Day 3 continued.

We sat in the same position on the couch, but his dick wasn't visible. We often looked at the tank, still conversing. '...what should we do now?' He asked, cluelessly. I answered cluelessly also, not knowing what his answer would be 'lemme suck your dick...' was the question. 'hahaha... Funny...' I just stared blankly at him. 'are you serious?' I nodded slowly. 'well fuck, then, might as well for all the help.' I smiled, a little to enthusiastic,making me feel weird.. He pulled his b-ball shorts down slowly until his 12 inch dick plopped out. It was completely hard, and it looked sooo delicious. I moved closer and closer slowly, my tongue went first, my tongue lightly touched the tip of his head when, the door lock started twisting and the door opened. He pulled his shorts up swiftly and I pulled back. It was his parents, coming back from shopping all day. It was quiet when his parents entered the living room, we just stAred atvthem, and I excused myself to go home. I said goodbye and scurried home.

Day 4

I didn't expect to go over so when I woke up, I turned onthe tv. But to my surprise the doorbell rang. It was jay, going to invite me over. I went over, waiting for what was in store. 'my parents are going to be at work all day today.' we entered his house and went to his room, his boxers were allover along with swears and jeans, not thAt he wore them much. He pulled off his tee shirt and his sweats ony to be in boxers, with a bulge in them that looked like it wanted to be freed; suffocating. I was astonished, but normal at the same time. I did the same, pulling off my belt then my jeans, and shirt. We were both in our boxers, then I grabbed his boxers and pulled them down slowly. His dick plopped out, looking even more scrumptious. I went faster, trying to avoid interuptions. He was completely stiff, his head was huge, just to take into my mouth. But I did it anyway. I slowly went up an down on his dick swallowing it slowly, I put my hands on his ass and carressed it as he put his hands on my head and forced me to take more and faster. His ass was so smooth, shaved as well as his dick and balls. Finally I reached his whole 12 inch into my mouth, without gagging myself. It was pure bliss. He was enjoying all of it, I could tell. He pulled me away.

'let me fuck you, we've already got this far,' he winked. I smiled 'okay!' he didn't have Any lube, so he jacked off for a little, until I heard him groan real loud. I figured that was my cue, so I pulled off my boxers and bent over, letting his hot cum spray allover my asshole. He I felt his hands squeezing my ass. Then, I felt a tongue touch my ass, licking, and spreading the cum. He was licking at my cunt, Which opened up to his tongue, it felt so delightful. The tongue pulled away, but something much bigger, his dick. The head was lying there as he spoke. 'prepare yourself!' he warned. I simply said, mmhmm, as if I were in lalaland. I felt his dick pushin rapidly and i moaned in pain. I felt his head slither down my ass, it hurt excruciatingly, but felt good at the same time, each thrust of his hips was more of his dick until it was all in. At this time it was heaven. All of it felt great. He grabbed, and squeezed as he pulverized my ass. All I know is, I will never forget this neighbor.




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