Monday morning arrived quickly. Pete slowly opened his eyes reaching over to the other side of the bed expecting to find Jake. But the bed was empty. Pete sat up looking around and spotted a note on the pillow. It was from Jake.

"Good morning sunshine! I got up early and took advantage of the empty bathroom. I shaved and showered and dressed. I liked your underwear and socks so I am wearing them!. I ran out to find us breakfast and will be back shortly. Love, your Jake!" the note read.

Pete, naked, walked over to the bathroom, kind of turned on Jake was wearing his underwear, but thought it was cool. On the bathroom counter, he found an other note.

"If you missed the note on the pillow, go read it! I am out getting us something to eat." the second note read.

Pete shaved and jumped in the shower. He washed up quickly, wanting to be ready by the time Jake returned.

He towel dried and walked out of the bathroom naked to look for his clothes. He grabbed some briefs and an undershirts and then slipped on a white button shirt and grabbed his dark grey suit. He finished dressing, leaving off his suit jacket. He then put on a pot of coffee.

Pete heard the door open and saw Jake some through, holding a couple of small paper bags. He looked at Jake and grinned. Jake had on a dark blue suit, fully dressed, with a light blue button shirt and a blue and red tie.

"Wow!" began Pete. You sure do dress up nice. Awesome actually!" Pete added.

"You ain't so shabby yourself hot stuff!" Jake offered. "You can definitely be a model in that suit!"

Pete walked over to Jake, who was putting down the bags.

"I got us some breakfast rolls plus some milk and juice. I didn't see any in the fridge when I looked." Jake said.

"Uh huh, sure," said Pete, clearly not paying attention as he began to hug Jake tightly. Jake looked Pete in the eyes with a smile as they went for a deep kiss. Their mouths parted and their tongues met while Pete got his hands in Jake's waist line and pulled out Jake's tucked in shirt. In seconds Pete had his hands under Jake's shirt, and was on smooth skin, moving his hands upward pulling the shirt and undershirt higher and higher. Pete soon found his targets. His fingers were on Jake's nipples which he rubbed and caressed and tweaked until Jake started to moan.

"Hey, lover boy, not now, we have to get to work right?" asked Jake.

"Mmm, uh, um yeah, sure," Pete offered absentmindedly.

Jake didn't move away. He was enjoying himself too much. Soon Pete was working on his belt and the fly of his pants. Jake heard his zipper slowly go down and felt Pete grabbing at his briefs.

"They sure look like my undies," said Pete. "This is so hot. Can't wait to wear them after you do later," he said smiling at Jake.

With his pants around his ankles, Jake had no where to go, nor did he want to go anywhere! He soon felt Pete's warm mouth encircling his cock. "Hmmmm," cooed Pete, "so clean and sweet smelling, yum!"

Pete held Jake in place on the hips as he took as much of Jake's cock as possible. Caressing his balls when he could, Pete sucked hard and fast getting Jake's cock fully erect. With Jake beginning a slow rocking back and forth, Pete sucked Jake into a frenzy. Jake moaned louder as he felt Pete's hands all over his lower body. This was just too much, and too good, not to end in a wild orgasm. Feeling close, Jake held on tight to Pete's shoulders. He looked down at Pete sucking furiously in his white shirt and tie. The scene was so damn hot!

And then Jake came with a roar. He let out a low bellow as his hips thrust forward once more, freezing in place, and felt his cock spasm, shooting out its juices into Pete's waiting mouth. The frenzy died as Pete continued to slurp and lick Jake's cock clean. After catching the last drops, Pete stood up and straightened his shirt and tie.

"You look a mess," he said with a wink to Jake, who was hurriedly trying to redress himself.

Soon after, Jake and Pete left with some coffee and rolls in their hands and took the bus downtown.

"So you like wearing my underwear?" Pete asked Jake in a hushed voice, leaning his head closer.

"Mmmmm, delicious," is all a smiling Jake would say.

They got to the law offices where Pete worked and after stopping by his own office to drop off some papers, Pete led Jake directly to Mr. Tillings' office. With no one else in the office but his boss, he stood in the doorway and knocked. Mr. Tillings looked up with a grin and motioned Pete inside.

When Jake sat in the chair next to Pete, Mr. Tillings looked over and his mouth formed a wide smile.

"Jacob! I'll be damned! When did you get back to town!"

Pete was stunned. "You know Jake? I mean Jacob?" he asked.

"Jacob here is my cousin's son. I didn't know you came back to town. How are you?" an obviously concerned Mr. Tillings asked.

Jake filled his mother's cousin in on his time in the Caribbean and meeting Pete. He also mentioned that they were now in a relationship.

Mr. Tillings looked closely from Jake to Pete and then back to Jake again, taking it all in. Pete held his breath.

"well," began Mr. Tillings, while I am a bit surprised at the results, I could not be happier for the two of you. Pete, you always needed a love life, and I'm glad you found this guy who is a real gem. As for you Jacob, or should I now call you Jake? Well, I sure hope you get back into law. You are just too good. I'd offer you a job here if you'd take it."

"Sold!" piped up an excited Jake.

Mr. Tillings, just as excited, went on to explain the position in a different department from Pete which was just perfect. Pete excitedly went back to his office and Jake disappeared with Mr. Tillings for introductions in his new department.

Just before noon, Pete got a text that Jake was going to lunch with his new co-workers and they would meet up before they left for the day. Pete, sad to miss lunch with Jake, was glad their plans were coming together so perfectly.

At the end of the day Jake came by and left with Pete to go home. They talked excitedly about their day until the moment they opened the door to Pete's place. The moment they were inside, Jake grabbed Pete by the collar and pushed him up against a wall. Just as Pete had done to him that morning in the very same place, Jake forced his hand inside Pete's waist band and pulled out his shirt tails. Once touching Pete's belly, Jake ran his hands up slowly to Pete's firm muscular pecs. With his chest exposed, Jake hungrily sucked and licked Pete's nipples. Pete closed his eyes and tossed his head back in delight. Jake's fingers meanwhile found Pete's tie, and undid it, slipping it through the shirt collar and tossing it aside. He moved his hands up from Pete's shoulders, forcing off his shirt next. The he pulled on the undershirt, forcing Pete to raise his hands. The belt was next and then the pants zipper was lowered, leaving Jake to yank down Pete's underpants. Pete helped by stepping out of his clothes but otherwise allowed himself to be controlled by Jake.

Standing totally naked before a fully dressed Jake, Pete kept his eyes closed for his seduction. Jake slowly sank to his knees, licking and kissing skin as he went. Finally at Pete's cock, he opened wide to take in the now hard cock into his mouth. His slow lick and suck soon became a full on face fuck. Pete held on to Jake's shoulders as his hips rammed back and forth into Jake's tight hot wet mouth. While on his knees, Jake quickly undressed himself as best as he could. Breaking from Pete's throbbing cock only to remove his undershirt, Jake was soon naked from head to toe.

Jake stopped the blow job and stood up, leaning in to give Pete a long wet kiss. They ran excitedly into the bedroom and Jake opened a night stand drawer where he had seen some lube. Grabbing the tube and smearing a gob onto his cock, he also reached behind Pete to spread some into his asshole.

Pete eagerly got onto the bed and got on all fours, facing away from Jake.

"Fuck me baby. Take me! I want you deep inside me!" Pete ordered.

Jake didn't need anymore convincing. In no time Jake was positioning himself behind Pete, pointing his hard throbbing cock at the waiting target. Holding Pete by the hips, Jake moved forward slowly. There was plenty of lube on cock and ass to make entry relatively quick and painless. The thrusts began slow and easy, but soon build in speed and pressure. In no time, Jake was banging hard, pushing his cock all the way in while Pete moaned and wailed in delight. Pete clamped down his ass muscles giving Jake a wonderful fuck.

Pete looked down beneath his body seeing his cock purple and throbbing from the pressure and leaking precum. The pressure he felt deep inside alerted him to the fact that he knew he wold probably cum also. Jake meanwhile was in full ecstasy. His cock at full mast, he started to feel his orgasm rising. He soon broke free. Jake began to howl as he clenched his ass cheeks and prepared to cum. He buried his cock tightly in Pete's ass and felt his cream spurt out in waves. Pete assisted by clenching down, helping drain Jake and initiating his own climax. Soon after, their naked sweaty bodies fell in a heap onto the bed. Once they laid shoulder to shoulder, they turned to face each other. Still panting from their hot sex, they could only grin.

"Awesome, babe," Pete eventually said.

"Hell yeah," replied Jake. "Today could not have been more perfect," he added.

"Tomorrow night, two friends I normally hang out with want to stop by and meet you," Pete said.

"Is that okay?" Pete asked.

Jake grinned. "Of course, if you'r cool with it, then so am I!"

"I thought they could stop by after dinner for like a drink or something," Pete added.

The next day at work, went by in a typical fashion. Jake stayed busy meeting his new coworkers and picked up where he left off with the necessary legal research and writing for his new cases. Pete also dove back in to his files. Tom, one of his friends who was also an attorney at the firm stopped by in the afternoon.

"So we're good for seven then?" Tom asked.

"Seven it is," responded Pete.

"So you're like really gay now, man? That's like too wild!"

"Does that bother you at all?" Pete asked.

"No, not at all. We been best buds since I can remember. I'm just so happy you found someone.!" Tom said.

A short while after, Pete got on the phone and called Sam, his other buddy that was going to stop by, to confirm details.

At the end of the day, Pete and Jake met up, stopping on the way home for some take-out Chinese food for supper. Once home, Jake and Pete changed into casual slacks and polo shirts. Soon after, the doorbell rang and they found Tom waiting to come inside. Just before the door closed, they saw Sam come in right behind, and entered also.

The four guys sat down and started to chat. With some beers passed around, the four became fast friends. Jake learned how long they had been friends and that while Tom and Same didn't know each other before, through Pete, the three became regular weekend buddies to catch a movie or grab a drink.

Tom and Sam had several questions about Pete and Jake being together, still getting used to the idea that Pete was realizing that his failed female relationships were due to his unknown inclination being gay.

Tom, hesitating all night, finally asked his question. "So Pete, do you like gay sex better?"

"Yeah, do you?" chimed in Sam.

Pete looked at Jake with a grin. "Let me say that I'm in love, so everything is better!" Pete explained.

"That's a cop out answer!" Sam and Tom answered in unison.

"One day, you boys will just have to find out!" Jake said with a wink.

Sam immediately went pale seeing the wink. Tom, on the other hand was intrigued.

"You making me an offer there Jake?" Tom asked.

Jake turned to Pete. "Am I making an offer to your pal Tom, Pete?"

Pete thought about it. Well, in the interest of science, he thought.

"Your call Jake, I'm cool with it if you are," Pete said. Tom's eyes went wide after that exchange.

Jake turned to face Tom. "You feeling brave boy?" Jake asked Tom. Sam sat quietly off to the side, taking this all in.

"We gonna go in the bedroom?" asked Tom with a bit of a quiver in his voice.

"Nah, we can do it right here," explained Jake.

Tom slowly stood up and walked over to Jake who remained seated.

Jake, looking up at Tom, grabbed the front of his pants, unsnapping them and lowering the zipper, then tugging down the pants around Tom's ankles.

Wearing red and blue plaid boxers, Jake rubbed his hand over the front of the boxers until he found Tom's still soft cock. Rubbing and playing with it, Jake waited until he saw the tent forming from Tom's hardening cock. With one hand, he felt around to the back of Tom's boxers and started stroking Tom's firm bubble butt.

"Very nice," offered Jake.

"MMm um thanks," responded Tom, who was starting to breath heavier.

After a few minutes of teasing, Jake lowered Tom's boxers, revealing a growing and still hardening eight inch cock. A low gasp escaped the lips of both Sam and Pete, who were clearly enjoying the show. Jake then leaned in for his assault. While cupping Tom's balls, his mouth went to the throbbing cock, taking in as much as possible and sucking and teasing it into greater hardness.

Tom responded, beginning to rock back and forth, enjoying the attention his cock was receiving. Jake tugged on Tom's balls, adding more sensation to the blow job. Tom's bucking back and forth soon turned into spasms and twitches, making it clear that his orgasm was approaching rapidly. With a low growl, Tom came! His hips bucked forward into Jake's face, and began to let his cum flow in several spurts. Tom continued to moan quietly until his orgasm subsided. Jake licked up the now softening cock and then looked up at a recovering Tom.

In a trance, with his pants still at his ankles, Tome walked back to his chair where he lifted his legs and puled off his pants and boxers. "Damn," was all he could say.

"Nice job babe," Pete offered, rubbing Jake's back.

"So, whats the report?" asked a newly motivated Sam. "Is it better?"

"Hell yeah, big time!" reported a grinning Tom. "I owe ya now man!"

Jake looked over at Pete and then back at Tom. "You making me an offer there Tom?"

to be continued!



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