I was eighteen, long hair, and starting to tan. It was summertime, and we were on vacation at a friends cabin in the mountains. I had been here many times, growing up and knew most everyone around there. There were cabins dotting the hillside, most were vacation spots, but some were full time residents.

My mother and stepfather were busy messing around in the three room cabin. My sister, was barely walking, was trapped in a rolling walker to keep her secure, and I was bored out of my mind. I loved being there, the mountains, the fresh air, the quiet, but, they were bickering and it was driving me crazy. I don't even think they realized they were doing it, as it happened so often.

I told them I was going for a walk and would be back in a while. They just looked at me, raising their eyebrows, like they were saying, "yeah, whatever." I walked out the door, across the deck, up the steps to the road. I turned right and started walking to the curve, kicking a rock now and then off the road. My fingers tucked in my pants pockets, I was lost in thought as I walked.

It really was a beautiful day. You could smell the dew and the pine, it was heavy in the air. I made the curve in the road and kept going. There was a cabin up the hill to my left. I stopped and watched it for a few minutes. I didn't hear any activity, and figured it was empty for the time being. I returned to my casual pace, looking around, as the road began to slowly incline.

After a few minutes more of walking, I looked down the hill. I saw a plywood base that was large, but not too large with crooked edges. I stopped and kept looking. There was a guy on the deck walking around. His shirt was off and he was deeply tanned, with blonde hair. He was wearing jeans and boots. I knelt down and just watched as he walked around the ragged perimeter, looking down. Every once in a while, he would stoop over and finger at the plywood. I was trying to figure out what he was doing. I stayed quiet as quiet as long as I could.

He would look up now and again toward the road, but I didn't think he could see me. He was making tighter circles, moving in toward the center of the deck, and I still couldn't figure out what he was doing. At this point of my life, I was no builder, and had no real experience with building of any kind, but to me, it looked like a big mistake and just didn't make sense.

"Hey, Kevin." He called up to the road. I was startled as he knew me. I didn't remember ever meeting him before. "It's Kevin, right? You gonna sit up there all day? You're more than welcome to come down here if you want."

I stood up, now realizing that he had probably seen me as I cleared the curve in the road. I stepped off the road and started down the path toward him, watching my footing and then looking at him. As I got closer, he became clearer. Wow, he was really good looking, and then it dawned on me who he was.

It was a couple of years before, we were at the cabin, it was snowing and at night. There was a knock on the door. My stepfather got up and opened the door. There was this guy, with a pack, covered in snow. He was let in. He explained that he was a friend of the owner of the cabin and that his truck had gotten stuck in a rut on the entry road. He did have a key to the door, showing it did work the lock to my stepfather. He was told he could stay, at my mother's insistence, saying, "You can't put him out in the cold, it's snowing outside."

He was told he could sleep out in the main room, which is where I was sleeping. They went off to bed, leaving me alone with him. I sat quiet, watching him pull out a sleeping bag and laying it in front of the large rock fireplace which took up a corner of the room. He would look over at me and smile. Soon we were talking, and I was feeling a little more comfortable with him. He had an easy way about him that made you let your guard down, but it was different times then, people were more trusting than they are today.

I was watching him strip off his wet clothes and lay them on the hearth to dry. He wore no underwear and I had a perfect view of what I know now as a perfectly sculpted ass. It was well pronounced and muscular. Even though I was young, I had seen quite a few in the gym classes at school. I wasn't really shocked at all, but none of those I had seen before were like his.

He sat down on his sleeping bag, in front of the fire, as I was more in the middle of the room. We talked quietly about different things, school, friends, it was nice. I was in my sleeping bag, laying on my side, my arm bent holding my head up. I thought for a moment that this was what it must be like to have an older brother, as he told me he had just turned twenty. I was very warm and comfortable. He was sitting there with a profile view to me. He slid his feet toward him, bending at the knees, wrapping his arms around his knees. My eyes flew wide open, as his cock and balls were in view. They were massive. I had never seen anything as big as that. The tip of his length almost touched the sleeping bag below him, but his large balls behind held it up. He smiled at me, seeing my expression, then looked down at himself.

"Bother you?" he asked softly.

"No." I gulped.

"You go to sleep, little man. I'll watch the fire and keep it going."

I didn't argue. I laid down, turned over, and tried my best to go to sleep. The vision was still in front of me in my mind. Wow. Oh my God! was all I could think. I had never felt this way before. I reached down and felt myself. I had the biggest raging hardon I had ever had. I had had them before, but had never given much thought to what to do with it before, but I loved the smoothness of the skin on my hard cock. I was scared to death at this moment though, and I thought I had better not touch it any more.

I remember in the morning, rolling over, and watching him get out of his sleeping bag. It wasn't quite light outside yet. The fire was still going, but lower than in the night. He stood up, not looking toward me, thankfully, and he was sporting the biggest hardon I had ever seen at that point. He stepped over to the hearth, checked his clothes, and started to put them on. I watched him get dressed, and it was so erotic, but I had no idea what that even meant, all I knew was that my own cock was totally hard again. I rolled over and acted like I was just waking up and started to talk to him, while he was packing up his sleeping bag. He would look over and smile while I was babbling. He finished packing and said goodbye. I was heartbroken. I sat up and said goodbye as well and watched him walk out the door. My hardon was almost gone.

I walked up to the edge of the deck. The low side into the hill was about mid-thigh. I stopped at the edge. He walked over and smiled down at me. I looked up at him, the sun was bathing him in the morning light, making his dark tan glow. He had the whitest teeth I had ever seen.

"How are you, little man?"

"I am fine. It's good to see you, Steve." hoping I got his name right. "What are you doing?"

"I'm building a dome. Come on up." He said, as he turned to walk to the middle of the deck. "What do you think?"

I was dumbfounded. I had no idea what he was talking about. A dome? What the hell was a dome? I looked around the deck like I knew what I was looking at, nodded a few times.

"Looks good." I said with certainty.

He cocked one eyebrow up, smiled, "You don't know what I'm talking about, do you?"

I paused for a moment, "No. But, the plywood looks good."

Steve laughed out loud. He walked over and stood next to me. His scent was intoxicating, very earthy. As he pointed out the layout and the details, I was following as best as I could. I was more interested in watching his muscular arms, and I kept side glancing over to his chest, which was so well defined. Thin blonde hairs were glistening in the sunlight as he moved. I felt a stir in my pants, but didn't look down. I was trying to focus on what he was saying.

He looked down once and then into my eyes. "You like the morning too, huh?"

I looked back at him in confusion. "What? What do you mean?"

He glanced down and then back up. "That stiffy in your jeans. I get one every morning too. Love it in the morning."

I was totally embarrassed. I looked down. It was pointing off to the right, long and hard, and very obvious. I looked over at his jeans. I could see a major bulge in his as well.

"You need to do something about that before it explodes." I looked up at him and started to lean close. He put his hands on my shoulders and stopped me. "Hold on," he smiled, "you're too young for me to touch, but I have an idea."

My mind was racing, my heart was pounding in my chest so hard, and my cock WAS about ready to explode. "What's your idea?"

"Follow me over here." He said, leading me to the far edge of the deck. "When I was younger, I had an uncle that taught me this. We would do it together all the time." Steve stopped at the edge, undid the buttons on his jeans, reached down inside with one hand and pulled out his amazing cock. It was pointing out away from him, and I watched with open mouth as he began to stroke it slowly. He turned and looked at me. "Go ahead. Better get it before you shoot in your pants."

I had no idea what he meant about shooting. I was a complete virgin at this. I watched him stroke his long cock as I undid the top button of my jeans. I fumbled with the zipper, but managed to get it down. I pulled back the flaps. I could see he was watching me as I did it. My cock was pinned to the right in my underwear. I pulled the band over, stretching it out and let my length spring up and out. I let the band go, but it pushed my cock back, pointing straight up.

"Pull your pants down a little or you'll shoot yourself in the eye." Steve said as he worked his tip with two fingers, twirling them over his slit, tickling the very tip. I could see it was wet. He used the fluid to lube himself and continue stroking. He watched as I wrapped my fingers around mine and began to pull. It felt awesome. I don't know if it was because I had never really done it before, or if it was because I was with him. The feeling was so good, it didn't matter why, I just didn't want it to end.

I worked my jeans down a little and exposed more of myself. I could hear him starting to breathe heavy and looked over to see what was going on. His chest was rising and falling, and then the moaning began. I stroked myself as I watched, feeling myself getting harder. I turned a little more toward him, and then it happened. He moaned a little louder and it erupted from his tip, shooting out in spurts, the thin white fluid. I had never seen anything like it before. I felt a rush from my toes, through my calves, and then I felt it.

Steve looked over and smiled. He held out a hand and caught some of my load as it shot out from me. I had never felt this before, but it was incredible. My first real orgasm, I knew I wanted more at that moment. I watched it shoot out from my tip, some shooting over the deck edge, but most of it landing on the deck. I felt bad for the mess. I turned my attention to Steve.

Using some of my load he had caught, I watched him use it as a lubricant on his again rock hard length. I had my hand on mine still as he stroked furiously, his other hand went into his pants and he tumbled out his massive balls, slowly kneading them with his free hand.

I watched him, totally fascinated, as he began to moan. He turned toward me, swinging his massive length. We were almost tip to tip when he shot again. His hot cum covering the head of my cock and part of my hand. I was in absolute shock and didn't know what to do. My cock was still hard and raging. I looked up into his dreamy eyes for guidance.

"You're still hard. Want to do it again?" he asked.

"Is it okay?" asking the stupid question , again.

He chuckled softly. "You can do it as many times as you want to." I started stroking at his words.

"How many times do you do it?" I asked, stroking slowly, using his cum, rubbing it everywhere. It made my cock so slick, making it feel different this time. I loved it even more.

"Depends. If I'm with someone or if I'm alone. If I'm alone, maybe only once. But, with someone else, its always more than once, and depending on who it is, could be several times."

His voice was making me crazy, that and the stroking. I was beginning to feel it in my toes again, then something different. My balls started to ache. I was getting scared, and I stopped jerking.

"What's wrong?" Steve asked.

"My balls ache."

"Ohh. Keeping stroking, little man, they're trying to tell you something. They want to be overworked." I started stroking again as his words eased my fear. "Feel better?" I nodded as I stroked. "Keep going, buddy, keep it going. When you shoot, it'll be better than the first one."

I was feeling it now, down deep. My toes, then my calves. I felt like I had to get out of my pants, like they were holding me back. I wiggled them down a little more, with my shorts. My balls were totally out and exposed. I kept stroking, his cum was making my cock so slick. I felt my balls pull, then the rush from the base of my cock, and then it happened, I moaned once, opened my eyes, and looked down to see the shot. Instead, I saw Steve drop to his knees in front of me, with his mouth wide open, catching the hot load as it came spurting out. It hit his upper lip, then into his mouth, then down his chin. It was incredible to see. I kept stroking as I shot to empty my cock in his mouth. As it stopped, I was drained. I watched as Steve swallowed my load, then use a finger to push it off his chin and into his mouth.

"Hot stuff, little man, very hot stuff." Steve said, as he got to his feet. He was tucking his cock back into his pants and buttoning them up. "You can cum in my mouth anytime. That was the best tasting load I've ever had."

I was stunned. "You've tasted it before?"

"Sure. Lots of times. You should try it and try your own, that's the best." Steve turned and started to walk away, "You should get your pants back up, I think I hear a car coming."

I looked around, pulling my pants up. You could see the road in sections from the deck, as it wound across the face of the mountain. I spotted a car, the glint of sun on the windshield. It looked familiar, it was my mother's. I finished tucking myself back in and getting my pants buttoned as the car pulled up on the road and stopped.

"We are going into town to the grocery store. You need to come on." My mother called down. I didn't want to leave, but I stepped off the deck and started up the trail.

"Hey, little man. Not even gonna say goodbye?" Steve asked from behind me. I turned and almost had tears in my eyes. He smiled at me, "I'll fix it, come on."

We walked up the trail, me following him, watching that beautiful ass, right in front of me. We reached the road, Steve stepped over to the car. I knew my mother would remember him, as she talked about him for days after that snowy night, I knew she had a crush on him. Steve explained how I was going to help him out with the building of the dome, and he could really use my help. He said he would keep an eye on me while they were gone. My mother quickly agreed and we waved as they drove off.

"I think my mom likes you. She got all googly eyed when she saw you."

"Did you want to go with them?"

I turned and looked at him, "Are you kidding? Listening to their arguing all the way there and all the way back? Besides, you're suppose to be teaching me how to build, remember?" I was feeling my hardon returning. "I'm sticky. I need to clean myself."

"Let's go back to your cabin, you can get cleaned up, then we can come back here."

We walked back to the cabin without saying much. We went in. I opened my bag and pulled out a few clean clothes. I stood up and turned around, but there was no Steve. I looked left and then right, but he was gone. Then I heard the sound of water running. There was an outdoor shower below the deck. I walked outside and leaned over the deck railing. I couldn't see what was going on. I carried my clothes down the stairs and then I could see through the slats in the wall. Steve in the shower, his jeans hanging over the deck rail, his boots on the deck under the jeans. I opened the slat door, his naked butt was toward me. He looked over his shoulder and smiled. The water ran very slowly out of the shower head, the soap was clinging to him. My God, he was beautiful.

"I thought you wanted to get cleaned up? You'd better hurry, there's not much hot water."

I stripped my clothes and left them in a pile on the deck, opened the door again and walked in. Steve moved over so I could let the water run over me. He handed me the soap, and I started to wash my body. I washed my balls and then my cock, it was half hard. I looked over at Steve's, it was soft and long. I looked up into his eyes.

"Could I touch it?" I asked as I reached out for it.

"I shouldn't let you. You're too young. If we got caught..."

"After what we did earlier?" I stepped closer. "Please? I've never felt another guys dick before. I want to so bad, please?" My own cock was rock hard again, standing up at attention. He smiled at me, spreading his feet apart a little.

My hand moved down slowly, my fingers touched the shaft, my heart raced. I slowly wrapped fingers around it, lifting it, feeling its weight, it was so big. With my free hand, I cradled his massive balls, tumbling them back and forth in my palm, the feeling was so great. I started to pull on his length, squeezing it gently, then releasing. He was starting to get hard. I kept working it until it was firm and thick. Steve leaned his head back, resting against the slat wall, the overhead shower was trickling water over both of us as I began to stroke him. He licked his lips, leaving his eyes closed. The head of his cock was staring straight at me, the slit was starting to ooze clear fluid.

"That is so fucking good. Keep that up and you're gonna make me cum."

"What else do you want me to do to you?"

"You can't do anything else. It's too bad, I could really use a blow job right now."

"A blow job? You want me to blow on it?" Another stupid question. Steve opened his eyes and looked at me. He chuckled.

"No. It's when you suck on it."

"Oh, I get it." God, I was so stupid. I stroked his cock a few more times, watching him close his eyes. Then I bent over, opened my mouth and swallowed his head. I was using my lips only, then my tongue on his slit, licking at its ooze. I twirled it around the tip, making him moan.

"Hey, little man, what the hell are you doing?" Steve asked, as he used a hand against my forehead to push me back.

"Blow job. You said you needed one. What's this stuff leaking out?"

"Precum. I love it."

"Mmmm, so do I. There's a lot of it."

"You could share it."

"I don't think so. I want it all." I replied and swallowed his cock again, making him moan. He was stroking his shaft while I played with his balls. He spread his feet a little wider to give more access. But, the best part was when I found the line that went from the back of his balls to his ass. As my finger tips ran over that softly, he moaned louder. His hips began to move, and he was sending his cock deeper into my mouth, I was keeping it up, as he rested his hands on top of my head, then he moaned loudly.

"I'm gonna cum!"

He tried to pull out of my mouth, but I held him in as he released, pulsing hot fluid into the back of my throat. I swallowed the first pulse, but let the rest gather in my mouth. It was a little salty, but was good, oh so good. Steve was done pulsing in me, I slid my mouth off and wanted to show him what I was holding. I stood up and opened my mouth as he opened his eyes. The look was so intense, I thought I had done something really wrong. He grabbed me by the shoulders and pulled me into him, running his tongue into my mouth. I had never kissed before, it was so fantastic. His hand wrapped around my cock and he started to pull on it, as his tongue chased mine and his own cum. It wasn't long before I moaned in his mouth and shot my load on both of us. He pushed me back. I was catching my breath and swallowing what cum was left.

"You are fucking incredible, little man. God, if you were only older, I could do things to you, that would keep you begging for more."

"I'm already begging for more. How old do you have to be?"

"Legal. How old are you?"

"I just turned eighteen last month. How old did you think I was."

Steve smiled devilishly. "Hurry up and get ready. We have to get out of here before your folks get back."

"No, really, how old?" I pressed.

"Sixteen, maybe."

I smiled and then leaned in and kissed him quickly. "Are you gonna touch now?"

Again, there was that devilish smile from him.



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