the signal to proceed with my assault. My tongue slipped out of my mouth slowly, watching Jason's face as I began to lick the top of his leaking cock. Jason only moaned louder, emitting a low guttural "Yes, Yes," telling me to proceed.

I licked the bottom of his cock, from the tip down to his balls, wetting up his throbbing rod, knowing full well, what I desired for him to do with it. I then began a serious sucking, making sure to get Jason's cock as rock hard as possible. Once or twice I felt his hips shudder and immediately loosened my lip grip, not wanting an orgasm to approach too early.

After some artful sucking, I sat up and got off Jason's body, already beginning to shine with a light layer of sweat. He looked at me curiously, not sure what was next. I grinned at him and pulled his legs up and into his belly, forcing his hips to roll forward and reveal his tight pink rosebud. I leaned in for a few light kisses feeling him relax under me, knowing that I was only adding more pleasure to his experience.. I began to lick hungrily, occasionally darting my tongue quickly in and out his hole, finding him sweet and salty. I continued licking his balls and slowly slipping in one ball at a time, to hungrily suck on it and hearing him whimper as I went.

I pulled myself up towards him, until I was lying next to him, our bare shoulders touching. "Either I can fuck you or you can fuck me, your choice bro," I offered seductively. "I don't have any condoms," he muttered, not giving me a direct answer.

"I don't either, but I'm pretty confident neither of us have anything to worry about, I said with a wink. "Fuck me," he whispered, returning the wink. I sat up and he quickly sat up as well. "I suppose I need to suck you up nice and wet," Jason offered.

"Yeah," I said, making sure he was ready. Jason shook his head eagerly, as if being offered a free ride at an amusement park!

Jason pushed me back against the bed, forcing apart my legs as he slowly began to lick my cock and suck it. Hesitant at first, he got more aggressive as he went. Not being too effective at first, he got better as I gave him some directions. I certainly couldn't fault his enthusiasm as I soon felt the heat rising from deep down, knowing that he soon had the ability to bring me over the edge. At that point I pushed him off me and got him back onto his back, his legs spread while his cock twitched eagerly for the coming experience. I put myself between his legs and moved my hips forward, lining up my cock for its eventual target. I watched his face, mixed with apprehension and excitement, I wanted his first time to be both pleasurable and fun. I leaned forward on my hands hovering over Jason as I felt my cock head pop inside his rosebud, guided by my hand. I pushed in a bit further, my eyes still locked on his face, watching to see if he felt any discomfort.

Jason's expression did turn serious as one pint, and so I froze in place, letting his ass get used to the entrance of my throbbing cock. As his face relaxed, I ventured in further, again stopping to allow his body to adjust accordingly. A bit further and his smile returned, no longer concerned of something he couldn't handle. With a slow rocking back and forth motion, I began my fucking, making sure to offer this stud the fullest pleasure. A little further in and I could tell I was now pushing his love button, his prostate, as he started to howl and moan with glee.

"Oh yes yes yes, Josh," this is awesome, you are awesome," he announced, looking deep into my eyes and showing me how good he was feeling.

My thrusts became stronger and I was soon in full fuck mode, plowing deep and clenching my ass as I went. In not time, I was all in, our pubes rubbing and crashing as I plunged in and plunged again. My cock felt so good. It had been so long before I had some really good sex, and with someone I really wanted to be with. But I knew that this was probably a one time thing, for soon he would belong to my sister, and I was okay with that, knowing that I had sort of taken a test drive with what she was about to get.

My head returned to reality as my orgasm announced itself. My hips shook and vibrated as I felt the electricity roll down to my toes. Hanging on above Jason, I plunged one more time and felt my insides erupt. I froze, my hips digging down, as wave after wave of my cum escaped deep into Jason's ass. Jason meanwhile, moaned approvingly, clearly feeling the arrival of my juices. We got quiet as I felt my cock withdraw and begin its return to normal size. Exhausted and panting, I rolled off my beautiful stud and lay next to him, as both of our breathing slowly resumed a normal pace.

"That was better then anything I had imagined," Jason offered, a wide smile plastered across his face.

"So you had imagined this? Us, I mean?" I asked curiously.

Jason turned his head to face me, still smiling. "To be honest, yeah! I've always found you kind of sexy. I just never knew what to do about it," Jason offered in true honesty.

"So you ready to have your way with me now?" I asked.

"Can I?" Jason asked, showing that eagerness again.

I reached down and pulled my knees into my chest, forcing my own asshole to point upward in invitation.

"But are you ready?" Jason asked. "I'm not sure I'm quite ready to lick up your ass," he added with a blush.

"Judging by the precum I can see you're leaking, I think we can make this work, just go slow and follow my directions, okay?" I asked Jason, already getting in position and lining his cock up before my hungry eager rosebud.

I guided Jason through the initial steps, his listening was quite obedient and he was patient to allow my own ass to relax and get used to his size. Although his cock was probably eight inches long like my own cock, he was a bit thicker and it was quite the effort to get him in my without too much pain. But sure enough, between his eagerness to comply and my pent up horniness taking over, we soon had Jason leaning over me in a push up position and his cock then piston plunging deep in and out. All in all, a most excellent fucking, considering it was his first time. But as a newbie, he found his orgasm approaching sooner then either of us would have preferred. Jason slowed once or twice in order to delay his climax, but my hungry ass was uncontrollable and kept squeezing down on his throbbing hard rod, and so he soon shot his load deep inside of me.

But believe me when I said I had no complaints. Jason thrust hard and deep, draining his balls in several spurts of his man cream. In a short while, his cock was shrinking back to normal size, and he pulled out and fell back onto the bed next to me, panting like a race horse. I could feel his cum leak out of my ass as he rubbed his bare hips against mine. It felt so good, but again the thoughts came rushing back that this was going to be our last time.

Jason rolled onto his side to face me, his face still a bit flushed and his chest still gleaming with that post orgasmic glow that we all have now and then. I rolled over as well, expecting him to say something.

"Amazing was all can say," he began. "And so tight, man oh man!"

"Glad you liked it bro," I offered. "But you know this is our first and last time, don't you?" I said.

Jason frowned, and I could see him deep in thought. Then he said the one word I had a feeling he would offer: "Why?"

"Cause you're getting married dummy!" I offered.

"And? Its not like you're a stranger, and I'm certainly not cheating with another woman?" Jason said, trying desperately to rationalize things.

"But it's still cheating!" I repeated, knowing that I was right but also sad that I was right, as I really could enjoy this guy on a regular basis.

Jason fell back onto the mattress, staring at the ceiling. "I know you're right," he finally admitted.

"Anyway, bro, we'll always see each other and can do stuff with each other like always, we'll just happen to know each other a bit better now, so hopefully, you won't feel awkward or something," I added, giving him a quick wink.

"And it will be more fair now anyway," I quickly said.

"How's that?" Jason asked.

"Because now you will also have to control yourself just like I do now! Ha!" I added.

"Oh, fuck you," Jason said in a tease, poking me in the belly.

"You just did!" I replied with a laugh.

We talked for a while and soon got out of bed, taking our turns in the shower before dressing.

As promised, we behaved ourselves for the next month, in the time leading up to the wedding. The event itself went off perfectly, and a good time was had by all. Jason and I spent a lot of time together, which actually thrilled my sister as she had so much to deal with for family and friends and the wedding. Janey was also very happy that Jason and I clicked, if only she knew really knew how well!



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