"My name is Rico, and I have no idea why I'm letting this nigga fuck me like some bitch."

I don't know about y'all, but for me, I do a lot of thinking when I'm having sex. That doesn't mean the sex is garbage. Not at all. Like this nigga right now is putting in work. He's been fucking me like a dime whore for the last two hours, and while I should beat his ass for coming onto me this strong, it feels so good. I know it's wrong, damn!

But it's for damn sure a lot going on in my mind about this dude. Like "Why the hell am I laying here on my back with my legs in the air like some bitch?" or "Why am I even letting this nigga fuck me?" Better yet - "Why does this turn me on?"

I should be making him suck MY dick. He's the homo anyway. Shit, I AIN'T GAY! I know, says the nigga with a fat dick up his ass. But damn, his dick does fell good inside me. I didn't know dick felt so good. I ain't never been with a dude before. At least not before this dude. I wander how many lil homos he bring here in his crib. "Fuck...I'm probably not the first."

See this shit I'm talking about? My mind just be roaming. I'm thinking about how good this shit feels, how I'm gonna fuck my girl even better when I get home, thinking about all the crazy shit that could happen if someone caught us right now. This mother fucker bet not even open his mouth to no one about this shit or he will get fucked up. And he know I'll do it. Hell, sometimes I wanna fuck him up right after we done...but he so damn sexy. Wait. I ain't just say that shit, did I? I stay tripping over this dude. I don't even know why.

"Ay...Ay...Ay Papi!!!" This shit is good. "Ay papi! Mi gusto tu grande pinga en mi culo, papi."

Damn he got me speaking Spanish to him. But I'm still all man about mines though. It's just that his Black dick feels so good in my Black and Puerto Rican bubble butt booty. Yeah I said it. My girl tells me all the time that I got a bubble butt. The ladies like it too and want to touch it.

But back to this nigga on top of me. He trying to look me right in my eyes like he my girl or some shit. He don't know that behind these eyes are thoughts of me wanting to dead his ass right on the spot while he on top of me. Plenty of times I wanted to take him out and I know for sure I almost did one time. I couldn't bring myself to do it - I don't love him (yet) but I got mad love for him. Plus, I've gotten used to the way he throws his dick...why give it up?

But shit be changing on how I feel about this dude. One day, I'm feeling him and the next, I'm ready to be done with dude.

Like at this moment - he keep staring at me with those pretty brown eyes. Got me feeling like a bitch and shit.

"You sexy as fuck, pa." he says, not losing a beat while fucking me.

As I moan in response, I feel his thick wet lips penetrate my mouth. "Is this nigga kissing me?" I ask myself as he sucks on my tongue. He's doing too much man, he's trying to turn me out. Can't let any of my niggas know about this.

Hell, I'm taking a big risk being here with this nigga. This aint my hood, I ain't got my boys with me, and this sexy ass mother fucker on top of me is from a rival gang of mine's.

This shit is just wrong on so many levels. That's why can't nobody find out about us. This my dude but I ain't dying for him and go down as some homo traitor. My set and my boys come first always but it's something about this dude. Damn!



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