It was late november 1973 I had moved out of my family home. I had been working for a private bus co,as school bus driver. they had the big greyhound type charter buses,that I really wanted to drive. but I didn't have the seniority. I saw an add in the paper for a co in the city for a charter driver,I applied and got the job. Imoved to the city, my roomwas in ahotel that catered to gay people. although I knew I was gay I wasn,t out yet. The day after Imoved in I had to leave on aweek long trip and got back earley friday afternoon. It was unusually hot for that time of year, in chicago and the ac was not on. I was hot from the walk home from work, as the co was onlya half mile from home. the shower was across the hall from my room (there was no bathroom in my room) After my shower I returned to my room opend thwinow and layed on my bed wearing just cutoffs. There was a small fridge in the room which I'd stocked wth beer soda and coldcut for sandwiches. I was watching tv and drinking abeer when I saw a young great looking shirtless black guy coming down the hall. He was empting the trash cans. he got to my door and said hi my name is micheal, if you need any thing I'm the floor porter



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