I walked down the hallway. I was looking for dorm 123. It was my freshmen year in college and I was very nervous. I saw guys walking or standing in the hall chatting. Some smiled appreciatively at me. I am tall with short brown hair, brown eyes and a lean, swimmers build. I am what is known in the "Gay" world as a "twink". I just turned twenty last month. I found room 123 and knocked on the door. Loud music blared from inside. I assumed my new roomate didn't hear me knocking so I tried again. The music stopped and the door opened. I almost gasped when I saw the hot hunk standing behind it. Tall with short black hair, brown eyes and smooth yellow colored skin. He was Asian. "Can I help you?" he asked in a deep baratone.

I nodded. "I'm you're new roomate." He smiled and opened the door wide. "Oh, shit man! Sorry, come on in!" I noticed he was shirtless and his pecks were smooth and sculpted and his stomach was flat and ripped. "I'm Allen. Allen Tan." He held out his hand and I grasped it. It was warm and sweaty. Ropes of veins moved up his arm. "Nick." Allen smiled. "Nice to know you Nick. Just throw you're stuff there on the bed." I looked when he had indicated and saw a bare matress, dresser and nightstand. I looked at Allen's side. Posters of various artists adorned the walls and I noticed a beautiful Buddha statue flanked by two red candles and a incense burner.

"You're Buddhist?" Allen nodded. "My parents came over from Thailand and they rasied me in the religion of their homeland." I nodded. "Cool." Allen smiled. I hadn't noticed it before but he had one of those handsome faces most Asian men who looked like models have. "Let me just go shower and change and I'll show you around." I nodded. I watched as he grabbed some stuff from his dresser and walked into the bathroom. I could see the mirror over the sink. I watched as he pulled his shorts down, revealing a smooth, muscular ass. My cock twitched. I attempted to take my mind off the sight of his gorgeous ass by busying myself with putting away my things.

When Allen came out of the bathroom he looked like a preppy skateboarder. He wore a tight fitting muscle shirt and a pair of baggy kaki cargo shorts. "You ready?" he said slipping on his sandles. I nodded. He turned to his shrine and bowed before following me out. "So did you're last roomate mind you're being a Buddhist?" Allen shrugged. "He was cool with it." I noticed a string of beads around his left wrist. "What are those?" He smiled ."Their called Mala Beads. Their used in meditation." I nodded. I had never really read anything on Buddhism before. I found it facinating. Allen showed me where the cafeteria was but told me most students went out to eat. "The food sucks!" I chuckled.

After touring the campus we walked to a local diner. I ordered a double cheeseburger with fries and Allen ordered a salad. "I'm a vegetarian" he explained. I nodded. "Cool." We chatted while we ate. I learned Allen's parents were very proud of his going to college and that he went to the local Buddhist temple with them whenever he went home. "They don't have any here so I have my little shrine." I nodded. "Can Buddhist's have relationships and sex?" Allen laughed. "Yes, they frequently do. It's only Monks and Nuns who are forbidden from that."

After we finished eating we walked back to the dorms. It was a nice summer night and the breeze blew through the trees. "Do you have a girlfriend?" I asked. Allen smiled. "You sure do ask alot of questions." I blushed. "Sorry." He smiled. "No, I'm not seeing anyone." I nodded. "Why, are you interested?" he asked.

I blushed again for the second time. "I could be." We didn't speak of it anymore until a few nights later. We were laying on our beds watching tv when Allen turned the TV off and smiled. "I'd like to ask you something." I nodded. His beautiful brown eyes sparkled. "Are you in love with me?" I started. "What makes you think that?" Allen shrugged. "It's just a feeling I get sometimes and the way you look at me." I chuckled. "How do I look at you?" He moved closer. "Like a lover looking at his beloved." I laughed. "You're being very poetic this evening." He stood up. "I am serious!" I looked at his handsome face. He looked like he could model for Abercrombie& Fitch he was so handsome! "Yes, I am in love with you and if I thought for one moment you felt the same I...."

As you can probably guess I didn't finish what I was saying. Allen pulled me to my feet and pressed his lips against mine. They were soft and slightly moist. "You have no idea how long I've waited to hear you say that." I smiled. "Probably as long as I have to say it." We laid down on the bed with Allen on top of me. He only wore a pair of his favorite sweats. I ran my fingers down his muscular back as we kissed. Reaching into the elastic band of his sweats I put my hands on his smooth, firm cheeks. He closed his eyes and moaned, bucking slightly when I raked my fingernails gently across the meat of his ass. "I need to make love to you!" he whispered gazing deep into my eyes.

I pulled his sweats off and gasped. His cock was huge! I had never seen it before. It was long and thick. Crowned by a tuft of curly black pubic hair. He smirked as he yanked my shorts off. "Damn, you're so fucking hot!" he exclaimed as he kissed my neck. I felt his thick, heavy cock rub against mine as he humped me. "MMM!!" he moaned. He sat back on his haunches and smiled. "You want this?" he asked flopping his massive cock. I nodded. He moved up and straddled my chest. His huge schlong pointed at my lips. I stroked it gently and felt it grow. I licked the head of his cock and felt Allen shiver. I opened my mouth and took as much as I could in my mouth which was about half way cause his cock was so huge.

"OOH Yeah! Suck my cock!" he exclaimed gently fucking my face. I massaged his smooth, heavy sac. He suddenly pulled his cock out of my mouth with a loud pop. "I wanna take a ride on you're diso stick!" he exclaimed quoting my favorite Lady Gaga song. He opened the draw of the nightstand and took out a bottle of lube and a foil packet of condoms. "Do we need those?" I asked nodding at the condoms. He threw them over his shoulder with a smirk. "I'm disease free and I trust you." I watched as he squeezed some lube onto my now aching cock and began stroking it. I closed my eyes.

I felt the head of my cock slip into his well lubricated hole. "AWW SHIT!" I exclaimed as the warmth from his insides made me want to bust my nut. Allen began riding my cock like a cowboy riding a bull. " Shit baby, you're cock feels so good stuffed up mu love channel!" Soon both our bodies were covered in sweat and we were panting. Allen's eyes were closed and he was making little gasping noises. His big cock flopped up and down as he rode my rod. "Oooh yeah! Fuck me!" he moaned. I felt my balls begin churning. I knew I was close. I grabbed both his soft cheeks, now slick with perspiration and pulled them further apart. I began ramming my cock deep up inside him. "OH FUCK! I"M GONNA CUM!" I hollered. I began jackhammering into his hot hole with reckless abandon. "Yeah, cum in my ass baby! I wanna feel it!" That was all it took. I felt my hot, molten spunk erupt from my head deep into Allen's guys. "UUUHHHH!!" I grunted as I came.

We didn't move. Both of us panting. Allen smiled as he looked into my eyes. "Damn baby!" He leaned down and kissed me. When he got off my now deflating cock a long rope of cum followed. "Come sit on my face!" I said with a smirk. He positioned his ass directly over my mouth and lowered himself. I licked and sucked on his hole. He whimpered and jerked his long rod. "Oooh yeah! just like that!" he exclaimed. I stuck my tongue deep into his anus licking every drop of my own cum out. I felt Allen's hand grip my cock and begin jerking me off. He jerked and I sucked until we were both close. "MMM! I'm gonna bust a serious nut!" he exclaimed before engulfing my cock. I stuck a few fingers in his cleaned out ass and with a quick jerking motion, massaged his prostate. "OH FUCK! OH SHIT I'M CCCCUUUMMMMIINNG!! he screamed as I felt his hot manjuice splatter on my chest and stomach. I dove over the edge of the cliff and screamed as my hot seed filled my lovers throat.

Allen flopped down next to me. "God that was great!" he exclaimed kissing me gently. I had a feeling the best was still to cum.

To Be Continued.........

Hey guys! I'm back. I had deleted my account because I had thought the stories I wrote didn't matter. I have been searching for a hot, muscular hunk or a lean beautiful twink like I write about in my stories with little or no success. Now I realize I like writing because it's fun and the thought of guys jerking their big cocks to my stories makes me hot! So here I am, totally at you're mercy!! Any feed back u wish to give can be directed to my e-mail of [email protected] or if you love my stories and want to get to know their author a little better. Love ya Curtis!! You've always been supportive of my work and for that I thank u. Hope u like this new story!! Part 2 cumming soon!




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