I am on my way to school on the transit bus what is WTA(Whatcom Transit Authority). My ride is fourty five minute long from Vandzant to Bellingham. I swipe my card to get on the bus and see that in the back of the bus is full of addicts and no other place to sit but by a guy that is six foot three and I am only five nine. He is very attractive with a muscular built, light brown hair-clean cut. I am new to being gay at the age of Thirty-five and have been celibate for four years. I am walking the isle to sit on the inside of his seat by the window. I ran my eyes all over him before I sat down, nice to see he has his shirt tucked in to his dress slack pants to see his crotch area. He moved his knees out to let me in, I held on to his shoulder lightly to get into my seat and feel his muscle. My mind started racing , a slight tent in my sweat pants. His light brown eyes met mine a blush come over his face and I am happy to know that through my prorephile vision no one else seen my slight tent but him. I never caught his name but my imagination gave him a name of Micheal Angelo in clothes. I said hi when I looked deep into his soul to find nothing to happen between Mike and me.

I sat in my seat where my left hip was right next to his, what warmth. He is one of those type where he has to have his legs spread while sitting and I could smell his pharamones that smelt sweat to my nose. I am to involved in my own domain of thought and imagination so all I did was looked out the window and can see us together there.

My thoughts, He place his hand on my right thigh and said his name was mike and my dick twitched to greet his aggressive gesture of to take it further. I told him I was on my way to college and small talk lead into sharing myself in the mens room after our stop.

I followed the man to the mens room where he gave me a kiss of life on my lips and my body gave attention. I drew his body with my hands all over his back and bubble butt to unbuttoning his pants where his aroma zapped my nose to slowly work my way down to popping his bulbous head in my mouth and precum tapping my taste buds. He lifted me to stand up and my sweatpants fell to my ankles and my dick hitting his chin with a smile on his face looking up at me. I am so over whelmed to excitement that my precum was thick that I could of cummed in his mouth by his touch of summer fun tounge. while he was sucking the life out of me I was looking down his back and a tatoo that read I love native americans on the lower of his back. I helped my self to the momentum by moving my pelvis to the pressure unloading my tens of millions of use to be straight cum now converted to his lips sensual touch. Mike stood up with a seven inch cock and precum almost falling to the floor, I lapped it up to save his excitement and pleasure of my lips around his uncut man hood and getting him lathered to put in my native ass that needs the attention from this white man, mike. I bent over the toilet and lead him in to much as I can and pushed further back to gain my real spiritual attainment. Mike pushed further in until his ball sack slapped my ass and I yelped so loud that Im sure everyone heard me in the waiting room at the wta. I gain my composer back and his dick inside me started to get fat on the inside of me ready to unload. Mikes knees started to wobble and his last thrust to unload in me was a great ten minutes I have ever felt. Mike pulled out I turned to face his dick and clean up after myself and take what was right fully mine coming out of his dick, and another load happened and I felt three loads to the back of my throat and still smelling his pheromones to my nostrils.

The bus stopped and my sweats had precum drooling out of my sweats. Miked notice again to his advantage I found out his name and number. His name is Nathen and Number is what I call to this day to see him after school I attend. I love my travel to school now as he holds a seat for me and our relationship is loads of fun. I cant wait to send the next story. Orange Julius. Taste the citrus. Orange of the rainbow, Read You next time.



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