I was walking across the field when I saw him. His name was Jacob. His family was Amish and I knew this was Jacob's time for Rumshpringa which was an Amish tradition where a boy who turns 18 gets to be among the "english" or outiside world. He decides if the Amish life is for him. If so, he shunns all things having to do with the outside world. I knew this was Jacob's time to make that decision. I had been asked by his mother and father to be Jacob's chaperone while in the outside world.

Jacob was tall with sandy blond hair, brown eyes, dark tanned skin from helping his father in the feilds and a lean, athletic build. Whenever he smiled his innocent boy smile my heart skipped a beat and I felt a tightening in my jeans. I knew I was in love with him.The only question is, would he, a young boy who had been taught by his parents that homosexuality was a sin, feel the same? I knew I had to at least find out. I had a apartment in the city and Jacob would be staying with me while on his Rumshpringa.

Finally, the day of Jacob's Rumshpringa arrived. I met him outside his house. He looked sexy in a polo shirt and a pair of tight jeans. "You ready to go Jacob?" He smiled. "Call me Jake." I laughed. "Alright Jake, put your things in the trunk and lets go." We waved goodbye to his parents and were off. The window's were open and the wind blew Jake's sandy blond locks around. "You'll like the apartment Jake." He nodded. "It'll be nice to have indoor plumbing." I laughed. I knew Jake wasn't like most of the other teen's who drink and smoke weed and have wild sex orgies on their Rumshpringa.

We rolled down the highway and stopped at a local diner. You'd think Jake would be aw struck by all the new things there were to see but he has seen them before. He just wasn't aloud to experience them. Now he could. I ordered two double cheeseburgers and fries. When the food came Jake's eyes grew wide. "Is all this for me?" I laughed. He was so cute. "Yes Jake, it's all for you." I loved his boyish charm and nievete. I was a few years older than he was. Tall with short black hair, good looks and a buff, muscular build.

We finished our meal and headed into the city. Jake stared, his mouth open at the skyscrapers and tall buildings. He had never seen them before. "Their so huge!!" he exclaimed excitedly. "I know something else you'd like that's huge!!" I thought and then mentally kicked myself. We finally arrived at my place and Jake smiled. "It's nice."I nodded. "It's not much but it's home."

I showed Jake around the apartment and where he'd sleep and the bathroom. "Well, is there anything you'd like to do on your first day in the big city?" Jake's eyes sparkled. "I'd like to take a shower with you." I almost came right there. "Pardon?" He smiled at me seductively. "You heard me!! I've had the hots for u ever since I was old enough to jerk off!" I couldn't believe what I was hearing. "Now Jake, cut it out. Stop kidding." He smiled. "I'm not kidding."

I woke with a start. The sun had just begun to set casting orange red light on the room. I had fallen asleep in my easy chair and Jake was asleep on the couch. I had been dreaming. I remebered Jake had said he wanted to take a nap and then go out later that night. I watched at Jake's chest rose and fell as he slept. I decided not to wake him just yet. I went and took a shower. When I got out I heard Jake moving around. I threw on a pair of jogging pants and an old college t-shirt. "Sleep well? I asked. Jake smiled at me groggily. "Too good."

He saw me in my sweatpants and t-shirt and a smirk crept over his thin, red lips. "What?" I asked. He shook his head. "I'm gonna go grab a shower. We going out tonight?" I shrugged. "If you want too." He nodded. "I think I'd like to go see a movie." I laughed. "Ok, movie it is and then maby ice cream?" He smiled. "Your on!" I heard the shower running and thought of the hot, steamy water falling down Jakes smooth, muscular body. I felt my cock growing erect. I reached inside my sweatpants and gave it a few tugs.

We went and saw a scary movie. I chose a scary movie on purpose so Jake would hold on to me with his face buaried in my chest, which he did. We went for ice cream after. When he got home Jake fell asleep on the couch. I turned out the lights and went to bed. A few minutes later I was awakened by a knock on the door. It was Jake. "The movie gave me nightmares. Can I sleep in here with you?" I was going to tell him that was a bit inappropriate when I saw he was only wearing a t-shirt and boxers. "Sure, come on in!" I said holding the blanket. He slid in like a little kid.

I turned out the light and turned onto my side facing away from him. "Night Bill!" That's my name BTW. "Night Jake." I had just closed my eyes when I felt a hand slip into my shorts and rub my ass. "Jake?" The hand stopped moving. "Huh?" "What are you doing?" The hand moved to my crack. "What do you think I'm doing?" I turned to face him and he was smiling at me. "Is that why you asked to climb into bed with me?" I asked. He nodded. "You mad?" How could I be mad at this beautiful, young twink who obviously wanted me. "No, I'm not mad but dont you think I'm a bit old for you?" Jake giggled. "No."

I began to protest and he stopped me by putting his fingers on my lips. "Bill! It's ok. I know you like me and I like you, why do you think I asked my parents to let you be my chaperone while I was on my Rumshpringa?" I smiled. "Well in that case.." I pulled him to me and pressed my lips to his. I heard a small moan escape as I opened his mouth with my tongue and slipped it in. We frenched for a few minutes and then Jake smiled. "I want you to be my first." I felt my heart skip a beat. "You sure?" He nodded.

I moved down to his nipples, tenderly licking and nibbling each sesative bud. His skin tasted clean and fresh. I moved lower to the waistband of his shorts. I looked up at him and he was smiling his boyish grin. "Shall I?" I asked. He nodded. "Please do." Slowly I slid his shorts down past his boney hips. His cock popped out like a spring. My eyes grew wide when I saw how big it was. 10 inches at least and thick. Needless to say, this boy was hung!! I took it in my hand and stroked it gently. I felt it grow in my hand.

Precum began oozing out of Jake's piss slit. I ran my tongue over it and heard him gasp. I took the head of his beautiful cock into my mouth and heard him moan. "Oh yeah!!" I moved my head up and down making his love stick all slippery with spit. I alternated between sucking Jake's cock and tonguing his smooth, fleshy balls. "Oh shit, I love your mouth on my cock!" he exclaimed. I had to admit, I was enjoying myself too. I lifted his legs so that his knees rested against his chest. I got a clear shot of his beautiful, smooth ass. I licked the crack and heard Jake whimper. "Oh yeah! Tongue my ass!"

I parted his lovely cheeks and there in the middle like some undiscovered treasure was his pink rosebud. I flicked my tongue across it and felt Jake jerk above me. "Ooooh Do that again!" I smiled. "Liked that did ya?" He nodded. I began licking his hole, gently penetrating his hole with the tip of my tongue. By now Jake was making noises like a hooker. "Fuck! Lick my ass!" I kissed both cheeks and moved up to his lips. I kissed him long and hard. "Wanna try sucking me?" I asked. Jake smiled shyly. "I dont know if I can." I nodded. "Well I'll tell you what. We have lots of time. Why dont we just jerk eachother off for tonight and then go from there?" He giggled. "Sounds good."

I got rid of my shirt and shorts. My own 7 incher was standing proudly erect. I moved so my head was facing his cock and his was facing mine. "Now, dont try and take all of it in at once" I told him. I began sucking his cock. When I felt his hot lips on my stiff rod I almost blew my load. We sucked eachother for a few minutes and then I heard Jake moan "Oh shit Bill! You're gonna make me cum!!" I clamped my mouth over the head of his cock and felt it twitch in my mouth as his sweet tasting sperm erupted forth. I drank every drop.

I felt my balls draw up and I knew I was going to cum and I didn't know if Jake could take it all. "You'd better just jagg me off." He smiled. "Why?" I shrugged. "Well, I shoot alot and I wasn't sure you could handle it." He responded by clamping his hot lips on my cock and sucking for all he was worth. I had the most intense orgasm I have ever had. "FUUUCCCKKKK!!!" I screamed as I unloaded my spunk into his mouth. Jake swallowed what he could but some still dribbled out. I licked it off his lips as he lay next to me. "Fuck kid! You sure learn fast!" Jake giggled. "I have a good teacher." He began playing with my limp cock until it was hard again. "Oh boy! Hrere we go again!" I thought to myself as I kissed his thin, pink lips passionately.

To Be Continued.......





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