God, he was horny. The plane was cramped. One of those cheapo flights where people were packed together. His seat mate was an elderly lady wearing earphones but sound asleep, leaning against the shoulder of her husband who sat at the Isle. The husband kept trying to peer over his wife at Cass. With good reason.

Cass wore a skin tight white tee that showed off his pecs and his dime sized nipples that poked at the thin fabric. His bubble butt and very well endowed package was displayed in skin tight black jeans, so tight his cock was hugged and displayed to the point of every bump and nearly every vein.

Ignoring the old man he sat back, thighs wide, crotch prominent for the hot young guy in the seat ahead who was surreptitiously peering back through the crack between the seats to stare at the shape of Cass's semi hard cock. Cass gave it a dancing throb for those pretty blue eyes.

With black hair and long black lashes surrounding mesmerizing grey eyes in a chiseled face of great beauty, the five foot ten inch, Cass tended to draw attention wherever he went. But the attention he liked to draw was best when it came from hot blond hunks like the one just one row up and one seat over. The hotty peered back at Cass's display and licked his lips. But so, ofcourse, did the old man. Cass suppressed a "gah" of humorous disgust.

Cass didn't blame the old man, really, but he hoped when he was that old and no longer attractive to just anyone, that he could restrain himself. It was undignified. Hah, not that what he was doing was. But if he had his way, he would unzip his jeans and pull his cock out and stroke it right there on the plane. He was just barely nineteen, perpetually horny, in need of release, and vain enough and confident enough to be very much an exhibitionist about it.

The seat belt sign went on soon after, and he was obliged to tame things down, sit up straight, and get ready for landing. The blond hunk offered him a disappointed pout, and put his seat back up straight as well.

Half an hour later he was in line, leaving the plane and saw the hunk turn and move to the side in the access tunnel for him to catch up. The stud was about six feet maybe six feet one, wearing boxer briefs under a sky blue polo shirt that fit his shoulders and pecs in a very nice way, hanging loose around his narrow hips. The boxer's were every bit as revealing as Cass's jeans, barely passable as outerwear, and the hunk looked well endowed down there.


"Hey," Cass said grinning foolishly.

They walked together.

"I liked um what you were showing?"

"I like what I am seeing now." Cass remarked. Both their voices had dropped to a sexy purr.

"Where you headed?"

"Florida Keys. My dad has a resort there."

"Nice!" The blond looked disappointed. "I'm getting off here." (They were in Denver). "I live In Boulder."

"At the moment I wish I did too." Cass said, grinning.

"Here, at least let me give you a card. Has my email and phone. You ever in this area, give me a call, and I will put you up for however long you like. Umm, I have a partner but... damn, he wouldn't mind." The blond wiggled his brows.

Cass glanced at the card. It read Jeff Honeywell."

He was a honey all right. They walked together as far as the main terminal when Jeff turned to him to take his leave to go to baggage.

Cass did not have a card but said, "My dad's resort is called Mike's Marine and Hotel Resort on Key Michael. Its a private Island, in the Florida Keys. You can find it on the computer."

"I'll look it up. Maybe I will take my next spring break there."

"That would be awesome!"

 They stepped into each other and hugged with lips brushing and then... he was gone, heading down to baggage and Cass on his way to find the gate for his connecting flight.

God he hoped the resort had some gay men. It had had a one or two the year before, but what he really hoped was that the grad student he had met in San Francisco who had a captain's license for sea going vessel operation, who he had written home to his dad about... might be there, might be hired. Jake Saunders, sexy as hell, captain of the swim team at college that Cass was in as a freshman, Jake who had brought him out, seduced him, invited to live with him in his apartment, might be there. Jake Saunders who had, one night after swim practice invited him out for beer, some more back at his apartment, where Cass had relaxed back against Jake on his couch and gone to heaven when Jake had made the first move, turning his face to his with a hand on his chin and kissing him. Jake with whom Cass had fallen deeply in love.

They had had one blissful semester together, constant sex all over Jake's apartment, their heat for each other never abating. But then Jake had graduated that winter, moving out, leaving Cass in that apartment alone. He'd called once to leave a note, "got a job, will be out of contact, find a room mate, and give my clothes to good will. Love you, babe, take care till we meet again."

That was it. No more contact, no phone, nothing. Cass had found a room mate, a straight dude who didn't mind he was gay. Cass actually thought George was secretly curious about it, and since George was hot, if in a thicker muscle boy way then Jake had been, he'd been tempted to teach George a thing or two. As it was he's just teased his roommate by going naked a lot in their apartment. He'd caught George looking too... a lot. Particularly the last few weeks.

He made his next flight, giving the cute flight attendant a big smile which was returned with an intensity that told Cass the attendant was on his same side of the Isle. "Welcome aboard, Sir."

"Thank you." Cass winked at him and went to take his seat. His was an Isle seat this time, and at the front of the plane. As minutes passed it became clear there're would be few passengers. The attendant steered others clear of the front row while Cass studied him. The flight attendant's uniform showed off a very fit young man, a gymnast or dancer, very nice legs, and ass, maybe a few years older then Cass brown hair, brown eyes like liquid pools of chocolate. The uniform tag read Rod Hardon. Cass swallowed down mirth as he read the name.

When it was time to leave the airport, Rod himself got on the com to the passengers. "Welcome aboard. This is an economy shuttle flight but we... meaning I... will serve snacks half way through. Peanuts or crackers or chips and some soda or water. If you will notice the exit doors, there are two at the rear and two up here near the front of the Isle."

A programmed announcement came on next leaving the attendant free to follow along demonstrating the oxygen cups and flotation devices drill. This done, he said, "Please keep your seat belts fastened until the captain has turned off the seatbelts sign."

Then he smiled and glancing at Cass turned and sat down next to him. "Hi."


"Those tight black slim cut big cock hugging jeans of yours are driving me out of my mind." The attendant said breathily in his ear, sending tingles to Cass's crotch, making his cock dance visibly in those tight jeans.

"Good. That's what they are for." Cass said dimpling with an adorable smirk.

"MMm, is that thing real?" His eyes were on Cass's crotch.


"Fuck." The attendant's right hand moved to Cass's thigh and slid upwards.

Cass vented a soft moan as the attendant's hand cupped his bulge and explored his swelling cock where it stretched up and across to his left hip. "I may have to take special care of you," but first lets get that seat belt fastened." Rod clipped Cass into  his seat belt for him, taking every advantage offered to fondle and caress what was bulging and throbbing there.

"mmm you keep teasing that, and I am going to have to let it out." Cass warned.

"I've had that in mind." The attendant said, squeezing Cass's cock through his jeans as the plane gathered way, engines roaring to take off.

Once the plane gathered altitude the attendant had to get up and see to his passengers. Cass was amused when the attendant went up to the galley area out of sight. Then he heard the sound of ice being scooped and guessed it wasn't for serving cups, at least not yet. Rod was trying to cool down his rod before he served the rest of the customers.

Cass teased him. He undid the top button of his pants and eased his seat back so the next time Rod wheeled his cart up the Isle and looked, he had a splendid view of Cass's rock hard cock throbbing just for him. Cass had gone commando, so there was only the black denim to separate cock from exposure. The next time Rod passed, Cass had undone the zipper part way, and his erection teased the edge of his belt line. Only a casual hand holding down his cock, kept it from springing up into exposure. But oh it felt good to gain that much more release around his aching cock. Rod's eyes bugged out and he licked his lips.

With only Cass left to serve he brought sodas for both and settled beside him. His hand moved over to unzip Cass the rest of the way. Cass's ten inch plus soda can thick cock swung up and out making Rod's jaw drop. Then the attendant bent forward and kissed the head, his hands fondling the balls as his tongue licked and swirled over the shaft and head. Cass groaned with delight. "Oo this is good. I am so close."

"Already?" Rod asked.

"Yes, its been a while."

"Your huge, my mouth has never stretched this wide."

"Your doing great."

Encouraged the attendant went back to it, after a while managing to get this mouth around the head and half way down the shaft. he could not take it further but his hands moved up to jack the part he couldn't suck.

Cass's balls contracted as the point of no return came and went, his pleasure growing so intense, down to a hot point and then blooming. He felt his first jet pulse and then spit up into that fantastic mouth. The attendant gobbled away like a vacuum cleaner, taking every drop, just in time too. As he lifted his head from Cass's cock he happened to see someone coming up the Isle.

"Quick cover up." Rod grabbed a napkin and dropped it over Cass's hyper sensitive throbbing cock just as a tall broad shouldered man reached their seat. The man's eyes dropped to the two young men, moved to Cass's lap clearly taking in the state of things. A grin appeared on wide lips and he said to them, "NIce, boys. wish I could join you, but my wife has eyes like a hawk." With a chuckle the man winked and moved on to the rest room.

"Damn." Cass gasped, breathing hard still from his climax.

"Yeah, damn. Your hot. I... I am going to be busy the rest of the flight. Do you have a card? I want your number... I want to see you again."

Cass smiled, satisfied for the moment. He was still horny. It took more then one climax to appease him once he got this needy. But at least the edge was off. He could relax and look forward to seeing his dad again... and maybe... just maybe the sexy Jake.




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