As you remember, our lovebirds, Pete and Jake, who are now living together, invite over friends Tom and Sam. While asking questions about gay sex, Jake offers straight Tom a blowjob. After the blowjob, Tom admits it was a great blowjob - even though it was from another guy. Tom ends the moment with an offer to return the favor, without being specific. Jake puts out a dare: is Tom offering to suck off Jake for the favor.

The room gets awfully quiet. All four guys are unsure where things are headed. Pete, proud of his Jake, is already getting aroused from the action so far. Sam seems to be coming out of his shyness and appears as excited as the others.

Tom, who is sitting wearing only a shirt, having lost his pants and briefs to accept the blowjob from Jake, sits with baited breath thinking things over, as all eyes are on him. He stands slowly, a sly grin creeps across his mouth.

"Sure, why not Jake! Fair is fair, I can only try to give you the same pleasure you just gave me so willingly. I just may need some pointers as I go," said Tom.

Pete jumped into the conversation. "I'll tell you how he likes it Tom," Pete explained. "But if you do too good a job and try to steal my man then I'll remove your balls by hand!" Pete joked (sort of!).

Tom peeled off his shirt, leaving him naked and the others look at him curiously.

"In case he splashes or something!" Tom explains. The others laugh at his comment.

Next, Jake stood up and peeled off his shirt as well and then undid his pants. Next he removed his underwear (actually Pete's underwear he has on!) and then his socks. Tom and Jake were now completely naked, facing each other. Jake, with a reassuring smile, took Tom by the hand to the couch, Jake sat down, spreading his legs.

"You can get on your knees here Tom," directs Jake. "It will be easier for you to kneel on the carpet."

Jake got comfortable while Tom got on the floor. Leaning in, Tom took Jake's cock in his hand and played with it, slowly making it harder. Jake, and even Pete, offered some general instructions to Tom. Pete and Sam meanwhile sat down nearby next to each other, getting ready to enjoy the show. Pete began to rub his crotch as Tom begins a slow suck.

Jake began his talk through. "Not bad Tom. You may be a natural. Just watch the teeth and begin enjoying my cock. Make it grow, make it hard. Make me cum!" Jake added.

In not time at all, Tom proved to be a natural. Fondling Jake's balls, and squeezing his cock root, Tom's head bobs up and down on Jake's rock hard cock. One of Tom's hands begins to wander over Pete's firm muscular chest. Pete, beginning to moan, turned to lock eyes with Pete, as they enjoyed the moment together. Pete then peeled off his shirt and rubbed his nipples seductively, still while staring at Jake.

Sam, not to be left out, had already slid his hand into his pants. He was now playing with his growing cock.

"Oh yeah yeah, strip for me baby. Strip!" Jake directed to Pete. Pete obeyed and stood up, walking over to Jake. Tom was still hungrily devouring Jake's cock during Pete's striping. Pete played with his now hard cock while walking over to Jake, pointing his cock at Jake's mouth.

Jake leaned forward and took Pete's cock into his mouth to begin a slow suck. Hearing Pete moan, Tom looked up while his mouth was still wrapped around Jake's cock. Seeing Jake sucking Pete, Tom's eyes widened and began a more rigorous sucking. His mouth tighter, Tom is totally mesmerized by the action around him.

Pete moans. "Oh yeah baby, suck me suck me. Make me cum!" repeating Jake's very words to Tom. Soon enough, Jake felt the wave rolling in his groin, growing larger and stronger, bucking his hips into the couch. Sure enough, Jake began to wail, even with Pete's engorged cock in his mouth. Jake's hands flail as his cock lets loose, shooting volley after volley of his cream into Tom's eager waiting mouth. Pete, watching this scene while getting his blowjob, is overcome by the sensuality of it all and suddenly feels his cock and balls reach their moment of release. His back arches and stiffens as he feels Jake tighten his mouth around his throbbing cock, triggering his own release and he shoots his cum into Jake's mouth. His body spasms as he feels his balls drain. Slowly, easily, Tom, Pete and Jake separate themselves, and ease themselves onto the couch, all sitting naked hip to hip to hip.

With their breathing returning to normal, they look over at Sam who is still dressed and has not participated yet.

"How about you Sam?" Tom asks.

"You wanna play with us too and have some fun?" Pete asks next.

"I do," responds Sam, "but I'm not sure what to do!"

Jake laughs, getting up and moving over to sit next to Sam.

"First we need to strip you!" explains Jake.

In no time, Sam, a shorter but muscular guy, is naked in the middle of the other three naked guys. Rolling on and off each other, they explore cocks and mouths and asses. Pete goes to his night stand and takes out his tube of lube. Showing it to Sam and Tom, he explains its use and demonstrates by putting some on his already growing cock and smears a wad into Pete's crack and hole. Pete on his knees on the floor, grabs Jake by the legs and inches Jake up onto his lap. Jake is laying on the floor before Pete, holding his legs up to angle his asshole to face Pete. In no time, Jake's ass is attached to Pete's cock and they wiggle and roll while Pete fucks Jake. The scene gets Tom and Sam even hotter, as they grab the lube and try this for themselves.

Sam got on all fours, offering his ass to Tom, who begins to jack his cock and lubing it, getting ready for his first boy to boy fuck. In no time, Tom is bellowing and rocking his hips back and forth, thrusting mightily into Sam's hungry ass. The two pairs of guys, each busy fucking, are totally immersed in their own hot steamy pleasure. Soon enough, Pete blew his load first. He continued to wail and moan as Jake, laying before him, groaned in his own delight.

The noises coming from Pete and Jake soon sent Tom over the edge. With a few mighty thrusts, and Sam clenching down his ass muscles on Tom's pulsing cock, sent Tom into ecstasy, thrusting forward with his last mighty push. His cock erupted in streams of cum.

Its almost midnight, and the four hot horney guys were finally able to catch their breaths.

"I think maybe the gay sex 101 class is over, yeah? I'd say you all passed with flying colors!" Jake announced.

"I agree!" added Pete, who is laying against Jake's naked chest.

Tom, who is leaning against Sam, agrees. "One awesome night guys!" he announced as he leaned into Sam to give him a kiss on the neck.

"Amen," added Sam!

The two couples hooked up for some fun and games almost once a week after that. Although after awhile, Pete and Jake only messed with each other. Tom and Sam stayed together as well. A few months later, a very successful Jake and Pete left their law office managed by Mr. Tillings and opened their own successful law firme. They bought a house nearby and were able to control their own schedules, allowing time for some afternoon delight whenever they got horney.

Tom and Sam eventually left their own jobs as well and started a sexual discovery business, which offered straight guys lessons in man to man sex. It proved to be extremely successful and they sold franchises around the country as well as several countries around the world. A few years later they sold their business to Amazon for over four billion dollars.

The End!

Hope you enjoyed!


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