Although living in an apartment provided me with some hot male 'eye candy' at the pool, wanted to have more privacy in my life. In an apartment complex, everyone sees your coming and goings.

I began looking for a place of my own with a yard and some privacy and found a three year old home in a nice area. It was at the end of the street with woods behind it and the back yard surrounded with a nice privacy fence and a pool.

I rented a U-Haul and loaded it up and made the move. A co-worker met me at the house and helped move in the furniture, but he had other plans and had to leave.

As I carried in the numerous boxes, I checked out the neighbors working in their yards. Most were a few years older than my twenty-eight years with a few senior citizens thrown in. I wondered what everyone would say if they knew a horny gay man was moving into their neighborhood.

After a while, I sat in the back of the truck with a large glass of water and rested, when a hot muscular young man came out of the house immediately next door. Seeing me, he smiled and walked over to me.

"Hi. I'm Jeff Wyatt, and welcome to the neighborhood."

Shaking his powerful hand I said, "Thanks, I'm Mark Rivers."

We talked and I found out that he was eighteen and a freshman in college and that it was just he and his dad living next door. I soon returned to unloading the boxes an Jeff immediately joined in and helped. Once all the boxes were unloaded, I thanked him and locked up the house and returned the truck.

Returning to the house, I found Jeff waiting for me. As I walked up, he said, "When we were unloading the boxes, I noticed that a lot of your furniture needed put back together and thought you might like some help."

"Man, I could use all the help I can get. Thanks."

With tools in hand, we started n the kitchen and began putting the table back together. Then, we went to the living room and assembled furniture there and set up the television and stereo. Then we hit the master bedroom and began putting the bed together. As we worked, I thought about how I would love to get Jeff in it with me.

When we finished, we took a break and went out on the patio and checked out the pool. It needed cleaning and the yard needed mowing.

"Looks like I've got a lot of work to do out here," I said.

"If there is anything I can do to help, just let me know," Jeff said with a smile. Damn, was he handsome.

"Well, I don't have any lawn equipment, so if you would like to make some money you're welcome to work on this yard."

"Deal," he said. "I'll start tomorrow n the front and back yard then work on the pool. My major in school is horticulture so maybe I can help you with your selection of plants."

"Hell yea," I replied.

"Oh, before I forget, I spoke with my dad while you were gone and we want you to join us for dinner tonight."

I thanked him and after a while he left, telling me to be over about seven.

I began unpacking boxes and at about six I stopped and showered and dressed before going next door.

I knocked and Jeff answered the door and the aroma was awesome. "Come on in. Dad's on his way home, and should be here soon."

I went in and sat at the bar drinking the beer he offered while he continued cooking. Moments later, his dad came through the door from the garage.

"Hi, you must be Mark," he said offering his hand. "I'm Clay."

We shook hands and I looked Clay over. He was as good looking as Jeff and just as muscular. He looked to be in his late thirties and stood close to six-three. He removed his sport coat and it was then that I noticed it.

There on his hip was a .357 in it's holster and on his belt were handcuffs and a badge.

Seeing the look on my face he smiled and said, "Undoubtedly, my son didn't tell you what I do."

"Uh, no he didn't."

Smiling, Clay said, "I'm a homicide detective with the sheriffs department. There is never a dull moment."

"I bet not," I replied not knowing what else to say. But I knew that if he was a cop, I was sure I wouldn't get anywhere with him or Jeff sexually.

We had dinner and visited before I returned home. I unpacked a few more boxes before heading to bed.

The next morning, I awoke to the sound of a lawn mower running. I got up and started a pot of coffee and looked out the front window to see Jeff wearing only shorts and sneakers. Damn, he looked awesome and I could feel my cock beginning to stiffen.

I dressed and went outside to let him know that I was up in case he needed anything.

"If you need some water or anything don't bother with knocking, just come on in," I told him.

"Thanks," he replied before continuing his mowing.

Soon, the front yard was immaculate looking, and he told me that it needed fertilizing desperately. He took a short break and as we talked, he sat across from me on the patio and spread his legs wide. When he did, it gave me a clear view up his shorts. I could see that he wore no underwear. His cock was beautiful.

Soon, he began working on the back yard, and while he did I went and bought fertilizer. When I returned, he was in the pool cleaning it. He stepped out and I almost gasp out loud. He was wearing a very small Speedo suit with accentuated his bulge. He saw me looking, as my own cock began to stiffen, I saw him glance down at it before saying, "I should be through here in a half hour or so, then you can put on your trunks and join me and check it out."

"Uh, yea, that sounds good," I managed to say.

Before long he called to me to join him in the pool. I changed and went out to find him spreading the fertilizer on the back yard. "I've already done the front yard. Make sure you water both daily."

I said I would and dove into the clear cool water of the pool. Moments later he was beside me, slowly moving closer and closer.

Only inches apart, he looked into my eyes and said, "When you saw me earlier, I noticed that you were getting excited. That turned me on."

I didn't know how to reply when suddenly I felt his hand gently rub my crotch. Again, my cock quickly stiffened and as it did, he smiled.

Then suddenly, his hand slid inside my trunks and grasped my cock. I gasped and as I did, he pressed his mouth to mine and began tongue kissing me. I couldn't resist and wrapped my arms around him, eagerly returning the kiss.

Moments later, we had managed to remove both of our swim trunks, and Jeff suddenly took a deep breath and went under the surface. I moaned as I felt his hot mouth swallow my cock under the surface.

He sucked me for a while before coming up for air. When he did, I grabbed him and said, "Let's go to my bedroom."

Retrieving our trunks, we tossed them onto a chair and headed inside. Once in my room we kissed again and after the kiss Jeff returned to sucking my cock. After a moment, he stopped and said, "I've wanted to do this since the moment I met you."

"I've wanted you, also," I replied before dropping to my knees and swallowing his cock. After a moment he stopped me and we got in bed and began a hot sixty-nine. Before long, we were hungrily feeding each other out thick loads of cum.

As we lay cuddled together, I asked, "Does your dad know anything about your interest?"

"I don't care if he does. I'll live my life the way I want."

Then, after a moment he got me hard again and quickly sat on it and began riding me. Afterward, he fucked me and it was awesome.

since I had taken two weeks vacation to get settled, Jeff was over almost daily, either before or after classes.

The first weekend after moving in, I had Clay and Jeff over for steaks off the grill and a swim. Clay was hot as hell and I found out that he was thirty-eight and worked out almost daily. his beautiful muscular chest was covered with a fantastic coating of dark brown hair.

When in the pool, on several occasions, I felt his hand gently brush against my crotch. I wasn't sure if it was on purpose or accidental.

On the following Tuesday, while Jeff was at class, Clay invited me over for coffee. He had taken the day off from work to take care of some personal business.

When I arrived, Clay yelled out for me to come in. I did and found him in the kitchen in only a jock strap. When he turned to face me, it was obvious that his cock was hard as stone.

"I may be out of place, but I want to get you in bed," he told me.

"What?" I asked, wondering what was going on.

"I want sex with you," he said as he came up to me and grasped my crotch.

Without hesitation, he began opening my pants. Once they were open, he let them drop then dropped to his knees and pulled down my briefs, exposing my hard cock.

Immediately, he swallowed my cock balls deep and began sucking. I moaned softly and after a few minutes I stopped him and after we kissed, he led me to his bedroom. once there we both removed the rest of our clothes and had an awesome sixty-nine.

After devouring each others loads, I asked what made him think I would be willing to have sex.

"Mark, I'm a detective and in my line of work, you have to be able to read people. I was positive that you would be willing."

"Does Jeff know anything?"

"Hell no! And I want this kept between us."

"Agreed," I said, wondering what it would be like to get both of them in bed at the same time and watch them do each other.

Clay and I would have sex a couple of evenings a week after he got home from work. He loved getting fucked and I loved his hot ass as well as his cock up mine. Then, other evenings Jeff would come over for sex.

Our sexual encounters went on for a few months and in between, I had sex with a fellow co-worker, Scott.

Scott was over one Saturday evening, waiting for me to finish dressing before we went out to the bar, when he saw Clay and Jeff in the yard.

"Man, your neighbors are hot as hell."

"Don't I know it and they are even hotter in bed, but neither knows about the other."

"Oh, really?" Scott said.

TO BE CONTINUED.................



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