so i was 17 at the time and i was gay my mom didnt knoe it yet we were a mexican family only me my mom and my sister she was 8 . so we were

living in las vegas at the time

so it was fun alotte of gay guys and stuff

ived only suck dick but havent got fucked in the ass soo when i heard my moms yunger brother and wife were comming over from mexico i thought i knew i was gunna have fun ..

so two weeks later they got here

his wife was of a puertorican race and he was a 6'1' hort brown hair brown eyes and a mustache to die for .. he was soo macho .. he talked with his mexican accent ugh turned me on every time

so anyways another 4 days later everything was going on well it was like

3am when i got woken up by a sound in the kitchen so i went

and turned on the light their i saw it

my uncle and his wife were in the middle of something

the bitch was in her knees sucking him off and he was just standing up i was shocked his dick was 9 or 10 inches and fat ass hell with huge balls i quickly turned of the lgihts and ran to my room.

the next morning like at 10

my uncle came in my room and told em to not tell no one wat i saw .

i agreed . so then i found out his wife had went oout with my mom to the mall

so then he told me hey put some porn on

the laptop i was like umhh ok .

so i did 5 minutes later he was watchign a movie and hard as hell i could see him grabbing his dick

he told me you mind if i jack off i was like wateever

so he pulled his pants off and was in

plaid boxers he pulled his mexican fat cock out and started pumping it

until i told him damm you got a fatt ass dick he said yhea why you think youre aunt loves me haha

i started to laugh then i went to the bathroom to hie my bonner i got my self

when i came back he was done he had come all over his chest and belly button .

he told me hey throw me that towel and i ddi

he cleaned him self and said well ima go out later i was liek bye

and soon as he left .

i took the towel and licked it clean damm they were soo good and smelled wonderfull so later my mom and aunt got home it was like 7 or 8 so they told me were carlos (my uncle) and i was like umm i dont knoe so it was getting late like 12 now and he wasent here yet every one was sleeping though later i heard a car out side i lookd at the window it was him i ran out adn opended the door my aunt woke up too he was


my aunt told him she didnt want him in her room and to go somwere else she was mad

so when i went back to my room with my snack i fixed up i got to my room and found im on my bed kneocke dthe fuck out he was sleeping soo loud i was ichating when i heard something he was up and he was taking off his jeans and shirt he was like hey can you help me out son i was liek sure then when i was unzipping his pants i felt and move when i was pulling them down and hard big cock was in my face he wss stil drunk so i just slightly rubbed it when i was going back to my bed .. he was hard who knoes why then i turned of my computer and whent to bed 2 minuted when i was laying down my said hey hey i was like what and he told me lock the door yhea i dont want youre aunt tripping in the morning so did

when i got back in bed he rubbed my tigh and was like heyy you gay i told him no i like girl why and he said naw you ant lie you were looking at my dick alote the day i was jacking off i told him naw youre drunk shut up and he touched my ass and grabbed my hand and was like suck my dick i told him noo im nnot gay he said common ill give you 100 and i said umm fine but only cause of money ok and he said yhea sure . so i went under the sheets and took off his boxers i grabbed his cock wich was about 10 inches hard and shoved it in my mouth i sucked it and licked it so good he grabbed my head and started to face fuck me . i love chocking on it . and then he told me suck that dick boy damm i was sucking on it whe i felt something in my ass he was trying to



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