Watching u walk by and act like u don't exist cause all u do is cause me pain u run and I follow but u never come for me u never run after me I'm stupid to think your different and now that I left u I'm happy and I know u don't care and that's the part that hurts more than pain itself.

Chapter-1 how it started.


I was late first day and I'm late living alone isn't really that easy when u have to wake up on your own and going to my first collage class late is not a smart thing so here I was doing both things wrong if mom could only see me now she would be pissed and on my back for this lol I miss them so much anyway off to class I almost ran over some of the people on the side walk running at the speed I was another perk of living off campus wowho collage is so much fun being independent and all (sarcasm) so I got to class and was put out on the first day for being late so here I was on my way to my second class "don't worry every year someone get's put out of his class its like a ritual he does hey my names Sia what's yours?"

He was cute like to cute to be real he had black hair ,gray eyes and white teeth he was hot his jeans were to tight so I saw all the lines of his lower body his cock shifting in his pants his t-shirt was straining under the size of his chest ,his pecs ,his abs ,his arms and his neck why the hell was he so fine god "my names Evan nice to meet u" he was steering at me like was something to eat "so what's your next class" "I'm not sure this place is so big and confusing I think I need help getting the next class" chuckle and he helped me to the next one he showed me in said bye and he was gone so I got to class and found my seat everyone talking and laughing with someone they knew and then he walked in and addressed the class "welcome to my class new students" it was him the same guy that helped me he looked me in the eyes winked and smiled I sat through his class and waited for him after "u didn't tell me you teacher my class" "u didn't ask" he just chuckled "u wanna go for coffee with me?" I just nodded and we left the school and headed to the coffee place on campus.

Chapter-2 why was he even talking to me?


"u know I still don't know your name?" he looked embarrassed like he was going to smile he had such a cute smile I still don't understand why he was even talking to me but as I know myself at the moment I don't care "my name is Jason Smith and u are?" I didn't realise I did as he did and blushed bright red "Evan Silus nice to meet u Jason" he shook my hand we ordered our coffee and chat for a bit "so what are u studing besides history?" I was lost in his big gray eyes I didn't think I can sit in his classes and be able to focus on the actual studies he was tall , , caramel and handsome he was East Indian short hair 5 o'clock shadow and fit like he casually runs or swims he was fine i think my ice coffee was melting because of how hot he was "so what else do u study?" he caught me steering at him and just smiled with his dimples "I also do art, literature and modern studies" he looked impressed I was blushing and he just chuckled "your so inocent I like that about my students" if u only knew the things I liked about u I thought to myself so we finished up our coffees and I was heading home "so can I see u tomorrow after class again Evan?" he was blushing now and it was fun to see that "k I'd like that where?" he thought for a sec and then answered "my place about 6" I smiled "that would be cool" he watched as I walked away got home and couldn't help but sigh if he only knew that I was gay he wouldn't even waste his time trying to be my friend........



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