Ethan, the 22-year-old dirt bike athlete, has been racing dirt bikes since he was 16 years-old. He is a real dare devil taking a huge chances that has resulted in several injuries. Ethan is as horny as he is drop dead good looking. He has a reputation on the racing tour of getting lots of Gay sex from other dirt bike racers. I too am known for my sexual encounters on the tour.

Ethan is of Scandinavian ancestry with light blond hair, light blue eyes, 5' 7" tall, a hairless body, weighs 140 pounds, rock hard muscled body, a gorgeous face, sexy dimples, beautiful red lips, bubble hairless ass, seductive smile and an inviting big 8" cut cock with over sized balls.

My name is Shaun, I am a 30year-old body builder and a model for mens' magazines. On the weekends, I am a judge/official for dirt bike competitions. I have coal black hair; brown eyes; weigh 215 pounds; stand 6' 4"; rugged body laced with tight muscles developed from weight lifting; huge legs, thighs, arms and biceps; and broad large neck. I have a 10" uncut cock, a shaft as large around as a big can of beer, and balls the size of oranges.I am a very experienced Gay lover often described as a man gigolo.

Although I had seen and lusted after Ethan at previous races, I had not actually met him until this weekend. We had on several occasions, at previous races, given each other very seductive smiles and stares suggesting hot dirty sucking and fucking.


On this particular Saturday night, we wind up at the same restaurant at separate tables with our buddies. As our tables were across the room from each other, we begin a game of smiling and winking at each other. Ethan from time to time sucks on his middle finger while staring me down. I become rock hard and put my middle finger up to my mouth.

Near the end of the meal, Ethan gets up and goes toward the bathroom while throwing me a huge smile with his middle finger in his mouth. I rush to the bathroom to meet him. When I open the door, Ethan grabs me by the neck, closes the door and locks it. He puts that sexy finger in my mouth and I begin sucking wildly on his wet finger. My cock is trying unsuccessfully to escape my pants. I can see a huge bulge in his pants and a wet spot in Ethan's crotch.

WOW, we both are sweating and putting out real odors of manly sex.

I grab Ethan's crotch and begin rubbing up and down the swollen crease in his pants that is housing his now full blown cock. He pushes back on my hand while he begins to slide his tongue deep into my throat.

We start engaging in deep sloppy kisses known as French kissing. Spit is flowing out of our mouths, running down our chins and onto the front of our shirts. We start humping each other as we stand locked in an embrace. Wow, our cocks are rubbing against each other like two steel rods.

After about 5 minutes, we come up for air and Ethan says: "WOW, Shaun, I have wanted to get into your pants ever since I first saw you on the dirt bike tour. I have lusted after that big package you are always carrying around in your pants. I know we have both been fucked and fucked many of the other bikers on the tour but I have never wanted any of them the way I want you."

"Oh, Fuck, Ethan, I have had many nights of jerking off my hard cock dreaming of your ass and having you suck my cock. I lust after you ever day. I want to drive my huge cock deeper into your ass than where any cock has ever been before."

"OMG, Shaun, I feel the same lust. I have to have you tonight. Lets suck cock now and then go to your hotel room so you can fuck my aching ass. Give me your loads of creme in my man pussy."

We rush out of our clothes, place them on the not too clean floor and get into a hot 69 position. We begin to lick each others' balls, cock shafts and assholes. WOW, Ethan is so clean and has a sexy light fuzz at his ass entrance.

Soon we are wildly rimming the hot ass of each other. My ass is very clean and hairy. Ethan loves big round hairy assholes. We are both sweating as our asses become very wet. We eat ass for several minutes before we turn to servicing those big blood filled cocks.

We are both professional cock suckers and ass-eating studs. We take our partners big cock heads into our mouths and slowly swallow the entire shaft deep into our throats. We suck and moan for several minutes. We taste and swallow the precum leaking from our piss slits. It taste wonderful. The manly smells coming from our crotches is so intoxicating.

WE finger fuck our buddies ass while we suck those cocks almost to a climax.

WE pause for a few seconds to get our breath and Ethan says: "Shaun, baby, we are sluts, whores, fucking cock suckers, bitches and wild animals. Isn't it great to making love to another bitch?"

This drives me to the edge. I am wild with desire to come.

We go back to cock sucking and we last for another 15 minutes. We suck, finger ass, sweat and smell like two whores. Soon we feel each others' cock head swell, piss slits open and our balls tighten. We explode huge loads down our new buddies throat filling the mouth to the rim. We kiss and mingle the two sets of cum. We dress and agree to meet at my apartment at 10 PM.

AS we sheepishly return to our tables, our friends smile and ask why we have been gone so long. We have not fooled anyone.


The doorbell rings exactly at 10 PM. I open the door and greet Ethan. I am totally nude. Ethan grabs my rock hard cock, closes the door with his foot and begins jacking me off.

WE back up until I fall backwards onto the bed. Ethan jumps on top f me and begins to dry hump. As he does so, I can feel his big boner driving into my hot cock. I begin pulling his polo shirt off. We stop long enough for me to take off his pants, shoes and briefs. His cock is standing straight out and leaking precum.

He returns to humping me as our cocks slide over each other. We moan and grunt as our heart rates and breathing increase.

We both are filled with lust and desire to consume each other with the hottest fucking ever experienced by us with another partner.

We move to taking turns sucking each others' cock. Based on years as pro cock suckers, we are able to deep throat each other without any trouble. The sucking is sloppy and hot. The taste of cum, sweat and sloppy sounds have our cocks steel hard.

AS we are about to come, we stop. Ethan glares into my eyes with such lust and says:" Shaun, you Greek God, I want you to fuck me with that horse cock. I am a bottom and I have never had such a strong huge man give me their manhood. I want your cock so bad. I want your cock so deep into me that it will explore an area of my ass where a cock has never been before."

I throw Ethan on the bed on his stomach, spread his legs far apart and move my crotch and cock to the entrance of his beautiful smooth hairless ass. His ass begins to throb and pulsate as it feels the tip of my dick. I lube his ass and my blood filled cock and start entering this worn ass.

His ass is so use to receiving cocks that I plunge all the way in with no resistance. I use my huge hips and thighs to thrust in and out with great speed and force. I fuck him with no mercy. He pushes his ass up to greet and welcome my red hot cock. His ass feels like soft velvet. It feels awesome on my cock.

After 10 minutes of fucking Ethan in this position, I turn him over on his back and I lift his legs up on my broad shoulders. I put a pillow under his butt and begin power driving my eager cock deep into the best ass ever. We are moaning, breathing faster and faster and our necks and faces are now red as blood. It s not going to be long until we both have a mind blowing ejaculation. We can feel the rise in our balls.

All at once, I feel my cock head swell and the release of cum from my balls. I notice Ethan's cock is bobbing and swelling at the same time.

I yell: "Ethan, my bitch, here it comes. Take it all up your ass. Let your ass suck me dry. Oh, Yea, Oh, Fuck, yes, yes, yes. OMG."

"OMG, Oh shit, Shaun, here I come. Oh, look at that cum on my abs, stomach and chest. OH, yes, yes, Oh Fuck."

I am spent and I pull out. I go down on Ethan's body and suck and lick all his cum. I then have Ethan suck the residue off my cock and I kiss him as we enjoy the fruits of our labor, so to speak. We embrace and rest in each ohers' arms for the rest of the night.



Naughty Eric


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