my name is gary thank you for the offer. I could use some ice for my drinks,where is the ice machine? Mike said there isn't one but I get off in 15 minutes and I'll get you some from the store. I offered to pay for it but he refused the money. I will be back he said as he walked off. I noticed that my cock had gotten hard,just looking at him. 30 minutes later micheal returned, here is your ice. I looked from the tv to see him standing there with the ice. he had change into a pair of thight cutoffs. My cock grew hard again,looking at his almost naked body. He put the ice in the fridge. My heart was now pouding at the beautiful dark skinned boy in front of me. I wanted him so bad but was afraid to say anything. I offered him a drink or a beer. he said I'll have a beer. I started to get up to get him one,but he said I'll get it. we made small talk for awhile as igot the courage to admit that I was gay. I'm not expierianced in gay sex but have wanted to try it sometime. Mike said Ican help you if you would like me to. I'd been stairing at his crotch the whole time but there wasn't much of a bulge visable. He said get out of those shorts and I will suck your cock. Iwas a little nervous but I stripped naked.



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