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This Story is 100% true

My name is Galen, im 20 years old. I went to NFA, and I was on the cross-country and track and field team. I was a junior at the time and one of the top 5 runners on our team.

I went to school that Thursday, and it was nice weather outside. By the time school was out, it was poring outside. I later found out that coach had texted everyone saying that practice was cancelled because of the weather. For some odd reason, I hadn't received the text message. So, after 9th period, I went to the locker room and got changed into my short shorts and muscle shirt. I was waiting for a while until coach finally came to post the order of events for our meet on Saturday. He walked in and went to his office. I walked up to him and said, 'Coach, where have you been? And where is everyone else?'

'Gaelen, I didn't even see you there. I sent a text to everyone canceling practice' coach said. Right at that moment, my cell phone beeped and I had then received the text. 'since your already changed, why don't we go to the weight room and work out.' Coach said.

'fine by me!' I replied.

Now, let me tell you something about my coach and i. I am 18, about 6' 1', 150 lbs. I have blue eyes and brown hair. I am very fit and have a smooth body. I have little hair on my body, and it barley shows. I have an 8' cock, and I have been told that I have a nice tight ass. My coach's name is Steve. He is very hairy (bear) and is so sexy. He is about 5'11', 160 lbs. and has brown hair and eyes. He is very hair, but it turns me on a little bit. He has a nice ass, and is very fit as well. When we do long runs, he always runs with us, so I always consider him as part of the team, athlete wise.

Coach had given me the keys to the locker room, and I went and opened it up and did a little warm-ups. Coach walked in, and had gotten changed into tight shorts, and a really small shirt that was showing off his body. It really started to turn me on. Coach then told me that he would stand over me, so he could spot me while I benched. He had stood over me, and I started to look at his tight short and saw that he was getting a nice sized bulge in his pants. And then I realized that I had formed a tent in my short, and I was really embarrassed, because my coach had noticed. We both just started laughing, and then we got back to lifting weights. Then after about another 45 mins of trying to not get another boner, coach said, 'alright, head to the showers.' I went to my locker and got out a towel and my soap. I went into the showers and started jerking off and thinking bout coach's bulge, when I heard coach say, 'I really like what I see there' and I turned around with my hand still around my hard cock. He said, 'let me help you with that.'

He came infront of me and got down on his knees and.......




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