Bill sulked around his apartment. He missed Jacob but he needed to stay firm on his dicision not to make him choose between him or his family. He loved Jake. More than he loved any other man. If he could, he'd ask Jake to marry him. That was all over now and he needed to move on with his life. But how? Everything he did and everywhere he went reminded him of Jake. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. When he opened it he was suprised to see Jake's brother Amile standing there. "I have come to apologoze. I never ment to drive you away." Bill invited him in and they sat. "You didn't. I made a choice." Amile nodded. "Now that choice is hurting my brother." Bill felt his heart clench. "What do u mean?" Amile frowned. "He wont eat, or drink. He just lays on his bed and says nothing. When I ask him if there is anything he needs or wants he nodds" I felt I knew the answer but I needed to hear it. "What does he say?" Amile touched his shoulder. "He needs you." Bill nodded. "Let's go."

Bill pulled into the drive of the farm and got out. He didn't think he'd ever see this place again. He followed Amile into the house and up the stairs. Jake was laying on the bed. "Jacob, I brought someone to see you." " I dont want to see anyone" he said without looking at his brother. "I think you'll wanna see me" Bill said. Jake sat up. "You're here? It's really you?" Bill sat on the bed. "Yes, I'm really here." Amile left and closed the door. Jake threw his arms around Bill. "I thought I'd never see you again." Bill smiled. "I left because I couldn't make you choose between you're family and me but I realized I can't live without you." They kissed. "Take me home!" Bill nodded.

When they entered their apartment it was like a tornado had ripped their clothes off their bodies. As one they fell onto the couch. Bill on top. He kissed Jake tenderly. "God, I missed you!" Jake smiled. "I missed you too, now shut up and fuck me!" Bill chuckled as his mouth went down Jake's smooth, sculpted body. When he came to the cock he had been aching to suck he paused. "I'm really going to enjoy this!" Without another word, he devoured Jake's hard cock. "Holy fuck!" Jake exclaimed. Bill went to work moving his head up and down on Jake's rod. It felt wonderful. The feel of the smooth, slightly salty skin sliding in and out of his mouth was like heaven. "MMM! Yeah! Suck my cock!" Jake moaned. He waited until Jake began panting before he slipped a finger into his anus. "OOHH!" Jake squealed. Bill inserted another finger and found his love nut. "Oh yeah, keep doing that! I'm gonna cum!!" Jake warned. Bill moved his fingers faster and faster. "FUCK, I'M GONNA...." before he could finish Jake's body was rocked by the most intense orgasm he had ever felt and his cock exploaded, spewing his hot, sweet boy cream over Bills taste buds and down his throat. "UUUUHHHH!!!" he grunted.

When Bill had cleaned off his cum soaked cock he sat up. "Damn!" Jake exclaimed. Bill laughed. "Now do u see how much I've missed you?" Jake nodded. "Take me upstairs and fuck my brains out!" Bill stood and helped Jake to stand. They both went upstairs. Bills rock hard cock swung between his legs. When they got to the bedroom Bill pushed Jake gently down onto the bed. He reached into the nightstand and got the bottle of lube and a condom. He rolled the condom onto Jakes alredy hard cock and slathered on some lube. He reached behind him and lubed up his ass.

He straddled Jake and slowly lowered himself onto his cock. "MMM!!" he purred. "I've missed you're cock!" When he was all the way in he slowly began riding him. Jake placed a hand on each of Bill's cheeks to pry them further apart. He thrust upward every time Bill went down. "OOOHH YEAH! FUCK ME!" Bill moaned. Soon they were both sweating and panting. Jake thrust hard upward and uloaded his spunk into the condom. Bill feeling Jake's cock twitching inside him, came all over Jake's smooth chest. They sat there catching their breath. "We should fight like this more often!" Bill exclaimed chuckling. Jake smiled. "Yes we should!" he pulled Bill down to him and their lips met.

The End



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