After Jake informed me of his choice to move in with me, I helped him move his stuff from his house to my place. We told his parents we would be "roomates" but nothing more. His parents were very devout and I didn't think they'd understand if we told them we were lovers. For those of you just joining us I'll backtrack a little. Jake and his parents were Amish and also my nextdoor neighbors. We lived out in the country. Well, they did. I lived in the city and occasionally stayed at the house my parents had left me. I had lusted after Jake for a long as I can remember. I used to look out the window and see him mowing his parents lawn. He has shaggy dark blond hair, blue eyes and a lean, althetic, twink body.

When it came time for Jake to go on his "Rumshpringa" which is an Amish custome where young men and women get to spend a few days in the city or "English" world as the Amish call it. They decide if dedicating their lives to the Amish faith is really for them. Luckily Jake's parents trusted me and chose me to watch over him. After sharing a hot night of passion Jake and I knew we never wanted to be separated from eachother.

One day I came home and found Jake sitting on the couch. I could tell he had been crying. "I got a letter from my brother Amiel. My parents were killed in a car accident." My heart clenched. I knew that the Amish shunned all forms of modernidity. The only thing they were allowed to posses was an old beat up station wagon. I sat next to Jake and held him while he cried. "My brother says I have to move back in with him and accept the Amish way of life or he'll disown me." I looked into Jakes beautiful brown eyes. "Can he do that?" Jake nodded. "Technically he is the head of the house now." I didn't want to loose Jake but I knew going against his brother would harm him more than anything. "What am I going to do?" he asked. I shrugged. "I dont know. I know I dont want to loose you but I also know you can't go up against you're brother." Suddenly his beautiful, angelic face turned very dark. "The hell I can't!" He stood. "W'ere going to the funeral and then I am going to tell my brother and the rest of the Amish community to go to hell!"

I made him sit back down. "Sweetheart, you can't just say fuck you to you're family." Jake raised an eyebrow. "Why not?" I shrugged. "I just dont think it would be wise." He frowned. "What, you're siding with my brother now?" I shook my head. "I am in you're corner, you know that. I just dont want you to make any rash decisions until we talk to him first." Jake's bottom lip trembled. "I'm sorry I snapped at you. You're the only one I have left now." I took him in my arms and rocked him. We didn't make love that night, even though God knows I wanted to.

The next day we drove out of the city to Jake's parents. His brother was waiting for us when we pulled up. Amiel was a serious looking young man with the classic Amish clothing, straw hat and beard. "I'm actually suprised you showed" he exclaimed frowning at me. Jake sighed. "Can we not do this now?" We followed Amiel inside. Some of the Amish community were there. Jake started twords the living room where his parents bodies had been laid out. "I can't." Amiel frowned. "You must." I stared at him. "Give the kid a break." Amiel stared daggers at me. "You're lucky I dont throw you out right now. You corrupted my brother with you're ungodly ways." I snorted. "I've known you since we were little Amiel so dont try that passive agressive bullshit with me!" Some of the ladies gasped. I pushed past him and walked with Jake into the living room. His parents were laid out side by side with white sheets covering them up to their chins. The Amish faith stated that enbalming was forbidden.

Jake began to sobb. I put an arm around his shoulder. Amiel tapped me on the shoulder. "Outside, now." I followed him outside. "You've got alot of nerve comming here!" I could see he was furious. "Amiel! We used to be such good friends! What happened?" He frowned. "You confessed you're sinful ways to me!" When we were 14 I told Amiel I was gay. He didn't want anything to do with me after that. "I"m only here for Jake, when the funeral's over, we'll leave." H took a step twords me. "You're not taking Jacob anywhere!" I looked past him and saw Jacob stride up to him. I could see he was shaking with anger. "Who the hell do you think you are?" Amiel looked like he wanted to hit him. I sicerely hoped he didn't. I didn't want to have to clobber Jake's brother on the day of his parents funeral. "I AM THE HEAD OF THIS FAMILY AND YOU WILL DO AS I SAY!" Amiel screamed. Jake laughed. "Oh please, you haven't given a damn about me for the last 5 years!" Amiel grabbed his brother by the front of his shirt. I grabbed his wrist. "Let him go Amiel. Not here!" He released Jake and marched back inside.

Jake and I went to my house to collect our thoughts and get away for a little while. "That was intense!" Jake exclaimed. I didn't speak. I couldn't. Jake came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. "Hey, what's wrong?" When I turned around I felt tears stream down my face. "Jacob, I can't make you choose between you're family and me." Jake took a step back. "What are you saying?" I sat. "I'm saying that after the funeral I am going back to the city and you're staying here." Now Jake was crying. "WHY WAIT? LEAVE NOW!" he hollered. I watched as he stormed out. The funeral went quickly. Everyone returned to the house for supper. I took one last look at the house where my love had spent most of his childhood, got in my car and drove away, fresh tears streaming down my face.

To Be Continued..........



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