My name's Kimmi and I used to be a stripper. I'm a genetic

girl, and I always had a wild streak. Guys liked me 'cause of my

long blond hair, slender build, and sense of humor. They also liked

my 36C breasts :)

I danced at a place on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood (this is a true story,

so I won't use the name). On the outside, it was a dive, but inside

it was pretty nice. The stage was gorgeous, had a generous runway,

and beautiful lights. I loved dancing there, and I loved working

with all the fun people - especially the D.J. I also made friends

with the boyfriends of one of the other strippers. The three of us

used to hang out - and that's where this story starts.

I had worked a day shift - I got off at about 5 and wanted

to go do something. My two buddies, Niles and Will, were there and

they asked me if I had ever been to this little bar in the same strip mall

as the club I worked in. I hadn't. It looked dingy and dark

from the outside, and since I didn't drink, there hadn't been much to tempt

me in I thought. They told me I should check it out.

So we go into this place - it didn't even have a doorman! - and my

eyes have to readjust to the dark. There's a stage, but no one is

dancing. They order drinks - and a club soda for me - and tell me

to relax. I had noticed a twinkle in both of their eyes, so I knew

they thought they had a surprise for me that they thought I'd like.

So we sat down at a rickety little table and talked about our day.

After a while, this blond girl comes out of the bathroom, pushes

a couple buttons on the jukebox, and starts dancing. And she is gorgeous!

Shoulder length dark blond hair, with lighter streaks. A pretty face

and a tight little bod. She had small, high breasts and round hips.

Yummm! Niles and Will were grinning - they knew I liked girls,

and they knew what I liked.

I started tipping this chick - I have made a few hundred that day,

and wanted her to know I appreciated her. She was a good dancer,

really good, and as the set progressed, she was finally down to pasties

and a g-string. Man, she was hot. My buddies were laughing

- they knew I liked girls, but they had never seen me so hot over one before.

I just smiled and kept tipping her.

After the set, she disappeared into the dressing room, and I went

to the bathroom. I was still smiling - this girl had my full attention.

I felt good. I was washing my hands when the girl came in.

'I wanted to thank you for all the tips' she said in a soft voice.

'Hey, you're very welcome. I really like your dancing, and

I think you're fun to watch' I told her. 'I also think you're quite


The girl leaned over and started kissing me. I was startled,

but after a second, I was certainly kissing her back. She smelled

good. She tasted good. She felt good. I was in heaven!

I stuck my tongue into her mouth and she sucked it with abandon.

I started touching her breasts - she was just wearing a tiny little cover-up.

I opened it - and guess what...

This beautiful, sensuous blond had an enormous cock! I'm talking

bigger than any of the boyfriends I had fucked. And it didn't seem

that odd, this giant cock poking out from these curvy, girly hips.

It was fucking sexy as hell! I put my hand behind her head and kissed

her some more. She was squirming just like when I kiss another girl,

but there was more.

I started pressing my body against this delicious cock while we're

making out in the ladies room. This horny little t*girl is rubbing

her hard rod against me, at the same time melting against me in a very

feminine, submissive manner. And it's driving me crazy. I forget

we're in this sleazy bar in this nasty restroom. I push her against

the sink and pull off her robe. She had taken her pasties off, and

I began teasing the nipples of first one breast, than the other.

She's leaning back, her chest thrown forward. And I'm teasing her

hard tender peaks and making her moan.

So I reach down and start rubbing her cock, while still stroking

a nipple. I look at her and her eyes are closed, her nipples are

so hard, she looks like my perfect lesbian dream girl, except for this

big dick that I'm rubbing. And I just watch her wriggle and moan,

as I masturbate her and tease her titties. From time to time, I lean

over and suck on her neck, then pull back to watch this beauty's sexual


Finally I can't stand it - I have to see her shoot! 'I want

you to cum for me' I tell her softly, stroking her hard, hard cock.

'I just have to see you shoot'.

'Oh, yes, please' she murmurs, pushing her hips toward my hand.

'I want you to watch'.

I kept stroking and she began moving her hips gently back and forth.

I kept jacking her off with one hand, while I began tickling her shaved

little balls with the other. First a squeeze and then a tickle.

And her hips began to move faster. 'Oh, yes, baby' I told her, watching

every delicious move. 'Cum for me'.

And then, with a gasp, this beautiful babe started erupting cum from

her throbbing meat. I mean, what a load! It shot everywhere,

lots of it, as I rubbed her cock and balls. She was gasping and thrusting

her hips wildly. I don't think I've ever seen anything so exciting.

When she was done, we rinsed her off. She kissed me and put

on her robe. We left the restroom together - I never knew how long

we were in there. My buddies teased me about her coming in there

with me, and never did believe that such a beautiful chick gave me my lesbian

shemale adventure.




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