(Read my first story for description of me.)

I was at home, watching tv and my dad came to ask me if we had a moving dolly. I told him we did but who for? 'Jay, across the street. They got a 125 gallon tank and need something to move it to the house.' I got up and went to get the dolly, then to jays house. In the distance I could see Jason and his family standing near a collosal fish tank. I ran and stopped when I was by jay.

There he was, about 6 feet tall, in basketball shorts. He was always wearing basketball shorts, or tight sweats. He had a deep tan and the perfect ass as I could imagine everytime he wore the sweats. I could pretty much imagine that he had a huge dick too. And boy, was he hot! We hung out occasionally..

I said, ' here's the dolly!' and smiled lightly. He smiled back and thanked me. ' do you need any help with it?' I offered. He said yeah, so I gave him all the time he needed Until we got it right where he wanted it. His parents helped move it too. He thanked me and I stayed afterwards. He said I could help myself to any food, or the xbox if I wanted. We ended up eating ribs. 'do you guys want barbeque sauce? I has some at home.' they all nodded and I ran home to get the best BBQ sauce I had. I came back and handed them both sauces. They poured it over the ribs and thanked me. 'thanks.' you're welcome!' I said, happily. I stayed over some more and we played guitar hero and stuff like that. Eventually it got to be around like twelve at night so I had to leave. 'thanks for all your help, I appreciate it dude.' ' no prob, anytime.' i said. He shook my hand and i walked back home.

Day 1

I returned the next day. There he was when he opened the door, wearing the tighest pair of sweats he probably had, some I'd never seen. I asked what he'd do with the tank, fish plans etc. ' well, I plan to sand it down, clean it out, and fill it with exotic fish, all with my parents money though, he chuckled a little.' nice, I said, he asked me to come in, I saw wood shavings everywhere and a sander sitting on the tile. 'oh, you already started sanding it. Cool.' 'yep!' I offered to help him sand it down, he took the offer and got an extra sander and sandpaper from the garage. All his dads tools most likely. He told me where to start and we got to work. Time flew and we had got the sanding done! We rewarded ourselves with nice cold cokes and then took our time to appreciate it.' what a masterpiece!' we both exclaimed at the same time. We both laughed and continued looking at the tank. I noticed the clock. It read 1:34 am. The time flew. ' do you want to come with me to look at fish ornaments and the fish? I can drive!' 'sure!' I was quite happy we were spending time together.

Day 2

I went to his house at 9:30 sharp. He had his keys and was wearing really really baggy basketball shorts and a black tee shirt. His parents had a really nice car. A blue Nissan 370z. 'this is going to be fun. I have $200 dollars to spend on fish stuff. Let's spend $100 on fish and $100 on ornaments. H started the car and we took off really fast. 'what kind of music do you like?' I Answered 'pop and rock, and weird combination.' I laughed. He liked pop also, he exclaimed. He turned on the radio and we were playfully dancing when we arrived at the fish shop. He gave me $100 of the cash and told me to hold it. We walked to the fish section and scoped out all the fish like clownfish and eels. We wrote down all the fish we wanted and then went to the ornaments. Webwebt crazy with the ornaments picked out a lot due to the huge size tank. We also bought all the food and supplies for the tank. 'huge load!' I exclaimed. He giggled to himself. 'what?' 'nothing.' he said having a small smile. We carried all the stuff to the car and the shop owner thanked us, for all the stuff we bought. We arrived home and we ran to the Tank. Jay brought the hose from outside and put it into the tank then turned it on. Once it was filled I poured the sand in, then he put the ornaments in, and we put conditioner in, then turned the filter on. We started at it in awe, all it needed was fish! We celebrated with cokes again. Then we sat on the couch facing eachother. We were both sitting with our hands on our bent knees. We were both talking and he was telling a long story as I listened intently. In hmthis position, his baggy b-ball shorts hung down. Then, when i looked down, there was the most beautiful sight. His dick was lying there on his shorts. It was cut, and looked just as big as my 12 inch. It looked so delicious, I wanted to suck the hell out of it! I looked up to see if he saw me staring but he didn't. Each time he looked away, I looked at it. That went on for the rest of until I was there!

Day 3

we went to the fish store and bought all the fish that were on the list, long story short. We did all the stuff we needed to for the fish and admired them, swim around there kingdom. We hugged eachother in a manly fashion patting backs roughly. I felt his well- built body on mine, it was delight. Part 2 coming after this.




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